Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Funk is Gone~Creative Hands Have been Busy~Take a Peek!!

A fine Good Evening to all my dear Prim Friends... what an interesting day it has been here. Woke up to the Electric off once AGAIN.
Let me tell you when I stuck my little toes out of the covers they curled right back up and back under them there covers...
Took me a few minutes to wake up and realize the electric was off again...LOL...
I wondered why all my critters were all curled up on the bed with me..... they were not moving from there warm spots either....

I'm no good in the morning..mind doesn't function and neither does my body. If its cold my body takes twice a long to gets its parts working properly so it was a struggle to get moving. Once up, I knew I had to get out to the shop and get the kerosene Heater quick so my Bird didn't catch her death... It was only 39 degrees in here and that is way to cold for Lucky Blue..well it was cold for me too!
So get dressed, throw on the Boots and head to the shop...drag the heater back, get it in the house and turned on, all the while cursing this god forsaken cold weather and the Electric going off all the time...

But in no time I had the house toasty and warm again. The critters decided they could get up, Lucky started siging her good  Morning songs and all was well ...
The Electric was off for 4 hours that I know of...... sister in law said it had been off since early morning so I am guessing it was off about 8 hours as cold as the trailer was. Burr

Gotta tell ya all this Ice, Snow and Electric going off has really put a real damper on my creating and getting things listed on Ebay...
Doesn't old man winter realize that if I don't work the bills don't get paid... LOL...
 I bet many of us have said that in the past few weeks.

I worked a little on sorting receipts for Taxes while the electric was off so it wasn't a totally wasted 4 hours...

Finally around 2:30 the power was back...Yea..I can finally get my new listing written up and ready to put on Ebay...So I spent all afternoon getting that done...will list them around 10 tonight... Sigh of releif...

So without further delay here are the Newest Creations created by my hands!!

~Simple Blessings~Shaker Nesting Box Stack~Teddy Bear~

~Open Faced Apothecary Pantry Spice Cupboard~
~Open Faced Apothecary Pantry Cupboard~

~Old Trunk Chest~Quilt Sampler~Journal~

~Tray~Pitcher~Soap~RagBall~Candle Stick~Gathering~

There you have it Eye Candy for the day!!

On my way out to the shop to finish up a few more that I have started...

Untill we meet again you all have a wonderful evening!! Stay warm and safe!!



  1. I love coming to your blog and looking at the things you make...as soon as the weather gets a little better I am going to go to the live auction about 30 miles from here...everyone tells me how cheap stuff sells so we will see. I need some stuff so I can make some gatherings and you do motivate me to try :) Hop on over to my blog and sign up for my grocery store gift card give away

  2. Hi Tonya,
    Wow, great gatherings, you are so creative and I don't know how you find so much great stuff at the thrifts to use in your creations! Love the teddy and boxes!

  3. You have been busy girlfriend...
    Love the truck chest with quilt and the pantry cupboard. Will have to bid on them for sure.
    We are getting another 8 inches of snow, so wrong for southern Missouri, Oh well this moisture will make for a pretty spring.

  4. Wonderful gatherings you have put together. I hope you are cozy & warm. I enjoyed your comment on my blog. I liked hearing your story of the chickens. Bless your heart for keeping a feed can. I bet those chickens sure do love you. Blessings!


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