Saturday, April 28, 2012

Do ya ever Get aggervated with yourself? Trip North & Dr Visit up date

Happy Friday night Everyone! I had a great post all planned out for you and well OOps! I took pictures of the kittens to share and well I forgot the Camera cord so no new Kitten Pic's. I will tell you they have grown like little weeds all fat and fluffy..I think it has somethting to do with me spoiling Mama Lisa with canned food and the perfect place to raise her little family.
I decided to take a road trip for a number of reason and Mama Lisa is gona miss me being there to spoil her and the kittens.. heck I'm gona miss them too. Peg promised me to feed her special every day and to hold the kittens a little...I sure hope she does...

Anyway I needed to get the heck out of Dodge, Doctor appointments and paper work for every agency in the US. was wearing me down to the core so to speak and after yesterdays Dr visit I had enough and packed my clothes, my cats, my bird, my dog and we took off for my house in Port Clinton and then over to the Island for the weekend.. thinking if I get away for a while I will find some well deserved peace of mind..
I needed to check the house and see what needs to be done now that spring has sprung and along with Spring comes lots of weeds in the flower beds and tree limbs all over the yard from winter. Also wanted to check on my unrepaired boat sitting in the driveway... its still there thank god... I've actually had a boat and two boat trailers stollen from my yard in the last 4 years so I worry about her getting stolen too!
Got lots of weeds to pull and tons of broken tree limbs to pick up... Won't happen this weekend ..I promised self no thinking or being responsible takin care of business this weekend just visiting friends and chilling..

After checking the house and doing a survey of what needs done we took off for the ferry to the Island. It felt good to take the ferry.. We are settled into the trailer here just chilling...feels good...
No cleaning houses just chilling all weekend.

My Dr visit yesterday turned into two Dr visits so I was in one or the other from 11 till 5:00. My first appointment was with the Rheumotologist..They did an over all check of the hands, neck & back since I've really been having a lot of swelling and pain.. Nothing new just worse then normal...Personally I think half of it is sitting around not being active ...When she was checking my neck she touched this stop that has been really hurting since my surgery... I think I mentioned my neck muscles were hurting.. anyway when she touched it it hurt so much it made me jump & let out an involentary yelp..She ask me if it really hurt that much...Humm guess so you mademe jump & yelp. So I told her about my neck hurting in that muscle that was making my ear hurt, my throat hurt & my tooth hurt. Wasn't sure wha twas causing it but it has hurt since surgery. She says, you need to get to your family Dr. or better yet your surgeon because your neck is really swollen and your throat looks horrible.. She looked up the surgeon on the OSU computer. All our information is stored on there so all your OSU doctors can see it and work together they say..Not so sure about the working together thing... anyway she called and made me an appointment with him after I was finished with her..
I had told her I wanted to focus on my Arthritis and wanted to see how bad it was getting could she do x-rays. whe she & i were done they did the x-rays. Pretty cool they gave me a CD of them to carry with me in my medical notebook I put together so I could keep all of this stuff straight..
As I have long suspected the x-rays said it. All the cushion stuff between the vertebra in my neck is pretty much gone and all kinds of spurs..I think that explains the pain in the neck..
Lower Back and hips not looking so good either...ugggg
My hands are as ugly in an xray as they are getting in person or is that on my person..Anyway ugly and it seems I have dupatrenscontracture (SP) in both hands. Its worse in the right hand which explains why my first finger always looks like its sticking reality the middle fingers are being drawn back which makes it seem the first finger is sticking out.
She added a new medication that they have found helps with Sjogren's Disease and Arthritis.
Placquinal (SP) I hesitate taking it because it has so many side efects especially to the eyes.
So add one more health Issues to the never ending list..
Once I was done I headed to the next Dr appointment with Dr Phay he surgeon. He's not sure what is wrong & why I am experienceing this muscle pain but plainly he says it is swollen. Stay on the antibiotics till done.
Now in those x-rays you can clearly see my neck is swollen but the other thing you see is the metal clamps they use to hold thing sin place when you have Thyroid surgery. they will remain forever. that's cool but one lays exactly where the pain is and the swelling. So as I look at the xray on my computer I think Hummm is this is what I feel poking me making my muscle hurt so badly in that one spot.. I think it could very well be this clamp.. didn't discover it till after visit with Dr Phay while I was loking at the x-rays but I plan to call him Monday and ask him to look at the x-ray and see what he thinks... It would sure explains this pain. I would like answers since I didn't hurt at all after surgery now all of a sudden I'm hurting like the devil. Guess it is one of those wait and see things...

