Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thank you for your Prayers~Update ~Sneak peek~

Good Morning to all of my wonderful Prim Blog Friends...As Promised a sneak peek at my latest Creaion..."The Old Crow Gathering" the Cranky Crow is gona love this one for sure!!

I love this gathering..its so Prim Perfect... I will be lisiting it on ebay as soon as I can ..

God Bless you all for your encouraging words, thoughts and prayers.. You have no idea how much they mean to me and how much they help life me up. I'm usually pretty positive and can handle just about anything even the worst with a sense of humor. But this time I have to admit I'm scared to death...It seems taht my Thyroid is undecided & all mixed up as to how it wishes to preform. Flipping back and forth from Hyper to much hormone to Hypo not enough hormone which threw my body into sort of a fight with itself. Its my understadning that the Tyroid and Pituitary Gland work together to make all our parts work sending out all the right signals and hormones the make things run when the Tyroid is messed up and undecided the wrong signals are sent to the Pituitary Gland which then starts making the Pituitary Gland send the wrong signals. About that time things start going haywire shutting important body functions into a tail spin sometimes shutting down, basically making ones body do all kinds of strange things... Now if there were any humor in my situation it would be what happened with me Every muscle from hed to toe started to burn and then there was nothing but severe pain in all those muscles...What happened next was funny in a sense ..I love to dance but my body decided to do its own dance!
 It started jerking out or control..funny as it looked I'm sure to those who stared at me scared me out of my wits. My arms are jumping/jerking out of control as are my legs and my back making me look like I'm doing some sort of dance.. Every time one limb/muscle jerks another muscle someplace else gets a horribly painful cramp/spasm in it so I'm trying to work out the cramp while another body part is jerking and jumping about making another painful muscle cramp spasm come on. On top of all that my neck, face, hands and arms are numb and tingling..its very painful. Its also happening to my chest & heart muscles as well.

If I said I wasn't scared to death It would be a total lie because I am... I have no insurance so very limited medical help is available without finanical help.
The hospital has taken me off the Tyroid meds for now. They did give me a pill to help with the jerks & tremers but unable to stableize me because they do not have an Endocrinologist on board. They have recomended that I go to Ohio State university Hospital.
The findings of the Ultra sound
Tyroid enlarged, with increased color flow, suggesting a non-specific tyroiditis.
Three small nodules are identified within the gland, One of these in the superior left lobe measures greater then 1 cm.
Reccomended ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration of this larger indeterminate nodule is reccomended immediately.
I watched the ultra sound and I was able to see the Nodules...scary they look huge in an ultra sound.

Anyway I'm really scared and pretty much clueless how I'm going to handle all of this..Other then to hand it over to the Lord because this one is out of my hands...and ask for your prayers.

Thank you for being my good Friends and great support system especially right now when I feel so very alone..God Bless you all!!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Hello all my Prim Friends.. I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving weekend!
Peg & I created this beautiful Skates & Old Sled gathering for Peg's to the fireplace..It turned out so cute.. We started decorating the rest of the Family room...

Sadly my weekend didn't end the way I'd like no matter how much fun we had decorating the porch, and the house No matter how good all the food was...for some reason Seems My Thyroid problems aren't going to be resolved simply by taking medication.
For those of you who follow my blog you know they diagnosed me with Hyperthyroid disease as well as graves disease about 3 months ago and things were going pretty good on the medication the doctor put me on. About two weeks ago I noticed that I was feeling like I did before medication...getting worse every day.
 Total exhaustion, diarrhea, severe muscle pain, spasms in my the point of complete body breakdown Sunday night... And here I am in the hospital waiting to find out exactly what it going on.. and the bigger Question is why... My blood test now show Hypothyroidism not hyperthyroidism..they tell me it isn't uncommon the problem is figuring out exactly how to work the meds to keep me stable.
The serious side to this flipping back and forth is having a heart attack.. and Kidney failure.
Getting a bit more scarey by the day with every new thing the doctors tell me. They did an Ultra Sound of the thyriod this morning witht he hopes of finding some clues to the problem.
I never do things the normal way like others... my illnesses are always complicated by something that test the Doctors. I just want out of here I hate it ..I hate the defeat of illness, I hate the cost of illness I just hate illness..especially illness that messes with my ability to create...You all could find me throwing a verbal tantrum.

The Doc was in earlier and said he hopes to get the Ultra sound read today and find out if he can get me on the right meds and release me if not I will be here another 24 hours.. I sure hope not but i also want to feel good and able to get around in my shop!!

