Thursday, November 17, 2011

Here it is-- Your first Sneek Peek of the Season--Been lovin Creating again!!

Hello everyone... Tonya has been busy creating .. I told ya I couldn't wait to sink my hands into creating some new Gatherings... Of course I had to create something with one of the little dresses I stitched a couple weeks ago...
~The Three Bears Wall Cubby~

~Bench Gathering~

~Trunk Chest Necessary Room Gathering~

~Trunk Chest necessary Room Gathering~

~Necessary Room Tray Gathering~

~A Cupboard Side Pantry Spice Gathering~

~A Window Pane Gathering~

There you have it my first Official Gatherings since coming home from the Island  for the winter..

It was so nice not to have to rush around and just go spend time in the Shop creating...I also had 5 Ebay sales yesterday... the Season has begun...!!

I've also been helping my niece and sister n law do some Fall cleaning... We cleaned the basement on Sunday, then Monday and Today we cleaned kids bed room...Talked the two girls into going threw all there toys and clothing so we can take them to the Free Community Center for the needy. They did a great job of getting rid of toys and clothes. I am taking them with me to donate all the things they decided to part with..Normally we would donate to Good Will but we decided to donate to the Community center as there are so many needy people out of work that need coats, clothing and toys for there kids.
We scrubbed the girls carpets, hung fabric on there walls so it looks like they have curtains all the way around there room. We scrubbed all the furniture and walls too. Then we rearranged there room and they were delighted with how it turned out...
Tomorrow we are doing the same in there mom's room. In the next week she will be taking the baby downstairs to there freshly cleaned room.. We want to clean and then get the crib set up and ready for the baby Ethan...
We should have everything done tomorrow and everyone can move back downstairs to there rooms.
Since the baby was born they have been staying upstairs so we figured this was a good time to tackle cleaning there rooms.

Once I'm done cleaning for them I plan to spend a week but doing nothing but Creating...trying to get a mega amount of Prim Gatherings completed and listed on ebay..Work on building My Primitive Creations back up. I have to do this every Fall after coming off the Island and totally dependent on EBay sales for winter.
The money isn't as good as it is cleaning but its not as back breaking as cleaning houses...

Not much else going on here... What can I say... I'm happy to be home creating again and spending time with my nieces...

Until we meet again may your days be filled with Sunshine and happy moments!



  1. Love all your gatherings. Glad to hear you are back with us to share all your nice creations.
    Sounds like you are on a roll.
    Country at heart

  2. You are so creative and have such a gift for putting items together, Tonya. Love them all. (I wish I had someone to help me clean! LOL!) I'm sure your nieces really appreciate you! Have a creative weekend ~*~Lisa

  3. Sweet gatherings, Tonya - I'm sure they'll do well on Ebay. And, boy - wish you were closer...Can't afford/justify a full time cleaning lady, but I'd just love to have some one come in once in a while and help with a good deep clean - especially before the holidays. Your SIL and nieces don't know how lucky they are! Have a great rest of the day! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. As always your gatherings are so beautiful! You have a real talent for putting things together!~Love them all!

  5. Tonya your gatherings are perfect.
    You have a great talent for putting the right things together so it's no wonder the sales are coming in.
    Enjoy your wonderful 'free' time now to create.

    I imagine your sister in law was pleased as can be to have you help her get her home back to her liking - it's always such a great feeling when our homes are sparkling clean. Speaking of that...can you make a trip to Wisconsin with your cleaning supplies! I pay well!!! lol

    Thanks for sharing....and thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog.


  6. Your gatherings are lovely Tonya. Congrats on your ebay sales.



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