I think its time to dump all thoughts of this from my mind today and go visit with my friends here on the Island.

So I will leave you with warm wishes for a Happy Saturday...!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Aww It's Another Sneak Peek~Another Doctor Vsit & Another Panic Attack

A Big Howdy all..Its been a busy week & its only hump day! Seems like I've been running the last few days just taking care of business.. but luckily I spent a little time out in the shop creating every evening. Between spendint ime playing with the new Kittens and creating I did manage to create a few new Gatherings.

I wanted to share some new pics of the kittens but I forgot my camera in the shop so it will have to wait.. But I will fill you in..they are doing fine, they have grown like little weeds..mama Lisa has fed them well, they are just plump little fur balls. As of today they all have there eyes open already...So I had to make some changes to there sleeping arangement. didn't want them crawling out of the doggie bed and getting lost in the shop so today I made them a new bed in the large clothes basket.. It will do for a while...The shop really isn't a safe place for litle ones to be running round. I will have pics soon to share with you.

Without further ado allow me to share my newest Prim Gatherings!

~Primitive Step Back Bench Baby Memory Gathering~
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~Primitive Spring Necessary Room Gathering~

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~Primitive Americana Table Top Gathering~

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~Primitive Rusty Star Candle Scoop Sconce Gathering~

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~Primitive Mirror Candle Sconce Gathering~
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~Primitive Candle Scoop Sconce Gathering~

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If you're Interested in any of the Gathering contact me using the
Email address at the top of my Blog..

Tomorrow I have another Doctor visit.. Yepee! This time with the Rheumatologist.
Hopefully she will do X-rays on my back and my hands so we can see how extensive the Artheritis is.
Then next Wednesday I have an appointment with an SSI Doctor. Then the following week is my second Follow up visit with the surgeon to check my blood to see how the hormone levels are.
Still feeling as if the meds still need a little adjusting as I'm still having some symptoms like before.
I do feel better in many ways...but not totally recovered yet... 

last but not least if you all think you are upset with the new Blogger well let me tell ya it seems idiot Changes come in three's when it comes to Internet services like Blogger, Ebay and now Photobucket.
I signed in to Photobucket to edit my pictures for ebay  and to my surprise they had totally changed there editing tool. Talk about having a panic attack I had one and I'm still havin it.. the new editor is horrible...very out dated with fewer tools & most certianly not user friendly at all.
To top that off it isn't working correctly. When it does work the edited pictures are awful....I ended up using my Kodac editor it worked 100% better..
The icing on the cake is I pay for Photobuckets Premere Service and now It is useless to me.. I am not a happy lady at all.
I spent the better part of 3 hours trying to find a photo editing service that offered a good Photo editor and in comparison to what Photobucket had there is none worth using out there..
FotoFlex is out there and they are what Photobucket used before yesterday but there online service is not as user friendly as it was on Photobucket...
The last two weeks have sure turned my Internet world upside down with all its changes...uggg

I must bid you all farewell for today...

Have a great Day my friends!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Panic Attack in the making & its gona be a big one!

