Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ohhh the feeling of accomplishment ...Lovin It!!

Hi everyone thatnks for all the Welcome homes and organizing encouragement.... No Pictures yet you will have to be patient and wait it out but what a day... I'm having Happy exhaustion along with a Happy Back ache if there is such a thing....giggle...
Considering that our good old Ohio weather played havic on my transferring all my wood supplies from the shop to the barn today it turned out to be one really productive day!
I transferred 23 tote sixed boxes filled with shelves, spoon racks, Keeping racks, Sconces, Lamps, open Faced cupboards, bowls, Cabinets and god knows what all from the shop to the barn storage. I got them all unpacked and put on the shelves and in the cubes oall in order..
MY goodness I can see already how much easier it is going to be on me deciding exactly what I want, grabbing it off the shelf or out of the cubes & going back tot he shop to creae something... I'm more then excited over this orgaizational move..Its awesome!!
I'd say I have that many more totes full of supplies to move tomorrow well at least I hope to get the rest of the supplies moved and organized.
Tina helped me get the heavy boxes up the steps.. 
I helped her build a work station for her hubby down stairs in the barn, organize everything and cleaned the bottom of the barn.. Pictures will come to show off our barn cleaning...
I got all but two boxes unloaded and organized.....
Then I cleaned the loft where my storage area is
By the time I got all that done my back was hurting to beat all so I had to call it a day and go take a HOT SHOWER,,,other then the nagging back ache and totally exhausted .... I FEEL LIKE A MILLION DOLLARS....   :>)

I should have everything moved tomorrow...Thank god... I've got a list a mile long to take care of while I am home...
I sold a large Trencher Tray on Ebay so I will get to play and create a little this week after all, as I need to paint the trencher & distress it...

I'm so happy to get these things taken care of... and thank God it has run smootly...

I'm off to dream land .. I hope that you had a great day too!!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You see that its my shop~I'm actually home

Middle of the night to ya... Yep my brain is going a million miles an hour thinkin about all the things I want to get done around the shop while I'm home ... I was so excited after thinkin of nothing but that for the 2 hour drive home... I went straight to the barn as soon as I unloaded the van...I worked on creating shelves and organized what was already up there... I can't wait to share the new storage area with you ...but you're just gona have to wait a little longer... I decided not to share till it was done... hehe... keep ya in suspence!!

I made my way into the shop which by the way is piled high with things I've bought on my drives back ond forth from the Island each week .. or at least the weeks I made it home. What a total mess is out there... that's why I have to spend this time off just going threw the boxes and organizing things...
But I a good jump start on things tonight...After making/creating the shelves out of old wire closet shelving I've been picking up here and there at the thrift store I headed for the shop and started going threw boxes.
I managed to get 6 boxes of assorted wood shelves, some open faced cupboards, Sconces, and other misc wood items carried up to the loft storage area.
I am totally amazed how much stuff I've actually got.. wait till you see the pictures you're not gona believe the great supply I've managed to buy...
withit all crammed in the shop I had no idea half of the things I had... part of my shelving is 18" square wire cubes. So one wall in the storage is nothing but those cubes. I put wood shelves in several cubes, wood sconces in several cubes, Wood Scoops in on and so forth. so now when I go pick out something to work on I can simply look in that section and easily pull it out and take it to the shop and work on it.
Once I get all the major things moved to the storage and organize it all then I will have much more room in the shop to oorganize all the other important things needed to create gatherings like Bottles, apothecary containers. bottles & jars, Pitchers Mugs, pans and plates so on and so on... Its gona be a hot time in the old shop soon... I'll be rolling out gatherings right and left....

Then if there is time while I'm home I need to do some serious weeding around the is a real mess...
I need to pick all my herbs and get them hung to dry...
I'm gona be one busy lady but at least its not cleaning houses... this is fun because I get to rediscover all the goodies I have and get tem all organized...

I guess I better make this short and get to bed so I can dig in tomorrow and see if I can find the shop floor... sure can't right now...

You all have a wonderful day today and I will to get some pics of the progress to share with ya sometime soon...


PS...Those of you who showed an interest in Supporting Ava's Blog stop over there and check out the latest post..It's very touching.. While you're there maybe you can pass along an encouraging comment..I think your kind words will be appreciated...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Really missing everyone~Yes I'm actually posting!!

