Thursday, January 31, 2013

Throat Surgery is over with....Doin the Happy Dance

If your squeamish Don't look at the pictures...
Surgery is done ..  I'm home..just had me a big bowl of Peanut Butter, Carmal, Vanilla Swril Ice Cream..Yummmmmmmmm.

Dr says it was a success. They removed the flap of skin, and a large Pulip from the right vocal cord. This is the third pulip I've had removed from vocal cord.They're caused from my dry mouth & Sinus draining & my constantly clearing my throat.
You can see the before Pulip & after in the picture.
Before removing Pulip

After removing the Pulip

As you can see it was big, closing off my throat....... no wonder every thing was getting stuck and making it hard to swallow my medication & food.

The Doc also removed the lump & damaged tissue on my inside right cheek. So I have two stitches on the inside cheek. One of my teeth is chipped with a sharp edge that's totally irritating my cheek..ouch! I need some of those gauze rolls the dentist uses under your lip to keep it away from the teeth...

My potassium was still extremely low so they had to give me a Potassium IV. I have no clue why my Potassium continues to be low. Doc has me on Potassium pills & I've been eating food loaded with Potassium to try to keep it up...
 So far my cheek is the only thing that hurts, my voice is hoarse but I can speak a little bit. Doc prefers I don't talk for 24 hours & if I do speak he wants me to use my soft voice....

LOL...its taken me 2 hours to write this......Seems I'm still under the influnce of anesthesia I keep falling asleep.

Think I'll go take a nap in my bed....

Special HUGS to my daughter April & Brian for taking the time to getme to and from the hospital..You are the best! Love ya both...                                  

Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Throat Surgery....Tomorrow is the big day..

Hi everyone...Tomorrow is the big day...I'm finally having the throat surgery to remove the flapping piece of skin on my vocal cord. I'm nervous not sure if I will be able to talk after surgery or not..Got my trusty Mega Doodle just in case no words can escape.

Just had my last real solid meal...chicken breast, Cranberry salad & peas..Yummy!
I hate knowing no solid food for a week..
This isn't my 1st throat surgery so I know the drill pretty well. I stocked up on Jello, Pudding, Ice Cream and soups so I should be set to go,
No foodor drink after midnight so I think I'll play a game and crash.

Say a prayer for me tomorrow.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Six Ethics of Life and A Lumpy Leg...LOL

Howdy everyone....I hope everyone out there in blog land is having a good weekend!
I've had one of those weeks I'd rather not repeat...But my weekend has been great so far. Hailey my niece & I have been creating Valentine's for SIL's 6 foot Tree. So far we've made about 40 and still working on them a few a evening after School.
I've got a special order for 8 Prim Candle Sticks and a Huge Cranberry Scoop I've been working on in the evenings...
Tonight went out to dinner with my Brother & SIL...had Salad Bar..Yummy!
A friend sent me the little Ethics of life list the other day and I decided to share it with everyone.... I've done my best to live by these rules all my life! It was kinda cool to see them written out....Makes a person think about themselves and how they live there life..
As I mentioned I've had a week I'd rather forget...but decided to add a little sense of humor to the situation and share it with you!
After much deliberation I have concluded that somewhere along my life's path I ticked off my body and it has been spending years planning an elaborate retaliation against me that started 2 yrs ago and is still going strong...So Much for 2013 being a better year.....
After dealing with a sinus infection since Dec. 3, I woke up about 10 days ago with this lump on my outside left thigh. Didn't think much of it... but it decided to become a Huge lump that looked like a deformity that others noticed & commented..
"What's wrong with your leg..looks like you got a pair of socks or something stuck in your pants leg." I'm talking 6" long x 5" wide x 3' bumped out lump.
Not that I haven't visited the Doc enough in the last month, months, years..... I make another appt. to see what the Doc makes of this here Lump on my leg!
I'm sitting on the table, Doc says let me see this lump, lifts the sheet & her mouth drops. She immediately gets her professional composure and says as comly as possible, Tonya this is serious, I think you might have a large Blood Clot in your leg. We need to get an ultra sound immediately & if so you can't have the throat surgery next Thursday.
Then she explains to me how serious a blood clot is, why I can't have the surgery, how it can break loose little pieces that can lodge in my lungs, cutting off the breathing and land me 10 feet under real quick.
Talk about scaring the living you know what out of a person...Ok you got my attention... 
I spent the rest of Thursday deciding if I needed to get that will written up...ASAP...
So it was off Friday morning before the rooster crows once again to get an ultra sound on my leg...I'm already a nervous wreck & it decides to start snowing...of course all the normal people suddenly became the worst drivers on earth..but I made the hour drive without getting involved in an accident on the freeway or getting myself killed...
The Ultra sound lady has the same reaction on her face to this huge lump but quickly recovers without words..Thank God!
It's OKAY.. you can breath easy...the ultra sound showed No Blood Clots...Praise God...but it also didn't show any bruises or infection showed nothing that would tell the Doc what has caused this huge lump...Go figure if anything normal happened to me in the process of figuring out anything that happens to this body of mine I wouldn't knowhow to react....
I did the happy dance all the way out the door knowing there was No Blood Clots & I could still have my surgery but then when the Doc calls me to give me the results...she has to tell me that she feels we need to try to figure out what has caused this to happen...why its still there and what can be done to get rid of it if it doesn't go away on its own in the next week or so.
I just said...... Doc, its just my body carrying out this elaborate retaliation against me for some long ago misdeed against it! She chuckled a little and said well we still need to figure it out...and I told her fine.... next week.... for now I'm going to pretend its not there...
And that I have pretty much managed to do...
My Throat Surgery is still on for Thursday the 31st. God willing that's the end of the major surgeries for awhile and I can get my life back together...
Do have a Great Weekend Everyone filled with lots of happy Moments!

