Friday, February 11, 2011

10 Degrees~Sunshine~Quick Sneak Peek~ More new gatherings!!

Howdy everyone...Hope your Firday has been full of Sunshine! We have Sunshine but it is real deceiving with wind chill near 0..that's right zero...Burrrrrrr...
I'm off to town to buy Kerosene so I can attempt to stay warm out there in the shop tonight...I couldn't seem to brush off the chill in my bones last night couldn't wait to get in the house and crawl under the Electric Blanket and get warm...
I need some long John's...LOL... 

I just wanted to stop in and share last nights creations.... I've been creating some cute gatherings.
Every once in awhile I like to make simple gatherings that everyone can find a place for...

~Prim Shaker Nesting Box Stack~
"Faith is when you close your eyes and open your Heart"
~Primitive Window Pane Shelf Gathering~

~Prim Keeping Rack~Dress~Shoes~Basket~Candle Gathering~

~Primitive Necessary Room Shelf Gathering~

I'm off to turn up the heat in the shop and head to town while it warms up in there...

Thanks for stopping by...Stay warm!! 
Have a Great Weekend filled with Sunshine and Love in your heart!!


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  1. Tonya
    Really like the shoe gathering!

  2. Love the stack with the jute tie. You are crafty.
    Hope you keep warm!

  3. It's cold here too. Burr!!! Five degrees this morning when I went to feed the animals. I also love putting together prim groupings.
    I too am a cat lover, but i only have one now and her name is miss kitty, she thinks she's the queen and I also have a dog named puddles who is a heeler mix. She loves to go fishing at the pond.
    I am going to say this: I prefer animals most of the time over people. They give comfort, joy,warmth and unconditional and unquestionable love. I live on a farm and also have chickens and a duck. We put up feeders for the deer, squirrels and birds. We even still feed our fish in our two ponds we have. It's a catch and release only kind of fishing.
    I love creating something out of the simplest thing to decorate with and that's why i love primitive country decor.
    keep on decorating.
    god bless
    country at heart

  4. Just beautiful! I love everything - wish I could afford to buy it all!
    Hope you get warmed up!

  5. Pretty cold here today too! Brrrr
    I just love that nesting box stack! It really adds something to have it all tied together with the pip berries on top - quite wonderful!

  6. It is nice here today, back to our normal Texas.8-) All the gatherings look great. Stay warm!!

  7. I Love them all and look forward to reading your blog every time you have a new post. Your items are great and makes me want to move to bigger house with lots of wall space :)
    Take care and stay warm :)

  8. always love seeing what you are making..have a wonderful weekend.;)

  9. Love the gatherings, you have a gift!
    I hope it warms up for all of us very soon.
    Have a good weekend.

  10. Hi Tonya,
    Well I just became a follower - don't knowwhy I wasn't before...there are so many wonderful blogs and I seem to miss them.

    Thanks for ordering from my SALE...I really appreciate it.

    I'ts rather nice here this the mid 30's Gotta Love It!



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