Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sneak Peek~Do U sell on Ebay like me, then heads up more fees coming!

Hello everyone...what a week! Sunshine everywhere till today and we are having mini thunder Storms... all kinds of racket outside and then a little down pour..then somemore Thunder and lightening... I kinda like it if it would just not make more mud to deal would be really soothing...

Do any of you sell on ebay like I do? Well once again Ebay is going to slam us with a really big slug in the face with this round of new Final fees. So get ready this fee hike is going to take some real thinking on how to make up the difference because sellers and buyers lose on this one.

Ebay is going to start CHARGING A FINAL FEE ON ALL SHIPPING MONEY PAID TO SELLERS on top of final fees on item sold.
I guess they couldn't find another way to rip sellers off with fees so they decided they would take it from someplace else and that someplace else is the money paid to us for shipping the buyers items.

So now we must figure our how much more to add to the handling fee to cover the difference. Which will be charged a final fee as well. No win situation totally.

The biggest rip off will be if you ship international. EBay will charge there 11% on the shipping funds paid to us. So if it cost $58 to ship an item Ebay will take $6.38 and then Paypal will take there % and we will have to pay the difference. If you sold the item for $25 and your profit margin was $5.00 you the seller just lost all your profit.
Just thought I would give any of you a heads up on the new final value fees coming up so you can make any adjustments you need to make to your listing Prices and handling fees to cover this loss we will be feeling soon...

Now on to better things... I've kinda been in a creative funk again...but this time I think it is more the urge to be outside playing in the flower gardens or yard then it is my desire to be shut in the shop...Boy is that a double edged sword.. the Sunshine regenerates me and makes me happy but if it shines I don't want to work in the shop I want to owrk outside... Caught myself Thinking about everything I wanted to do in the flower gardens last night when I should have been focusing on my creating thus I only turned out two gatherings... ugg...

But all in all it wasn't a horrible week in the Creating Dept... Enjoy the Sneak Peek...

~Prim Easter Spring Wall hanger or Throw~

~Prim Quilt Window Frame Cubby Gathering~

~Prim Quilt Necessary Room Shelf Gathering~

~Prim 9 Drawer Spice Cupboard Gathering~

~Prim 6 Drawer Spice Cupboard Gathering~

~Prim Spice Cupboard Pantry Gathering~

Not my most productive week...hehe..

Have a wonderful day my friends...!!



  1. hi, Tonya
    oh, the cost of everything is just sky~rocketing!YUK!!
    Rained here also storms passed through some hail but we all survived!
    Pretty gatherings as usual!!!

  2. Love the sneak peeks! Hopefully it'll stay nice soon & you can get some time in the flower beds! I have the same problem too! Ohio weather is the pits some days! lol
    Hope you have a good week!

  3. I have zero advice about ebay. Unfortunatly that is the largest available place to sell to a huge audiance so you are at thier mercy. You will just be forced to charge more. You have no choice.

    I would tell you to move to Etsy but you hate them too. Maybe you could try to sell more on your blog.

    The new gatherings are great. Those Quilts are adorable! Even better in person!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. oh I love all of your gatherings..everyone of them..I need a bigger house..:) yeah I don't know why ebay is nickeling and diming us..with all that sell on there..they are making some serious cash.and now to take more..I quit selling on there..I just purchase now.;)

  5. I now only list when they have free listings and won't be listing all that much anymore...There are other sites to list on but most people do ebay because the bids can go up. Have you tried selling on Face book? I have a friend that does real good on there ..worth a try..
    Was really nice weather here today and then about dinner time it got really windy but farther North where my family and some friends live are getting snow so I guess I won't complain :)
    Love your new gatherings and I am still working on collecting things so I can eventually make some gatherings. Printed some of my own fabric today and yesterday and was a good learning experience and will be doing more as soon as we have another sunny day. Take care and stay warm :)

  6. I love your gatherings also, they are all so perfectly prim.

  7. You have been busy girlfriend, your gatherings are fantastic, I will be doing some bidding this go round. We sell on Ebay, mostly Hubby does now and then, he sells his tractors and trucks on websites geared towards that product. You might try your blog like Carmen suggested or get hooked up with the selling blogs that feature artists. I do follow those but they sell out fast and most times only sell one item...I hope Ebay does not start charging a buyers fee. I go to an auction that charges a buyers fee and that is not fun...Pretty day in South Missouri, 75 and windy.

  8. Ebay really did me over a few years back so I boycotted them and never went back.I bought and sold on there since they started and when the major incident happened with them I never went back.It was a huge mess and when I called them they even said I was right and they weren't sure why they did what they did.I had to even go to my bank and get them involved.So I miss buying from sellers on there and sometimes so tempted but found so many other venues for buying.I've sold on Etsy with no problems but miss the higher prices you sometimes get from ebay.I still do use Paypal even though ebay owns them it's the leaser evil.LoL..Good Luck! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  9. I am sorry about that. I haven't ever shopped ebay~ I am an ooher and aaher!
    I was going to suggest etsy, I have no experience here either, but you must not be a fan either. I guess I have no words of wisdom on this! LOL!
    Enjoy the sunshine! We just got dumped on with a foot of snow! I am sick of it!
    Hope your week gets better.

  10. I can't believe ebay can charge sellers a fee for shipping costs! Do sellers often over charge on shipping or something?? I have not shopped at ebay in at least 8 years. I was ripped off a few times and that did it for me. I rarely even go there, only if someone posts a link to something they've made, then I will go check it out.

    I love your spring quilt and the gatherings you put together!


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