Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oh how My Kittens have Grown come in.. take a peek!

Happy Sunday morning Lisa Kitty here! I thought I would stop in, say Hi & show off my little family.
Wow how quickly time passes. Seems like yesterday when mom introduced you to my new family..Tomorrow my baby's will be three weeks old ..Can you believe it 3 weeks....where does the time go?
Seems like yesterday mom decided to let me hang out in the shop with her. I'm sure glad she did because she spoils me...

I'm not sure which one of us is the luckiest, me or mom... I love it in her shop & mom love haiving me there.... I get to hang out with mom and sometimes Hailey comes out to hang with mom & me.
I mean is this the life or what?  Here I am all snuggled in with Hailey...Mom didn't know it when she took this picture but I would  deliver my new kittens less then a week later... it was really nice to be all snuggly, warm and safe while I rested up for delivery...
Then the big day came and I gave birth to the most beautiful Silver White and Black kittens you've ever seen..there Colors are really starting to show. two of them are really silver with a tiny bit of white around the edge of there ears and dark gray on there paws & ears.
Now I know mom already showed you the new born pictures but I wanted to show them to you again before I showed you how much they have grown.

Its a lot of work being a new mommy but I don't mind at all...Mom spoils me with canned food and comes out to love on me every day...sometimes I need to rest. Just look at how tiny my kittens were.
Now look at how much they have grown...
Goodness aren't they just beautiful...They have there eyes open now so mom had to find me a new bed to take care of them so they didn't start to crawl out of the doggy bed and get lost in the shop..She decided that a laundry basket would be perfect for now at least.. Soon they will be climbing everything!
Then it will be a big adventure... I think mom will have to move us out of the shop when they are old enough to climb... to many dangerous things in the shop for the little ones to get hurt on.. I can just see it now broken glass everywhere...
They all have there eyes open it won't be long and they will figure out they can climb right out of there basket..

Just look at that little fat belly!

Just look at how much this little darlin has grown.. 

This precious little darlin is the adventurous one! Already he puts his little paws threw the holes in the basket... I bet he is gona be the first one to get in trouble for crawling out..
This is my shy baby.. doesn't like being held at all..when mom picked him up to take his picture he wiggled and wiggled.. I was afraid he was going to wiggle right out of Mom's hand.

I think this one is the most like me...Loves to be held and loved on. He just curls up in moms hand and falls asleep!

It's time for me to get back out to the shop and feed the kittens... Mom said she's going to take new pictures this week to share with then the kids will surely be ready to start going on adventures and mom will probably have to move us out of the shop. ok gotta run I hear my little darlings calling me.

Miss Lisa Kitty is just the best you can see her Kittens are all plump little ones. She hardly ever leaves them alone for long.. I was working in the shop on Thursday night and she finally left her kittens for a few minutes to come get some loving...She was so happy to have me working in the shop... so I showered her with lots of lovin..
I'm in love with her little ones they are such a pretty color of Silver.. I don't know how I'm gona feel about giving them away...LOL.. My sister n law said so don't give them away...I'm sure they won't mind being barn kitty's..Hummm... I think she fell in love with them when she took care of them last weekend... She never says lets keep the new kittens... guess time will tell... I did show them to my neighbor Tina...she wants a kitten for her elderly Mom and Dad... I know they will love one so if they decide to take one I'll be happy knowing it will make two elders very very happy!!

Not much else going on .. I had a pretty good week this week. Peg and I worked in the Flowerbeds in the evenings. You would laugh at the two of us both with bad backs scooting around in the dirt one using the spade to lift up the dirt the other pulling weeds out of it...We last about an hour or so and then pat ourselves on the back for getting another 8 foot of flowerbed weeded, covered with weed paper and mulch...Thank God for my niece who has the muscle to pick up the mulch bags and dump them for us to spread...LOL... I figure we should get this huge flowerbed done by the end of the May at the rate we're going...but hey at least we can say we did it even if it took us a month...

I had a doctors appointment with an SSI doctor...and a dentist appointment. Another tooth crumbled. He's going to try to fix it but I just don't know this one has very little left to work with..its so disheartening to brush your teeth 5 times a day use special toothpaste and mouth wash. floss constantly and still your teeth just crumble away daily. It happens because my mouth is so dry the teeth dry out too and then just crumble away.

Its a beautiful day so I think I will find something to do outside..

Time to run... I sure hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, fillled with Sunshine and Happy moments..




  1. I love you baby kitties just so sweet

  2. Nothing cuter than little kittens - and Mamma Lisa did herself proud. Thank goodness my kitties are fixed or I would have a real problem - I'd never be able to give the kittens up.....We are in the middle of monsoon season here - it poured since last evening and hasn't let up yet. Too chilly also to work much outside, so it'll be a while before my flower beds see a spade.....Happy Sunday Tonya! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Oh those babies are soooo cute! Mommy kitty is taking such good care of them, too. Makes me want one, when I see pictures of them! I hope you have a great Sunday!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings

  4. YOur kittens are adorable! The gray striped cast are my favorite!! Take care and have a great week!

  5. The kittens are so darn cute. I would hate to give away those little cuties but they don't stay little for long.

    I'm glad to hear you are doing better. I have tried to comment several times and blogger wouldn't let me. I'm not liking the changes they have made. Anyway I hope you continue to get better and I will try to comment again soon.


  6. kitties are so darned cute and fun to watch.
    we love kitties and puppies!

  7. What sweet baby kitties!!
    They are so adorable!!
    Gives them lots of hugs for me.

  8. Hi Tonya,
    Kitties sure are getting big! I didn't know that could happen to teeth from dryness. Yikes, can you get that mouth rinse for dry mouths. A dentist I worked for used to tell his patients about it. I think it's over the counter?? Check into it.

  9. Oh your kitties are sooooo cute. :) Miss Lisa is doing a good job taking care of them.

    I am glad that you are getting to work outside on your flower beds.

    Sure is discouraging to take such good care of your teeth and have that happen. My sister doesn't have any teeth now. She was had medications her entire life that have made her teeth and gums bad. :(

    Plus I think there is a bad tooth gene in the family somewhere. Mom had all hers out when she was in her 30s and a lot of mine are gone. It is weird.

    Well, have a great day my friend. Can't wait to see more kitty pics.

    Take care, Janet W (((hugs)))

  10. Such sweet babies you have Lisa Kitty! (that wooden bowl looks like a perfect cat nest LOL) Hope your mom has a great week and her tooth gets fixed! ~*~Lisa

  11. Cute kittens. I'm glad you were well enough to be's so therapeutic

  12. Mamma Lisa and babies are sooooooooo cute.


  13. Oh what a cute story and even cuter kittens!!! Glad you are doing better!! It's hard sometimes but I am trying to just take one day at a time!! Stop by my blog I am havin a giveaway and I am drawing tomorrow!! XOXO Fran.

  14. oh I melted and ooohhhd and awwwhhhhde at every photo..they are so flipping cute and each has its own little personality..I love melted my butta.;O) have a wonderful week enjoying the beautiful weather and those babies... :)


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