Happy Saturday all. You all know I'm no good with Change & what did Blogger DO change Everything.
I am having one huge panic Attack here.. Now I know how Carmen C felt yesterday when she posted I'm gona quite Blogging...
Why is it that all these brainiac's have to always go around changing a good thing...Can't they just leave well enough alone and let us enjoy our little world?
Just when I was feeling pretty good blogger goes and makes me have a panic attack...LOL.. I'm laughing at myself as I write this because I simply hate change especially when it comes to Blogging, Facebook, Ebay, Photobook you know anything that has to do with the computer that is techinical...I mean really even after everyone wrote directions for me to get hooked up to Linky's I couldn't do it because it says my email address is already affiliated with them...Try using another email address... I don't have another email adress and I don't want one...good golly miss molly I have enough trouble keeping up with one email address... Well anyway if my email is already afilliated, I sure the heck don't know how... and where do I find the answer... No I gave up...
So anyway at least I know I am not alone in this panic...that so far I hear much frustration in many blogs.
Ok my heart reate is returning to normal... I made it to the writting page and vented..

So sad to see rain today we have had the most beautiful weather this week..I know we needed a drop or two but it did that last night.. I guess like Lisa and her snow me and my rain will jus thave to spend the day inside creating something awesome...
Actually had a great week out in the sunshine...I took my good old time playing in the flowerbeds and actuall got 99% of them weeded and covered in mulch..We ran out of mulch or I would have gotten them all mulched.
Actually I'm so delighted that I felt good enough to get out there and work on them all week long. My herb garden looks awesome and so do all of my Herbs. Everything made it threw winter. All of them are pretty and green.
I received some Sweet Annie seeds and plan to get them planted the first of the week.. Had to figure out a way to keep the chicken out of my beds long enough to get my seeds up and large enough to survive. Mission accomplished now I can plant all of my seeds...

The other day I got to watch Baby Eathen for a couple of hours so I took a blanket outside with an unbrella and let him come outside with me while I played in the flowerbeds. He was so cute all looking around at all the scenery and just giggling up a storm.. then the fresh air started to take its affect on him and he drifted off to sleep. Been a long long time since I had a baby asleep outside with me whil I worked on Flower beds.. Churned up some of those warm fuzzy memories we mothers have of our babies when they were little.. I loved takeing a moment back in time to remember..
When Eathens mom came home fro work she couldn't find us ..Grandma Peg had texted her that Aunt Tonya had Eathen so she knew I had him... finally she came around the back of the trailer and seen Eathen asleep under the unbrella and blanky and her distraught look disappeared into a smile... Awww now she has a warm fuzzy moment in time...I told her to go relax I would bring him in when he woke up..she was delighted to have a moment to herself... Soon after the girls came home...but I think she got about half an hour to herself... A treasure many a mom looks forward too...
Eathen slept about an hour and then I took him in the house...Flower bed all cleaned out and one happy baby... All in a good day!

Mama Lisa and her new baby's are doing great.. Lisa even left them for a coule of minutes to sit on my lap last night... then one of her baby's woke up and she was off my lap in a flash... She does love being a mommy Kitty....
I made hand dipped spice rolled candles last night in the shop... It smelled so good in there.. I didn't get finished so plan to do that today... I want to try to make about 300 total so I have plenty to last me for a while...

The antibiotics seem to have done the job my neck incision feels much better, still itchy but that is from healing.. Somade it over that hurdle...

Not much else happening around here...So i will take my leave wishing you all a Great Saturday filled with happy moments and warm memories..

Spring Blessings

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Miracle Of Life that just puts a Smile all over your face!!

A fine Day my Prims... Oh have I got a Surprise to share with all of you today...One of those kind of surprizes that melts your heart and makes the corners of your mouth turn up and turn right into a big smile!
Creating a warm fuzzy moment as you wish you could just reach out and touch what you see.
 Lisa is probably one of the most devoted loving Kitty's you would ever want to meet.. As you all know she spends her time in my shop with me sometimes making creating a bit difficult as she begs for lovin but mostly she just brightens my day with her never ending love!
Two days ago Lisa my beloved Shop Kitty decided that it was time to bring a ray of sunshine into my heart when she delivered her new Family...

 Oh they are just so precious and beautiful. Just look at that adorablePick nose sticking up..
I just had more fun last night ...I would be creating away and Lisa would let out a little meow..So I would get up to see what whe was talking about and what she wanted was for me to pet her. She's such a good little mommy she didn't want to leave her baby's so she would give me a little come see me meow...
I just started taking the Camera back with me incase there was a good shot I could snap...I love that picture with her little one laying on her chest!

