Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Creating a Scene of Christmas on the wrap around porch..How fun!!!

Howdy to all of you.. I hope that you have had a good day today...As mentioned in my last post my sister N law and I worked on decorating her wrap around porch this past weekend and it turned out so darned adorable. We aren't completely done with it but close ...We still have bows to put on the Wreaths and then hang the wreaths on the railing..
This fall peg bought an old wringer washer at an auction so we decided we wanted to make a Laundry area Christmas Display so we started there. We still have some Tins to paint and Label for the shelf but it was raining so we decided to hold off on that other wise the display is done.
The washer & shelf will remain after Christmas and she will decorate according to the seasons.
Our theme is Santa's laundry being washed by the Elves & A Snowman.
The tree being decorated by a Gingerbread Elf.
We hung a Wash Tub on the shelf along with Santa's Red long John's and Mrs Clause's dress.
 We tucked a Christmas Bear in each of the old wood Rockers.
We stood an Elf on a box next to the washer. Put Santa's Hat in the wringer and hung his socks over the edge of the washer. We filled a bucket of Silver bulbs to make it look like bubbles next to the Elf.
We filled a second bucket with Silver Bulbs and sat it in front of the washer on top of an old Rusty Tin. Then we tied a second Elf to the leg of the washer next to the bucket.

The funny thing was Peg glued all those bulbs on the wreaths and they fell off... She was so upset. She was like great..." What am I gona do with all those silly bulbs?" I seen the old buckets sitting on the porch with hay in them and said we'll put them in those buckets and call them Bubbles.. sorta just to find a place for them but they actually made the Scene..
 We stood her huge Snowman on the other side of the washer..

Next we flipped over an old Trunk and put a Christmas Tree on it with a big red Bow. Then we drug out an old wood Bench and stood A Gingerbread man on making it look like he is decorating the Tree..

This is on the other side of her back door where all the Porch Kitty's stay, so we created a scene around there space. First we hung a Pine Wreath above the Kitty Area...
The old wood burning stove is in the corner so we stood another big Snowman by the Stove.
She stitched a stick to his hand and added Cotton Balls to the stick to look like Marsh mellows.
We put a red light in the wood burner to make it look like there is a fire in it.
We took an old Red Sheet and covered the Kitty's sleeping box and another old sheet and covered a wire rolling cart they sleep in. We poked holes in the corners of the sheets and tied them on with twine so they can't blow off.  Now the Kitty's have gift boxes for beds...As you can see Lisa has already picked out her stop to sit...and one of the kittens is peeking out of his cat tree.. so cute!!
The Kitty in front of the stove is a fake kitty...
Coming around the corner of the porch we added a Christmas Tree with a Mama Bear Decorating the Tree and Baby Bear looking up...Next to the tree is a huge Coca Cola Fridge.
On the Front of the wrap around. We started with two white Rockers with an end table between them. We are going to sit a Big Snowman in each chair but had trouble locating the Snowmen so no picture till we get that section finished..
Moving on down we sat up a huge Christmas tree Added lots of red bows along with another white Rocker, a Spinning Wheel & an End Table.
We draped a Snowman Quilt over the back of the Rocker
We stood Santa on the other side of the tree looking as if he is decorating the tree. We tucked a couple of toys under the tree and wrapped a plastic milk crate with a sheet creating another gift package and tucked it under the tree. We're going to make several more sheet wrapped packages to add under the tree.
We're going to add a Candle Stick Lamp to the table along with a plate of Cookies.
 We have a little Tweeking but it looks really good so far.. there are two spot lights on it at night so you can see it really well from the road...

It was fun creating a Christmas Scene all the way around the porch..Can't wait to finish all the little touches and gift packages....

I hope you all had a Great Weekend and were able to get in a little Christmas decorating too..

Until we meet again may your day be filled with happy moments!!

Holiday Blessings..


  1. Wow...that's a lot of decorating - and decorations! Where the heck does she store all that stuff??! Very cute vignettes - especially like the buckets of "bubbles" and the snowman with his marshmallows...too cute. Bet it looks great at night....Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. WOW! That was worth waiting for. I remember saying in another comment 'I can't wait' to see what the porch will look like. Great job! I too like the buckets of bubbles and the snowman with the marshmallows. :) The whole thing is just wonderful. It will be great to see it too after the 'tweeking' :)
    We have on more move in our future and I intend to have a huge covered porch. Will you come and decorate it with me? :) Have a great Thanksgiving, take care, Janet W

  3. I love that porch..you both are creative ladies..love the "bubbles" that is genius..and love the little kitty area..love it all.thanks for the wonderful ideas..have a wonderful thanksgiving.;)

  4. Love it Tonya! You guys did a great job!

  5. What creativity Tonya! The porch is so beautifully decorated. Love the bubbles and that snowman with the marshmellows is so darn cute! Wrapping packages with sheets is genius! I always used wrapping paper and the boxes would get wet and the paper didn't last. Gonna have to try that idea.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great Thanksgiving Tonya.
    Prim Blessings,

  6. WE used to use wrapping paper to wrap all the porch gift boxes and like Jean said they always got wet. So this year I suggested we go to the thrift store buy some $2 sheets to use for gift wrap and it turned out perfect.
    The second best part is that we can use the left over sheets to make Rag Garland and other Prim decor. Or wrap Family Gifts. The cost is so much cheaper the wrapping paper we throw away.
    Try it!!

  7. What an adorable porch display and a great tip on using old sheets!!! Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving:)

  8. Oh Tonya, the porch looks great, so many cute displays! Happy Thanksgiving...T


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