Friday, December 28, 2012

An end of the year SNEAK PEEK-Some Newly Created Gatherings!

A fine afternoon to everyone!!
I've come to tell you that my hands have been busy creating...slow but sure!
Finally after learning to find patience with my healing hands I can show you the results of my efforts. Its been hard to get back into creating like I used to ..Its been very humbling to find patience with myself and my hands... I've accepted that there is every possibility my ability to create the way I used to, may never be what it was but I'm thankful that both hands are so much better then they were and the surgeries were a total success. With that success I can once again do what I love best just not a quickly as I once has been nice to see that i can still create beautiful gatherings!

~Primitive Crow Keeping Rack pantry Gathering~

~Primitive Toilet Paper Tissue Keeping Cupboard~

Store toilet paper on bottom
 & Box of tissues in top.

~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~


~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

~Primitive Pantry Shelf Gathering~

~Primitive Spice Cupboard Pantry Gathering~

~Primitive Pantry Shelf Gathering~

~Primitive Cast Iron Candle Sconces~

~Primitive Cast Iron Wood Star Candle Sconces~

thanks for stopping by and checking out all of my new Creations.
Everything is listed on ebay if you are interested stop by My Ebay Store
My Primitive Creations by Tonya

May your weekend be filled with peaceful moments enjoying the last moments of the year 2012!


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gods Blessings were Abundant as he filled our Homes with Love!

Hello to all of my dear prim friends...I hope that God Blessed you all with as much Christmas Joy as he Blessed me and my family!
The Christmas celebrating actually started at April's house when I dropped off my van filled with all the clothing filled packages and Christmas ham the day before Christmas.
April & her family have not had it easy but she does a great job with what she has. I decided to make life a little easier for her this year. Of course I could have only done it because of my Good Will & Salvation Army Thrifting!
When I brought everything in the house the kids of course were way to excited so I decided to let them pick one package to open.
But first I had created a family gift brought about because there were no Knives sharp enough to peel potatoes on thanksgiving. So me being me bought a Potato peeler and wrapped it in 8 different boxes each wrapped separately. I handed it to Ethan the 5 yr old to open first. He handed it to Nay so on and so on...
 After opening it they had to pass it onto another person to open till there were no more to open. I told them whoever opened it last had to use IT Christmas day...That added some hesitation to there once excitement...

It ended up in April's hand last so she opened it and said Go figure..but all in all it was fun for everyone.
The kids opened there one gift & I gave April & Brian there big gift because I knew they could really use it for Christmas Dinner.

I filled a huge box with Bowls, Storage Containers, new set of Silverware, every kind of utensil you could imagine, a set of Dishes, set of Steak knives, Bread pans, Muffin Tins.

I'm pretty sure she was happy with all of it and the best part was I was able to get everything most new for $26.

Christmas Eve was spent at My Brother Jim's house with all our family on his and pegs side.
It was so hard to choose a picture for my heading, but I finally choose this one of my nephew Jason holding his first child Annalena watching her opening her first gift ever...I wish I could have gotten a picture of everyone watching to see what she did. So much giggling and coaxing & finally she ripped the first piece of paper off.. You would have thought someone won the lottery..hehe!
Our houses were full of Gods greatest gift this year. My brother Jim & SIL Peggy are grand parents to 4 new Grand baby's. So that means I am Aunt Tonya too and I love it!!
This is Tony & Heather with new baby Lilly.
This is Grandma Peggy holding the newest Brier & Hailey Holding Annalena with Mom Jessie sitting next to her.
This is Grandpa Jimmy Showing Ethan a picture of them when they went to see Santa.
Ethan knew it was him as soon as he seen it and was telling us all about it in his baby talk.
This is Ethan after grandpa gave him a big piece of his Reece Cup then handed him to his mom just giggling up a storm since mom had no idea about the Chocolate...
Savana got her Footed Pj's she wanted so she was totally happy
Hailey got lots of dresses and as she said: "I can dress up every day now!"
And she will too she loves Dresses!
Although this is Ethan's 2nd Christmas this year was a blast watching him. He just wasn't sure where to go or what to open next. So he went back and forth...

As you can see it was a good Christmas with some very happy kids!

Then Christmas morning it was up and off to April's house for Christmas with them.

Oh yes and my new Great Grandson Jordan Jr with his Mommy Tiff and Daddy helping to pass out gifts...
Ethan my Grandson got his clothes & several wrapped gifts all wrapped in a Diaper Box. when he tore off the paper...he looked at me and said: "Grandma I don't wear diapers anymore, I'm a big boy!" It was one of those priceless moments a grandma will never forget... Everyone couldn't help but giggle and laugh...Poor Ethan ran off.. I said, "Ethan come on come back and open the Box...Grandma wouldn't get a big boy like you diapers.
All ended well & he got everything he wanted.
April liked Nay's Scarf so she snatched it from her....
Abby opening her gifts!
Cameron opening his big Box of Clothes!
Andrew opening his Big Box!

