Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering the Day My Counrty~My America Changed Forever

It was a beautiful day the sun was shinning and I was listening to the Car Stereo as I was driving to pick up a little girl that was scheduled for a visit with her mother. At the time I was working for the Juvinile courts teaching parenting to parents that had there children removed from there homes for one reason or another. This was particularly happy day for me because the mother of the child I was taking for a visit was doing especially with her training and was being allowed to have longer visist with her daughter.  We were almost there and the little girl was getting more excited by the minute when all of a sudden the music stopped on the Stereo and the news caster was describbing what has just taken place in New York. At the time no one was sure if it was an accident or what exactly had happened.
Then my phone started rinning and it was my best Friend Greg and he was seeing it on TV and giving me a play by play description of what they were saying and what was happening. I remember I thought that was better then listening to it on the Stereo and letting the little girl hear everything..  Greg kept talking and I was talking  to the little girl keeping her mind happy.. We arrived at her house, parked the car and her mom came rushing out to hug her and we all went inside.
They were showing everything on the TV and I was finally seeing myself what my friend had been describing to me. The mother ask me if I knew what was happening and I said yes my friend has been filling me in...
The mom gathered her daughter up in her arms and hugged her and for a moment it seems that somehow things would be ok but as we all know nothing was ever to be the same again. It was different in there house that day..Quiet and somber..even the small children seemed to know and understand that something was different something was terribly wrong....
I had to excuse myself for a few moments several times during that day as I found myself crying in disbelief.
When it was realized that it wasn't an accident I was sitting outside on the step in tears trying to understand why and how something so horrible could happen to our country like this when my friend Greg called me back. I had never heard him sound so shaken and in disbelief he was in tears too. We talked so sometime and then I had to let him go and pull myself together so I could go be with the family I was working with. then I heard from Carmen my daughter and I remember being so thankful we were all ok. I couldn't imagine what it would be like not to have my daughter anymore or my friends and family..yet so many were going to have to face that very truth..It was very hard to control my emotions.
When I finally went back in the house I realized as the mother and daughter were sitting on the sofa together this was not a day for teaching parenting it was just enough to allow us all to reflect and try to accept what we were witness to.
When the time came to take the daughter back to her home her mother clung to her for what seemed like forever..There lives changed forever as was mine and every single person I knew and loved. As the day moved on to a new day I cam to understand that not only was our lives changed forever but our Country was changed forever..
Looking back I remember how we all came together as a country ..everyone helping someone to cope or pray or grieve or help in some way. I remember praying everyday that they would find yet another person alive and Thanking God each time they found someone.
We all became one in a nation that had somehow drifted apart..It made my heart swell with pride as I watched that unfold in the midst of so much tragedy..   
When I read the news today and hear of war and loss of the men and women who protect you and I everyday. I wonder how we all forget so easily how important it is to stand as one nation, one people but many have forgotten and I find that very sad...
Many of us lost family and friends on 9/11 and many more losses since then protecting the Freedom that terrorist tried to take from us!!  I pray that we never forget those who lost there lives that day or those who fight to keep you and I and Our Country safe.
We are Blessed as Americans and to be free. I pray that we all remember how easily that freedom can be destroyed..
May God Bless you all May he keep you safe and keep those who protect us safe.


  1. A very heartfelt post, Tonya - and so many, many, truths....I don't any think any of us who lived through that day will forget what we were doing - it seems like yesterday, but that yesterday seemed to last a lifetime. It has changed our reality forever. Always remember, never forget....Hugs & Blessings ~ Robin

  2. I'm with the Cranky Crow ~ A very heartfelt post!
    We will never forget ~ United we stand!
    Prim Blessings

  3. I also will never forget that day and my son calling me to tell me about it since I did not have the T V on..I was in disbelief for a while and then it was all we saw on the news..over and over..sadness every time. It is something you never forget and I am thankful every day for having all of my family safe even though my one son was stationed in D C when it happened and we worried about him. We are still a strong country and maybe things will get a little better after our election next Nov


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