Friday, December 28, 2012

An end of the year SNEAK PEEK-Some Newly Created Gatherings!

A fine afternoon to everyone!!
I've come to tell you that my hands have been busy creating...slow but sure!
Finally after learning to find patience with my healing hands I can show you the results of my efforts. Its been hard to get back into creating like I used to ..Its been very humbling to find patience with myself and my hands... I've accepted that there is every possibility my ability to create the way I used to, may never be what it was but I'm thankful that both hands are so much better then they were and the surgeries were a total success. With that success I can once again do what I love best just not a quickly as I once has been nice to see that i can still create beautiful gatherings!

~Primitive Crow Keeping Rack pantry Gathering~

~Primitive Toilet Paper Tissue Keeping Cupboard~

Store toilet paper on bottom
 & Box of tissues in top.

~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~


~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

~Primitive Pantry Shelf Gathering~

~Primitive Spice Cupboard Pantry Gathering~

~Primitive Pantry Shelf Gathering~

~Primitive Cast Iron Candle Sconces~

~Primitive Cast Iron Wood Star Candle Sconces~

thanks for stopping by and checking out all of my new Creations.
Everything is listed on ebay if you are interested stop by My Ebay Store
My Primitive Creations by Tonya

May your weekend be filled with peaceful moments enjoying the last moments of the year 2012!


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  1. Wow Tonya..Your things are always so beautiful and look just as good as they always have. Your hands may not move as fast but your eye for finding wonderful things and putting them together is still awesome. If I win the Lottery (Ha Ha but then ya never know) the first thing I will do is move and then I will buy one of your gatherings for every room..I Love them all
    Have a great 2013


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