Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Lady-The Nerve Blocks Worked~Cody is growing like a weed!

A Beautiful Sunny Tuesday everyone....I'm here to tell you that Cody has made everyday a joy and I'm so glad I decided to take the puppy challange! His presence in my life has really made a difference..he makes me Smile no less then 50 times day...good thing cause he makes sure I know he is still a puppy every day!
He's up every morning by 7 barking to go out to potty...you all know I'm not a morning person so this has been a real struggle for me...but the good news is all that walking has done wonders for the old back and body...have lost 10 pounds since his arrival........plus it appears that if I understand his barks and get him outside to potty he is basically potty trained. No accidents for the past 5 days..Boy he was easy to train...me on the other hand was a bit more difficult...hehe...
Just look at that Sweet innocent little darling taking a nap all curled up in my pillows..Thing is he was really exhausted after litterlly shreading two rolls of Toilet paper all over my floor.
I woke up seeing him all snuggled in so I snapped the picture...then I realized there was an inch of shreadded TP everywhere...Thank goodness he looked so adorable laying there I ayhave been inclined to strangle him...well not really but it was no fun cleaning up his mess...
Ethan came out to visit Aunt Tonya and Cody...they have become fast friends and Cody has learned to be gentle with Ethan...On the other hand Ethen is still learning to be nice to Cody...hehe they are a perfect match!
The boys inspecting tthings!

I bought Cody a pool cause he loves water....Ethen has every intention of sharing it with Cody!
Cody has grown twice this size since this was taken..Oh my he is going to be big boy!

Ethan and Tasha
All tuckered out after playing with Ethan!
Cody's new best friend on Kelley's island....they love to chase each other!

Puddles and Cody napping together.....I love this picture!
Can you tell I love our new family member?

Update on the Nerve blocks...it would appear that they were a total success. the right side block was instantly good with basically no pain in my right lower back. so 100%. the left side took longer to kick in...6 days longer..had pain in the left side 7 was worried it wouldn't go away & the block didn't work but now it seems to be at 90% with a touch of pain  in one spot.
I'm so happy I decided to have this done...it has made such a total difference in my life already...With 98% of the pain gone I can actually do things and not constantly wishing away the pain,,,it just amazes me how much pain can mentally drain you as much as it physically drains you!
I feel like not only can i move and do things I can actually think straight with out interuptions of fighting off stabs of severe pain....
Still fighting the stabs of pain in the neck but plans are moving forward to do thenerve blocks in my neck next and I can't wait....

I've felt so good that I've been helping my friends pack up and move. No lifting for me but packing it up and the unpacking it has gone great.
I'm also helping them decorate there new house and since they are Prim it has been such fun....

Time to take Cody for a walk he is looking up at me barking the potty bark...hehehe

Until we meet again may your days be filled with Sunshine and happy moments!