Saturday, April 21, 2012

Panic Attack in the making & its gona be a big one!

Happy Saturday all. You all know I'm no good with Change & what did Blogger DO change Everything.
I am having one huge panic Attack here.. Now I know how Carmen C felt yesterday when she posted I'm gona quite Blogging...
Why is it that all these brainiac's have to always go around changing a good thing...Can't they just leave well enough alone and let us enjoy our little world?
Just when I was feeling pretty good blogger goes and makes me have a panic attack...LOL.. I'm laughing at myself as I write this because I simply hate change especially when it comes to Blogging, Facebook, Ebay, Photobook you know anything that has to do with the computer that is techinical...I mean really even after everyone wrote directions for me to get hooked up to Linky's I couldn't do it because it says my email address is already affiliated with them...Try using another email address... I don't have another email adress and I don't want one...good golly miss molly I have enough trouble keeping up with one email address... Well anyway if my email is already afilliated, I sure the heck don't know how... and where do I find the answer... No I gave up...
So anyway at least I know I am not alone in this panic...that so far I hear much frustration in many blogs.
Ok my heart reate is returning to normal... I made it to the writting page and vented..

So sad to see rain today we have had the most beautiful weather this week..I know we needed a drop or two but it did that last night.. I guess like Lisa and her snow me and my rain will jus thave to spend the day inside creating something awesome...
Actually had a great week out in the sunshine...I took my good old time playing in the flowerbeds and actuall got 99% of them weeded and covered in mulch..We ran out of mulch or I would have gotten them all mulched.
Actually I'm so delighted that I felt good enough to get out there and work on them all week long. My herb garden looks awesome and so do all of my Herbs. Everything made it threw winter. All of them are pretty and green.
I received some Sweet Annie seeds and plan to get them planted the first of the week.. Had to figure out a way to keep the chicken out of my beds long enough to get my seeds up and large enough to survive. Mission accomplished now I can plant all of my seeds...

The other day I got to watch Baby Eathen for a couple of hours so I took a blanket outside with an unbrella and let him come outside with me while I played in the flowerbeds. He was so cute all looking around at all the scenery and just giggling up a storm.. then the fresh air started to take its affect on him and he drifted off to sleep. Been a long long time since I had a baby asleep outside with me whil I worked on Flower beds.. Churned up some of those warm fuzzy memories we mothers have of our babies when they were little.. I loved takeing a moment back in time to remember..
When Eathens mom came home fro work she couldn't find us ..Grandma Peg had texted her that Aunt Tonya had Eathen so she knew I had him... finally she came around the back of the trailer and seen Eathen asleep under the unbrella and blanky and her distraught look disappeared into a smile... Awww now she has a warm fuzzy moment in time...I told her to go relax I would bring him in when he woke up..she was delighted to have a moment to herself... Soon after the girls came home...but I think she got about half an hour to herself... A treasure many a mom looks forward too...
Eathen slept about an hour and then I took him in the house...Flower bed all cleaned out and one happy baby... All in a good day!

Mama Lisa and her new baby's are doing great.. Lisa even left them for a coule of minutes to sit on my lap last night... then one of her baby's woke up and she was off my lap in a flash... She does love being a mommy Kitty....
I made hand dipped spice rolled candles last night in the shop... It smelled so good in there.. I didn't get finished so plan to do that today... I want to try to make about 300 total so I have plenty to last me for a while...

The antibiotics seem to have done the job my neck incision feels much better, still itchy but that is from healing.. Somade it over that hurdle...

Not much else happening around here...So i will take my leave wishing you all a Great Saturday filled with happy moments and warm memories..

Spring Blessings


  1. Hi Tonya...are you talking about all the design stuff in Blogger being moved to the left side of the screen, instead of lined up at the top? If that is it, you can reverse the new look at the top of the design page...the very top, by going back to the old version. Let me know if this is what is causing you anxiety. It did me too until I got back my old version! ♥♥♥

  2. LOL, Yes I did post that just in case, then went back and tried again and managed a post but I'll tell you what, WHY do they feel the constant need for changes?! I wasn't able to write where I wanted in regard to the pics, ARGH! So glad your feeling better, have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Tonya,

    I am glad that you were able to get your gardens almost done. And that your incision is doing better. Sorry about the "itchies"

    About blogger? you said why can't they leave things alone? If it ain't broke don't fix it. When I changed back to the old page element thing and did a post, it did not show up on anyone's blog list. I had to change back.

    Seems like everyone's changing things, Blogger, Yahoo, Facebook...geeeeez I'm too old for this. I finally figure out how to use something and feel proud of myself for doing it all by myself and BAM!! Oh goodness

    The weather here is nice, kinda too hot for me the past couple of days. Over 70 is too hot for me lol

    Lawn needs mowing, thought a friend was going to mow it today but he haven't been around. We don't have a lawn mower. Oh well...

    Well I have to get to my housework.

    Have a fun rest of the evening and a wonderful Sunday. :)

    Take care, Janet W ((hugs))

  4. You painted an awesome picture with your words Tonya, yes I remember gardening with a baby! Glad your incision is healing, for a while there I feared you would have to wear one of those inverted lampshades to not scratch! You have come such a long way! 300? 300 candles? DANG! Have a great week ~*~Lisa

  5. Hi Tonya,
    Change is frustrating especially when it comes to the computer ~ I know how you feel!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day doing what you love most!!!
    Holy cats ~ 300 candles???
    Enjoy your day!
    Prim Blessings

  6. Hi! Tonya,

    Happy to hear you had a fun time with the baby. They are sooo precious!

    Yes! online issues can be frustrating. I think they complicate things more than they need be ;o)

    Wow! 300 candles. That would take me hours.

    You're so lucky to have your herbs already green. Ours are still hiding from the cold lol

    You are doing great with the surgery healing. Good stuff!

    Have a sunny week! Take care ok

    Blessings & Hugs,

  7. glad to hear you are out enjoying the great weather..and your kitty had kittens..oh you must share with us..I love baby kittehs...they make me melt;)have a wonderful week a head.:)

  8. Hi Tonya,
    What a lovely post...I can see you working in your gardens and baby sleeping soundly...what a pretty picture. Glad you had some warm fuzzy moments too...we all need them at times. Our little one's grow up so fast we don't have time to enjoy them like we should.

    Well you certainly aren't letting grass grow under your feet (so to speak) You are so busy creating...good for you.


  9. Good to hear you are recovering nicely. Having a little one around is always a blessing. Your flower beds are ready for the garden season. You have been a busy bee. My furry friend had been missing 3 days. I went in search & found her & her little family we were waiting for in the hay loft nice & snug. Blessings!


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