Saturday, September 14, 2013

The missing has stopped in to say Hello & Fill ya in on things going with me! Picture Heavy!

Happy Saturday I didn't realize its been so long since I've posted...Not sure where to start!
Hope eveyone had a great Friday the 13th....13 being my lucky # I look forward to Friday the 13th.
This year it was one of the best.
Started the day getting the fan fixed on the van so I now have blowing Air and heat...Thank God!

I'm on a mission this week trying to get things done around the trailer...I've wanted an arbor for 3 years & finally saved up enough to get part when I went to buy it they were on sale plus an 11% I came home with money.....Sweet!
Anyway I had to level it, which meant ripping out my cinder block/ Brick front steps and tiny patio...then relaying everything. Its cool because my nephew owns a landscaping business & he brings all this discarded bricks, blocks, stones, gravel, dirt, mulch & drain pipe I had everything I needed for free. Its not fancy but it looks great & the new steps I built are easier for me & Baby Ethan to climb...Will be really nice this winter when it comes time to shovel Ice & Snow...
View looking out my door

After I finished the steps, I dug a trench where water flows in front of the trailer. I put in a 12' piece of drain pipe I scrapped from the discard pile, covered it with stones, dirt & mulch...
NO MORE flooding in front of my trailer..
Yep I'm a happy lady...Feeling pretty good about my Friday the 13th projects !
My Grandson Jordan had his wedding here on the farm so I bought the Arbor in time to use it for the wedding. It was perfect!
Meet Mr & Mrs. Jordan Beddow
Tiffany, Jordan and me.
I did all of the flowers and wedding planning.
Center Pieces
Gift Card Box
I framed their Wedding Announcement.
It was a beautiful day for a wedding!
Cody my not so new Austrailian Sheperd Puppy, now 5 months old, has grown like a weed. He's a hand full, strong as an Ox, faster then lightening, smart as a whip.
He loves his pool actually any body of water!
Running in the waters of Lake Erie
Cody has been the best thing in the world for me. He requires a lot of time and energy. He's forced me to be extremely active walking him, playing with him and so on. After all my surgery's I was a weakling...but working with Cody has helped me to build my strength/muscles back up. I've actually lost 13 pounds working out with Cody daily....Just this week after much training Cody has been allowed to run free in the yard. His freedom has helped to burn off some of that endless energy he has & has made it a little easier on me...
One of his favorite things to do is jump/play on the trampoline with the kids..It's priceless & it wears him out totally....
Speaking of Cody yesterday, In the house last night..Baby Ethan's in the tub & all of a sudden we hear him laughin hysterically so we all jump up to see what's so funny..Cody's n front of the tub..Ethan squirting him w/ water, Cody trying to catch the water..then Cody tried to get in the tub...we were LOAS..
The pictures speak for themselves...enjoy the laugh we did!
Just look at that smile wish you could hear the giggling Priceless!
Cody Trying to lick the water Ethan's squirting at him.
I can feel Cody thinking..."Can I jump in there with Ethan"
Think I'll go for it!
Here I come Ethan...move over!
Thank God I was looking in or he would have been in the Tub..LOL
Pouting because I wouldn't let him get in the tub!
I've spent my weekends On Kelley's Island hangin with my friends doing things like watching Cardboard Boat Races. Boats are created from Cardboard & Duct tape.

 My health is doing much better these days and Thanks to the nerve block on my lower back & Cody's daily workouts I'm so much stronger & can do so much more..I'll be getting the nerve block in my Neck on October 15th..I can't wait to have that neck pain gone or at least releived...
I had sinus/ eye tear dck surgery July 25th. They removed the tumor in my sinus and made me a new tear duct in my right eye where the tumor had smashed the old one...Never knew they could do things like that but they did it..In a month I will get the tube out surrounding the tear duct. I so can't wait...its very itchy and annoying.
Much to my dismay the surgery on my right hand Thumb didn't work long. The Arthritis has come back with a vengance. The bone spur has grown back in the joint & a spur has grown on the top of the joint, so I will be having surgery on November 5th to clean out the spurs and then fuse the thumb so it can't grow back..Can't create with the thumb all swelled up & thumping with pain 24/7...
The surgery on my hands solved all my hand problems so was a total success....
I've saved up enough money to finally get my implants in my front teeth where my teeth broke off at the gums. It takes a year but finally it will be done...very excited!
I haven't done much creating over the summer...I just couldn't get in the groove but lately I've found myself going to the shop more and more...My groove is coming back...Thinking I have about 6 weeks to get all sorts of things painted & sanded before thumb surgery & I can simply go to town creating gatherings untill it heals....
So there ya have it.... life is better, I feel more and more like my old self every day minus some of the pain....
Time to run, I'm on a mission to put a new tarp on the old Redneck shed today so all my things will be snug and dry for the winter...
I hope you enjoyed your visit, catching up & looking at all the pictures!
I wish you a wonderful & happy weekend filled with happy thoughts and warm memories!
Blessings from my house to your house............Tonya

