Tuesday, March 29, 2011

FOR SALE~Open Faced Cupboard~Dough Bowls~Vintage Mason Jars~Candle Lamp~

* ~ * ~ * ~Item Description ~ * ~ * ~ *
~ Primitive Keeping Cupboard Pantry Gathering~
~Open Faced Cupboard~Vintage Mason Jars~
~Wood Dough Bowl~Wood Butter Bowl~Dried Beans~
~Towels~Candle Stick Lamp~Candles~Drieds~

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit
My Primitive Creations by Tonya.

Today I have created for your primitive consideration,
an absolutely Beautiful Aged Open Faced Pantry Cupboard gathering.
I started this gathering with a beautiful old wood Open Faced Cupboard that I've aged the Top~Bottom and Sides in Carriage Black, leaving the Natural Patina on the back.
I Heavily distressed it & finally rubbed it to the perfect Prim Finish we all love so much. This Cupboard comes with a top shelf, large open center shelf & two pegs on the bottom for hanging your twoels and wares.
I took three Vintage Green Quart Mason Jars with locking lids and filled One with Dried Black Beans, One with Dried Chick Peas, and one with Dried Split Peas. I hung a hang Tag on each jar with the name of the contents on the tag.
I sat the three Mason Jars on the top shelf of this Beautiful Cupboard.
I filled a large Green Half gallon Vintage Mason Jar with mixed Soup beans, hung a hang tag on it and sat it on the left side of the large open middle shelf. To the right I leaned a medium sized Vintage Dough Bowl in the corner along with a small Butter wood Bowl. Both Bowls are naturally aged and distressed patina...
I did rub them out as best I could.
For your lighting needs I sat an old Candle Stick lamp topped
with one of my hand dipped spice rolled Candle Nubby's in
the center between the mason jar & Dough Bowl.
I bundled three more of my hand dipped Candle Nubby's
 with twine and tucked them in front of the Bowl.
I hung to aged hand towels on the pegs under the middle shelf.
Lastly I tucked a bundle of Drieds in beside the large Mason Jar adding the final touches of Primitive Charm to this wonderful gathering.
This Open Faced Cupboard gathering is beyond beautiful and would add the perfect touch of Prim Charm to any room in your prim home,
especially your Kitchen or Pantry.
Certainly a must have My Primitive Creation!!

The Cupboard measures approx: 18" wide x 6" deep x 28" tall.
The Quart Mason Jars measures approx: 7 1/2" tall x 4" round.
The half Gallon Mason Jar measures approx: 9" tall x 4" round.
The Wood Dough Bowl measures approx: 9" round.
The Wood Butter Bowl measure approx: 6" round.
The Candle Stick lamp measure approx: 3" tall
The Candle nubby's measures approx: 4" tall.

~The candle that has been lite in Picture
is the candle you will recieve with your gathering.~
~*~You will receive~*~
One aged wood Open faced Cupboard.
One Vintage Green Quart Mason Jar filled with Dried Chick Peas.
One Vintage Green Quart Mason Jar filled with Dried Split Peas.
One Vintage Green Quart Mason Jar filled with Dried Black Beans.
One Vintage Green Half Gallon Mason Jar

filled with Mixed Soup Beans.
One aged metal Candle Stick lamp .
topped w/ hand dipped spice rolled candle Nubby.
One Bundle of Candle Nubby's tied with twine.
One aged Vintage wood Dough Bowl.
One aged wood Butter Bowl.
Two aged hand towels.
One bundle of drieds.

~All Other items Are for Display Only~
~*~30 pounds before Packing~*~

$69.95 for This Beautiful Vintage Pantry Gathering
Plus Travel fare
~Paypal Invoicing~
If you are interested please Leave me a Post and
Email me right away with your Mailing & Paypal Information

 So we can get this Beautiful Shipping in time for your Sping Decorating!!


FOR SALE~Spring Easter Tree Ornaments~Bowl Fillers~Handmade Set of 30~

* ~ * ~ * ~Item Description ~ * ~ * ~ *
~Primitive Gathering~

~Set of 30 Handmade~
~Easter Tree Ornaments~

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit
My Primitive Creations by Tonya.
Today I have created for your primitive consideration, an absolutely awesome Easter Ornament gathering of 30 Easter Tree Ornaments.
Handmade Salt Dough and Cinnamon Applesauce dough Easter ornaments. Each of these ornaments was cut out first with a Cookie Cutter, then dried for 7 days.
Once they were dried they were some hand painted.