A huge Hello to all of you out there.. I so miss you all.. I feel like I have been gone forever and so out of the loop of things going on in Blogland.. I hope everyone is enjoying the changing of the seasons.. It's hard to believe that its nearly October already...One more month and my season on Kelley's Island will be finished until Spring... Oh I can't wait..I am so home sick for home, my shop, creating, daily blogging, the kids,  the family, the chickens, the goat, the Cats, the horses and my cozy little trailer...

Made it home for one day last week .. Had to pay bills and put a new tarp roof on the old Red Neck shed.. When I was getting ready to leave I had the cutest surprise...So snapped a couple of pics to show you how much the now grown Kittens have missed me... The heading picture is my favorite of the bunch...She's laying in my van window... She has the most interesting face, she looks just like a little Tiger..She has paws like her Daddy and his wonderful lovey personality....
These two were laying on my front seat just lookin at me like you leaving again...Well were going with ya..OK?

If I don't look at her maybe she won't see me and I can hitch a ride for some fun in the Sun on that island she goes to all the time...It was really funny because I got them out and they got right back in ... they were determined to hitch a ride... so I drove them up to the house and then put them out  right before I left... they have grown up to be really nice kittys... If you remember I shared pics of them when they were tiny being rocked to sleep by the kids here....

Although I haven't been able to post I have been checking out everyone's blogs and posting whenever the puter would let me...Ya have to love the Internet services.. I switched to 4G wireless supposed to be the greatest.. Not!! I've had it about 6 weeks and it is just now working well enough that I can post.. Drives me crazy.. Not to mention my Laptop is so sloooooooow... needs dumped and totally restored... But with my schedule and my being so tired I haven't had a moment let alone several hours to clean it out and restore it...I'd really like to buy a new one but ....

I have totally enjoyed seeing everyone's Fall decorations... don't ya just love Fall and all the wonerful colors... Normally I love fall temps too but it has actually been really chilly here in Ohio and Rainy for two weeks off and on... Ugggg.,..all the mud makes for some dirty rentals to clean...
Speakin of cleaning I am almost done for the season as I mentioned and WOW I can not wait to sink my hands into creating some wonderful gatherings...My neighbor gave me a huge storage area in her barn to store all my wood supplies, so this week when I go home I'm going to be working on organizing everything so when I start Creating again it will be so easy to pick and choose what I want from the shelves stocked with supplies...Not having to dig for things sounds so wonderful and so simple..... I'm really excited about that.. I'll actually be home 4 days this week so I should be able to get it completed. Then I'll feel totallly ready to strat Creating and selling on Ebay by the end of October..first of November...

An update on the health issues... I have been on the meds for the Hyerthyroid/Graves Disease now for the full 6 weeks and wow wht a huge difference in how I feel. I went to the Doctors Tuesday... He says, "how you feeling now".. "You sure look like you feel better..." and I do...I am so amazed that a simple Tyroid can mess you up so badly... the only real symtom I have that is totally a pain in the rear is the tiredness.. I can tell when it's time to take the next pill .. I feel like someone unplugged me. the doc tells me taht is normal and should eventually go away for the most part... if it doesn't then he said he would have to adjust my meds.. He wants to wait for the results of my next blood test before he does any the meds.
He gave me samples of Cymbolta to take as he says he feels I have what Angie & Carmen C have ..Fiber something.. but I read the side affects... tiredness is one of them, & nausa amoung other things that I just dealt with already with the Thyroid ... LOL... I was like I'm not even going there... I can deal with pain but no way can I deal with sick tummy, sitting on the Throne and more tiredness.... Not happening!!
Haven't told the Doc yet that I'm not gona take it...

Not much else going on in my life besides cleaning houses ... It has been a good Summer business wise and it looks like I'm having an exceptional fall as well which is good ...just booked a full week at one of my clients houses to do some major cleaning  of Closets, attics and houses...they have three houses so it will be a busy week...with a good pay check to end the season with....
I've managed to stash some of my loot for winter bills in case the economy decides to affect my selling on Ebay...

I hope you all have a super great weekend!!

Until we meet again may your days be filled with Sunshine and happy memories!!

