Sunday, March 27, 2011

Takin a break from doin My Taxes...Ugg Taxes what a pain

You see that look well as you read on you will know where it came from...hehe..she was upset with me!!

Afternoon all my dear friends...
 I hope your Sunday afternoon is going well... Sun is shinning here but it is very deceptive.. when I opned the door yikes it was down right cold again...and windy...but I guess that's ok.  Everything I have to do today requirs me to be inside either sitting here at my desk or sitting on the floor packing this weeks shippment or working on a special oder in the shop...

I've always been self employed...with a few 1090 jobs here and there over the years.. the only thing I ever found appealing about working for someone else was they sent me a nice form at the end of the year with all my Tax  information on it so filling out my taxes was easy...
Finally decided long ago that wasn't worth all the hassel of working for someone else...hehe..I like bossing myself around but I have a real problem with others bossing me around... but at least I learned that long ago and as seldom as possible I haven't had to make to many employers miserable and they didn't have to make me miserable... LOL..
So with that said I have spent the last two days working on my dreaded Income Taxes.
Since I own two seperate businesses it is a real pain in the neck. thank God I'm smart enough to lock myself away during the time I'm working on taxes because I am a real grouch....even my kittys think so as I have to scurry them away from my paper work... Miss Tasha let me know in no uncertian terms last night that she had enough of me and my papers... She wanted to wrap her paws around my neck and nuzzel and i had to put her down so she just jumped in the middle of all my papers here on my desk and scattered them everywhere and then jumped back up and tried to put her paws around my neck as if she hadn't done a thing to upset her mama... Needless to say I gave in for a few minutes and let her nuzzel... she was happy for about an hour or so and she was back to bug me again...
Mama Kitty on the other had had a much more suttle way of letting me know she just plopped down on my papers and wouldn't move without me picking her up and putting her down... and back she would come...

Now when you are trying to seperate two different business papers and enter all that mess into your ledgers so it makes sense tot he tax people help like this is not something you need or want... but how can you get mad at them when they look at you with those begging eyes...Thank God I learned patience from rasing so many kids over the years or I might have strangled my poor neglected Fur Babies...

As I tell you all of this keep in mind I have a Blue Jay...Lucky Blue who has her cage right behind my desk who also needs attention so she sings or screeches when she is not getting her due...Or she takes a bath and splatters water everywhere including all over my Tax papers...

Dear Puddles he is the angel in the family he just lays at my feet and only request my attention when he wants dinner or to go out... occassionally I reach down and give him a petting just to let him know I appreciate him being an angel Dog....

Now that I am nearly done everyone is laying in the sunshine Tasha and Mama on the window sill, Puddles in the yard...

I don't know about all of you out there but I do hate doing my Taxes it really stresses me to be sitting at my desk for hours on end... I somehow find nothing creative or entertaining about doing taxes... I wish they could somehow make it simpler for Self Empolyed people... but no they want to know everything down to when you brush your teeth...or so it seems... And of course I have double the paper work since I own two businesses... and some of each business uses some of the same things like office space, phone lines, internet service and you have to figure out how to break it down to please the tax man...
I suppose I could pay some tax place to do my taxes but I just could never justify paying a couple hundred dollars to someone to write out my taz papers... so I look at as if I am making all that money and endure the stress for a few day a year...

Guess I needed this little break I have babbled on... but hey that's ok... fell free to share your tax stressers if you like... I'd love to hear all about how much youhate tax time too...hehe...

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon ...hopefully you are doing something more exciting then taxes, or packing your Ebay shippment... the bright side of my day will be if I ever make it out to the shop which I have not seen in two days and get busy on those special orders later this evening... I can't wait!!



  1. I hear you Tonya! Ugh, tax time, I dread this time of the year! Not only do I do all my paper work for my shop, but for the past 31 years I have done all the paper work for my husband's business, taxes, payroll, receivables and payables. I do have my final taxes done by an accountant though, but just getting caught up with 2 businesses after coming off the holiday season in the shop, well let's just say for the past 13 years it's not my favorite time of the year! I don't relax until the day of my appointment with my accountant, then I put all the paper work on the back burner, cause I don't want to look at it again! Of course, that's not the right thing to do, but it definitely is the fun one! I'm still working on mine, so I understand about locking yourself away! I can't wait to get out!!!
    Have a great Sunday!

  2. I know exactly how you feel...I've had my own business for about 27 years now and I dislike tax season too!! Way too much paperwork to go through!! I just got mine done last week.

  3. We pay a lady to do ours. $80 to do both. Our taxes are very basic, and with all the software out there it is probably super simple to do ourselves. We were audited one year by the Canada Revunue Agency, so I was glad that I had someone else to figure it all out. Any mistakes are someone elses fault. LOL!

    I pity you though, hope you get money back.

  4. I know what you mean about the fur babies..mine do the same thing no matter what I am doing but knowing how much they love us helps to overlook everything and what would we do without them. We had pork chops last night and Billy and I each had 2 on our plates and both of us could only eat 1 so we put them back in the fry pan with the lid on it...all of a sudden I heard a noise in the kitchen and the lid was pushed half way off and Maggie was licking her chops and only 1 pork chop left in the pan so....tonight we will have to share 1 pork chop for supper. But since I love Maggie so much I just said "Oh Well" and I put the 1 pork chop up where she couldn't get it.
    I also hate doing takes and it doesn't get easier when you are retired and have a fixed income :)

  5. Sorry for you! I finally found a great accountant~ wish I would have known him years back. The one good thing that came from our nightmare, we got a great accountant!
    The furbabies don't understand, they just want love that's all.
    I hope you have a better week!

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