Some were left unpainted but dusted with Cinnamon.
Once the paint dried I brushed on Glue to seal each ornament.
Lastly I tied each one with a string for hanging.
The String can be removed and the Ornaments can be used as Bowl Fillers if you like.
This set of Easter Ornaments is just adorable and would add the perfect touch of Prim Charm to any room in your prim home, on your year round Tree or as bowl fillers..
Certainly a must have My Primitive Creation!!
~Each ornament is Different in size~
A Gathering of 30 Easter Ornaments.
~All Other items Are for Display Only~

$24.95 for all 30 Ornaments 
Free shipping within the 48 states
~Paypal Invoicing~
If you are interested please Leave me a Post and
Email me right away with your
Mailing & Paypal Information
so we can get these Adorable Easter Tree Ornaments
shipped out in time for the Spring season!!


~12~Homespun Wrapped Eggs~ FOR SALE~ Set #2

* ~ * ~ * ~Item Description ~ * ~ * ~ *
~Primitive Gathering~
~Set of Twelve~
~Beautifully Prim Homespun Covered Eggs~

Today I have created for your primitive consideration,
 a Beautifully Prim Set of twelve homespun Covered Eggs.
The Eggs are a perfectly Primed in different shades of Homespun Fabric.
I chose colors of Fabric that are suitable to be used year round 
not just for the Easter Spring Holidays.
Fill up a Basket or a wood Bowl
and display them as a center piece or cupboard side gathering.

This gathering of Prim Eggs is just Beautiful and would add the perfect touch of Prim Charm to any room in your prim home.
Certainly a must have My Primitive Creation!!

Eggs measures approx: Standard Sized Eggs.

~*~You will receive~*~

Twelve Homespund Covered Eggs.

~All Other items Are for Display Only~

$21.95 for all 12 Eggs 
Free shipping within the 48 states
~Paypal Invoicing~
If you are interested please Leave me a Post and
Email me right away with your Mailing & Paypal Information

 so we can get these beautiful Eggs shipped out in time for the Spring season!!


~12~Homespun Covered Eggs~ FOR SALE~Set #1

* ~ * ~ * ~Item Description ~ * ~ * ~ *
~Primitive Gathering~
~Set of Twelve~
~Beautifully Prim Homespun Covered Eggs~

Today I have created for your primitive consideration,
 a Beautifully Prim Set of twelve homespun Covered Eggs.
The Eggs are a perfectly Primed in different shades of Homespun Fabric.
I chose colors of Fabric that are suitable to be used year round 
not just for the Easter Spring Holidays.
Fill up a Basket or a wood Bowl
and display them as a center piece or cupboard side gathering.

This gathering of Prim Eggs is just Beautiful and would add the perfect touch of Prim Charm to any room in your prim home.
Certainly a must have My Primitive Creation!!

Eggs measures approx: Standard Sized Eggs.

~*~You will receive~*~

Twelve Homespund Covered Eggs.

~All Other items Are for Display Only~
$21.95 for all 12 Eggs Free shipping within the 48 states
~Paypal Invoicing~

If you are interested please Leave me a Post and
Email me right away with your Mailing & Paypal Information
 so we can get these beautiful Eggs shipped out in time for the Spring season!!


Spring Easter Quilt FOR SALE

* ~ * ~ * ~Item Description ~ * ~ * ~ *
~ Primitive Spring Gathering~
~Easter Welcome Quilt Wall Hanger~
~Throw or Childs Bed Spread~
Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit
My Primitive Creations by Tonya.

Today I have for your Primitive consideration a
Darling Easter Welcome Spring Quilt.
This adorable Quilt can be used as 
A Wall Hanger~A Throw or as A Childs Bed Spread.

It was used one season as a Wall hanger in the Family Room.
It doesn't have tabs to hang it as a wall hanger but I simply used small curtian hooks across the top hanging it from the rack on my shelf on the wall.

This Quilt is simply Adorable, and would add the perfect touch of Primitive charm to any room in your Prim Home for the Spring Easter Holiday Season.
Certainly a must have My Primitive Creation!!
The Quilt measures approx:
52" wide x 60" tall.
~All Other items Are for Display Only~
One Quilt Wall Hanger/Throw/ Spread ~Your choice
If you would like to have Curtian hooks shipped with it
please email me to let me know.
Please Note:
The Quilt does hang flat on the bottom,
the wind was blowing when I took the pictures so it wrinkled the bottom.

2 Quilts available:
$29.95 each Free shipping within the 48 states

~Paypal Invoicing~
If you are interested please Leave me a Post and
Email me right away with your
Mailing & Paypal Information
so we can get these beautiful Eggs shipped out in time for the Spring season!!



Sunday, March 27, 2011

Takin a break from doin My Taxes...Ugg Taxes what a pain

You see that look well as you read on you will know where it came from...hehe..she was upset with me!!

