Saturday, November 19, 2011

One of those Whrilwind I'm Thankful is finally winding down weeks..Sigh!!

Happy Saturday Evening Folks....I hope your enjoying your weekend!!
I have Mama Kitty laying across my arm as I am trying to type.. I think she feels I should be lovin on her not trying to post..LOL..This is her latest thing..she jumps up on the desk, lays down either on the keyboard or across my arm..and just starts chattering away.. Every day she get more and more vocal it is so darned cute and funny I can hardly stand it..I get to giggling at her persistence!!

Boy what a whirlwind week and I couldn't be happier it is winding down.. I came off the Island thinking I would finally get some rest....settle in the shop and hide out for a while...Nope it just didn't work out that way at all...
Well as you know I  did manage to make it to the shop a couple of evenings.. I didn't even take the time to unpack all the boxes in the van just the things I knew I needed...I wanted to clean the trailer before I tackled unpacking and putting everything away.. which isn't an easy task in a small trailer.

I promised to help clean and Organize the basement for my sister n law when I finally made it off the island for good.. So no more was I home and trying to settle in she ask if I was ready to clean and organize..
My response....Sure, lets get it done so I can hide away in the shop for a couple of weeks'' we tackled the basement which only took one whole day to clean and organize...but there was alot of going up and down the steps with loads of either laundry or bags of give to Good Will stuff & trash.... by the end of it my Back & hips were not happy at all and hurt like the dickens.. 

As mentioned in my last post my niece had a baby two weeks ago.
She lives in the apartment built in the basement of my brothers house. Two of The kids I am always talking about and sharing pics of are her daughters Hailey & Savana. The apartment is more or less two bedrooms that were in desperate need of cleaning. Peg ask me what I thought I could do to clean, organize and spruce up the kids niece isn't the most orderly person so it really needed a cleaning from top to bottom..and a total overhaul in the organise department before the baby could move downstairs.

I'm waiting for my brother to get new ceiling tiles before I take pictures and for my niece to finish putting away laundry and setting up the crib before I take pictures...I will post the pictures soon but for now I'll just share a little of what I got done. A super cleaning of both bedrooms, washed down all the walls, woodwork and furniture..Scrubbed the carpets and then set about rearranging the kids room. But first we had to get rid of some of the toys they simply never play with...
The walls in the girls room is just that foam insulation boards painted so I decided that it was a mess and looked like ..well you get the idea so I went thrifting and found 8 matching sheets..kinda of a faded blue jean color. I covered the foam walls with the sheets... two of the walls are paneling so they were ok..Now the room looks 100% better..not the perfect job but good enough. then we stapled the girls posters to the walls since of course we couldn't hang anything on foam board. I rearranged the furniture so that they have more space and all toys are off the floor.. I put a desk in there room so they can color or do home work plus have space for there coloring books, drawing paper and ect.
I created spaces with wood crates for storing there CD's and Hooks for hanging things on the side of the stand up closet.

They have new rules that are going to be hard for a little while but Aunt Tonya printed them up so they know that basically from now on your room will be picked up & everything has a place to put it when you're done playing with it..

They couldn't stop telling me how much they liked there room I am hopeful that they will do there best to keep it cleaned up...When it was all done
We went over the rules together and they agreed that if they didn't keep it picked up on surprise room checks anything on the floors would be thrown away...I gave them a Barbie light that goes around and creates colored stars on the walls and ceiling that just tickled them to death...I told them that if there was ever a time I had to come down and clean there room I would take the light away until they got there room cleaned up...They both told me they promised they would keep it clean cause they wanted to keep the light..giggle a little bribery .........We shall see how it goes...

Once I got all of that done then Peggy and I went outside and started decorating the wrap around porch for Christmas...Pictures to come as soon as we are done with it...Little hint she got an old wringer washer at an auction for $7 bucks and it still works... anyway I created a Christmas laundry Room scene for starters and it is so darned cute... I created it so that she can change it up with the seasons and holidays....

Last night my back and hips were really hurting so Peggy put her muscle stimulator on it to see if we could make it stop having spasims. Its one of those things the Chiropractor uses that sends little electric shocks to the muscles.. It helped my hips and lower back but not my upper back that has a pinched nerve that keeps making my fingers go numb...drives me nuts when they are numb...and tinglely....
Especially when I am doing things like creating Rag Garland... I sold 40 feet of Garland and needed to get it made so I worked on it last night after my tingle treatment..

Then finally today I decided I needed to clean the trailer and unpack all my boxes from summer. They have been sitting in the van for near a week.......That was an all day job cause I have to move things around to get it all put away...I cleaned my fridge too...Finally finished it around 6:30... Now I truely feel like I am home for the winter...
LOL.. I turned on the heat in the shop but by the time it was warm I was just to tired to go out there and work... so no creating tonight...

Its supposed to be warm tomorrow so Peggy and I are hoping to finish Decorating the front porch for Christmas and then I will take pictures to share with you..

So as you can see it has been a real whirlwind of a week around here but much was accomplished..Baby Eathen has a new crib, his room is nearly ready so Mom & Baby will move downstairs tomorrow night..along with the girls...

It was a good week with much accomplished!!

Hope you all had a good week and accomplished all your goals... and like me are ready to settle down a little and enjoy them....Until we meet again may your days be filled with happy moments!!



  1. Wow! Tonya you sure had a BUSY week. Doesn't it feel good though? Except for the aches and pains. I get bad lower back pains too when I am working. Grrr. LOL I love your blog. I have signed up to follow you. Can't wait to see the pictures. Especially the Christmas Porch. :)I have just started a blog. If you'd like to stop by that would be great. Take care have a relaxing Sunday and a calmer week. :) Byeee Janet W

  2. Hi Tonya :)
    You are a terrific aunt! Just cleaning the girls' room would have been a wonderful thing to do, but to give them a way to keep it that way with typing up the rules and going over it with them is such a step in the right direction! Old habits die hard, but I think you have given them a way to work out of the bad habits. :)
    I can't wait for the pictures of the wrap around porch! I have always wished I had a big porch, so I love seeing pictures of them all decorated for holidays. The laundry sounds so prim perfect - can't wait! Hope the weather is good for you today.
    And I hope your aches and pains are short term and you have time to enjoy the workshop this week!
    Have a good one,

  3. sounds like you made some kiddos very happy! My back & hips are acting up too, SO frustrating when you need to get things done:( Hope it settles down soon for you, have a great day!

  4. Wow - sounds like a project and then some! Bet your SIL is SOOO grateful!!! Can't wait to see photos - and photos of the porch decorating. I have such a teeny, tiny, space it can hardly be called a porch - and limits what you can do for decorating. And anything you put out there has to be able to withstand, rain, snow, and gale-force winds....Sometimes I wonder why I bother....Hope your pains have subsided and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor...Happy Sunday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Honey child, you have just got to slow down and take it easy, LOL


  6. Wow, sounds like you are still cleaning even after you got home. But it is good to help out with family especially when it involves the kids.
    Hope you get rested up soon so you can do some crafting for yourself.
    Country at heart

  7. How sweet of you to help with the girls' rooms and I'll bet the girls keep it clean too! :)

    Your rag garland sounds wonderful! I'm going to read more posts and see if I can see a pic of it!

    Happy Thanksgiving!



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