I need your prayers for a resolution to the problem ...

I have a sneak peek but decided to post it separately...since it is so Awesome..

Have a great day.!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving To all

Yep it was a Happy Thanksgiving here at my Brother & Sister N laws..
I hope that you all had a Wonderful Thanksgiving filled with many happy moments....

The food was great and of course I ate to much.. We deep Fried the Turkey this year and it was so moist inside.. Yummy Yummy!!
Now its time to kick back and let it all digest...

Enjoy your weekend!!

Hugs & Blessings

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wrapping Packages with Old Sheets-Save a buck The price is right!

Good Morning all...Wow lots of response to the packages wrapped with sheets! So thought I would share the why and how to with every one. Save yourself some $$$$. Got any old Christmas colored sheets around the house you really don't use? If not take a Trip to Good Will and buy a few. They generally run anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00. One sheet will cover 2 or three large packages or 10 to 20 small packages.
What ever you don't use you can put in your scrap bag to make Rag Garland or other crafts with or just use as rags so nothing gets wasted or thrown away like traditional paper wrapping and the cost is much less over all.
If you are wrapping a box for your out door Porch or Barn Kitty's you will want to leave one side or end open so they can get in and out. You will also want to put a weight in the back of the box under the blankets to hold it down since the end is open the wind will tend to catch it and move it around.

You will want to choose a have duty thick cardboard box. You can cover it first with a trash bag taped to the box. Its easy to secure the sheet. Simply cut your sheet to fit the box just as you would any gift package but rather then use tape as the final securing you will use thread or twine to secure it.

Actually you will use a little tape or Pins to hold the end fold together while you stitch it. Simply Stitch the fold making sure you get threw all the layers of fabric. Then Decorate with a bow or twine. We put an old bow on the red package so the Kitty's could play with it.. They love it!
Once we were done we added a heavy rock in the back of the box and filled it with there winter Blankets.
The Green & white package was actually an old wire Bird Cage stand on wheels. So we poked a hole in the sheet at each corner top and bottom and used a piece of twine to secure the sheet. We left a 4" gap on one side so they could get in and out. We poked a hole in the sheets at the top and bottom of each corner & tied it with twine. We put there blanket back in it and ta-da a Christmas package.

If you are just doing outdoor packages you will cover both ends of the package. You will want to add a weight before you wrap the package.

If you want to save even more money use old sheets to wrap all your Christmas packages for friend and family gifts. Stop by the Dollar store and pick up a couple of packages of Safety pins.
Cut your sheets just as you would cut your wrapping paper to fit your packages. Wrap your package just as you would if using paper. Safety in the corner folds where you would normally use tape. You can actually use packing tape if you like but the safety pins look so cute.
You can also safety pin your gift tags to the package.
Add a traditional bow or use twine to create a bow either look great!!

Save your scraps for Rag Garland or other Craft ideas..Nothing wasted..Nothing thrown away like paper wrapping!!
After every one has opened there gifts simply pick up the sheet wrapping fold it put it in a tote and use it next year.. Now you are starting to see where the savings comes in to play here...!! You may have to buy new safety pins every year but they are cheap.

So there you have it ladies start saving some bucks and have fun wrapping your gifts in a new way!!

Holiday Blessings

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Creating a Scene of Christmas on the wrap around porch..How fun!!!

Howdy to all of you.. I hope that you have had a good day today...As mentioned in my last post my sister N law and I worked on decorating her wrap around porch this past weekend and it turned out so darned adorable. We aren't completely done with it but close ...We still have bows to put on the Wreaths and then hang the wreaths on the railing..
This fall peg bought an old wringer washer at an auction so we decided we wanted to make a Laundry area Christmas Display so we started there. We still have some Tins to paint and Label for the shelf but it was raining so we decided to hold off on that other wise the display is done.
The washer & shelf will remain after Christmas and she will decorate according to the seasons.
Our theme is Santa's laundry being washed by the Elves & A Snowman.
The tree being decorated by a Gingerbread Elf.
We hung a Wash Tub on the shelf along with Santa's Red long John's and Mrs Clause's dress.
 We tucked a Christmas Bear in each of the old wood Rockers.
We stood an Elf on a box next to the washer. Put Santa's Hat in the wringer and hung his socks over the edge of the washer. We filled a bucket of Silver bulbs to make it look like bubbles next to the Elf.
We filled a second bucket with Silver Bulbs and sat it in front of the washer on top of an old Rusty Tin. Then we tied a second Elf to the leg of the washer next to the bucket.