Afternoon all my dear friends...
 I hope your Sunday afternoon is going well... Sun is shinning here but it is very deceptive.. when I opned the door yikes it was down right cold again...and windy...but I guess that's ok.  Everything I have to do today requirs me to be inside either sitting here at my desk or sitting on the floor packing this weeks shippment or working on a special oder in the shop...

I've always been self employed...with a few 1090 jobs here and there over the years.. the only thing I ever found appealing about working for someone else was they sent me a nice form at the end of the year with all my Tax  information on it so filling out my taxes was easy...
Finally decided long ago that wasn't worth all the hassel of working for someone else...hehe..I like bossing myself around but I have a real problem with others bossing me around... but at least I learned that long ago and as seldom as possible I haven't had to make to many employers miserable and they didn't have to make me miserable... LOL..
So with that said I have spent the last two days working on my dreaded Income Taxes.
Since I own two seperate businesses it is a real pain in the neck. thank God I'm smart enough to lock myself away during the time I'm working on taxes because I am a real grouch....even my kittys think so as I have to scurry them away from my paper work... Miss Tasha let me know in no uncertian terms last night that she had enough of me and my papers... She wanted to wrap her paws around my neck and nuzzel and i had to put her down so she just jumped in the middle of all my papers here on my desk and scattered them everywhere and then jumped back up and tried to put her paws around my neck as if she hadn't done a thing to upset her mama... Needless to say I gave in for a few minutes and let her nuzzel... she was happy for about an hour or so and she was back to bug me again...
Mama Kitty on the other had had a much more suttle way of letting me know she just plopped down on my papers and wouldn't move without me picking her up and putting her down... and back she would come...

Now when you are trying to seperate two different business papers and enter all that mess into your ledgers so it makes sense tot he tax people help like this is not something you need or want... but how can you get mad at them when they look at you with those begging eyes...Thank God I learned patience from rasing so many kids over the years or I might have strangled my poor neglected Fur Babies...

As I tell you all of this keep in mind I have a Blue Jay...Lucky Blue who has her cage right behind my desk who also needs attention so she sings or screeches when she is not getting her due...Or she takes a bath and splatters water everywhere including all over my Tax papers...

Dear Puddles he is the angel in the family he just lays at my feet and only request my attention when he wants dinner or to go out... occassionally I reach down and give him a petting just to let him know I appreciate him being an angel Dog....

Now that I am nearly done everyone is laying in the sunshine Tasha and Mama on the window sill, Puddles in the yard...

I don't know about all of you out there but I do hate doing my Taxes it really stresses me to be sitting at my desk for hours on end... I somehow find nothing creative or entertaining about doing taxes... I wish they could somehow make it simpler for Self Empolyed people... but no they want to know everything down to when you brush your teeth...or so it seems... And of course I have double the paper work since I own two businesses... and some of each business uses some of the same things like office space, phone lines, internet service and you have to figure out how to break it down to please the tax man...
I suppose I could pay some tax place to do my taxes but I just could never justify paying a couple hundred dollars to someone to write out my taz papers... so I look at as if I am making all that money and endure the stress for a few day a year...

Guess I needed this little break I have babbled on... but hey that's ok... fell free to share your tax stressers if you like... I'd love to hear all about how much youhate tax time too...hehe...

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon ...hopefully you are doing something more exciting then taxes, or packing your Ebay shippment... the bright side of my day will be if I ever make it out to the shop which I have not seen in two days and get busy on those special orders later this evening... I can't wait!!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Angels From Heaven~A Father,Daughter & a Dog

Good Morning friends.. A friend sent this to me this morning and I wanted to share it with you. Many of us can relate to the story you're about to read. Be it in our own situation or that of a family memeber or friend. I know that without my Fur Babies life would sometimes be very empty and lonely. I can say without hesitation that each one is as important and means as much to me as do my friends and Family. I know each one of them was an Angel sent special delivery from God himself. 

God Bless each and every one of you for being one of Gods Angels~for being a part of my daily life~for Sharing~Caring and adding a smile to my face everytime you share your stories and Pictures.
Have a great weekend!!

A Father,Daughter & a Dog-story by Catherine Moore

"Watch out! You nearly broad sided that car!" My father yelled at me.

 "Can't you do anything right?"

Those words hurt worse than blows. I turned my head toward the elderly man in the seat beside me,
daring me to challenge him. A lump rose in my throat as I averted my eyes. I wasn't prepared for another battle.
"I saw the car, Dad . Please don't yell at me when I'm driving.."
My voice was measured and steady, sounding far calmer than I really felt.
Dad glared at me, then turned away and settled back.