Huge Hugs to all of you!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Coming to Grips with Tragedy~Meet Ava & her Family

Hi everyone... I know I have been missing for the past few weeks. Between work, my new Verizon Wireless modem & this here laptop I've had a hard time getting online to blog.. Oh how I have missed everyone.
But tonight I want to share something with you that is somewhat off the Prim path but every bit a part of my life. Remember I told you I had visitors about a month ago Vicki & Kenny Ballenger. Vicki lived with me when she was in high school. She is one of Carmen's life long friends and one of my daughters.
They came to the Island to visit and take a little time to themselves.
They have two children Aohdan and Ava.
Three years ago Vicki and Kenny were forced to Come to Grips with Tragedy when Ava was born with severe Brain damage due to lack of oxygen caused from a placental abruption, or premature separation of the placenta from the uterine wall.
Although Ava requires 24 hour nursing she's able to live at home with her Mommy, Daddy and big brother Aohdan. Her future is uncertain but the love of her family is strong. Although each day is a struggle Ava is a surviver, doing well and slowly making progress.
I'd like to invite you to visit Support Ava's blog and get to know her and her family.
As we all know especially those of us who have children there really isn't anything more heart breaking then learning that something is wrong with your child. Mothers especially tend to blame themselves, carrying a the huge burden of sorrow and grief and misplaced guilt when they find out that something is wrong with there child. We can't help it, as mothers we pray for perfection in our precious baby's.
I'm so proud of Vicki and Kenny they have weathered the storms that come with such a tragedy. They are great couple and great parents. Ava is lucky to have such loving parents.
But we all know that it's not always easy to be strong. Which is why I have invited you to take a walk with them, share there story and meet there Beautiful Angel Ava.
While your visiting Ava's Blog ... share some of the wonderful support & encouragement that all of you have shared with me. Please add this Family to your prayers!!
I know that they would love to hear from you. 
Below is one of my favorite Post on Support Ava Ballenger's Blog I think you will too!!
Can you imagine being entertained by Angels?
Ava is non-verbal. I mean she coos and grunts and such. But she does not make any identifiable noises, for lack of better terms. And it has only been since age 2 that she really even coo'ed much. But going back to when she was an infant, as soon as she would drift into dream land, she would start 'singing.' And it wasn't words, but she would vocalize at different ranges, and 'trill' is the best way I can describe some of the noises she would make. I remember clear back when she was only like 6 months old, her nurse and I would comment that she was talking to her Angels. So that was just to give you some history on the subject.

Well, for the past year or so, she has been crying when she wakes up from a nap. I mean not just grumpy, she wails like she is in pain or scared, or both. Before I say this please understand that I do not claim to know the ways of God, or exactly how things work in the spiritual realm. But I do know this. We serve a loving God, who does ALL things to the good of those who love Him. And I know He loves my little girl and has a plan for her little life. 
That being said, I have this theory. When Ava goes to sleep, I believe she is entertained by Angels and taken into heavenly places. I believe she has seen the face of God. Maybe when she sleeps she runs, and plays, and does all the things she should be doing right now if she were not handicapped. Maybe she even visits with my Mom, her other grandma who is in Heaven. Maybe when she is asleep she has no pain and can talk and laugh. We can only imagine what Heaven must be like. I mean there are thousands and thousands of accounts of people being taken to heaven only to return and tell us their stories.

So if she is entertained by Angels while she sleeps, she then wakes up in this world and has to re-adjust to her reality here. Is it any wonder that she wakes up crying?
Do not misconstrue what I'm saying. Ava seems to be a very happy child. And most medical professionals would call what she is experiencing neurological irritation. But do we reallllly know what these kids feel? I mean they can't tell us, so it is all theory really. Doctors like to believe they know it all, but they really don't. They say they can prove it with fancy testing, EEG's, etc. But I talked with one pediatrician who told me about the day he quit believing what tests showed. He told me about a 5 year old little boy who was basically, born without a brain, only a brain stem. This child should have been a vegetable. He said when he walked out into the waiting room this child was running around getting into everything. He said never again will he allow a test to direct his opinion of a patient.
So that is my theory on my Ava wakes up crying. I believe she is entertained by Angels while she sleeps. I believe she walks hand in hand with our Lord and talks with her grandma Sandy. I believe she experiences the wonderful things while she sleeps, that her current reality in this world cannot give her. And honestly, this thought brings a smile to my heart.
No one knows what her life will be like in this world, or how long she'll stay in this world. But I do know one thing. God has Ava in the palm of his hand. I was given this vision when she was sick in the hospital, and I was shown that she was taken care of. It gave me a great peace about her life.  I very much struggle when I see a little girl between the ages of 3 and 4 running around, sassing her parents, or whatever.  Because that is what Ava should be doing right now.  It is a big, big burden on both mine and Kenny's heart at times.  But God continually gives me peave about Ava's life. 

