Monday, November 26, 2012

Meet My New Great GrandSon Jordan Jr & Family

Happy Holiday thoughts to Everyone! Meet my new Great Grandson Jordan Jr. Is this not the most adorable precious picture ever! He was one week old when this was taken. I got to meet him for the 1st time Thanksgiving day! His Grandma April is my daughter. You may have seen her picture on my post about my left hand surgery.
This little guy is so cute ..looks just like his Daddy Jordan. While holding him and looking at him I took a trip down memory lane to when Jordan was born..they looks exactly the same..
A friend Nikki who went to school with Carmen and April is a photographer along with her husband and they took this picture along with many others of the family!
Baby Jordans Mommy is holding him and hsi Daddy is standing behind her. Grandma April is on the far left of Baby Jordan's mommy.
Jordans mommy and Daddy!

I love this picture of Daddy and Baby Jordan!

Grandma April and Baby Jordan right after he came home. I love this one too!

Then of course Great Grandma Tonya....
Isn't his little thanksgiving outfit cute?
What a great week, wonderful Thanksgiving with April, Brian, the kids and of course snuggling Baby Jordan.
Then I got to snuggle my new niece Lilly..she is two weeks old..OOps forgot to take pictures to busy snuggling her...
I worked in the shop on a couple special orders.. I was loving creating..still slower then a 7 year itch but at least I'm out there again.

Yesterday got the daylights scared out of me..SIL Peg texted me she needed help right away... I was still asleep when I got the text & so not grounded so to speak ..jumped out of bed & ran in the house thinking something awful happened to her... She got a great laugh at me all pillow head in my PJ'S running in yelling what's wrong Peg.where are you!
Well she was in the family room putting up Christmas decorations and wanted my help...My yelling for her brought the kids running only to laugh t me too when Peg told them why I was yelling for her and still in my Pj's...
After our augh and 2 cups of tea we went to work decorating the family room... Never did go out to the trailer and Pure comfort all day long! with pillow head cause I didn't bother to comb my hair either...WE had a blast and the room looks awesome!

Hung out with my niece Angel, her two kids Hailey & Savana last night wrapping Christmas gifts.

Today I rounded off the weekend going to the grocery store, Pharmacy and finishing up my Christmas shopping. the fun part wrapping it all but I got a month so it will be fun...

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Thoughts & Blessings to one and all.....
It was a beautiful Thanksgiving Day today here in Ohio...High 60's... It was a busy day too.....first to my daughter April's for Thanksgiving get together with there family & then with my Brother Jim, SIL Peg & family. Two feast with every trimming immaginable.
No one went hungry many yummy dishes, Turkey, Ham, Pies, Cakes, Fruit, veggies, Stuffing, Sweet Potato's, mashed taters, gravey..Yum-Yum-Yum!
As I sat with my family and friends today, listening to all the laughter as the kids played, the girls giggling in the kitchen while preparing the feast & eating to much, everyone feasting on all the yummy food everyone prepared, complaining about being to full and finally holding the two new baby's, I realized just how much I really have to be thankful for...
My Blessings are plenty...... yes even when life isn't perfect!

My wish is that you too had the chance to realize all your Blessings today and that you gathered many warm memories that will pop in your mind sometime in the future and make you smile!

Happy Thanksgiving


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Aww Kitty Love~A funny tale to make you laugh!

Good Morning Peeps...Just look at those two snuggle kitty's! Since Tasha's return from her 16 day adventure she's softened her heart and is more loving then ever...she even decided to love her sissy Mama kitty..
Time to use your imagination if you will as there are no cmeras handy when Tasha decides to be funny or sneaky!!
We are now home on the farm for the winter so I have been letting Tasha outside daily...well actually Tasha has been letting herself out. She knows how to bite the tape off the slider on the screen door. She pushes it back and jumps threw the hole..
She so loves it outside & I'm glad we are home so she can be outside enjoying herself.
I have to share her latest tale with you butyou will need to close your eyes and picture this in your mind to get the rel feel for how funny it was.
I love hanging clothes on the line so had tea stained a big basket of fabric for my creations and hung them out.
The Clothes line sits beside two huge pine trees and this is where Tasha likes to sit in waiting so to speak...It was around dusk when I decided to take down my fabric.
I was enjoying myself as I took down each piece, folded it and laid it in the basket...
I had just bent down to lay a folded piece in the basket when all of sudden I hear a russel under the tree and then there was a Tasha kitty running up the middle of my back
down over my head and across the yard. she stops gives me her meow meow...and just sits there watching me as I say "what are you doing you simple cat?"
I stand back up and take down another piece, fold it and lean down to put it in the basket and shzammm here she comes again running up over my head, over my back and back down and under the tree with her once again giving me her meow meow...
By now I am laughing at my silly cat...As the story goes she did this evey time I would lean down to lay a folded piece in the basket...
she was having a ball & my back was beginning to feel the sting of those little claws by the time I was done... she wasn't done tho and quickly let me know she wanted to play she jumps in the basket nd lays down, rolls on her back waiting for me to give her some kitty rubs... Just as I reached down to rub her belly she puts her paws around my neck and let me know she wasn't letting go...licking my face with that tounge of hers till it hurt...This isn't a picture of that moment but it would have looked like that only I would have been laughing at her...

