Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yikes we got Flooded~Sneak Peek~

Howdy one and all.... Hope everyone weathered the latest storms.. Here in Central Ohio we got a bit to much rain last night... When I went tot he shop it was 59 degrees and really nice...We were seeing the last of the Ice melt so everything was a muddy mess... but after all the ice a little mud isn't anything to complain about..
While I was working in the shop I heard the rain just start pounding down on my Tin roof.. Now actually I love the sound of pouring rain so I was relaxed and happy working...The sound was so comforting I guess I never really thought about how much rain came with 8 hours of steady pouring until I opend my shop door and walked about 5 feet.
Holly molly let me tell you it is a lot of rain........I was suddenly in water up past the top of my boots rushing really fast. It's like 4:30 in the morning and I have about 500 feet to walk back to my little house...but my boots are sinking in the mud and kinda sucking off my feet with each step as the water rushes around me it teeters me back and forth...Everytime I lifted my foot to take a step I thought I was gona topple over... There is a picnic table about 20 feet from my shop door.... I made it to the table sat down and just yanked my boots off and left them sit on the table. That worked alot better I was in my stocking feet and when I sank in the mud I could kinda grip each step with my toes. I also grabbed the snow shovel to kinda lean on...It took me about 15 minutes to get to the Trailer... The water was up past my first step which meant it was flooding under the trailer too...
I was just heart sick at the hought of all my things stored under there getting ruined but sure wasn't anything I could do about it...I just called it a day and prayed that it didn't get any deeper
I was really glad that I had dug some drain like trenches earlier in the day to drain off the melting ice water...When I woke up and went outside most of the flood waters were gone and my trenches that started out like 4" deep just enough to drain the water away from my trailer...were like 8" deep and are surely what drained so much of the water from last night off so quickly this morning...
it was dark when I made my way to the trailer from the shop so I could only imagine how really deep and bad it was... My sister n law said that it was still about 6" deep when she got up at 8:00 and didn't drain off till about 11:00.
What an awful mess we have here now... many strange things in the yard and pasture. All the hay in the barn is ruined. Everything that was on one side of the barn is now up against the opposite wall... My Redneck storage shed is covered with tarps and they were all caved in with water.. I did get it all drained off thank Goodness..
Its still to muddy to get under the trailer to see what the damage is to my totes full of Clothes and Holiday decorations and other things in totes.  It could be a while before I can get under there and see if I can rescue any of it... I sure hope so...
I pray that none of you had as much rain and mess as we did...

Funny but there is a good side to all that pouring rain... it relaxed me and soothed me while I worked and I got a lot done last night...So without further ado...here is a sneak peak at all the new gatherings I finished last night...

~*~Prim Library Shelf~Clock~Book Gathering~*~

~*~Prim Wood Basket~Necessary Room Gathering~*~

~*~Prim Wood Cubby~Necessary Room Gathering~*~

~*~Prim Wood Chest~Quilt Sampler~ Gathering~*~

~*~Prim Pantry Foil~Wax Paper~Towel Cupboard Gathering~*~
~*~Tin Punch Candle Sconce~*~

~*~Prim Easter Tree Ornament Gathering~*~
               ~*~30 Ornies~*~

Enjoy the Eye Candy!!

Time to call it a day so wutil wemeet again have a wonderful Day!!

Warm Blessings


  1. Tonya, THANK GOODNESS you didn't get washed away sweet one!!! That sounds scary and such a mess! When I was a teenager we had a flood (I may have to do a post on it sometime) and the cleanup was horrible, we lost our garage and 2 vehicles, luckily the house sat up on a hill so it stayed dry. Saying a prayer that your things can be saved in the shed ((HUGS)) LOVE your ornies and gatherings, awesome!

  2. Thank God your o.k. On one of the blogs I follow her daughter posted saying she lost her mom to the flood waters. They found her in her car this morning.(So Sad)
    Glad to hear you are safe~don't want to get any more posts with sad news like that. Material things can be replaced. Love all your gatherings you did.
    Prim Blessings! Robin

  3. Glad to hear from you! It was alot of rain, I live in southwest ohio and the winds had done some severe damage to buildings and the rain flooded the creeks to town. I am glad you are okay and that at least you were able to get another good display done. I love it.
    Take care
    Country at heart

  4. I love the sound of falling rain too. So glad you are ok. Prayers your tote contents has not been damaged. You got alot of wonderful gatherings done. Your ornies are so cute. Blessings! Lara

  5. This is a very good piece of work.
    Thank you so much for sharing.


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