At home I left Dad in front of the television and went outside to collect my
thoughts.... dark, heavy clouds hung in the air with a promise of rain. The
rumble of distant thunder seemed to echo my inner turmoil.
What could I do about him?

Dad had been a lumberjack in Washington and Oregon .
He had enjoyed being outdoors and had reveled in pitting his strength against
the forces of nature. He had entered grueling lumberjack competitions, and had
placed often. The shelves in his house were filled with trophies that attested to his prowess.

The years marched on relentlessly. The first time he couldn't lift a heavy log,
he joked about it; but later that same day I saw him outside alone,
straining to lift it. He became irritable whenever anyone teased him about his advancing age,
or when he couldn't do something he had done as a younger man.

Four days after his sixty-seventh birthday, he had a heart attack.
An ambulance sped him to the hospital while a paramedic administered CPR
to keep blood and oxygen flowing.

At the hospital, Dad was rushed into an operating room.
He was lucky; he survived. But something inside Dad died. His zest for life was gone.
He obstinately refused to follow doctor's orders. Suggestions and offers of help were
turned aside with sarcasm and insults. The number of visitors thinned,
then finally stopped altogether. Dad was left alone..

My husband, Dick, and I asked Dad to come live with us on our small farm.
We hoped the fresh air and rustic atmosphere would help him adjust.
Within a week after he moved in, I regretted the invitation. It seemed nothing was satisfactory.
He criticized everything I did. I became frustrated and moody.
Soon I was taking my pent-up anger out on Dick. We began to bicker and argue.

Alarmed, Dick sought out our pastor and explained the situation.
The clergyman set up weekly counseling appointments for us. At the close of each session
he prayed, asking God to soothe Dad's troubled mind. But the months wore on
and God was silent. Something had to be done and it was up to me to do it.

The next day I sat down with the phone book and methodically called each of the
mental health clinics listed in the Yellow Pages. I explained my problem to each
of the sympathetic voices that answered in vain.
Just when I was giving up hope, one of the voices suddenly exclaimed,
"I just read something that might help you! Let me go get the article.."
I listened as she read. The article described a remarkable study done at a nursing home.
All of the patients were under treatment for chronic depression.
Yet their attitudes had improved dramatically when they were given responsibility for a dog.

I drove to the animal shelter that afternoon.. After I filled out a questionnaire,
a uniformed officer led me to the kennels. The odor of disinfectant stung my nostrils
as I moved down the row of pens. Each contained five to seven dogs. Long-haired dogs,
curly-haired dogs, black dogs, spotted dogs all jumped up, trying to reach me.
I studied each one but rejected one after the other for various reasons too big, too small,
 too much hair. As I neared the last pen a dog in the shadows of the far corner struggled to his
feet, walked to the front of the run and sat down. It was a pointer, one of the
dog world's aristocrats. But this was a caricature of the breed. Years had etched his face
and muzzle with shades of gray. His hip bones jutted out in lopsided triangles.
But it was his eyes that caught and held my attention.
Calm and clear, they beheld me unwaveringly. I pointed to the dog.
"Can you tell me about him?"
The officer looked, then shook his head in puzzlement.
"He's a funny one.
Appeared out of nowhere and sat in front of the gate. We brought him in,
figuring someone would be right down to claim him. That was two weeks ago and
we've heard nothing. His time is up tomorrow." He gestured helplessly.

As the words sank in I turned to the man in horror..
"You mean you're going to kill him?"  "Ma'am," he said gently, "that's our policy. We
don't have room for every unclaimed dog."

I looked at the pointer again. The calm brown eyes awaited my decision.
"I'll take him," I said.
I drove home with the dog on the front seat beside me.. When I reached the house
I honked the horn twice. I was helping my prize out of the car when Dad shuffled onto the front porch... "Ta-da! Look what I got for you, Dad !" I said excitedly.

Dad looked,then wrinkled his face in disgust. "If I had wanted a dog I would have gotten one."
And I would have picked out a better specimen than that bag of bones.
Keep it! I don't want it" Dad waved his arm scornfully and turned back toward the house.