Since her adventure she doesn't let me very far from her sight..When I'm outside she follows me wherever I go...Then for no reason at all she will jump in my arms to give me one of her huge Kitty hugs..then jump down and go about her yard wondering..and mommy following...Its so comical watching her bounce around the yard!

I bought her a new collar yesterday at the dollar store. It is bright red with a little red Bell hanging on it.
Decided that little bell would give me warning when she is getting ready to pounce on me....!
Being outside seems to sharpen those claws she got her nails trimmed last night... Oh how she hates that with a passion...

The sun is shinning again today..... think I'll go find a good reason to be outside enjoying it!

Until we meet again may your day be filled with warm sunshine and happy moments!

Fall Blessings

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sneak Peek at New Prim Gatherings from My Primitive Creations

Good Evening everyone..What a wonderful weekend we had here in Ohio. True Indian summer filled with sunshine and laughter.
Even tho its a bit early for decorating, Peggy & I took advantage of the beautiful weather and decided to do all the oustide Christmas decorating. We had so much fun!
Pictures to come soon!
As I mentioned on my last visit it's been a real challange after two hand surgeries, but I'm finally back working in my shop Creating my Primitive decor again. Although it's taken me two months to create my latest creations, I can't begin to tell you how happy it makes me to finally be able to create again.
I'm still limited as to what I can do but each day it gets a little easier.

So with out further ado... I'm happy to share the newest creations from
My Primitive Creations by Tonya.
If you're interested in purchasing any of my gatherings before they're listed in my Ebay Store Please contact me ASAP for details.
Otherwise Please visit My Primitive Creations by Tonya Ebay Store where you will find all of my latest creations.
Free Shipping in USA
Free Shipping in USA
Free Shipping in USA
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Free Shipping in USA
Thanks for stopping in and taking a little peek at all of my latest creations.
With all of your prayers and encouragement my recovery is going smoothly which has allowed me to get back to doing what I love best...My Creating!
A special thanks to all of you for your support!
Prim Blessings 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Fall guess who's been in the Shop Painting? Hand Update

Happy Day to one and all...Ms. Tonya has some really great news to share with you all today! She has been working in the shop for the past three nights. No nothing spectacular was created but being able to actually hold a paint brush in my right hand and paint wood pieces was better then awesome!
The first night my niece Hailey, my crafting buddy decided she wnted to spend the evening in the shop painting with aunt Tonya...We had the best time..
Things started off a little shaky as I couldn't get the paint jar open at first or the large paint can so Hailey had to help me & together we prepared our work area with paint bowl & paint brushes.
I wasn't really sure if I was going to be able to actually hold the paint brush and paint nice even strokes and when I found I could I guess tears just strated running down my cheeks I was so happy...I said a little prayer of thanks..but I must have done it out loud....Hailey heard me and gave me a big hug and said I knew you would be able to paint again someday Aunt Tonya..
We painted for hours..Hailey has gotten very good at painting the wood pieces. I finally took her in the house around 11 and tucked her in and called it a night.

The next two nights I was on my own and I painted pieces all night long just soaking up the peacfulness of being in my shop once again and actually working on something. It was slow going and I had to rest every 10 to 15 minutes but regardless I'm creating again and nothing could make me happier.
Soon I will be turning those 37 pieces into gatherings and I can't wait so look out cause I'm back in business again!

This is my thumb 11 days after surgery! You all have no idea how excited I am about my thumb. It hasn't bent in more then 20 years and has been in constant 24/7 pain all that time. something I learned to live with. But I'm happy to say that Dr. Awan changed that.

There is basically no real pain other then after surgery being cut pain and pain when I bump the stitches. I can actually bend my thumb. Before surgery my thumb measuered
2 1/2"plus round now it measuers 1 1/2" around and as soon as the rest of the swelling goes down it will be normal looking and even smaller. It used to curve to the left like a hitch hicker thumb and just look at this it is actually straight..After 20 plus years of pain and deformity I am just amazed that it is a normal working thumb that's pain free. Never dreamed in a million years I would ever get it fixed... Very happy lady!

Five days after surgery. Look at the improvment in just a few days.
I'm a bit surprised at how much faster my right hand healed compared to my left hand. The incisions in my palm where he fixed the trigger fingers is healed and basically pain free. the area in my wrist where he did the carpel tunnel surgery is also healed and basically pain free. This surgery was a breeze and successful in every imaginable way!
My left hand on the other hand is still giving me fits of pain down by the wrist and in the middle finger.. I almost decided not to get the right hand done because the left hand still hurt so much ...I'm so Thankful I decided to go threw with it and simply work with the doctor to make the left hand pain free in those two areas. I may have to go to therapy for a bit to resolve the issues in the left hand but I'm ok with that...

In the middle of all my happiness with my hands I had blood work done to test my thyroid levels and sad to say that the blood test came back with my levels high so the doc had to up my Thyroid medication in hopes of dropping it back down... Go figure just my luck that something would go and bust my happy bubble...
Otherwise things are looking up for me... I'm getting in to see the right doctors and finally feel as if they are all working together to get me back on the right track health wise... that's a nice feeling for sure..

Hope all is well with you and yours and you have enjoyed the coming of fall and all the beautiful colors this year. They were just beautiful here in Ohio but sadly Sandy winds have blown the beautiful colors away for this year..
Speaking of Sandy my prayers go out to all of you who were affected by that horrible storm and my hope is that you are all safe and warm..

Happy Fall Blessings