Monday, January 21, 2013

If you open the lost & found box you will surely find me there.. & A Sneak Peek

Yes I've been some what lost lately...I keep hoping that someone finds me....LOL...
 Not sure there is any particular reason that out weighs the other.
Maybe wondering where the future leads me...maybe trying to get back into the swing of things after hand surgery....maybe the Holidays...maybe worries about my throat surgery that got canceled and rescheduled for January 31th...maybe having a stupid Sinus Infection and Chest infection that simply won't go away ....All of which I think rolls into what we all call The Winter Blues...
Which of course when you don't feel good that alone gives the Blues..

Today the sun was shinning and of course lifted the old I decided to go visit my Daughter April and the Grand kids... First April & i met up at the Goodwill to do a little shopping turned out to be good therapy indeed... Found myself some new sweats & a sweater top with a matching jacket...Love it! Found a few goodies for the Shop creations and found some games for the kids...and puzzles for for us to put together...Love Puzzles and so does April...

After therapy we headed back to her house for dinner...Taco's.
I helped her organize her book shelf so the kids had a place to put there games...
It was good to get out of the Trailer and do some Goodwill Therapy and visiting!

My hands are doing really well...still having some troubles with the thumb being painful. It was perfectly straight after the stitches came out and was doing really well then about two weeks ago it started to pain me & swell & worst of all it started to curve to the left again with a bump on the right side exactly where it was before surgery.
There is a possibility the mucus cyst is coming got an appt with doc next week.  Grrrrrrr

I've been working out in the shop every day now for the past three weeks and each day has been easier and easier to do the things I used to do...other then the thumb giving me fits I've actually created some really nice gatherings. I also made about 300 Hand Dipped Spice Rolled Candle Nubby's and 50 Hand Dipped Spice Rolled Candle tapers..My shop still smells like heaven...

The best part is that they are selling pretty quickly... or so it seems.. Reality is probably that I was able to create 20 to 30 gatherings a month before .... so some gathering sat in my Ebay store for sometime...but now that it takes me longer.... I create less..... so they sell quickly..which is good because it has all fallen into place with my schedule...Between all my physical therapy visits & doctor visits, creating, listing, selling, packing & shipping there isn't a lot of time for much else.

So with out further ado.... check out all my new gatherings created with my new hands!
Some very nice Eye Candy if I do say so....

~Primitive Open Faced Spice Jar Cupboard Gathering~

~Primitive Shelf Canister Kitchen Gathering~

 ~Primitive Americana Star Gathering~

 ~Primitive Cranberry Scoop Kitchen Gathering~

 ~Primitive Candle Nubby Gathering~

~Primitive Laundry Window Pane Gathering~

  ~Primitive Key Rack Gathering~

  ~Primitive Enamelware Keeping Rack  Gathering~

  ~Primitive Toilet Paper Cupboard Gathering~

  ~Primitive Window Pane Gathering~

  ~Primitive Open Medicine Cupboard Gathering~

  ~Primitive Wood Trencher with Pears Gathering~

 Until we meet again may your days be filled with happy moments and treasured memory's!

Prim Blessing from my house to your house!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thoughts Of A Happy New Year~13 my lucky # Will 2013 Be lucky?

Happy New Year Everyone!
Whatever you were doing, whoever you were with, wherever you were I hope you had a Great time bringing in the New year..

I spent New Years Eve celebrating the use of my hands creating in the shop, watching movies & reflecting.

Although we weren't together I was thinking of you as I toasted all my friends & family with a shot of Tequila at the stroke of Midnight!

Wishing you all Peace~Love~Happiness & Prosperity in 2013...