Anger rose inside me. It squeezed together my throat muscles and pounded into my temples.
"You'd better get used to him, Dad . He's staying!" Dad ignored me.. "Did you hear me, Dad ?"
I screamed. At those words Dad whirled angrily, his hands clenched at his sides,
his eyes narrowed and blazing with hate.
We stood glaring at each other like duelists,when suddenly the pointer pulled free from my grasp. He wobbled toward my dad and sat down in front of him. Then slowly, carefully, he raised his paw.. Dads lower jaw trembled as he stared at the uplifted paw Confusion replaced the anger in his eyes.
The pointer waited patiently. Then Dad was on his knees hugging the animal.
It was the beginning of a warm and intimate friendship. Dad named the pointer Cheyenne .
Together he and Cheyenne explored the community. They spent long hours walking down dusty lanes.
They spent reflective moments on the banks of streams, angling for tasty trout. They even
started to attend Sunday services together, Dad sitting in a pew and Cheyenne
lying quietly at is feet. Dad and Cheyenne were inseparable throughout the next three years..
Dads bitterness faded, and he and Cheyenne made many friends. Then late one night
I was startled to feel Cheyenne's cold nose burrowing through our bed covers.
He had never before come into our bedroom at night.. I woke Dick, put on my robe
and ran into my father's room. Dad lay in his bed, his face serene. But his spirit had left
quietly sometime during the night. Two days later my shock and grief deepened when I
discovered Cheyenne lying dead beside Dads bed. I wrapped his still form in the rag rug
he had slept on. As Dick and I buried him near a favorite fishing hole, I silently thanked
the dog for the help he had given me in restoring Dads peace of mind.

The morning of Dad 's funeral dawned overcast and dreary. This day looks like the way I feel,
I thought, as I walked down the aisle to the pews reserved for family.
I was surprised to see the many friends Dad and Cheyenne had made filling the church.
The pastor began his eulogy. It was a tribute to both Dad and the dog who had changed his life.
And then the pastor turned to Hebrews 13:2. "Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers,
for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.
"I've often thanked God for sending that angel," he said.
For me, the past dropped into place, completing a puzzle that I had not seen before:
the sympathetic voice that had just read the right article...
Cheyenne's unexpected appearance at the animal shelter. . ..his calm acceptance
and complete devotion to my father. . and the proximity of their deaths.
And suddenly I understood. I knew that God had answered my prayers after all.

Life is too short for drama or petty things, so laugh hard, love truly and forgive quickly.
Live while You Are Alive.
Forgive now those who made you cry. You might not get a second chance.
Share this with someone as Lost time can never be found.
God answers our prayers in His time........not ours.
Maybe in this story you will find an answer to your prayers!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sneak Peek~Do U sell on Ebay like me, then heads up more fees coming!

Hello everyone...what a week! Sunshine everywhere till today and we are having mini thunder Storms... all kinds of racket outside and then a little down pour..then somemore Thunder and lightening... I kinda like it if it would just not make more mud to deal with....it would be really soothing...

Do any of you sell on ebay like I do? Well once again Ebay is going to slam us with a really big slug in the face with this round of new Final fees. So get ready this fee hike is going to take some real thinking on how to make up the difference because sellers and buyers lose on this one.

Ebay is going to start CHARGING A FINAL FEE ON ALL SHIPPING MONEY PAID TO SELLERS on top of final fees on item sold.
I guess they couldn't find another way to rip sellers off with fees so they decided they would take it from someplace else and that someplace else is the money paid to us for shipping the buyers items.

So now we must figure our how much more to add to the handling fee to cover the difference. Which will be charged a final fee as well. No win situation totally.

The biggest rip off will be if you ship international. EBay will charge there 11% on the shipping funds paid to us. So if it cost $58 to ship an item Ebay will take $6.38 and then Paypal will take there % and we will have to pay the difference. If you sold the item for $25 and your profit margin was $5.00 you the seller just lost all your profit.
Just thought I would give any of you a heads up on the new final value fees coming up so you can make any adjustments you need to make to your listing Prices and handling fees to cover this loss we will be feeling soon...

Now on to better things... I've kinda been in a creative funk again...but this time I think it is more the urge to be outside playing in the flower gardens or yard then it is my desire to be shut in the shop...Boy is that a double edged sword.. the Sunshine regenerates me and makes me happy but if it shines I don't want to work in the shop I want to owrk outside... Caught myself Thinking about everything I wanted to do in the flower gardens last night when I should have been focusing on my creating thus I only turned out two gatherings... ugg...

But all in all it wasn't a horrible week in the Creating Dept... Enjoy the Sneak Peek...

~Prim Easter Spring Wall hanger or Throw~

~Prim Quilt Window Frame Cubby Gathering~

~Prim Quilt Necessary Room Shelf Gathering~

~Prim 9 Drawer Spice Cupboard Gathering~

~Prim 6 Drawer Spice Cupboard Gathering~

~Prim Spice Cupboard Pantry Gathering~

Not my most productive week...hehe..

Have a wonderful day my friends...!!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Ever have one of those just perfect days? I had one today!!