Jordan Opening Baby Jordan's big Box of Clothes!
last but certainly not least once everything was all picked up there were some really tired people. Brian is sitting on the floor peeling potatoes...
When dinner was done April and I put together one of the Puzzles she got for Christmas.
I looked in the living room as it got quiet and I think I got the most precious picture of all.. Cameron had taken Puddles up in his lap and the two of them had fallen asleep...
Puddles had a very Merry Christmas too..Cameron loved on him all day long...
this picture will be priceless for me as I doubt Puddles will be here with us next Christmas...but then again God does work Miracles he brought us all together after years of being apart to share the Best Christmas together.

Besides being with family .....I had a fantastic Christmas I got three new hammers and I can't wait to do some serious hammering...LOL... Aprils kids got me Ear rings and a necklace that I totally love, a new purse, Lotions & a gift card for gas...yea! Peggy made me my Cherry Stuffed Sugar cookie pockets, socks, and I got pictures of all the new Baby's..Love them...
God Blessed me with so much joy and happiness this Christmas...

I do hope that each and everyone of you shared many Blessings with your family's this Christmas and you have tons of memories to tuck away!

Love, Peace and Happiness to one and all as you head intot he new year!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Its Looking A lot Like Christmas here in Ohio & My Trailer Too!

Merry Christmas Everyone....the Christmas Spirit has finally arrived here in Ohio. Old man winter showed up last night dropping off a Beautiful Blanket of snow to make Hailey's Christmas wish come true...Its beautiful & if it must come Christmas is the best time of year but Hailey she was so excited that she texted me as soon as I got home tonight to ask if I wanted to build a Snowman tomorrow and go sleding with her....Oh to have the energy of a 10 yr old little girl who loves snow!! I agreed we should build a snowman but not sure my old body can take the sleding ...hehe! 
The Trailer is decorated, gifts are wrapped, the baking is done and I'm ready for Santa to arrive! As I mentioned in my last post I found so many great gifts at the Salvation Army for the kids so I'm really excited for Christmas to come!

I finally got the trailer decorated...Decided to hang different Stockings all around with Snowmen. Of course they all came from GW for 50 cents so it made it fun finding cute ones to use.
I love this one it is made of all wood with stuffed Reindeer and snowman!

This one is made of felt. I found it to be quite usefull for stuffing all my plastic bags down in..makes it look filled and hids my bags great!

Here I hung a simple one next to my Snowmen!

I used a Santa Hat as my Tree Topped...My Tree is full of Snowmen Stockings and Santa's this year..they didn't show up to well in my picture.

On my little shelf I sat Snowmen and a Santa with my bears and hung some of my cards on the edge!
Thanks for all the cards from my Blog friends it was so fun getting Christmas hugs in the mail!

Isat two of my Snowmen on my CD tower and right behind it is a Pocket Snowman Wall hanging..Its supposed to hold cards but I like to hang them so I can see them... I hug an old pair of mittens above the Wall pocket hanger.

Another Santa in the corner..I meant to move the other santa head beside it oops..but did have a giggle at how funny it looks sitting there in the candle Box....

I sat my Hallmark Snowmen on the other side..for some reason I can't find my other hallmark Snowman playing the piano...If you look under the tree you can see a Christmas Dog I found at GW for 50 cents...He is so funny he barks Jingle Bells...Hailey likes to come out and push the button to hear him sing!

I bought myself a Christmas gift this year well actually 3. I bought myself a long over due new Coat. I actually went to a real store and by shear accident found the perfect coat  or at least perfect for me..You see I hate heavy coats so never can find anything I like... I count this as a lucky find it is light weight, fuzzy lined with a hood. Perfect gift to myself!
Then I bought myself a new TV & a VCR/CD player so Hailey and I can watch movies together. Plus I can use it to turn my VCR tapes into CD's. I have several old home movies of Carmen when she was little on VCR tapes I want to copy and give them to Carmen & her Dad.. Plus I have over 500 VCR movies that I want to turn into CD's.
Its been 15 years since I bought a new TV..mostly because I never watch TV but it was getting harder and harder to find TV's with a VCR player in them at GW so decided it was time to gift myself something that would work for TV, VCR tapes and CD's. Now to figure outhow it all works and get them all changed over to CD's. I will have tons of storage space in the trailer and shop once the tapes are switched over... 500 tapes take up a lot of room!

I'll be having Christmas Eve with the Family here at my brothers and then Christmas Day I'm going to my daughter Aprils house for Christmas and Wednesday I'm having Christmas with John and Laura.. Busy days ahead and I'm totally excited this year!

May you all Have a Very Merry Christmas filled with warm moments spent with family filled with love and laughter!

Christmas Blessings

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oh the Fun in Thrift Store Christmas Shopping I hit the Jackpot!