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Puddles has left to wait for me at Rainbow Bridge~RIP my little friend

God Bless my precious Puddles for making everyday of the past 16 years of my life full of love, companionship, loyality and Happiness! Puddles never left my side, he went to work with me everyday, he was my boater buddy. he made friends with everyone always happy to snuggle in someones arms or on there lap. You could always find him in his favorite spot on the back seat of the van..LOL..sometimes he'd bark and bark for me to put him in the van once he was unable to get up there himself. I don't think I knew how much a part of my life he would become when I decided to keep him. He was the last Puppy from the last litter I raised before I stopped rasing and selling Shelties.
Saying Goodbye was by far one of the hardest things I everhad to do. But my little buddy was ready to go rest in Gods arms and wait for me at Rainbow Bridge. So with a heavy heart I let him go.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

So much to Share when missing so long..I've missed ya-Stop in See what's up!

Happy Thursday Evening my old friends its been awhile. So much has been happening in my life I wasn't sure where to start...Thought I'd share this beautiful Prim Pantry Cupboard Gathering for starters... I haven't spent much time in my shop the past few months a gathering here and a gathering there..Not really sure why other then the simple fact that it seemed so many other thoughts would crowd out my creativity every time I would go to create I decided that it was time to take care of other more pressing things. then my creating would once again come easy and give me the pleasure it always has...
That seemed to have worked...  this Wonderful Pantry Gathering is beautiful and I totally enjoyed creating it.
But then along came more pressing issues and I haven't been back to create for a couple of weeks.

I've been going to Kelley's Island Every weekend since May, spending much needed time with all my Boater  friends at the Casino Docks & friends who have houses on the Island.

Cody my not so new Puppy has made lots of friends on KI as well so I take him to play with his new friends when I get the chance...
Speaking of Cody he's grown leaps and bounds & in his growing he has kept me super busy training him, walking him, playing with him, correcting him. Never in my adult life have I had a Puppy w/ so much boundless energy. He's added so much joy to my life I can't begin to share it but he keeps me laughing most of the time. He's really smart, making it a daily challange to keep up with him.
He's Learned to Fetch, Sit, Stay, Heal, No Bark, No Bite. Still working on Come & Shake. He's totally house broke & barks to go out.
He had his first vet visit a week ago. He amazed me as well as the vet with his best Behavior...The vet complimented me on how well he was trained for such a young Aussie...then she proceeds to tell me that he's actually only about 3 months old not 4 months like I thought & had only lost one of his razor blade baby teeth.
He weighted in at 25.2 pounds..trippled in size in just 4 weeks. He got his shots & his dog tag...with his appointment to be nuetered on July 24th.

He has the speed and strength of an Aussie already.. he loves to play on the Trampoline doing whatever Hailey is doing, running, jumping...great way to wear him out...
He loves to snuggle with me...Hailey took this one morning after she stayed over... Mom is fast asleep..he's a big bed hog!
Mama Kitty isn't intimidated by Cody at all but Miss Tasha still wants to be boss over everything including he chases her every chance just to show her its pointless. then they both sleep with me as if best of friends.
Puddles is still with me but his health is being stolen by his old age I'm afraid...but he gets lots of lovin from everyone around, storing away all those warm memories for a time that is soon to come.

For the past 13 years I've spent Two really special events on KI, 4th of July and Islandfest, but this year I decided to stay home with my family for the 4th of July. I had a blast but I must admit I did miss everyone on the Island. We had a huge party to Celebrate with tons of great food, games, swimming, camping Fireworks & just plain fun. Hailey & I set up the dining canapy, made camp beds, brought out lanterns, the Mini DVD Player and spent the night listening to the rain drops patter above us while watching a Movie.
Although it rained off & on all day long we didn't let it put a damper on things...
Ethan decided to take a little walk with his aunt Tonya and well his Aunt Tonya decided ti was a good Day to let him play in his very first Mud Puddle....OMG...he has the best time....He won't remember it other then this picture but I got that smile and laughing memory tucked tight in my heart to share with him when he get older & this Picture!
The next morning we had an old fashioned campers breakfast for everyone. We threw all the meat left overs in an old cast iron Skillet along with 2 dozen eggs, onions, peppers & taters...letting it cook slow on the open fire... It was the best!