Hi one and all.......... I hope that you all had a wonderful Sun shinny Weekend...I sure did!!
It always amazes me what sunshine does to me... It automatically puts a smile on my face and makes me feel so happy inside and out even with all the aches and pains that try there darnest to mess with my life daily...hehe!!

Once again I woke up to the sun shining in the window making rainbows all over my walls.. I have several Crystals hanging in my window thus the rainbows all over the room..I love it!!
The Birds were singing to there hearts content...My sheets still smells sunshine fresh and I kept pulling them up to my face to enjoy that wonderful scent... One of the best gifts God gave us...

I yanked some of the plastic off my windows and opened them up to let the fresh air in...It's almost midnight and I just shut them and the house wasn't even cold... Boy did my little home need some of that fresh air...
I can't wait till I can yank the big rag rug out of here and scrub it ... but  that will have to wait due to all our water we still have mud so no point in washing any of the rugs yet... Soon very Soon...

I finally took the skirting down in the back of the trailer to see what the damage was to everything stored under there and it wasn't good... Everything is covered in mud. I still need to let it dry out some before i try to crawl under there but opening it up really helped dry it out.... It looks like my summer clothes in the totes are laying in water... so I doubt any of them are savable.... but i decided not to worry myself with it ...I buy all my clothes at the thrift stores so it will just give me more time thrifting and I will get a whole new summer wardrobe...

I had all kinds of silly errands to run today but I drove around with the window down and it was really nice so I didn't mind.. The wet damp weather ruined most of my packing boxes so I had to go on the hunt for boxes and hit the jackpot at Krogers... I probably got close to 75 different sized boxes...

Decided I missed Carmen and Shane so I went to visit them for a little while. Seems the Spring bug had hit them too.. they were Spring cleaning the house... Carmen had all the living room furniture outside drying after she washed them all down... Great day for that ...
I had a wonderful visit with them..helped Carmen put new lights on her year round Tree so she can decorate it for Easter and then I helped her clean the bedroom...she gave me a big box of news papers for packing things so that was my second thing I needed checked off my list...

When I got home I worked a little in the RedNeck storage shed where all the damp boxes are and got that cleaned up a little... and got all the dry boxes stored in there... Been leaving the door open every day to try to dry it out in there...

Got all my Ebay packed and ready to ship in the morning...

It was a good day a really good day!!

May the sunshine warm your face and lift your spirits all week long...



Saturday, March 19, 2011

Confessions of an Idiot~Beautiful Sunny Day today

Howdy peeps...... I hope your day was as bright and sunny as mine was.. !! It was just beautiful here in Ohio and I made sure I enjoyed it totally.
I started off stripping my bed, washing all the bedding and all of my Blankets in the house and then I hung them all on the line. It was a perfect day to line dry Blankets and sheets. As soon as one load was done and hung out the load before was dry and smelled so yummy Fresh.. Gona love crawling under the covers tonight..I made two huge pans of my handmade Oatmeal soap, and sat on the porch making Rag Covered Eggs.
Now to the confessions of a total idiot... !!
As you all know I work in my shop behind my Trailer every day and truth is I really have a hard time keeping Track of days one just runs into the other.. The church down the road was having a Youth ministry Yard Sale today... Friday..starts at 4:00
I wrote myself a note taped it above my computer to remind me not to forget to go...because they always have lots of the things I use on my gatherings at super great prices...
Anyway I'm on the porch makin eggs and my brother drives in the drive with my nieces and he says to me I'm gona run Hailey down to the church yard sale can you watch Savana.. I said yea sure then it hit me I want to go to the Church yard sale so I yell wait .. I'll take Hailey but it doesn't start till 4 its only 3:30.
My brother looks at me and say no Tonya its 4:30. I'm looking at the clock in my van and it says 3:30 so of course I reply no its not my clock says 3:30. He just starts laughing at me and says you know sis you need to get out of that shop a little more and listen to the news "DID YOU CHANGE YOUR CLOCKS BACK LAST WEEKEND"  My reply .....Uhhhhh...NO was it last weekend? He just walks away shakin his head and laughin at me.
Then it hits me I had been late for every appointment  this week... the Post Master had scolded me for coming so late...When I was at the Salvation Army the guy announced that they were closing in half an hour and I remember thinking geeez have I really been in here 2 hours already... Well duh... you didn't get there till 6:30 not 5:30...I cheated myself out of an hour of Shopping...
What is that saying? " A day late and a dollar short..." Well I got everyone beat I'm a week late and $20 dollars Short...
Ok the Clocks are all set to the right time now...LOL...

Hailey and I went to the Church Yard Sale and we hit pay dirt again... I walked out of there with shelves and open faced cupboards, Spice Bottles and all kinds of Goodies --Two huge boxes full for $16...