Kenny told me not so long ago...and the comment still makes me tear up.  He said when he hears a little girl call for her daddy is makes his heart heavy.  But he said he knows that one day he will "Dance with Ava in Heaven."  Ahhhh, what a tear jerker.  But so true!

Well, Good Night All!!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering the Day My Counrty~My America Changed Forever

It was a beautiful day the sun was shinning and I was listening to the Car Stereo as I was driving to pick up a little girl that was scheduled for a visit with her mother. At the time I was working for the Juvinile courts teaching parenting to parents that had there children removed from there homes for one reason or another. This was particularly happy day for me because the mother of the child I was taking for a visit was doing especially with her training and was being allowed to have longer visist with her daughter.  We were almost there and the little girl was getting more excited by the minute when all of a sudden the music stopped on the Stereo and the news caster was describbing what has just taken place in New York. At the time no one was sure if it was an accident or what exactly had happened.
Then my phone started rinning and it was my best Friend Greg and he was seeing it on TV and giving me a play by play description of what they were saying and what was happening. I remember I thought that was better then listening to it on the Stereo and letting the little girl hear everything..  Greg kept talking and I was talking  to the little girl keeping her mind happy.. We arrived at her house, parked the car and her mom came rushing out to hug her and we all went inside.
They were showing everything on the TV and I was finally seeing myself what my friend had been describing to me. The mother ask me if I knew what was happening and I said yes my friend has been filling me in...
The mom gathered her daughter up in her arms and hugged her and for a moment it seems that somehow things would be ok but as we all know nothing was ever to be the same again. It was different in there house that day..Quiet and somber..even the small children seemed to know and understand that something was different something was terribly wrong....
I had to excuse myself for a few moments several times during that day as I found myself crying in disbelief.
When it was realized that it wasn't an accident I was sitting outside on the step in tears trying to understand why and how something so horrible could happen to our country like this when my friend Greg called me back. I had never heard him sound so shaken and in disbelief he was in tears too. We talked so sometime and then I had to let him go and pull myself together so I could go be with the family I was working with. then I heard from Carmen my daughter and I remember being so thankful we were all ok. I couldn't imagine what it would be like not to have my daughter anymore or my friends and family..yet so many were going to have to face that very truth..It was very hard to control my emotions.
When I finally went back in the house I realized as the mother and daughter were sitting on the sofa together this was not a day for teaching parenting it was just enough to allow us all to reflect and try to accept what we were witness to.
When the time came to take the daughter back to her home her mother clung to her for what seemed like forever..There lives changed forever as was mine and every single person I knew and loved. As the day moved on to a new day I cam to understand that not only was our lives changed forever but our Country was changed forever..
Looking back I remember how we all came together as a country ..everyone helping someone to cope or pray or grieve or help in some way. I remember praying everyday that they would find yet another person alive and Thanking God each time they found someone.
We all became one in a nation that had somehow drifted apart..It made my heart swell with pride as I watched that unfold in the midst of so much tragedy..   
When I read the news today and hear of war and loss of the men and women who protect you and I everyday. I wonder how we all forget so easily how important it is to stand as one nation, one people but many have forgotten and I find that very sad...
Many of us lost family and friends on 9/11 and many more losses since then protecting the Freedom that terrorist tried to take from us!!  I pray that we never forget those who lost there lives that day or those who fight to keep you and I and Our Country safe.
We are Blessed as Americans and to be free. I pray that we all remember how easily that freedom can be destroyed..
May God Bless you all May he keep you safe and keep those who protect us safe.