Sunday, February 6, 2011

Been in a funk but..... I'm back

Hi Everyone..I hope this finds everyone recovered from all of the Snow and Ice and Cold.
Here in central Ohio we were hit really hard. I live at My brothers in my trailer on a 5 acre mini farm in the winter and our yard is one solid sheet of Ice... between 6" to 8" deep and topped with snow. When I last posted the storm had just started and shortly after our Electric went out for 30 hours....
Yikes....No Heat, No water, No Computer, No Stereo, No TV... nothing but dark and silent. Other then not being able to get on the computer I really didn't mind so much... Living on the boat in the summer and being a camper I knew I was about to hunker down and weather the storm playing with my Cats, Dog and bird and do some much needed crafty things that I really seem to find no time to do..
The big issue was heat... thank God I had my little Kerosene shop heater.. so I slipped and slid my way to the shop, chopped away the ice in front of the door, made my way into the shop, gathering the heater, a can of kerosene and a bag of 10 pillar candles, got them out out the door on the ice ....I tied a rope to the heater and pulled it back to the trailer... Gotta do what ya gotta do...
Once I got my candles lit and the heater runnin I was set for a long cold winters night ... I drug out all those shirts I bought at the Thrift store and started ripping them up to make rag Garland and Rag balls.

Tasha Kitty loves it when I rip rags she thinks I'm really doing all for her..she snatches the strips from my hand and takes off running with them...of she gets in the box and starts dragging them out one at a time..or she waits for me to hold one up and tease her with it while she lays on her back and swats at it....Mamakitty she jsut wants me to tie a big knot in one for her to carry around in her mouth as she walks around the house..then all of a sudden she will lay down and attack it with bunny kicks .. so I got my work done and my kitty babies entertained me and I entertained them for hours...

The next morning Puddle woke me up to go out and when I opened the door I found at least 6" of ice on my steps... Sorry little man you are gona have to hold that while mom brakes up all this Ice.. so here I am with the door open laying on my belly hammering away at this ice... finally half hour later poor little guy has gone in a hundred circles, whined till he was hoarse, gets to go out only to go sliding across the yard about 10 feet when he stepped off the steps onto the ground.
He had a devil of a time standing up.. of course I am cracking up even tho I know it isn't funny for him at all...He was happy to go to his thing and he wanted back in right now.. The heck with my morning walk mom let me in now... 
By now I realize I am gona have to go out there and get some of that Ice and put it in the fridge so my food doesn't spoil I needed to feed the outside Kittys.  It was a task to just stay standing up out there.. but I managed to fill the dish pan and a bucket with Ice and feed the cats..  I had the same idea Puddles had let me back in the house the heck with this.
So I spent the day ripping more rags and painting the rest of Carmen's belated Birthday present...
By that night I was getting ancy..... really wanted to get back to the shop and create. With going out of town for the canceled dentist appointment, then the electric out for hours I was really behind and nothing new to list... but still no electric...
With all of the Ice I didn't get back in the shop until Thursday Night. I had worked all afternoon diggin out enough Ice to get the shop door open..... this old body was feeling the affects of all that pounding the shovel in the ice....... I just didn't have the energy to get much done.
This week has surely not been a productive week in the shop...

But I did make it over to Carmen's Saturday to work off my Van Repairs spackling Shane's paint room.. first coat done...It was my first road trip since the Blizzard hit.... I was shocked and saddened to see all of the damage the storm has caused.... so many huge beautiful old trees had fallen under the weight of all the ice... Tree limbs everywhere...

Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully after I get my ebay shipment packed and ready to ship I can make my way to the shop and finish up all the gatherings I started so I can get them listed.

And there ya have it...... survival of the 2011 Blizzard ...

Have a great Sunday... stay warm and safe!!



  1. Yikes! We really got off easy with that storm here in Western New York. Never lost power and the ice didn't build up nearly like that. Everything is like a skating rink now, but not to that extent! Glad you are back with power and able to pull out of that funk. I think we are all sort waiting on the edge of our seats for Spring. :)

  2. Hi, Tonya, Sounds like you had way more ice then us!
    I think we will see ice until June>>tired of trying to walk on it Or sliding on it! LOL
    enjoy your day

  3. Glad to hear you survived the storm Tonya, wow has it been a hard winter or what?! I think we will all REALLY enjoy spring this year:D

  4. Welcome back Tonya,
    A little snow at Christmas is fantastic in southern Missouri but not 9" and more expected this week in February. We did not lose power so thankful for that. Only missed one day of work and got to make that up as so many employees were still calling in days later. Glad you had your kitty's to keep you company. We live off the grid in our Colorado Cabin but then we are prepared for it, no indoor plumbing. Something about modern convenience is so wonderful. Looking forward to your new creations, you rock girl.

  5. As if all that ice isn't enough we got 4" of snow last night...
    You know what that means.. I will be working out at my personal skating gym, shoveling snow all the way to the shop and back. Just waht i wanted to do..well I suppose the good side of it is I will get some well needed exersise...

    Have a great Day ....Tonya

  6. I am sorry you all have had this ice and stuff to deal with. Reminds me of some of the things that have happened here in the past, not fun at all!
    I am glad you are alright though. Hang in there, Spring has GOT to come soon!


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