Now as I am walking around the yard sale I remember I am supposed to be at the Carpenters to pick up my first order at 5:00...well guess what I was late... but Thank God his wife was home and I was able to pick up my order. His son Dillon is the one who made my things and he did a fantastic job... I'm very pleased with my order...

All in all other then finding out that I'm a Week late and $20 dollars short it was a good day... I have so many old new goodies to create gatherings with I'm not sure where to start...but it will be fun in the old shop this week with so many choices to choose from...

I hope you all have a wonderfl weekend!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just stoppin in to say "Happy St. Paddy's Day to all"

"Happy St. Paddy's Day to all"..... I'm wearing my green and celebrating in my mind at least... to bad we couldn't all meet up and have a drink of green together... but since we can't we can pretend....

I forgot to take pictures but ladies and gents out there my trip to the 50% off Salvation Army yesterday was as big a pay off as was my last trip thrifting... I came home with FOUR large bags and one HUGE BOX... maybe 2' x 3'x 2' full of goodies that I can use to create and the best past is I only spent $29.. I was shocked when she rang me up... they all know me there and they were like as tickled as I was as they packed up all my goodies...
I bought a queen sheet to make my Rice bags, 20 some vintage hand towels to tea stain for gatherings. Bottles, Vases, Pitchers, Glass globes, Jars, some Stoneware, Paper journals, Candle Sticks, candles and shoot I can't remember what else...but it was a good Day at the thrift store.

This is kinda cool I bought Magnets with My Primitive Creations by Tonya for my Van. when I pulled into the parking lot at the SArmy and parked. A lady was reading my magnet and she rolls down the window and starts asking me about my business.. she decorates prim and ask me for a card... So of course I gave her one of my new cards.... We shall see if she becomes a customer.

Things are going well with the blog leading new customers to my Ebay store and with special orders...
I've had 5 special orders in the last month and they all came from my Blog but one. This is the latest special order I finished and shipped out Monday!

Hi Tonya....I received the items yesterday and immediately set it up with my daughter who is 8.  She loved everything and was so cute looking at the picture and helping me get it set up.  WE LOVE IT!!!  My husband was amazed!!!  My son well he's only 6 and his comment was "if you light the candle can I blow it out".  I must have walked in and out of the bathroom 100 times looking at it.  You have such a talent and it's an awesome piece.  Thank you so much!!!

And guess what she has ordered more already and she jsut got it yesterday... it is so cool when you have a happy customer who keeps coming back....

Well my friends I am off to the Carpenters to pick up some of my order...

Have a wonderful St. Paddy's Day!!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One of them there Quick Sneak Peeks~I'm going Thrifting :>)

One Huge Howdy Do everyone...you will never beleive this but the Sun is Shinning here in good old Ohio and I woke up to the Birds just singing away outside my window... I just laid there and listened to them singing and chattering away... It put me in such a great mood when I seen the sun shinning too..
It was like taking an antidepressant pill and all my Blues were lifted...
I got up and opened my door so the sun could shine in... Kitty's thought that was way cool... they sat there watching there bird buddy's for like an hour... Happy Kitty's Too!

I'm headed to Manards to pick up a supply of Old English Scratch cover, sand paper and packing tape... and guess what is just next door....... the Salvation Army Thrift Store and it is 50% off everything so of course I will have to stop and shop ... God willin I will find some great deals...

So without further ado here ya go This weeks Eye Candy....
Primitive Necessary Room Bench Gathering~

~Primitive Homespun covered Egg Bowl Fillers~

~Primitive Homespun covered Egg Bowl Fillers~

~Primitive Plaid Window Valances~
~Set of Three~

~Primitive Keeping Rack Gathering~

~Primitive Handmade Homespun Rag Ball Bowl Fillers~

~Prim Flower Seed~Sunflower~Candle Keeping Rack Gathering~
Primitive Necessary Room Stool Gathering~

