Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sneak Peek~The Dreaded Tax Prep~Special Gift~ & who knows what else!!

Good Day my Prim Friends... I couldn't decide where to start today so much to share with everyone..
I received a Specal Gift from Carmen C last week and I was jumping up and down for joy cause let me tell ya it is cuter in person then in the pictures...I love it more then you can imagine...You know me and my Sunflowers.. Well I told Carmen I had to have one it would just look so cute on my shelf... So she sent it to me as a get well gift... I got a surprise for her too! Now tell me is that not perfect on my shelf?

Anyway my box was stuffed with other goodies too and love them all! See that Strawberry short Cake candle Yep I wanted one of those too but never ordered one because I wasn't sure where I would put it but guess what I got one now and it to is adorable. I tucked it in the Spice Cupboard. Pic didn't turn out Sorry.

I hung the Heart on the Spice Cupboard door.

My soaps are in the Bathroom...and I've used my hand soap already and love it too!
THANK YOU~THANK YOU~THANK YOU Carmen for my goodies I love them all!!

Now for a little Sneek Peek at what I worked on this week...Soon to be listed on Ebay!
~Primitive Americana Apple Basket Gathering~

 ~Primtive "Faith" Shaker Nesting Box Gathering~

~Primtive "Love & Hope" Shaker Nesting Box Gathering~

~Primtive Kara the Oh So Prim Teddy Bear~

27" tall Sit or Hang on the Door or Wall
$29.95 Free Shipping
Interested Email me via Specal Order at the top of my Blog

~Primtive Prissy the Oh So Prim Teddy Bear~

27" tall Sit or Hang on the Door or Wall
$29.95 Free Shipping
Interested Email me via Specal Order at the top of my Blog

~Primitive Rag Balls~Rag Balls~Rag Balls~Gathering~
Rag Balls 1 1/2" to 2" round
12 For 12.95 Free Shipping
Each additional Rag Ball added to order 65 cents
If you are interested in less then 12 they run 75 cents each 

The Rag Balls are For Sale here as well as on Ebay.
Anyone interested in purchasing Rag Balls contact me via Special order Eamil at the top of my blog.

Now let me see waht else has been going on....Oh yea the dreaded Tax preperation... Yep been working on that as I'm sure many of you have.. I so do hate doing all that paper work ..How about you?
I've got it all sorted organized and entered into the Tax File but hummm looks like this lady owes Uncle Sam a few bucks... ugggg.. What to do work no loot...might have to file an extention till I get things in order around here and back on my feet... I've never had to do that before so it is a new thing to figure out...
Have you ever had to file an extention?
I can't wait to get my strength back and get back to creating full swing...!!
Speaking of getting my strength back... in many ways I feel better...just not having the stress of surgery and cancer off my back is a huge spirit lifter... My THS levels are still not right but the Doc changed my dosage so now it's a wait and see deal... Praying so hard that the change makes the mark or comes close so that the majority of these left over symptoms go away...especially the Sleepy, fatigued, tired feeling and the muscle cramps and spasms...

Finally today the sun is shinning and its warm again... I've spent a little time out there enjoying it early afternoon... Took a walk with Puddles and let Tasha Kitty out to enjoy the sunshine she loves it as much as I do...
Lisa my shop Kitty is getting one big belly on her and i can now feel her baby's move when she lays on my lap so I think her time is going to be soon... I hope she has the kittens in the Shop so I can see and play with them every day but she is a pretty private kitty so not sure where she will go to have them. She is staying in the shop all the time maybe..I'll keep you posted.

Fleicia is out of the hospital and said she is feeling better so Thank God for his Blessing on her...

Time to run but until we meet again you all have a wonderful day and may it be filled with Sunshine and Happy moments!!

Spring Blessings


  1. What sweet treasures from Carmen!! And how very thoughtful of her! Ahhh....sunflowers - can't wait for the real things....they're such a happy flower to me. Sweet new gatherings you put together as well. Taxes? Shame on you for ruining a perfectly happy post with that dirty word. Been working on them myself - and we owe more than a wee bit. Yup - I've filed for extensions; filed amended returns; file in three states; etc. Pretty much a "been there; done that" kind of thing for us. Good luck! Thanks for the update on Felicia - yikes - I didn't know she was even IN the hospital. Looks like I have some catching up to do!! Enjoy the sunshine - they're saying rain for tomorrow here.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. I adore those sunflowers and (sadly) now covet that heart on your spice door. I'll have to pray about that.
    I'm so glad you are feeling better. Me too! Praise The Lord. The doctors will figure us out eventually..LOL

  3. Love the goodies from Carmen, so sweet of her to send you a get well package. I hope you get back to your old self, soon!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  4. What a wonderfully sweet thing for Carmen C to do...such great treasures she sent.
    You know - I never used to like Sunflowers - really did not like I love them - just a few though.


  5. Hi Tonya,

    Such a sweet gift from Carmen.

    I love your gatherings. They are all so nice it is hard to decide on a favorite.

    I hope that you can get your levels leveled. lol That sounds weird. :) And that your left over symptoms will be gone soon.

    Glad to hear that Felicia is out of the hospital and feeling better.

    I will pray for both of you to continue to get better.

    Take care, Janet W

  6. I'm so glad you like the get well gifts:) It all looks so cute where you have them displayed and I sure hope they get those levels figured out soon, I know it must be frustrating but hang in there just a bit longer, continuing to send prayers your way:)

  7. Hi Tonya,
    What wonderful goodies you got from Carmen C. She has sent me some things in the past...what a sweetie she is!
    Oh how I dislike doing all the tax stuff for my I know how you feel. We just mailed ours off earlier this week.
    Keeping you in prayers and hoping that they can figured out those levels for you soon.

  8. Love the goodies and maybe once we get moved I can get back to making some things..there are so many LITTLE things I still need to do the gatherings. How many people do you know that pack all the stuff they have collected for a year to make gatherings just to move them to a new home. I just know things will be better when we get settled in farther North. Happy to hear that things are getting a little better for you Tonya and of course if I lived in a HUGE old farm house and had a lot of money I would decorate it in TONYA..that is a new style in case you didn't know. Staying home tomorrow..supposed to rain plus I do not like Friday the 13th..have had a few things happen on that day over the years and they were not good. Maybe I can get some things finished in garage for the sale in 2 weeks:) Have a nice week end Tonya

  9. What a nice get well package! Love all your goodies. I pray you are feeling better soon!! Karen

  10. love the goodies you received.and I love love that new apple gathering you what its hanging on too..glad you are feeling better and I hope the meds start doing their thang too..have a great weekend..can't wait to see pictures of the new babies that are about to arrive.;)

  11. Hi! Tonya,

    What a blessing those sweet gifts are from Carmen. They all look soooo nice!

    I love all your creations too. Great job! Prissy & Kara are too cute :o)

    Hang in there're thyroid levels will fall into normal range. Usually, 6-8 weeks.

    Soooo happy to hear Felicia is back home & feeling much better.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Take care ok

    Blessings & Hugs,


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