The funny thing was Peg glued all those bulbs on the wreaths and they fell off... She was so upset. She was like great..." What am I gona do with all those silly bulbs?" I seen the old buckets sitting on the porch with hay in them and said we'll put them in those buckets and call them Bubbles.. sorta just to find a place for them but they actually made the Scene..
 We stood her huge Snowman on the other side of the washer..

Next we flipped over an old Trunk and put a Christmas Tree on it with a big red Bow. Then we drug out an old wood Bench and stood A Gingerbread man on making it look like he is decorating the Tree..

This is on the other side of her back door where all the Porch Kitty's stay, so we created a scene around there space. First we hung a Pine Wreath above the Kitty Area...
The old wood burning stove is in the corner so we stood another big Snowman by the Stove.
She stitched a stick to his hand and added Cotton Balls to the stick to look like Marsh mellows.
We put a red light in the wood burner to make it look like there is a fire in it.
We took an old Red Sheet and covered the Kitty's sleeping box and another old sheet and covered a wire rolling cart they sleep in. We poked holes in the corners of the sheets and tied them on with twine so they can't blow off.  Now the Kitty's have gift boxes for beds...As you can see Lisa has already picked out her stop to sit...and one of the kittens is peeking out of his cat tree.. so cute!!
The Kitty in front of the stove is a fake kitty...
Coming around the corner of the porch we added a Christmas Tree with a Mama Bear Decorating the Tree and Baby Bear looking up...Next to the tree is a huge Coca Cola Fridge.
On the Front of the wrap around. We started with two white Rockers with an end table between them. We are going to sit a Big Snowman in each chair but had trouble locating the Snowmen so no picture till we get that section finished..
Moving on down we sat up a huge Christmas tree Added lots of red bows along with another white Rocker, a Spinning Wheel & an End Table.
We draped a Snowman Quilt over the back of the Rocker
We stood Santa on the other side of the tree looking as if he is decorating the tree. We tucked a couple of toys under the tree and wrapped a plastic milk crate with a sheet creating another gift package and tucked it under the tree. We're going to make several more sheet wrapped packages to add under the tree.
We're going to add a Candle Stick Lamp to the table along with a plate of Cookies.
 We have a little Tweeking but it looks really good so far.. there are two spot lights on it at night so you can see it really well from the road...

It was fun creating a Christmas Scene all the way around the porch..Can't wait to finish all the little touches and gift packages....

I hope you all had a Great Weekend and were able to get in a little Christmas decorating too..

Until we meet again may your day be filled with happy moments!!

Holiday Blessings..

Saturday, November 19, 2011

One of those Whrilwind I'm Thankful is finally winding down weeks..Sigh!!

Happy Saturday Evening Folks....I hope your enjoying your weekend!!
I have Mama Kitty laying across my arm as I am trying to type.. I think she feels I should be lovin on her not trying to post..LOL..This is her latest thing..she jumps up on the desk, lays down either on the keyboard or across my arm..and just starts chattering away.. Every day she get more and more vocal it is so darned cute and funny I can hardly stand it..I get to giggling at her persistence!!

Boy what a whirlwind week and I couldn't be happier it is winding down.. I came off the Island thinking I would finally get some rest....settle in the shop and hide out for a while...Nope it just didn't work out that way at all...
Well as you know I  did manage to make it to the shop a couple of evenings.. I didn't even take the time to unpack all the boxes in the van just the things I knew I needed...I wanted to clean the trailer before I tackled unpacking and putting everything away.. which isn't an easy task in a small trailer.

I promised to help clean and Organize the basement for my sister n law when I finally made it off the island for good.. So no more was I home and trying to settle in she ask if I was ready to clean and organize..
My response....Sure, lets get it done so I can hide away in the shop for a couple of weeks'' we tackled the basement which only took one whole day to clean and organize...but there was alot of going up and down the steps with loads of either laundry or bags of give to Good Will stuff & trash.... by the end of it my Back & hips were not happy at all and hurt like the dickens.. 

As mentioned in my last post my niece had a baby two weeks ago.
She lives in the apartment built in the basement of my brothers house. Two of The kids I am always talking about and sharing pics of are her daughters Hailey & Savana. The apartment is more or less two bedrooms that were in desperate need of cleaning. Peg ask me what I thought I could do to clean, organize and spruce up the kids niece isn't the most orderly person so it really needed a cleaning from top to bottom..and a total overhaul in the organise department before the baby could move downstairs.

