Monday, November 26, 2012

Meet My New Great GrandSon Jordan Jr & Family

Happy Holiday thoughts to Everyone! Meet my new Great Grandson Jordan Jr. Is this not the most adorable precious picture ever! He was one week old when this was taken. I got to meet him for the 1st time Thanksgiving day! His Grandma April is my daughter. You may have seen her picture on my post about my left hand surgery.
This little guy is so cute ..looks just like his Daddy Jordan. While holding him and looking at him I took a trip down memory lane to when Jordan was born..they looks exactly the same..
A friend Nikki who went to school with Carmen and April is a photographer along with her husband and they took this picture along with many others of the family!
Baby Jordans Mommy is holding him and hsi Daddy is standing behind her. Grandma April is on the far left of Baby Jordan's mommy.
Jordans mommy and Daddy!

I love this picture of Daddy and Baby Jordan!

Grandma April and Baby Jordan right after he came home. I love this one too!

Then of course Great Grandma Tonya....
Isn't his little thanksgiving outfit cute?
What a great week, wonderful Thanksgiving with April, Brian, the kids and of course snuggling Baby Jordan.
Then I got to snuggle my new niece Lilly..she is two weeks old..OOps forgot to take pictures to busy snuggling her...
I worked in the shop on a couple special orders.. I was loving creating..still slower then a 7 year itch but at least I'm out there again.

Yesterday got the daylights scared out of me..SIL Peg texted me she needed help right away... I was still asleep when I got the text & so not grounded so to speak ..jumped out of bed & ran in the house thinking something awful happened to her... She got a great laugh at me all pillow head in my PJ'S running in yelling what's wrong Peg.where are you!
Well she was in the family room putting up Christmas decorations and wanted my help...My yelling for her brought the kids running only to laugh t me too when Peg told them why I was yelling for her and still in my Pj's...
After our augh and 2 cups of tea we went to work decorating the family room... Never did go out to the trailer and Pure comfort all day long! with pillow head cause I didn't bother to comb my hair either...WE had a blast and the room looks awesome!

Hung out with my niece Angel, her two kids Hailey & Savana last night wrapping Christmas gifts.

Today I rounded off the weekend going to the grocery store, Pharmacy and finishing up my Christmas shopping. the fun part wrapping it all but I got a month so it will be fun...

Hope you all had a great weekend too!



  1. AWW!!!!!! Congrats and what a special time.
    Merry Christmas

  2. Oh my, what a cutie!!!! CONGRATS on the new addition to your family Tonya, sure to bring many happy days ahead to all:) As for pj's and bedhead, let me just say there is NOTHING wrong with that look at all, lol, trust me, I know, haha!!!!!

  3. Thanks Earlene yes it is a special time! By christmas Baby Jordan will be allert and showing us all his Smile I can't Wait!

  4. LOL! Somehow I knew you were the kind of woman who would come to save the day in your PJ's or not! Your new addition to the family is soooo beautiful Tonya! Enjoy Enjoy!!! ~*~Lisa

  5. Hi there....I can not think of anything better than to hang out with family and have tons of fun! But...that new baby is so adorable!Love the picture.



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