That brings me up to date...and the 2nd Holiday, Islandfest this weekend, I won't be spending on the Island this year.
Today I had Sinus Tumor/New Tear Duct Surgery. I did my best to hold off on having the surgery till fall but it took two surgeons who had to work together so they scheduled it because they felt it needed to be done so that there would be no further damage to my right eye. Orginally the surgery was to check the tumor and put in a new Tear Duct that had been damaged by the tumor. As it turned out the Tumor was totally blocking my airway so it was removed. All hope by  my primary Dr, my Sleep Apnea Dr, my Eye surgeon, my ENT surgeon and me..this will heal properly, opening up my airway so I can breath better finally & use my breathing machine to help w/ the sleep Apena.
The pain is horrible right now and there's still alot of bleeding but I've got high hopes this all goes well.

The new Tear Duct will drain my tears properly stopping the fluid build up behind my right eye that caused so much pain & was steeling my vision away. You can't imagine the hope I have that my prayers are answered in the results of both proceedures.

A month ago I finally got my nerve Blocks on my lower back & they worked. I've got one test block out of the way on my neck, the 2nd test block on my neck is July 24th & if it to works then it will about a month to six weeks & I will be able to get the real thing done on my neck...I can't wait.
Cody came into my life at just the right time..once I got the lower back blocks I was able to walk for more then a couple minutes.. Now Cody & I walk no less then an Hour total all day. I've lost 13 pounds since my nerve blocks & that has really helped my back....

I have finally been able to start replacing the teeth that have gotten so bad and broken off. So far I've gotten 8 teeth gold & porcline crowned. Now I can move forward and get the Implants in teh front where the two teeth fell off at the roots. I'm not looking forward to another surgery or the long time it takes to finish them once started about a year but in the end they will provide me stationary teeth that can be added to should others beside them break off. So I'm excited to get started.....

My 45th class Reunion was 3 weeks ago and it was great fun seeing all of my old Classmates...

In between all of this I've had the pleasure of helping John & Laura move into thre new home and do all of the decorating......They now have a huge Beautiful Primitive Decor home. I hope to share some of the decorating once I'm finished...

I think that sums up the past few months that I've been missing ..they have been good months..some pain twisted in there but not without rewards...

Thanks for stopping by ....hope you enjoyed catching up on things.

Until we meet again may your days be filled with Sunshine and many Happy Moments!

Prim Blessings

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Lady-The Nerve Blocks Worked~Cody is growing like a weed!

A Beautiful Sunny Tuesday everyone....I'm here to tell you that Cody has made everyday a joy and I'm so glad I decided to take the puppy challange! His presence in my life has really made a difference..he makes me Smile no less then 50 times day...good thing cause he makes sure I know he is still a puppy every day!
He's up every morning by 7 barking to go out to all know I'm not a morning person so this has been a real struggle for me...but the good news is all that walking has done wonders for the old back and body...have lost 10 pounds since his it appears that if I understand his barks and get him outside to potty he is basically potty trained. No accidents for the past 5 days..Boy he was easy to on the other hand was a bit more difficult...hehe...
Just look at that Sweet innocent little darling taking a nap all curled up in my pillows..Thing is he was really exhausted after litterlly shreading two rolls of Toilet paper all over my floor.
I woke up seeing him all snuggled in so I snapped the picture...then I realized there was an inch of shreadded TP everywhere...Thank goodness he looked so adorable laying there I ayhave been inclined to strangle him...well not really but it was no fun cleaning up his mess...
Ethan came out to visit Aunt Tonya and Cody...they have become fast friends and Cody has learned to be gentle with Ethan...On the other hand Ethen is still learning to be nice to Cody...hehe they are a perfect match!
The boys inspecting tthings!

I bought Cody a pool cause he loves water....Ethen has every intention of sharing it with Cody!
Cody has grown twice this size since this was taken..Oh my he is going to be big boy!

Ethan and Tasha
All tuckered out after playing with Ethan!
Cody's new best friend on Kelley's island....they love to chase each other!

Puddles and Cody napping together.....I love this picture!
Can you tell I love our new family member?

