Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Wishes~Lots of New Gathering~

 Sending Very Happy Valentine's Day wishes to all of uou out there in blogland!
May I say it has been a pleasure getting to know all of you and thank you so much for Sharing a part of your love of Prim decor.....

Did you have a good Valentine's Day? Did your sweetheart get you anything special?

No sweetheart in my life but my neice cut out a zillion Hearts and taped them to my walls so I felt really special....

Guess what I did for myself... I went thrifting..and Ihit pay dirt!!
My TV with a built in VCR blew up last night and I have to have a movie playing when I work in the winter to drown out the night I had to go to the thrift store today to see if they had any little TV/VCR players and of course look around for any goodies I might need..
At our Good Will when you spend $10 you get a stamp on your Card. Once the Card is fiilled up then you get $10 off your bill. I filled up one card a while back just been holding on to it in case i really needed something so today was the day.
They had a small TV/VCR..just the size i need for my space and it was only $10.00. Plus it had a VCR tape in it .. I was like well Happy Valentine's Day Tonya!!
I found three shelves I needed, some spice bottles and a clock..that will all be transformed into Beautiful Prim items this week... I was verry happy!!

I got all my packages packed and shipped today, I got all my new gatherings listed this morning, went thrifting and best of all the sun was shinning all day... It was a good day!!

Now let me show you what I have Created this week.. I think you are going to just love the Laundry Room is my FAV for the week!

~Laundry Room Gathering~

~Prim Wood Mirror Wall Sconce Shelf~Oil Lamp~Gathering~

~Prim Wood Mirror Wall Sconce Shelf~Candle Lamp~Gathering~

~Prim Necessary Room Gathering~

~Prim Parlor Table Gathering~

~Prim Wood Tricycle~Teddy Bear~Gathering~

~Prim Barn Wood Candle Sconce Gathering~

~Prim Match Stick Gathering~

I love it when I get into the groove and turn out a lot of new gatherings.

Hope you enjoy the sneak peek and you have a wonderful evening! I'm on my way out to the shop to hook up the new TV/VCR and do some painting!

Until we meet again...Warm Blessings are being sent your way...Tonya


  1. Great for you, you found just what you needed, I love the laundry room group! You have alot of talent, I always enjoy your displays.

  2. Love the laundry room gathering!! Glad you are having some sunshine. It was 81 here yesterday!!

  3. I just so much love your display's, thanks for sharing them

  4. I just love the laundry room display. I am always adding items to my laundry room. It makes being in there doing laundry more pleasant.
    Gotta have something to look at when folding clothes!
    Country at heart

  5. Oh Tonya, you are making me want to head on down to my thrift stores! lol! Stay warm!

  6. Sounds like we all like the Laundry Room Gathering... hope it sells this week..


  7. You are the highlight of my day..I always enjoy going to your blog :) :)
    What is in the prim parlor bowl gathering?

  8. You hit a homer with this one! Love the laundry gathering! ★Linda★

  9. Yeeha--Jumping for Joy- The Laundry Room Gathering has a bid and I know its a good bid from a regular follower and buyer..
    The Necessary Room Tray Has a bid also..
    Very happy lady tonight..very Happy Lady!!

    Nancy The Parlor room gathering has a Tea Pot~Tea cups~A Wax Scented Bunt Cake~Cake Knife ~Candles.


  10. Hello girl...welcome to blogland...I came over I love country, cottagey, prim things! I love black pieces and even have the lower half of my kitchen cabinets painted black! I'll have to take a closer look ay your great could be calling me! lol Loved my visit here sweetie...hope you have a great evening...Picket

  11. Wow! What a talent you have for making your "Gatherings." I will come back often, I love your style and your cute blog. Come visit me; I am off to become your follower.
    Hugs, Joy

  12. Hi Tonya,
    Nice to meet you, Carmen visited me the morning and I thought I'd come on over and say hello, Happy Valentines your blog.

  13. That TV was just waiting for you. All of your gatherings are prim wonderful. You are one busy gal. Sweet of your niece to make you all those heart. Bless her heart. I enjoyed your comment to my tabletop brooder. It is fun to hear about others experience with chicks. Blessings!

  14. good posting of latest valentine day wishes for friends


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