Happy Saturday evening everyone......Christmas is just around the corner & I thought I was all done shopping since I shop all year round and stash my gifts. But then along comes a moment when you realize you have just hit the jackpot! You can make some kids really happy and while doing it help out there parents too.
I started out with 11 large totes filled with my year long Christmas gift stash. Then I went to the Salvation Army last Thursday..

All the kids clothing & I mean all, from new born up..Shoes, Coats, Jackets everything 49 cents each. Now were talkin some serious shopping here.
Two carts full of kids clothing & jackets last Thursday 99% New with tags $53.00.
Then this morning my niece Hailey my thrift store buddy wanted to go thrifting of course I said sure why not......
We arrive only to find out they were still having the 49 cents kids sale..... One cart full later, 99% new with tags $23.00.

Every single kid on my christmas list is getting no less then 20 new outfits for Christmas. Plus each one is getting a new Coat or Jacket. My luck is going to really help out there parents!!!!
The best part is I didn't even have to buy wrapping paper.
Last summer I bought an extra large tote it was new orginal cost would have been $20, filled with over 250 new gift bags, tissue paper, 50 plus new gift boxes & new wrapping paper for $12.00. Best thrift bargin I ever found.

I'll take a wild guess and say I got about $2000.00 worth of clothing, coats, wrapping paper, & Gift Bags for $88.00. Damn I'm one hell of a Thrift store shopper!!

Some kids are going to be very happy come Christmas morning... I can't wait!

When we got home I washed up everything...then Hailey and I wrapped & bagged all my bargins...
Boy does gift wrapping go fast when you have bags & tissue paper!!
If you don't thrift shop for kids clothing you ought to give it a never know the New stuff you will find if you just look!

I wish I would have thought to take pictures of all my goodies.. You wouldn't have believed the really beautiful things I found for all the kids...I was amazed myself!
I bought more gifts then ever before and spent less then ever before!!
Sure Makes the old heart race with joy.
I can't wait to see there parents faces when they see all the new clothes the kids got... it will be such a relief to them to know there kids will be well dressed.
Yes they all know I do most all my shopping at the thrift store they grew up on Thrift store clothing and they were the best dressed kids in school!

I'm happy it is all wrapped/bagged and now I can work on making my Chex Mix & I can sit back and quietly wait for Christmas day!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend & if your shopping you find the best bargins ever!

Christmas Hugs

Monday, December 10, 2012

A Little Sneak Peek & Puddles new hair do

Happy Monday Everyone.. Just look at my best little Buddy Puddles. Doesn't he just look so Handsome?
Last Thrusday I did something I've never done before in Puddles 16 years.
I'm so glad I did because my Best Buddy got some extra special Loving treatment at Delaware Pet Grooming. Even though my hands are healing nicely and I'm getting my strength back slowly I found I still couldn't brush Puddles...
Being the Fur Ball that he is, he was a T-total matted mess & I felt awful I couldn't brush him.
I was really nervous about taking him to a groomer with all the horor stories I've read or heard about but I finally relented and made an appointment.
They took such good care of him. He was happy as a pea in Pod when I picked him up. He was as soft as silk, his coat all shinny & he smelled so fresh and clean. they put a little Teal Bandana around his neck. It was as cute as could be!
Come to find out the owner had lost her sheltie two weeks ago and so having a Sheltie to groom and snuggle was a welcome delight for her, she said.
I'm thinking I may just make it a regular part of Puddles life to get him groomed every couple of months even after my hands are totally workable again.

He wasn't too excited about laying beside the Christmas Tree but finally relaxed long enough to snap a few pictures...

I finally got my house all decorated for Christmas..Everything looks great! Snowmen and Santa's everywhere.
Not much else happening here, other then the chilly rain we've been having for the last week. Thank god is hasn't covered us in snow...We've actually been experiencing rain the past 3 or 4 days so everything its muddy everywhere one goes..So I'm sure Snow is soon to follow!
I've been busy wrapping Christmas packages for the last week,but not near done yet. Seems that too requires two good hands...I'll just keep plugging along so they are all wrapped by Christmas eve.
Last Friday afternoon I drove up North to check on my house and then Saturday night I went to the KI Christmas party with all my boater friends. It was great to see everyone and we had a such a great time.
Discovered that gripping the steering wheel still hurts my hands to drive long distances so didn't really enjoy the long trip home..Soon though I think my hands will be back to as normal as they will ever be & I can't wait...

Going to work in the shop today primming a set of Candle Sconces I sold over the weekend. I've been spending a little time each day creating and it feels so good to be back in the shop working even if it takes me hours to do the simplest task.
last week I created this beautiful Kitchen Gathering.
~Primitive Pantry Gathering~

Filled with Enamelware & Stoneware

Thanks for stopping by..Until we meet again May your days be filled with Sunshine and Smiles!

Christmas Holiday Hugs