Primitive Necessary Room Pfaltzgraph Tray Gathering~

Primitive Necessary Room Tote Gathering~

Primitive Necessary Room Tray Gathering~

Hope you all were touched by Spring today!!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pay it Forward

~~~~Paying it Forward~~~~

What a cool idea....."Pay It Forward"!   

A great way to Share our blessings with others!

I read about this fun idea from Kat it at http://primitiveechoes.blogspot.com/  for a "Blogger Pay It Forward"! 

Here's how it works....

The first five people who comment on this blog post will receive a handmade gift from me.

In return, you must FIRST write a blog post explaining Pay It Forward 2011. Then.... send out a handmade gift to the first 5 visitors who leave a comment on your post. Take your time...you don't need to send them all today or tomorrow.

This is such a sweet way to connect with friends or meet new ones, by sharing things we create with our hearts.

"It's not the size of the gift that matters, but the spirit of paying it forward."

To the first five of you please email me with your name and mailing address.

Happy Saturday to all of my Dear Friends

Happy Saturday to all of my Dear friends here in Blog land... A friend sent this to me this morning and it just made my day.. So I thought I would pass it along and let you know that each an everyone of you touch my days with all of your wonderful encouragements, Comments and with everything you share on your blog everyday!! Thank you for being a part of my day!

Warm Blessings

They love you, but they're not
your lover.
They care for you, but they're
not from your family.
They are ready to share your
pain, but they're not your
blood relation.
A True friend...
Scolds like a DAD.
Cares like a MOM.
Teases like a SISTER.
Irritates like a BROTHER.
The nicest place 2 be is in
someone's THOUGHTS!

  The safest place 2 be is in
someone's PRAYERS!

  And the best place 2 be is in...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sneak Peek~Good News & the Dreaded Dental appointment!

Hello Everyone...Hope you all are having a great Thursday.... one more day until the weekend arrives.
I've been missing from blog land for a few days so I've been sitting here reading everyone's post for the last hour or so...catching up on what you all have been up to out there... Seems we have all been busy with this or that... Me too..
Last weekend I met up with many of my boater friends for a Spring Boat party..It was great to get out and about.... seeing all my friends was the best...the band was awesome, the food was great and over all we had a great time!!
Like everyone here they are ready for Spring and summer so they can get out on the water and enjoy the boating season... Sadly the dreaded gas prices was a main topic of conversation between everyone. I can see that the high gas prices is going to find many boaters doing a lot of sitting on there boats at the Docks and not really able to enjoy the pleasures of joy riding out on the water.
Really a sad realization for so many people..myself included. The weather here in good old Ohio hasn't changed much we are still getting Rain and flooding everywhere. Daily I've had to go out and redig my trences around my trailer to drain off the standing water....
Still no chance to crawl under teh trailer to check the damage to everything stored under there...I fugure by now everything is ruined... The only good thing is I will get to go thrift store shopping to buy new summer clothes.. and we all Know how much I love going thrift store shopping!!

Good News... The eye Doctor ordered 20 more rice bags and this time the money didn't go to pay my bill.. it was money on the pocket... money seriously needed... So that is 53 bags sold and he says that the patients love them. He took one with him to a conference last week in hopes of drumming up more business for me..I haven't heard how it went... looking forward to hearing about it.

Today was my dreaded Dentist appointment... I don't know about any of you but I really hate going to the dentist..and I have to go a lot due to my Sojerens disease wrecking havoc on my teeth. Today's visit was a bit worse then normal..seems I had lost three fillings and have 5 new cavities...You know what that means more appointments..
Doc got all the fillings replaced and two new ones done... but man my jaw hurts like the dickins where he gave me the shot... can't hardly open my mouth the pain is so bad... That is a first....must have hit a nerve or something...Takes a lot to make me cry and this one brought on the tears..

Personally I think the Dentist office should have one of those Reward Cards like Kroger and Speedway. I could earn enough points to pay off half my bill...heheI've been really busy in the shop this past week. I had to finally take time to do some serious cleaning up and orgainizing. with working out there every day for teh past three months it was beginning to get so jumbled up I couldn't find anything not tomention there was not a sopt left to sit anything....Amazing what a few hours of organizing can do to your shop. I found things I totally forgot I had gotten. Once everything was organized I was totally geared to create and create I did...Created some really beautiful gatherings.
I now present to you the Newest Eye Candy up for grabs...enjoy the preview!!
~Primitive Candle Keep Wall Box~

    ~Prim Necessary Room Gathering~

          ~Primitive Dream Chest Gathering~

~Primitive Iron & Brass Cnadle Sconce~

~Primitive Copper Dove Punch Candle Sconce~

~Prim Wrought Iron Candle Sconce~

~Primitive Door Knob Coat Keeping Rack~

~Primitive Laundry Room Gathering~

~Primitive Rooster & Hen Pantry Gathering~

~Primitive Flower Seed~Candle Keep Wall Hanger~

~Primitive Spice Bottle Panrty Gathering~

~Prim Mini Stool Necessary Room Gathering~

~Primitive Shelf~Milk Glass Necessary Room Gathering~

~Primitive Necessary Room Chic Tray Gathering~

~Primitive Wood Scoop Candle Gathering~

Until next we meet may your days be filled with sunshine and your heart filled with love!!