Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wrapping Packages with Old Sheets-Save a buck The price is right!

Good Morning all...Wow lots of response to the packages wrapped with sheets! So thought I would share the why and how to with every one. Save yourself some $$$$. Got any old Christmas colored sheets around the house you really don't use? If not take a Trip to Good Will and buy a few. They generally run anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00. One sheet will cover 2 or three large packages or 10 to 20 small packages.
What ever you don't use you can put in your scrap bag to make Rag Garland or other crafts with or just use as rags so nothing gets wasted or thrown away like traditional paper wrapping and the cost is much less over all.
If you are wrapping a box for your out door Porch or Barn Kitty's you will want to leave one side or end open so they can get in and out. You will also want to put a weight in the back of the box under the blankets to hold it down since the end is open the wind will tend to catch it and move it around.

You will want to choose a have duty thick cardboard box. You can cover it first with a trash bag taped to the box. Its easy to secure the sheet. Simply cut your sheet to fit the box just as you would any gift package but rather then use tape as the final securing you will use thread or twine to secure it.

Actually you will use a little tape or Pins to hold the end fold together while you stitch it. Simply Stitch the fold making sure you get threw all the layers of fabric. Then Decorate with a bow or twine. We put an old bow on the red package so the Kitty's could play with it.. They love it!
Once we were done we added a heavy rock in the back of the box and filled it with there winter Blankets.
The Green & white package was actually an old wire Bird Cage stand on wheels. So we poked a hole in the sheet at each corner top and bottom and used a piece of twine to secure the sheet. We left a 4" gap on one side so they could get in and out. We poked a hole in the sheets at the top and bottom of each corner & tied it with twine. We put there blanket back in it and ta-da a Christmas package.

If you are just doing outdoor packages you will cover both ends of the package. You will want to add a weight before you wrap the package.

If you want to save even more money use old sheets to wrap all your Christmas packages for friend and family gifts. Stop by the Dollar store and pick up a couple of packages of Safety pins.
Cut your sheets just as you would cut your wrapping paper to fit your packages. Wrap your package just as you would if using paper. Safety in the corner folds where you would normally use tape. You can actually use packing tape if you like but the safety pins look so cute.
You can also safety pin your gift tags to the package.
Add a traditional bow or use twine to create a bow either look great!!

Save your scraps for Rag Garland or other Craft ideas..Nothing wasted..Nothing thrown away like paper wrapping!!
After every one has opened there gifts simply pick up the sheet wrapping fold it put it in a tote and use it next year.. Now you are starting to see where the savings comes in to play here...!! You may have to buy new safety pins every year but they are cheap.

So there you have it ladies start saving some bucks and have fun wrapping your gifts in a new way!!

Holiday Blessings


  1. Cute idea Tonya - our family actually does quite a bit of sheet wrapping - especially for baby showers/gifts - if it's a larger package, we wrap it in crib sheets - that way the new mommy gets an "extra" gift with the bedding....Have a wonderful Thanksgiving - hope it's spent with those you love....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. This is an excellent and fun thing to do for the holidays. We even cover some of our square framed wall hangings to look like gifts too. Although I'd love to have a new Chrysler car all wrapped up and sittin' in my front yard for decor... lol. Maybe that's a bit much ;-)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Well if you aren't the crafty person with this idea. How cute.
    I have wrapped small Christmas gifts with special fabric before but never anything this large.
    Thanks for the instructions!


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