I'm waiting for my brother to get new ceiling tiles before I take pictures and for my niece to finish putting away laundry and setting up the crib before I take pictures...I will post the pictures soon but for now I'll just share a little of what I got done. A super cleaning of both bedrooms, washed down all the walls, woodwork and furniture..Scrubbed the carpets and then set about rearranging the kids room. But first we had to get rid of some of the toys they simply never play with...
The walls in the girls room is just that foam insulation boards painted so I decided that it was a mess and looked like ..well you get the idea so I went thrifting and found 8 matching sheets..kinda of a faded blue jean color. I covered the foam walls with the sheets... two of the walls are paneling so they were ok..Now the room looks 100% better..not the perfect job but good enough. then we stapled the girls posters to the walls since of course we couldn't hang anything on foam board. I rearranged the furniture so that they have more space and all toys are off the floor.. I put a desk in there room so they can color or do home work plus have space for there coloring books, drawing paper and ect.
I created spaces with wood crates for storing there CD's and Hooks for hanging things on the side of the stand up closet.

They have new rules that are going to be hard for a little while but Aunt Tonya printed them up so they know that basically from now on your room will be picked up & everything has a place to put it when you're done playing with it..

They couldn't stop telling me how much they liked there room I am hopeful that they will do there best to keep it cleaned up...When it was all done
We went over the rules together and they agreed that if they didn't keep it picked up on surprise room checks anything on the floors would be thrown away...I gave them a Barbie light that goes around and creates colored stars on the walls and ceiling that just tickled them to death...I told them that if there was ever a time I had to come down and clean there room I would take the light away until they got there room cleaned up...They both told me they promised they would keep it clean cause they wanted to keep the light..giggle a little bribery .........We shall see how it goes...

Once I got all of that done then Peggy and I went outside and started decorating the wrap around porch for Christmas...Pictures to come as soon as we are done with it...Little hint she got an old wringer washer at an auction for $7 bucks and it still works... anyway I created a Christmas laundry Room scene for starters and it is so darned cute... I created it so that she can change it up with the seasons and holidays....

Last night my back and hips were really hurting so Peggy put her muscle stimulator on it to see if we could make it stop having spasims. Its one of those things the Chiropractor uses that sends little electric shocks to the muscles.. It helped my hips and lower back but not my upper back that has a pinched nerve that keeps making my fingers go numb...drives me nuts when they are numb...and tinglely....
Especially when I am doing things like creating Rag Garland... I sold 40 feet of Garland and needed to get it made so I worked on it last night after my tingle treatment..

Then finally today I decided I needed to clean the trailer and unpack all my boxes from summer. They have been sitting in the van for near a week.......That was an all day job cause I have to move things around to get it all put away...I cleaned my fridge too...Finally finished it around 6:30... Now I truely feel like I am home for the winter...
LOL.. I turned on the heat in the shop but by the time it was warm I was just to tired to go out there and work... so no creating tonight...

Its supposed to be warm tomorrow so Peggy and I are hoping to finish Decorating the front porch for Christmas and then I will take pictures to share with you..

So as you can see it has been a real whirlwind of a week around here but much was accomplished..Baby Eathen has a new crib, his room is nearly ready so Mom & Baby will move downstairs tomorrow night..along with the girls...

It was a good week with much accomplished!!

Hope you all had a good week and accomplished all your goals... and like me are ready to settle down a little and enjoy them....Until we meet again may your days be filled with happy moments!!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Here it is-- Your first Sneek Peek of the Season--Been lovin Creating again!!

Hello everyone... Tonya has been busy creating .. I told ya I couldn't wait to sink my hands into creating some new Gatherings... Of course I had to create something with one of the little dresses I stitched a couple weeks ago...
~The Three Bears Wall Cubby~

~Bench Gathering~

~Trunk Chest Necessary Room Gathering~

~Trunk Chest necessary Room Gathering~

~Necessary Room Tray Gathering~

~A Cupboard Side Pantry Spice Gathering~

~A Window Pane Gathering~

There you have it my first Official Gatherings since coming home from the Island  for the winter..

It was so nice not to have to rush around and just go spend time in the Shop creating...I also had 5 Ebay sales yesterday... the Season has begun...!!

