Friday, February 25, 2011

Thrift Store Thrusday Extravaganza SUPER FINDS

Good Morning my prim friends... wait till you see what my Thursday Thrift Store Extravaganza day sent me to the shop with... I made it home just as the storm was blowing in last night... dumping 4 inches of nasty snow and Ice everywhere....But nothing could dampen my spirits as I unloaded my stuffed van filled with all my super finds at the Thrift stores. As I mentioned in my comment on Carmen's page yesterday my shop supply shelves were as empty as the Shelves at our local Thrift stores.

I had to take a chance and head to Columbus to see if I could replenish my stock so I could keep making beautiful gatherings......There was a huge challenge standing in my way as I'm flat broke so I knew I was limited on funds to spend so I had to be very picky only buying the things I needed even if there were super finds I knew I could use in the future... But I guess that made it an ever better day going from one Thrift store to the next......  I started out around 1:30 heading down Rt. 23 towards Columbus. I stopped at two Goodwill stores in our area on 23. Didn't find much in either.I did find three little wood chest that were unfinished $1.00 each, a bag of old sewing supplies-$3.00, some beautiful prim looking stationary to use in my Desk gatherings $1.00, some Red checked hand towels-59 cents each & a couple spice bottles 79 cents each. I think my total was like $9.

Then I headed to the huge Ohio Thrift Store off Cleveland Ave and Rt. 161 where I hit my first Jackpot. Spice Bottles, wood spoons, Spatulas etc, Bowls, Globes and Candle Lamps and some stoneware...Left with two boxes and only spent $21 dollars... Happy lady for sure!!

Next was the Old Salvation Army store on Moorse Rd.
This store has been around since I moved away from home and furnished my first house with Early Salvation Army. Sadly tho it is poorly run and is always a total mess... to some like myself with a keen eye I can usually find a load of goodies and yesterday was no different... I found a cart full of goodies and the best part was I only Spent $9.97. I found an open faced cupboard, tons of wood spoons, forks, spatulas, a red handled hand mixer, and red handled dough mixer, Cookie cutters, Grater, old sissors for my Sewing gatherings, Spice Bottles, a blue wood box and a couple bowls to use with pitchers.

Next stop the GoodWill store also on Moorse Rd. I had a big surprise tho they moved so it took me a while to locate it... They used to be the best Goodwill around but they were much like our local goodwill really low on goodies but I still found many of the things I needed to find.
Little Black Iron Candle stick lamps, Globes, two brass candle lamps, Pitchers and Bowls, Wood Bowls, saucers, more spice bottles, more wood wares, a couple baskets, a little shelf, framed mirrors, Wood Candle Stick Lamps, Flour Sifter  and other goodies. I think my total there was $39.

I spent a little more then I had hoped to spend for the day but I got what I needed most, Spice Bottles, Little Candle Stick lamps, Pitchers and bowls, and wood wares.

I couldn't wait to get home and unload everything so I could get busy painting and I think I unloaded in record time and got everything on the shelves and was sitting down painting by 8:30 last night.

Are ya ready here are some pics of all my goodies...

 Open faced Cupboard~ 3 little Back Candle Stick Lamps~ Flour Sifter~Tin Candle Sconce~ Wood Bowls, 2 baskets, Cough board~Cookie Cutters~Rusty Pitcher~Grater~Salt Box House Border~Red Handled Masher and some hand towels.

Wood Bench~Little unfinished Shelf Both are already Painted Black
Look at that those two basket full of Wood wares.. I was so out of wood wares this was a super find.
The Red handled Crank Mixer and Enamelware Spoons were cool finds too.
Two Brass Candle lamps, three wood Sconces, 2 more baskets, Wood Candle lamps

Look at those three cute Chest/Trunks...all three are already painted Black and ready to distress and prim with Old English Dark scratch cover.
Look at all of those Spice Bottles... that was my greatest need and I am so tickeled I think I found over 30 bottles.....Two wood framed Mirrors and a cut little wood Frame.
Pitcher and several bowls I can use with other pitchers I already have in the shop.
I loved the Sheep picture and have the frame already Painted Black and ready to finish.

Love the Wheat Stoneware and already know what i'm doing with that... there are three mugs and a set of measuring cups. Plus I have other pieces on my shelves that I have picked up here and there ...enough to create a beautiful Cupboard gathering...and those hanging gold candles will go perfectly with the gathering....
See the blue keeping box it is already Painted Black, distressed, rubbed and ready for em to create a cute gathering.

Yehaa...more Spice Bottles~Old Sewwing supplies~Clue Stoneware Bowl~ several other Stoneware Bowls~On old vintage Funnel Pitcher hand painted with Pears on it is really pretty and will look awesome with a Pear Gathering~

last but not least a Few cute pitchers to use in my gatherings...

It was the best Thrift store shopping day an months and it netted me with everything I need to keep turning out beautiful gatherings from My Primitive Creations!!
I can't wait to create the three Chest Gatherings...they are always so pretty....and fun to create...!

Decided I'm going to go out to hear Carmen's Dads band tonight and take a break from my work... Well over due its time for me to take my leave and go pamper myself. Don't figure I can do much to turn this old lady into a princess but I can sure make myself feel like a princess...Wink!!

You all have a wonderful weekend!!

Warm Blessings from my house to yours...



  1. Boy do you have a good eye! That rack, I can picture so many things hanging from it! The square wooden basket, the old spice jars, the wooden bowls, the wooden fun! I can imagine you painting away! If it weren't for the fact that I am without a vehicle today, I might just want to head off to the thrift stores myself. Who cares if we have six inches of snow, lol. Have fun!!!

  2. What a day you had there girl. It sounds like you had a glorious time shopping. I see quite a few goodies I wouldn't mind having for myself!

    Now get a little rest and then go out and have a fun time tonight. Not too much though! lol!


  3. Well Amy you are not gona beleive this they were painting the Bathroom so no hot tub papering for me today..Go figure!!
    Did get my hair done.. LOL...

  4. Wow you really struck gold. That is all some great stuff. I can't wait to see them all gathered by Tonya.

  5. Score! Some days are just good days! I am very happy for you! Anxious to see what it all becomes.

  6. Well, I'd say you did very well! I like the white pitcher set. I am glad you at least got to do something to take care of you. It seems as if we tend to neglect doing those things. It's easy to do I guess. I hope you have a good weekend.

  7. Wow..What a find..You did good Tonya and you deserved the break and the good luck...can't wait to see what all you make. Guess I am going to have to make the 55 mile trip to SA store soon.
    Have a great week end and have fun making your wonderful gatherings.
    Most of my furniture is thrift store or GS too :)

  8. That's an awsome amount of goodies at an exelent price from the looks of it congrats. I love to shop thrift stores and consignment shops for the wonderful deals they offer.

  9. Good finds! Can't wait to see what you come up with for your displays. Hope to see some more posted before and afters..
    Country at Heart


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