Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Aww Kitty Love~A funny tale to make you laugh!

Good Morning Peeps...Just look at those two snuggle kitty's! Since Tasha's return from her 16 day adventure she's softened her heart and is more loving then ever...she even decided to love her sissy Mama kitty..
Time to use your imagination if you will as there are no cmeras handy when Tasha decides to be funny or sneaky!!
We are now home on the farm for the winter so I have been letting Tasha outside daily...well actually Tasha has been letting herself out. She knows how to bite the tape off the slider on the screen door. She pushes it back and jumps threw the hole..
She so loves it outside & I'm glad we are home so she can be outside enjoying herself.
I have to share her latest tale with you butyou will need to close your eyes and picture this in your mind to get the rel feel for how funny it was.
I love hanging clothes on the line so had tea stained a big basket of fabric for my creations and hung them out.
The Clothes line sits beside two huge pine trees and this is where Tasha likes to sit in waiting so to speak...It was around dusk when I decided to take down my fabric.
I was enjoying myself as I took down each piece, folded it and laid it in the basket...
I had just bent down to lay a folded piece in the basket when all of sudden I hear a russel under the tree and then there was a Tasha kitty running up the middle of my back
down over my head and across the yard. she stops gives me her meow meow...and just sits there watching me as I say "what are you doing you simple cat?"
I stand back up and take down another piece, fold it and lean down to put it in the basket and shzammm here she comes again running up over my head, over my back and back down and under the tree with her once again giving me her meow meow...
By now I am laughing at my silly cat...As the story goes she did this evey time I would lean down to lay a folded piece in the basket...
she was having a ball & my back was beginning to feel the sting of those little claws by the time I was done... she wasn't done tho and quickly let me know she wanted to play she jumps in the basket nd lays down, rolls on her back waiting for me to give her some kitty rubs... Just as I reached down to rub her belly she puts her paws around my neck and let me know she wasn't letting go...licking my face with that tounge of hers till it hurt...This isn't a picture of that moment but it would have looked like that only I would have been laughing at her...

Since her adventure she doesn't let me very far from her sight..When I'm outside she follows me wherever I go...Then for no reason at all she will jump in my arms to give me one of her huge Kitty hugs..then jump down and go about her yard wondering..and mommy following...Its so comical watching her bounce around the yard!

I bought her a new collar yesterday at the dollar store. It is bright red with a little red Bell hanging on it.
Decided that little bell would give me warning when she is getting ready to pounce on me....!
Being outside seems to sharpen those claws she got her nails trimmed last night... Oh how she hates that with a passion...

The sun is shinning again today..... think I'll go find a good reason to be outside enjoying it!

Until we meet again may your day be filled with warm sunshine and happy moments!

Fall Blessings


  1. Those kitties are too darn cute! Ours lays in wait for me too, Tonya, at night when I am walking through the house locking doors and heading to bed! Glad you are creating and enjoying the sun! ~*~Lisa

  2. Oh had me giggling and saying ouch for you at the same time!! Nothing like kitty love!

  3. Oh my! That is hilarious. LOL I can picture it in my mind. It bit painful but crazy cute. Sweet kitty. :)

    I am so glad she is back and that you two are having fun. I am also glad that you are healing well and creating again.

    Have a wonderful Thursday.

    Take care, Janet W

  4. I love to read your stories Tonya. I think Tasha realized how good she had it at home. So glad she returned safely.
    Enjoy your day~ it's cloudy and cold here. A good day to be in sewing.
    Prim Blessings to you and the kitties,

  5. Kitties are so sweet and soooo amusing. Our 2 cats are faril cats and not in our laps much but Nellie is coming for TG next week and bringing her cat "Lucky" to stay with us. Since she had 2 cats die in the past few months I think she just can't stand the thought of having another one die and she knows Lucky will have a good forever home here. For some reason all animals like to get up in Billy's lap and it may take the 6 fur babies a while to adjust but I think it will all be O K..Just a little more litter and cat food and treats :)

  6. that is too funny..what a lovable silly girl you have..i have one on my lap silly millie rubbing and being just too adorable right now..she loves her lap time..thanks for sharing that story..;) hope you have a great weekend and a very happy thanksgiving too.;)

  7. That's so cute Tonya. I can just see TAsha running up your back. She is just too happy to be home again.



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