I've also been helping my niece and sister n law do some Fall cleaning... We cleaned the basement on Sunday, then Monday and Today we cleaned kids bed room...Talked the two girls into going threw all there toys and clothing so we can take them to the Free Community Center for the needy. They did a great job of getting rid of toys and clothes. I am taking them with me to donate all the things they decided to part with..Normally we would donate to Good Will but we decided to donate to the Community center as there are so many needy people out of work that need coats, clothing and toys for there kids.
We scrubbed the girls carpets, hung fabric on there walls so it looks like they have curtains all the way around there room. We scrubbed all the furniture and walls too. Then we rearranged there room and they were delighted with how it turned out...
Tomorrow we are doing the same in there mom's room. In the next week she will be taking the baby downstairs to there freshly cleaned room.. We want to clean and then get the crib set up and ready for the baby Ethan...
We should have everything done tomorrow and everyone can move back downstairs to there rooms.
Since the baby was born they have been staying upstairs so we figured this was a good time to tackle cleaning there rooms.

Once I'm done cleaning for them I plan to spend a week but doing nothing but Creating...trying to get a mega amount of Prim Gatherings completed and listed on ebay..Work on building My Primitive Creations back up. I have to do this every Fall after coming off the Island and totally dependent on EBay sales for winter.
The money isn't as good as it is cleaning but its not as back breaking as cleaning houses...

Not much else going on here... What can I say... I'm happy to be home creating again and spending time with my nieces...

Until we meet again may your days be filled with Sunshine and happy moments!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

EXCITED My Primitive Creations is offically OPEN. Take a peek!! Yep I'm off the Island till Spring!

A fine Sunday Morning Howdy to all my Prim Friends...
Can you feel the excitement in the air...? I left the island yesterday for the last time this year. Everything is snuggly packed up in the camper, put away, tied down and ready for the long winter winds blowing off the lake. As I boarded the Ferry I said Good Bye with both tears in my eyes and happy written all over my face!!
Stopped by my house to do a few loads of Laundry, Blow all the leaves out by the road and pick up all the Thrift Store finds I purchased I was out blowin gleaves. A gentleman stopped by and ask If I had bought the house ..I said No I own it why? He tells me he is interested in buying the house. He tells me he has called the realtor & left messages but has gotten no Response from her...uggggg...
So I showed him the house myself. He seemed interested, gave me his name and Phone #. He is going to call the realtor one more time if she doesn't respond then he said he will call me back.  My nieghbor stopped over a few minutes after the man left & said he has been here looking at the house several times.
I locked up the house.
So I guess I shall wait and see what happenes but possible this is a serious looker/buyer.
I locked up the house and headed home around 5 last night.
It was a beautiful drive South with the MOON guiding my way... I felt so gitty knowing I was off the island and headed home to begin Creating again ..with a possible buyer interested in the house... I could feel the tenson seeping out the closer I got to home.. Nice feeling!!
I managed to get half the van unloaded last night....... finally decided I had all the time in the world so to speak with no rush to go back up North so I left the rest for today...!! Giggle another nice feeling!!
We had a huge surprise while I was gone my niece gave birth to a son Eathen so I went in the house to meet my new nephew..he's beautiful .....More on that in another post..

so with all of that said I am just seeping with Excitement because now I can offically start creating again...
Almost as a sign that it was time to start creating & selling again I sold 5 Rag Garlands last night on Ebay...yea haa!
I've been trying to sneak in the shop a few hours a night for the last month on the days I've been home to get somethings painted and ready for me to start the season... I'm happy to say I've done quite well and managed to get around 25 items sanded and painted.. I even managed to create 3 gatherings so I'm off to a good start... It should only be a matter of days and I will have lots of new creations to share with you.

In the mean time here's a little sneak peek at what I have done ...
My Three Bears Cubby.. So adorable!!

     ~Bench Gathering~

  ~Trunk Chest necessary Room Gathering~

 Painted, distressed & some rubbed wood beginnings

Shelves painted ready to be distressed beginnings

Shelves painted ready to be distressed beginnings

Cupboard painted ready to be distressed beginning

BreadBox painted ready to be distressed beginning

Open Faced cupboard painted ready to be distressed beginning

Several Bowls, Baskets and Apothecary Jars filled with Herbs from my Herb Garden Drying.

The Smell is just heavenly when you open the door to the shop...

So with that I will bid you all a good Day..I'm going to go play in the shop!!