I love this picture...Mama Lisa was sound asleep along with her little ones..

How adorable is this picture.. I think this little guy is gona be the first one out of the bed once his eyes are open he is all over the place now...
That little pink nose is just to cute!

So precious all cuddled together..
There's that cute little pink nose again..
Time for dinner! Yummy......

Mama Lisa takin a breather...She's just the best little mommy..I can see I am gona probably spoil these littl guys as much as I spoil Lisa, Thasha and Mama Kitty. Then of course I will have to find homes for them...or maybe they will stay who knows... They sure are pretty kittens...and I'm in love...

I just had to share my Smiles with ya... I hope you all enjoyed your visit to the nursery with me..

Not much else going on around here...have truly been enjoying the sunshine...
I worked in the shop last night but I must admit didn't get much done ..I think it had something to do with 4 adorable Little kittens and Mama Lisa.
 I did get my van cleaned out.. I'm ashamed how dirty it was.. but I just didn't have it in me to clean it out till yesterday...
I worked in the Flowerbeds today putting down weed screen and then mulched so they look pretty good.
I got my lattice up, ready for the Morning Glory's to climb...
I had tons more forms sent to me to fill out for medicad, & Hospital Assistance so I finished those this morning..
Feelin better every day...even a few moments of actually feeling somewhat like my old self this week and that has been nice. But I did have a little set back.. My incession was all healed closed and ya know it never hurt at all from day one..then all of a sudden it go all red and swollen on the left end, then it started hurting like the devil and itching so bad I couldn't stand it.. Well sometime in the night it must have itched & I scratched it or something..and in doing that It opened up..My T-shirt neck was all icky when I woke up.. I look in the mirror and was shocked to see icky stuff which turned out to be infection...  I guess my scratching it actually turned out to be a good thing ...because it opened up so it could drain... So I am on antibiotics to get rid of the infection..Otherwise I think things are healing nicely...

Think I will head to the shop for a couple of hours...want to finish up what I started last night...then I'll call it a day....

I hope you all had a wonderful day filled with warm Sunshine and happy moments!!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dreaded Tax Day is here and mine is done-Thank god! How about you?

Good Morning My friends... I do hope that you are enjoying a Sunny day wherever you are!
I've had a great morning.. I woke up early to the sun shinning in on my face... I can't believe it but I fell asleep last night with the windows open and the door open it was so nice here last night... the chill was all over the trailer this morning but the sun was quick to warm things up...I was so lovin the crisp morning and the birds singing...
Not sure which was better the beautiful orning or the fact that I actually woke up feeling pretty good...and rested.. I think maybe all the stress of late and all the stress of working on my Taxes all week ended last night so I was able to get some peaceful rest knowing the taxes was finished and I only owed Uncle Sam $73. It didn't go without a hitch though...I've done my own taxes online for the past 6 years and it was so easy once I got the hang of it... This year the Online Tax service I use got a glitch in it and was messing up my return all over the place. I finished and clicked submit and it wouldn't let me showing all kinds of errors.. So I finally called then to ask what was up and it was discovered that there was a glitch.. Good thing it didn't submit cause with glitch it said I owed $279 once glitch was fixed it showed me only oweing $73..huge difference to me.. So once it was fixed I clicked submit and it went threw. I sent out the check this morning...I'm flat broke but at least I don't have to file an extesnsion like I thought I was going to have too.
Tonya is

How about you all did you get the old Taxes done and is it in the mail?

Its so beautiful out today I've decided its a good day to strip the bed, wash my sheets and hang them out on the line to dry...Yummy.. I love sleeping on line dried fresh smellin sheets!
Not much happening here the past week other then doing the Taxes and filling out more paper work  for  medicaid and HCap for the hospital bill...figure its time to get busy takin care of a few things today.
I want to finish up my herb garden and plant some Sweet Annie seeds taht Teri sent thats on the list..
Then I'm going to pull all my clenaing supllies along with anythig sles int he van out and I'm going to clean my is a total mess...then I'll see how I'm feeling after that and maybe finish up a few other things on the To Do List... then its off to the shop tonight to do a little creating.