Update on the Nerve would appear that they were a total success. the right side block was instantly good with basically no pain in my right lower back. so 100%. the left side took longer to kick in...6 days longer..had pain in the left side 7 was worried it wouldn't go away & the block didn't work but now it seems to be at 90% with a touch of pain  in one spot.
I'm so happy I decided to have this has made such a total difference in my life already...With 98% of the pain gone I can actually do things and not constantly wishing away the pain,,,it just amazes me how much pain can mentally drain you as much as it physically drains you!
I feel like not only can i move and do things I can actually think straight with out interuptions of fighting off stabs of severe pain....
Still fighting the stabs of pain in the neck but plans are moving forward to do thenerve blocks in my neck next and I can't wait....

I've felt so good that I've been helping my friends pack up and move. No lifting for me but packing it up and the unpacking it has gone great.
I'm also helping them decorate there new house and since they are Prim it has been such fun....

Time to take Cody for a walk he is looking up at me barking the potty bark...hehehe

Until we meet again may your days be filled with Sunshine and happy moments!


Monday, May 20, 2013

I survived the first round of Nerve Block Surgery!

One Tired Tasha Kitty after a day of running & playing in the yard!

It offical surgery #12 is over with and Yep I survived the Nerve Blocks in my lower back today...
Thanks for all the prayers they truly helped.
My arrival at the hospital started off a little rocky.
Hospital sent me the wrong information not telling me I would be put to sleep so I would need a driver to transport me home. Needless to say, I didn't have a driver to take me home, so it was either cancel the surgery or opt out of going to sleep so they would do it today.
I went with just local numbing of the back. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......
It was extremely painful but I managed to get threw it using good old lamase breathing, some great curse words & a few minor screams.
After it was all done I was actually glad that I didn't go to sleep, I have none of that after surgery sluggishness to deal with.
Dr. Ken said, I was one brave lady & I did better then any patient he ever preformed unsedated nerve blocks on...

So far not much pain but I was told tomorrow would be the worst..we shall see. I've iced my back every half hour and took a four hour nap when I got home. Dr. Ken said it can take up to 14 days or so to heal the muscles, kill the nerves & know if the blocks did there job.

He said considering my pain tolerance level I will Probably know in 5 to 7 days. In the mean time take it easy, no heavy lifting, running or cart
I think I will take it easy and let the muscles heal and the nerves die, so I can be one of those 5 to 7 day healers...
Feeling some pretty good vibes about this...
Until we meet again....Have a Great Week filled with Sunshine and Smiles!
Hugs Tonya

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Meet Cody the newest member of my family!

Howdy Everyone....
It's Offical after 16 years.....I've fallen in love again with the cutest Puppy since Puddles! Oddly I stepped out of my bounds, although this little guy looks a lot like a Sheltie he's actually an Australian Shepard who happens to look just like Puddles did as a puppy minus a tail. He's going to be bigger then I'm used to but he has plenty of room to run and play here on the farm..lots of kids to play with its cool..

Puddles & I went to meet him tonight and he took to me in a heartbeat and that was all it took to hook me!
I went in to meet him first then we took him outside to meet Puddles and he hid between my legs. Wasn't sure what to think of Puddles at first.

Then Puddles got the scent of him and came closer. Puddles is Blind and Deaf so he only has his scent to guide him. As you can see Cody turned his way but stayed between my feet.
Finally he decided Puddles might be ok buthe still stuck close to me.
He followed Puddles around for a few minutes then he came back by did Puddles.
So I introduced them...
Cody was so curious but a little shy for about 20 minutes then he tried to play with Puddles. Puddles politely informed him he was to old to play  & gave him the I am an adult Dog little boy behave yourself...Of course Vicci and I cracked up knowing Puddles is harmless but he put Cody in his place on the spot.

Cody's 2 1/2 months old, Crate trained, almost totally potty trained, Smart as a whip & I'm sure he's gona give me a run for my money with all his energy..but it will do me good to focus on such a cute bundle of fun..
He did wondeful in the van on the drive home...something I was really happy about since I travel so much.

I think Cody is going to be good for me and my little family! I know all the kids here will be delighted to have a puppy to play with...I think Cody will be good for Puddles too, as they grow to know each other..Puddles will have the scent of Cody to help him along when they are outside.

Ms Tonya is a happy lady tonight...I can't wait to get him outside to play tomorrow..

With that I will bid you all a good night...

Warm Blessing to all..................Tonya