Happy Sunday!!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Is Slander/Libel, Name Calling & Bullying Appropriate Posted in a Blog?

Greetings everyone.....
Hope everyone is all tucked in and snug this evening..Here in Ohio and especially on the Island the winds are brisk 35 mph trying to whip up another storm. Crisp & cold here....All though I love the sound of the wind coming across the Lake ...and the beautiful moon glowing..... I hate the thought of winter coming soon and the weather out there tonight is a huge remainder it isn't far off....
Friday is my last day working on the island and boy am I ever happy about that.
I'll miss the good money and all my good Friends but I surely won't miss all the hard work cleaning...
Time to pack it all up Saturday morning and go South for the winter...
Looking forward to creating in my shop and spending more time blogging with everyone here over the cold months of winter.
Which brings me to the title of my post.... 
Since I've joined the blog community I've met so many great people. Although I have not met most of you in person I feel a kindred spirit with so many of you...reading your post daily and sharing thoughts and comments with you has made my life so much fuller.
So generally I'm not one to comment or complain about others here in blog land who seem to relish in negative immature behavior. I figure its generally not worth the time. It's easier to just delete those bloggers and forget they exist.
As I was reading blogs I come across a blog who's main focus was name calling and slander of another blogger. Although no name was mentioned the Public name calling & slander of another person simply isn't appropriate behavior. 
It is with a Heavy heart that I tell you that I know for a FACT that the slander was Unjustified.

As for name calling, Kids call there piers names but name calling coming from an adult is beyond inappropriate.
Many of you have shared at one point or another that someone has been less then kind to you and how much it hurt you that they could be so openly dishonest, unkind and disrespectful to a fellow blogger...
Sadly it happens all the time.. here in Blogland, on Web sites, on Ebay, Etsy, just about anywhere on the net.
The news reports Bullying, name calling & slander going on between teens via the net & texting almost daily. Bullying that goes so far that some kids take there own lives. What a horribly sad way to lose a child. 
Everyone at one point or another has wanted to lash out at someone who they feel has done an injustice to them, we're human..... each & everyone of us has felt the urge to find a way to justify the anger or hurt we have received from another person... Myself included...
Sure it may make us feel better at the time but what about in the future?
Sadly it's easy for people to sit at a computer, where no one can see them and type out words that hurt others. Never considering how hurting one person trickles down the line to hurt, disrespect, or humiliate others.  
What do they care? Sometimes they are faceless, sometimes everyone knows there face.
Sometimes they're justified in expressing there feelings and sometimes they aren't justified at all.
Either way is posting a blog with Name Calling & Slandering another person an appropriate way to handle any situation? I personally don't think so!!
What if the reason for the anger felt today that leads a person to slander another person turns out to be a lie, some sort of dishonesty or completely a misunderstanding, misconception or miscommunication..?
What about how the actions of one person affects others who may or may not be party to the situation?   
When people are involved in these kinds of actions on the net it is different then being involved face to face, one on one.
On the net and especially in blogland One person or 1000's of people may read the words of someone who is upset and posting negatively towards another person.
There is every possibility that those people/readers form an opinion towards the person being called names & slandered not ever knowing the TRUE FACTS of the situation. Simply taking the person doing the name calling & slandering another at face value.
There is ALWAYS TWO sides of a situation....for every action there is a reaction!!
Maybe it doesn't matter to you if you know both sides of a situation that brought on the name calling & slander of another or maybe it does matter.
I take honesty very seriously so It matters very much to me..
The greatest sadness in situations such as this is its nearly impossible to know who is being honest and who is being dishonest. Never knowing the truth or how many will be hurt by one persons choice to publicly slander another on the Internet.
We all want to think that we know the people we share our lives with here in blogland.
We want to believe that people are kind, Caring, Giving, Understanding and above all Honest. 
Those are the very reasons we openly share our daily lives with each other.
Its where we find comfort in the friendships we make with our fellow bloggers.
Its where we can feel free to exchange ideas, exchange & share our accomplishments and even our failures..
Its one thing to complain if we feel wronged in some way..but its totally inappropriate to call someone names and slander them publicly. 
After reading this Blog and thinking about it, I wondered if others ever give any thought to how this type of inappropriate behavior affects others..Its easy to quickly post a comment telling the person doing the name calling & slandering someone, how sorry you are that they are having to deal with this person who made them so angry..
Myself included...but knowing the facts of both sides of this situation lent me to think outside the box and ask myself if this kind of behavior is appropriate for one & is it acceptable especially in a public blog post...
My answer was No...
All I could think was..... complain & grumble if you must, but don't stoop to childish name calling & slandering another person publicly...Simply put it isn't appropriate behavior. Try to work it out privately & if you can't then let it go.
My opinion is just that.... my opinion. Yours may be totally different.
Either way its worth thinking about how this sort of behavior affects each and everyone of us..
Do you ever consider that the things you read may not always be as they appear to be especially when it comes to someone slandering another person?
Do you ever consider the truth being left out in public name calling & slander you read? 
Do you ever take time to Consider there is ALWAYS TWO SIDES to a given situation?
Keeping in mind you are only being exposed to one side, the side doing the name calling and slandering!
Do you ever Consider how public name calling & slander affects others & how many people can be hurt by public name calling & slander?
Then when its all said and done and you've given some thought to those considerations ask yourself if this is the kind of behavior you want to see in Blog land or anywhere else on the net.
There is to much Ugliness & Unkindness in the world already....
The last place I want to find it is in about you? 
Until we meet again may your Days be filled with Happy moments..
Hugs & Blessings