Update on recovery... Doing well ..My incision was all healed closed but last night a small place where a stitch is came open & is draining some... Not sure what that is about but to be on the safe side I did put a call into the Dr's to see if I  need to do anything special...I don't want to get an infection...I think maybe I was scratching ti in my sleep since it has been itching like crazy the past few days...

Time for me to fly and start on that to do list while its beautiful out side so I will bid you all a very good day!

So until we meet again may yur day be filled with happy moments and happy memories!

Spring Blessings

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sneak Peek~The Dreaded Tax Prep~Special Gift~ & who knows what else!!

Good Day my Prim Friends... I couldn't decide where to start today so much to share with everyone..
I received a Specal Gift from Carmen C last week and I was jumping up and down for joy cause let me tell ya it is cuter in person then in the pictures...I love it more then you can imagine...You know me and my Sunflowers.. Well I told Carmen I had to have one it would just look so cute on my shelf... So she sent it to me as a get well gift... I got a surprise for her too! Now tell me is that not perfect on my shelf?

Anyway my box was stuffed with other goodies too and love them all! See that Strawberry short Cake candle Yep I wanted one of those too but never ordered one because I wasn't sure where I would put it but guess what I got one now and it to is adorable. I tucked it in the Spice Cupboard. Pic didn't turn out Sorry.

I hung the Heart on the Spice Cupboard door.

My soaps are in the Bathroom...and I've used my hand soap already and love it too!
THANK YOU~THANK YOU~THANK YOU Carmen for my goodies I love them all!!

Now for a little Sneek Peek at what I worked on this week...Soon to be listed on Ebay!
~Primitive Americana Apple Basket Gathering~

 ~Primtive "Faith" Shaker Nesting Box Gathering~

~Primtive "Love & Hope" Shaker Nesting Box Gathering~

~Primtive Kara the Oh So Prim Teddy Bear~

27" tall Sit or Hang on the Door or Wall
$29.95 Free Shipping
Interested Email me via Specal Order at the top of my Blog

~Primtive Prissy the Oh So Prim Teddy Bear~

27" tall Sit or Hang on the Door or Wall
$29.95 Free Shipping
Interested Email me via Specal Order at the top of my Blog

~Primitive Rag Balls~Rag Balls~Rag Balls~Gathering~
Rag Balls 1 1/2" to 2" round
12 For 12.95 Free Shipping
Each additional Rag Ball added to order 65 cents
If you are interested in less then 12 they run 75 cents each 

The Rag Balls are For Sale here as well as on Ebay.
Anyone interested in purchasing Rag Balls contact me via Special order Eamil at the top of my blog.

Now let me see waht else has been going on....Oh yea the dreaded Tax preperation... Yep been working on that as I'm sure many of you have.. I so do hate doing all that paper work ..How about you?
I've got it all sorted organized and entered into the Tax File but hummm looks like this lady owes Uncle Sam a few bucks... ugggg.. What to do work no loot...might have to file an extention till I get things in order around here and back on my feet... I've never had to do that before so it is a new thing to figure out...
Have you ever had to file an extention?
I can't wait to get my strength back and get back to creating full swing...!!
Speaking of getting my strength back... in many ways I feel better...just not having the stress of surgery and cancer off my back is a huge spirit lifter... My THS levels are still not right but the Doc changed my dosage so now it's a wait and see deal... Praying so hard that the change makes the mark or comes close so that the majority of these left over symptoms go away...especially the Sleepy, fatigued, tired feeling and the muscle cramps and spasms...

Finally today the sun is shinning and its warm again... I've spent a little time out there enjoying it early afternoon... Took a walk with Puddles and let Tasha Kitty out to enjoy the sunshine she loves it as much as I do...
Lisa my shop Kitty is getting one big belly on her and i can now feel her baby's move when she lays on my lap so I think her time is going to be soon... I hope she has the kittens in the Shop so I can see and play with them every day but she is a pretty private kitty so not sure where she will go to have them. She is staying in the shop all the time maybe..I'll keep you posted.

