Monday, February 21, 2011

Rain Rain go Away~Tryin to change Blog Page~Meeting Carpenter~New Gatherings~

Hello my Prim Friends.. I hope that this has been a good Monday for all of you! Carmen is over there in her office she got a Happy Monday Surprise when she won an awesome giveaway...Today so we know she's had a happy Monday..wish we could have all won today!!
Good old Ohio weather....changes again our sunshine is gone and it has been raining now for 24 hours changing now to little Ice Pellets that are accumulating on the ground we have mud knee deep filling with ice .. Lovely Ohio weather... only good thought to all of that is the Spring Flowers will surely be beautiful come Spring with all of this water... 

I decided I wanted to change my background here in my Blog so that Carmen and I had a little different look... but me being a little less then computer savoy it didn't work for me... makes me so frustrated when I can figure that kind of thing out...
 So Carmen tried to change it today for me and we aren't seeing any change so it looks like this is going to be a challenge... cause if the computer Whiz Child can't get it changed then we got a problem...I'm clueless what to do... 
If any one out there might have any idea's on how to change it let us know...

I got all my Ebay packages packed, loaded in the van and ready to ship today...drove to the post Office only to find it is a Holiday...So of course my buyers are going to get impatient not thinking we lost a shipping day...and I wasted gas.. I should learn to look at the calendar... LOL.. I get so aggravated at myself when I waste time going to the post office or the bank and find out they are closed... I guess that's what happens when you are self employed and one day runs into the other...

Well I met with Todd the carpenter and his Son Dillon on Saturday. I spent about two hours with them at there Shop. It was a very productive visit. We were both impressed with the others work.
Dillon loves creating small wood items on his lathe so he is going to make the items I use and need daily. We came to an agreement on prices that made both of us happy...
Shelves and differnt open faces cupboards and larger things I want both of them will be working on. 
The best part is I don't have to buy 100's at a time to get a good price on them..which has always been an issue for me with no large storage area and money of course...
I'm taking a tote over to there shop and Dillon will make small items and fill the tote. I can come pick up what I need and pay for them then... He will try to keep the tote filled up for me.. Nice thing is he can work at his pace and I can get what I need when I need it... Taht is gona take a real load off my back...
They also need a person who can paint Prim and turn some of there things Prim for the store they sell in so they haired me to do that for them so that is an extra job for me..which we both agreed I an work off my cost for the items I need or they will pay me whatever I want.
He is also giving my name to the store owner who is also looking for someoe who can paint prim... Excited to see how that all turns out...

So I'm excited and really happy with the way our meeting turned out.If all goes as I hope it will I will havemuch more time for actually creating finished gatherings rather then hours spent saanding.. and preping before I can even think about creating a gathering...
Now that is something to be excited about...

I Finished an absolutely Beautiful Rooster Pantry Shelf Gathering I think you will love it...
I've been doing alot of sanding and painting the past week finishing a gathering here and there just to get things out of the way...So not much of a Sneak Peek unless the Rooster gathering counts as on awesome gathering...hehe

So here it is.................
~Rooster~Clock~Pantry Shelf Gathering~

~Prim Open Faced Cupboard~Spice Bottle~Gathering~

~Prim COW~Plunger~Broom or Dust Pan Cover~

The Shop is calling me so I shall bid you all a good Evening!!

Warm Blessings


  1. Did you remember to remove the old html?
    It really is a simple task. Decide on a new template. Copy the new code. Paste it into an HTML gadget box. Save move that box to a hidden area such as below your blog roll. Delete the old code box. I always copy that code and paste it into a new post. then save that post as a draft. That way you can always use it again without looking it up. Just label it in the title with a name you will recall like P is for Prim. I do this to all kinds of things I want to keep.
    Hope this is helpful to you.
    BTW~ great that you were able to make a deal with the carpenters!

  2. LOve the rooster gathering. Great job.

  3. So Happy to hear about your good luck with making things and you can even barter..Maybe that is a sign that things will be getting better for all of us soon (including the weather)
    I really LOVE your Rooster Garhering and I have my kitchen decorated with Roosters and just 2 small places to hang stuff since I already have a shelf on the wall by the washer and dryer.
    Maybe this summer we can think of some ways to keep our heat bills down next winter too.
    Can't wait to see what you come up with when you get your first bin full of things from carpenter :)

  4. Wow Tonya sounds like you hit the jackpot with that carpenter. It is wonderful when things just come together like that. I think "Someone" is watching over you.8-)
    Love the rooster gathering, great job as usual.
    Have a great day!!

  5. I think I finally got it fixed Mom. I had to move "where" the gadget was on your page. I moved the html gadget from the header to the sidebar and it finally changed. I have no idea why that mattered but there ya go. :) You can probaly test out other ones too and see ifyou like them better. I really liked that plais mustard one too. :)

    Carmen and the Primcats

  6. Love all your creations, Tonya. To let you all know Tonya has been tutoring me on how to paint and make a wood piece primitive. She is terrific, excellent info and tips. The candle scones are almost done, will make a post soon. How did you know I was afraid to tackle my hutch...(cause in my pics it is not painted yet?)does not look quite so scary now that I have the proper insight.

    Glad to hear your meeting with the carpenter went so well, sounds exciting you have found another path to follow. Do I have to email you when there is a Holiday, you silly girl. I know what you mean about wasting time, there is never not enough time for me....
    Prim blessings


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