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Special Thank You to all my Prim Sisters

Good Beautiful Sunny Morning my Prim sisters.....
A Girlfriend sent me this morning and as I read it I thought about the past year with all of its seeminly unrelenting ups and down I thought of all of you and the difference each of you made in my life, not only on those Sunny Happy days but those sad days, those feeling sick days, the angery days and those wonderful productive days. Your comments helped me be more creative! They helped me lift my head & keep going when I thought I couldn't take another step, they made me Smile and laugh and Even cry at times. But most of all they gave me a sense of always knowing a sister was there to lean on when the going got tuff, laugh with and share the day with!! You have all become sisters in the very best of terms and for that I am Thankful!!

This expresses just how important sisters are. I'm sure many of you have seent his before but it's one of those pieces that is always a warm reminder how special sisters are so I would like to share it with you once again!!

 A young wife sat on the sofa on a hot humid day drinking Iced Tea and visiting with her mother. As they talked about life, about marriage, about responsibilities and the obligations of adulthood, the mother clinked her ice cubes in her glass thoughtfully and turned a clear eye, sober glance upon her daughter. A young wife sat on a sofa on a hot humid day, drinking iced tea and visiting with her mother.

Don't forget your sisters,' she advised, swirling the tea leaves to the bottom of her glass. They'll
 be more important as you get older. No matter how much you love your husband,
no matter how much you love the children you may have, you are still going to need sisters.
Remember to go places with them now and then; do things with them.
Remember that 'sisters' means ALL the women. your girlfriends, your daughters, and all your other
 women relatives too.
You'll need other women. Women always do.'
 What a funny piece of advice!' the young woman thought. Haven't I just gotten married?
 Haven't I just joined the couple-world? I'm now a married woman, for goodness sake! A grownup!
Surely my husband and the family we may start will be all I need to make my life worthwhile!'
But she listened to her mother. She kept contact with her sisters and made more women friends each
year. As the years tumbled by, one after another,she gradually came to understand that her mother really
knew what she was talking about.
As time and nature work their changes and their mysteries upon a woman, sisters are the mainstays of her life.
After more than 50 years of living in this world, here is what I've learned:
 Time passes.
 Life happens.
 Distance separates.
Children grow up.
Jobs come and go.
Love waxes and wanes.
Men don't do what they're supposed to do.
Hearts break.
Parents die.
Colleagues forget favors.
 Careers end.
 BUT........ Sisters are there, no matter how much time and how many miles are
between you. A girl friend is never farther away than needing her can reach.
When you have to walk that lonesome valley and you have to walk it by yourself,
the women in your life will be on the valley's rim, cheering you on,
 praying for you, pulling for you, intervening on your behalf, and waiting with open arms at the
 valley's end.
 Sometimes, they will even break the rules and walk beside you....Or come in and carry you out.
 Girlfriends, daughters, granddaughters, daughters-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law, Mothers,
Grandmothers, aunties, nieces, cousins, and extended family, All bless our life!
The world wouldn't be the same without women, and neither would I.
When we began this adventure called womanhood, we had no idea of the incredible joys or
 sorrows that lay ahead. Nor did we know how much we would need each other.
Every day, we need each other still.
To all the women who help make my life meaningful.

Thank You and God Bless you for being the sisters of my life!!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm Just tickled Pink~New Bowl~New Shelves~Fall Decor & Eye Update!!