Fleicia is out of the hospital and said she is feeling better so Thank God for his Blessing on her...

Time to run but until we meet again you all have a wonderful day and may it be filled with Sunshine and Happy moments!!

Spring Blessings

Monday, April 9, 2012

Prayer Request FELICIA From Raggedy Creations is in the Hospital & Other news!

Its Monday again...and wow what a day so far and its only noonish..
Yesterday I was starting to wonder why I hadn't seen Felicia blogging lately so I emialed her.
Hummmm..... talk about that 6th sense of mine working over time...I hear my phone ringing so I answer and it is Felicia..From Raggedy Creations
She doesn't sound so my first question is ...Felicia where have you been is everything okay?
Her answer was: I'm in the hospital, I've been here since last Wednesday and will probably be here for a week or so longer it just depends. So no I'm not okay its my CDIF its out of control.

My apologies but I don't know much about CDIF but it must be serious because Felicia is not doing well at all.
I would like to ask that you all send up prayers for her.. I know how I felt being sick so I'm sure she could use some of our prayers and encouragement.

She also ask me to extend her apologies to any one that is expecting orders or delivering orders to the store.
She will be in touch as soon as she can...

She also ask me to tell you that she has been thinking of everyone and misses her daily blogging with you!
She's hoping to get her laptop to the hospital via her mom so if you could all leave her a message that would probably cheer her up. You can also leave comments that I can pass along to her if you like. I will try to keep you updated as I hear from her.

Not 2 sceonds after hanging up with Felicia...I received a call from SSI. I now have a case worker. Not sure what that means but it is a step in the right direction I think. I have to see one of there Doctors as one of the final steps to being accepted or denied but they do have 99% of my doctor reports back and my medical history lead to my getting a case worker from SSI..So I think this is a good sign
At least I'm looking at this as a positive direction in that process.

I no more hang up from the SSI case worker and the phone rings again. This time it is my Surgeons Nurse.
My Blood test came back and my THS level is 0.305 Normal is .40-- 4.480.
 So my THS level is low again so they are having to change my medication already... But I knew before that blood test that things were still not right...Somehow I think it will take them a while to get my levels regulated..

Alas the phone has stopped ringing... and its time to get busy packing my Ebay shipment so I can get it shipped.

So untill we meet again may your day be filled with Sunshine and Happy Moments!

Spring Blessings

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Greetings from my house to yours!!

Happy Easter ........May God Bless you and fill your heart with warm Sunshine and Happy memory's as you come together to celebrate the ressurection of our Lord and Saviour!
Enjoy every moment you spend with friends and Family as you come together to Celebrate Easter, cherish every Easter Egg basket filled with eggs that your little ones gathered, be Thankful for the bounty that comes to your table, and hug those who mean the world to you and let them know you love them.

Easter Blessings

Friday, April 6, 2012

Bad News~Good News from Thyroid Nodule Biopsy Test results

                       Thank you for praying for my Mom...
                         She is gona be okay.....
Hi Mama kitty here... I just wanted to update you on Mom's biopsy on her Thyroid nodules.
She had her after surgery follow up visit yesterday with the Surgeon Dr. Phay.
She got the test results back on the Thyroid biopsy on the Nodules growing inside her thyroid.. there were abnormal cells in the left nodule, but the cells had not spread into the tissues beyond the nodules. Thank God... I don't know what would happen to me if anything happen to mom...Anyway Since the whole thyroid was removed there is no concern for cancer developing at least there.

