Saturday, April 28, 2012

Do ya ever Get aggervated with yourself? Trip North & Dr Visit up date

Happy Friday night Everyone! I had a great post all planned out for you and well OOps! I took pictures of the kittens to share and well I forgot the Camera cord so no new Kitten Pic's. I will tell you they have grown like little weeds all fat and fluffy..I think it has somethting to do with me spoiling Mama Lisa with canned food and the perfect place to raise her little family.
I decided to take a road trip for a number of reason and Mama Lisa is gona miss me being there to spoil her and the kittens.. heck I'm gona miss them too. Peg promised me to feed her special every day and to hold the kittens a little...I sure hope she does...

Anyway I needed to get the heck out of Dodge, Doctor appointments and paper work for every agency in the US. was wearing me down to the core so to speak and after yesterdays Dr visit I had enough and packed my clothes, my cats, my bird, my dog and we took off for my house in Port Clinton and then over to the Island for the weekend.. thinking if I get away for a while I will find some well deserved peace of mind..
I needed to check the house and see what needs to be done now that spring has sprung and along with Spring comes lots of weeds in the flower beds and tree limbs all over the yard from winter. Also wanted to check on my unrepaired boat sitting in the driveway... its still there thank god... I've actually had a boat and two boat trailers stollen from my yard in the last 4 years so I worry about her getting stolen too!
Got lots of weeds to pull and tons of broken tree limbs to pick up... Won't happen this weekend ..I promised self no thinking or being responsible takin care of business this weekend just visiting friends and chilling..

After checking the house and doing a survey of what needs done we took off for the ferry to the Island. It felt good to take the ferry.. We are settled into the trailer here just chilling...feels good...
No cleaning houses just chilling all weekend.

My Dr visit yesterday turned into two Dr visits so I was in one or the other from 11 till 5:00. My first appointment was with the Rheumotologist..They did an over all check of the hands, neck & back since I've really been having a lot of swelling and pain.. Nothing new just worse then normal...Personally I think half of it is sitting around not being active ...When she was checking my neck she touched this stop that has been really hurting since my surgery... I think I mentioned my neck muscles were hurting.. anyway when she touched it it hurt so much it made me jump & let out an involentary yelp..She ask me if it really hurt that much...Humm guess so you mademe jump & yelp. So I told her about my neck hurting in that muscle that was making my ear hurt, my throat hurt & my tooth hurt. Wasn't sure wha twas causing it but it has hurt since surgery. She says, you need to get to your family Dr. or better yet your surgeon because your neck is really swollen and your throat looks horrible.. She looked up the surgeon on the OSU computer. All our information is stored on there so all your OSU doctors can see it and work together they say..Not so sure about the working together thing... anyway she called and made me an appointment with him after I was finished with her..
I had told her I wanted to focus on my Arthritis and wanted to see how bad it was getting could she do x-rays. whe she & i were done they did the x-rays. Pretty cool they gave me a CD of them to carry with me in my medical notebook I put together so I could keep all of this stuff straight..
As I have long suspected the x-rays said it. All the cushion stuff between the vertebra in my neck is pretty much gone and all kinds of spurs..I think that explains the pain in the neck..
Lower Back and hips not looking so good either...ugggg
My hands are as ugly in an xray as they are getting in person or is that on my person..Anyway ugly and it seems I have dupatrenscontracture (SP) in both hands. Its worse in the right hand which explains why my first finger always looks like its sticking reality the middle fingers are being drawn back which makes it seem the first finger is sticking out.
She added a new medication that they have found helps with Sjogren's Disease and Arthritis.
Placquinal (SP) I hesitate taking it because it has so many side efects especially to the eyes.
So add one more health Issues to the never ending list..
Once I was done I headed to the next Dr appointment with Dr Phay he surgeon. He's not sure what is wrong & why I am experienceing this muscle pain but plainly he says it is swollen. Stay on the antibiotics till done.
Now in those x-rays you can clearly see my neck is swollen but the other thing you see is the metal clamps they use to hold thing sin place when you have Thyroid surgery. they will remain forever. that's cool but one lays exactly where the pain is and the swelling. So as I look at the xray on my computer I think Hummm is this is what I feel poking me making my muscle hurt so badly in that one spot.. I think it could very well be this clamp.. didn't discover it till after visit with Dr Phay while I was loking at the x-rays but I plan to call him Monday and ask him to look at the x-ray and see what he thinks... It would sure explains this pain. I would like answers since I didn't hurt at all after surgery now all of a sudden I'm hurting like the devil. Guess it is one of those wait and see things...

I think its time to dump all thoughts of this from my mind today and go visit with my friends here on the Island.

So I will leave you with warm wishes for a Happy Saturday...!



  1. I hope they figure it out, soon! You have been through so much, you need to be feeling like your old self one of these days! I hope you have a great weekend with your friends, you so deserve it!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Playing a little catch-up here Tonya - yikes - sounds like a lot's been going on in the past week or so. First - congratulations to Mamma Lisa and you on the new kittens!!! How adorable are they??!! Can't wait to see some updated photos....and so very glad you live several states away. I have an awful hard time resisting the urge to bring any new little kitten I see home....Sorry to hear that you're still have so many medical issues. truly are too young for all that suffering. Hoping and praying the drs can get things figured out quickly and provide you with some relief. Glad to hear you took some "you" time and went to the island to regroup....Hope it's helping....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Oh Tonya, I just want to send you a BIG HUGE (((((HUG)))))! No wonder you needed to get away:( I hope they figure out soon why the neck pain,and if the clamp is where you are having the pain I wonder if the clamp is on a nerve??

  4. Hey Tonya..I have ben doing a lot of research and a lot of reading for help with health issues and pain and have found a lot of herbal things that help and can't hurt you. If you are interested let me know and I will see if I can make some copies and mail to you. I couldn't believe what some foods can do for swelling and pain etc etc. Just email and let me know if you would like to know more. I have been busy making cute OOAK things for Dog's and Cats and will be listing some on ebay tomorrow. Will see what happens. Since reports say that people spend millions on their pets I figured I might as well get some of the gravy. Take Care and try to relax as much as you can. Hugs and prayers to you

  5. Tonya,
    Sure hope you are having a great weekend and just kicking back and enjoying yourself.
    Hope the doctor can figure out why you are in pain and that you feel better real soon.

  6. I hope you enjoyed your relaxing weekend.

  7. Hi Tonya,

    Sorry I didn't get to reading your post til now. I am a few days behind and need to catch up.

    I am sorry to hear of your new pains :( I hope that today you were able to get some help from the surgeon. Did you get to talk to him? What did he say?

    Could the clamp have relocated and is rubbing on something? Or maybe your body is rejecting it?

    I hope it gets worked out soon so you can feel better.

    Still praying for you my friend.
    Take care, Janet W. (((hugs)))


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