A wonderful Good Evening to all..finally a Perfect Day here in Ohio..and I enjoyed every second of it. Can't say I got to spend much of it outside but I did something I've wanted to do since I bought my trailer. As you all know Trailers have built in everything including icky skinny shelves above the windows. I found two Wood shelves at GW about a month ago. As I was looking at my windows I thought ya know I think those shelves will fit up there so today was the day to find out.
 Much to my surprise they fit. One was a little short but I was able to make it fit fine.
Now I can actually display things in my trailer.. Not much but enough to make me smile.
I also put plastic on the two living room windows today so I got much done.
I created a little Prim Fall Decor..not much but for what space & Fall supplies I have I think they turned out pretty Cute. Really hard to get a real good picture in the trailer.
This shelf fit perfectly so I put my Sunflower Box.My Doll From Angie, a Real Sunflower & my Bears on this shelf along with a few little pumpkins and a Bottle Of Pumpkin Ale someone gave me to try... Oh yea and my Home Sweet Home Picture. Its not much but it makes it look homey!!
On the opposite wall the shelf was a little to short so I took off the shelf holders.. it worked perfectly.
On this Shelf I sat my Little Gathering From Connie over at Cabin Fever Primitives in the center adding Carmen's pictures on each side... Looks really nice together. Eventually I'm going to put a picture of Carmen in the frame just haven't had the time...Then I sat a few of my Bears on the shelf with a couple Sunflowers...
Below this window is a little table... I sat my new Vintage Bowl on the table with some candles.. I absolutely Love this bowl.. I've been looking for a bowl for my fruit for two years! Finally found this at GW for $1.99. It's the perfect colors matches my Sofa Cover perfectly.. of course has Sunflowers on it.

I have no wall space for hanging things at all but changing out the old shelf on this window wall I opend up a space to hang a picture. Remember when I cleaned the Attic for my client. She gave me a few things and one of them was an Antique Hand Painted Picture of her cousin "Penelope" the date on the Back is 1909..
Is that cool or what?
 The picture is in excellent shape and so is the Frame. The paper on the back is flaking a little but that's ok..Its not really my decor here but I fell inlove with the picture so I hung it in that little Space I freed up.. It would look fantasic in my house In Port Clinton but for now it's here for me to enjoy.
You can't see the flowers on the frame but they match her bow & belt.
Under the other Window I created a little more Fall Decor
My Bowl of Sunflowers & cute matt From Carmen C at Waxed Out Creative Prims. My Scaracrow holding a turkey & my little Autumn Scaracrow & Wagon. Plus two more of those Pumpkin Ale Bottles.

What's so exciting is now I can decorate a tiny bit for all the seasons on my two new shelves..I can honestly say as much as I love my Trailer I do MISS that part of living in a house big enough to decorate to the hilt!
My windows have two layers of Plastic on them and the crummy blinds are now gone..YeeHaa I hated those things...Now I think I will actually think on making some real curtians for those two windows now..

Moving on... To let you all know my Eye is looking much better.. it is still blood shot but turning mostly Yellow. All around the eye is now looking like an aged Black eye kinda blueish yellow looking..wierdest thing my eye turning black and blue like that .. I think it was caused from all the swelling...It is still swollen but nothing like it was.. It is still really sore to touch all the way around it and if I close the lid and touch it its still tender to the touch...But I can see now ..still a bit cloudy but nothing like it was... That's why I decided to take on hanging plastic and new shelves today... Felt like I could see what I was doing...I really enjoyed myself.. Felt like I made my little home feel much more inviting and homey feeling... adding some personal touches even if it wasn't much it was a lot in here.

After I finished I went out and picked all my Herbs...I have them all in sepreate bowls so they can start to dry.. If you could walk in my shop right now the Aroma is just heavenly..'s Yummy Smelling! My Neighbor walked by to feed the horses and she said she could smell everything all the way over to the she had to come see what I was doing... She smelled it cause the stems were freshly cut but it was near dark so she didn't Know.. I gave some of each Herb to put in a bowl to make her house smell Yummy!!

It was a good Day today.. My Blessings were Plenty and I felt happy feeling so much better.. !!

Tomorrow is the denitist and there goes the feeling good again.. but gotta keep up with it or it will win..

I hope your day was filled with good health, happy moments and you accomplished one of your goals.
Until we meet again have a great week and Thanks for stopping by to say Hi I so love hearing from all of you!!