Thank at least she can stop worrying about that..
Mom was right though..... her 6th sense kept telling her for the past 8 months there was something abnormal going on in that danged Thyroid. She was so much sicker then the normal person with all the same #'s & test results. 
She said Dr. Phay said today, I didn't see it Tonya and I told you that, but like I said at the hospital,I always want to get the test results back before I can say for positive that there is no cancer.
She said Dr. Phay told her she is a lucky lady and that she is right to always follow that 6th sense of hers and push for more when doctors don't meet her needs...when she wasn't getting any better.
He told her If she hadn't pushed and would have waited much longer there is no doubt in  his mind after getting the test results back it would have become full blown Thyroid Cancer that could have spread.
I want to Thank everyone who prayed for mom.
I think God Stepped in and took over when no one was listening to her..
God Bless Dr. Phay for taking on her case and doing such a great job in removing all the bad tissues along with her thyroid..I'm a very lucky Kitty cause my mom is gona be alright. Pretty soon when the doctor gets all her medications regulated I think she will be herself again..I can't wait!!
Right now she is still sleeping which is ok with me cause nothin I like better then a Kat Nap..but mom don't like it at all... She grumbles about it all the time says she is tired of being tired... Says she doesn't get anything done...
That's not true from the kitty point of view...she spends a lot of time playing with me a Tasha and we have been getting extra petting too...I love it...but I don't like seeing mom sad, tired & grumpy...So I hope the doctor can get all that medicine workin right for her so she will be happy again....
Mom says she is gona go pull weeds in her flower garden and get some needed sunshine so I guess it's Time for me to go take one of my Kat naps... you have a great day!
Oh yea mom said to tell you that she got a great package in the mail yesterday from Carmen C and she will show it off tomorrow so stay tuned!
She also told me to tell you all Thank you for your prayers they worked wonders!
Mama Kitty

Thursday, April 5, 2012

In Memory of Kara~One of Gods Lost Children is lost to Suicide~My Foster Daughter & Carmen's Foster Sister

In Memory of Kara
May she finally have Peace with the Lord
I come here tonight with a very heavy heart. As a mother it is a heart that feels as if it failed in some way, wishing somehow I could have done a human being knowing that sometimes you can only do what you can do.
For those of you who may not know that for 21 years I was a foster Mother. 10 of those years I was mother to mostly Teen Girls. Those girls were what many call in society damaged beyond help.  Most were sexually abused, physically abused, used by family memebers to sell drugs, raped, traded and God knows what else.
But they weren't bad kids, they had been so used they lost there way.  That's when they came to live with me..some on drugs, in trouble, some jsut confused and acting out, some not knowing right from wrong and most just plain lost.
Kara wasn't unfamiliar to me before she came to live with me as my foster daughter. She went to Carmen's school and was friends with Carmen and many of Carmens friends. kara was in a car accident and had suffered Brain Damage. After the Accident Kara started having seizures and was hospitalized. It was during that time the family secrets involving her mother and her brother started to surface. When the county started to get involved the decision was made to put Kara into Foster Care. Kara knew that I was a foster parent and ask the county if they would place her in my home. It was shortly after that Kara came to live with us.
At the time she came little was known of the extent of abuse Kara had suffered at the hands of her mother and her brother. But with the help of counselers and being with other girls suffering from similiar abuse the true extent of the abuse came to the surface.
Charges were filed against her brother and he was sent to prison for 15 yrs. Kara never adjusted to his sentence as she always felt that her brother was as much a victum as she was & she wanted him to be given the same help she was being given.
I don't know even today if I agree with her feelings totally or not, but as I look back I do know that maybe Kara would not have committed suicide yesterday had the system given her what she ask for when sentencing her brother.
As I read her suicide note in the paper today I think that it tells the truth in her heart when she wrote:

We are Kara McClenaghan & Roy Weatherford. We are brother and sister. Please call mom.
Tell the train guy not to feel bad. He did us a big favor and we wish him peace in life.

I think that Kara lived with guilt and shame for her guilt and it tore at her every living moment.
She never could forgive herself for what she felt she had done to her brother.
For that my heart aches so deep I can't even express my feelings..

But I wanted to tell everyone that Kara did find some peace while living with me. She was as happy as she possible could be and for a short time she allowed herself to believe that life had promise and hope.
She went to School dances, the Prom, she did well in school, she dated, she came to love most of her foster sisters and she opened up her self to be loved and she was. she found pride in herself and was able to move on in her life to some degree...Once she moved into adult hood we kept in touch and seen each other from time to time but with each passing year and each encounter I seen great sadness in her eyes and I knew that much of her past still haunted her. I didn't know her brother was living with her but had I known I would have known why her eyes seemed filled with so much sadness..But she made sure I never found out.
No one will ever know why the pain inside her became so strong she felt she had to take her life but Knowing what I know of her struggles with her past and time spent with our family .... I feel in my heart that her suicide note speakes for its self..

Please pray that God takes her in his arms, forgives her and takes away the pain as he took her home with him to finally live in peace.
Kara was a Beautiful person both inside and out!! She was kind and gentle and giving.

To read the story in the Columbus paper paste this link into your browser.
I think Carmen said it best over in her blog. The not so good truth

In my heart I feel this is a tragedy that could have been avoided.

May you find Peace Kara and may your heart sing with joy in the arms of the Lord.

Tomorrow I will share with you all the things I had planned to share today but my heart is so heavy I needed to talk about my lost child.


You can read more on this tragedy at Primcats House:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Pitter Patter of Rain Drops~Peter Cotton Tail came to visit~Easter Decorations~

Good Afternoon everyone....As I sit here reading and catching up on everyones Blogs, I'm listening to the Pitter Patter of the rain drops on my Tin Roof. That has to be one of the most soothing sounds..I love hearing the rain drops..its the same way on the camper top on my boat...Wish it would have been raining last night as I drifted off to sleep...I'm still sleeping a lot...ugggg
I've been trying to at least one little thing a day to build my body back up...Nothing exerting but something...So Yesterday Peg and I worked on flower beds for about an hour. We laid down plastic and then she shoveled mulch and I sat on the railorad ties and spread it with my little spade..we were going to finish them today but it rained so it'll have to wait...It felt so good to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine and get my hands dirty.. I love playing in the flower beds....
I've been making rag balls in the evenings... I've got about 60 made... think I'm gona have to have a Rag Ball
Peter cotton Tail has arrived or at least his cousins..I've got all my Easter Spring Decorations up...They make me smile every time I look at them... I fould all Peters cousins at the Good Will for 33 cents each...
I totally love the Bunny dressed in Green she goes so well with my Sunflower Decor in the Trialer.. I might have to keep her out for a while longer then my Easter decorations...
I filled one of my wood bowls with some of my Rag covered Eggs and then tucked that cute white bunny in the cneter...

Peggy and I created some Spring Rag Garland using Spring colors ...the Garland turned out great.. So I wraped my Spring Garland around my Tree first... then I sat another White Bunny on the top.

 Last year I created all these Salt Dough Easter Ornies but I'm not so good at making them & I wasn't really happy with them, so this year while I was creating the Chocolate Wax Covered Eggs I dipped all the salt Dough ornies in the same Wax and I love them...they smell so awesome and they look so cute on the tree.
I found a little Prim Bunny Garland at Good Will so I tookit apart and tucked the Little Bunnies in here and there.. They are just so cute!
Of course Tahsa Kitteh had to check things out and help me decorate...!
I found a few more of Peter CottonTails cousins at Good will so I tucked them in under the Tree.
 Next I sat a few Prim Bunnies on my chair...
Oh my shelves.. I really didn't have many Bunnies to sit on them but it gives me an excuse to look for more.
This Prim bunny hangs around all year long cause she has SunFlowers on her Dress but she loves it when the other Bunny's
I found this little Bunny sitting in a Horseshoe Swing and just had to have it ..So adorable...and it has a SunFlower so i just might have to keep it out all the time too!
Then I found these two Bunny's at Good Will and thought they would look cute on the sofa.
 So for 33 cents  why not!

So there we have Spring in the Trailer...
Not much else happening here other then recover and i will fill you in on that tomorrow...figured we'd just enjoy Spring decorations today!

I hope that you all are having a great Day..untill we meet again may your days be filled with Sunshine and Happy moments!!

Spring Blessings