Friday, December 31, 2010

6 New Gatherings YeeHa~Happy New Year!!

Happy New Wishes sent to one and all .... May Blessings come your way as you send off 2010 and bring in 2011!! Have a safe and fun new years eve filled with lots of good memories!!

What's everyone doing for New years Eve... My plans were canceled ...I was looking forward to going to hear a friends Band...All seats were sold out...gurrrr stomping feet..
Maybe I should go watch the drunkin Puzzling going on...LOL...

Well I did it... The creative mind was truly in the mood to create this week!! So I created some aswesome new Prim gatherings and last night was even better then the first of the week.
I thought the Laundry Room gathering was great but I think I may have gone a step further and created another gathering that I like even more... Its so much fun when you love your work and you get all tickled and excited when you create something you truly love.... Of course not everyone is of the same mind as I am but that's ok .
Are you ready here are the latest gatherings..
It will be fun to see how many of you agree with me this time around...

                                            Have fun taking a sneak Peek!!

                                                Here it is my new fav!!
                                             ~An Enamelware~Spice Jar~
                                            ~Pantry Cupboard~Gathering~ 
Then we have a beautiful  
~Keeping Rack~Dress~Basket~Candle Lamp Gathering~

Next is an adorable
~Sheep~Shelf~Pips~Rusty Star~Peace Gathering~

Back to the Kitchen with a
~Sink Side Pantry~
~Crate~Apothercary Jars~Dry Beans~
~Dough Board~Wood Bowl~Gathering~

Staying in the Prim Kitchen another
~Sink Side~Tray~Pitcher~Apothecary Spice Jar~
Now we are off to the Necessary Room with an adorable
~Tray~Pitcher~Apothercary Jar~Bath Salts~Soap~Towel~Gathering~

And there you have it 12 gatherings created in the last 3 days... I love them all ..
Now to get these  six listed on Ebay!! 
I'm praying for a good sales week but ya never know with it being the end of year or shall we say the first of the any rate that time when everyones purse strings have already been  stretched and maxed out ....much like mine... 

Who knows I may just go back out to the shop and Bring in the New Year creating six more new gatherings. 

New year Blessings to one and all

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Busy Lady Check out the new Gatherings

A fine afternoon to one and all... Tonya made it to the shop last night and she was in the right frame of mind to create and create she did.
I managed to finish up 6 new gatherings and have 6 more ready to finish tonight...I work best at seem my mind is relaxed and pulls things together with ease... I guess you could say I work third shift usually get rolling into the shop around  7 after dinner and if I'm on a roll I work until 4 or 5 in the morning...
Spend my days working on pictures, ebay or now it seems on here talking to all of you... What fun it all is....  :>)

So here goes ......your sneak peek at this weeks first Prim Creations. Enjoy!!
Here we have a darling little Necessary Wash room Gathering.

Here is my favorite gathering for the week.
A Laundry Room Gathering..

My second favorite. A Vanity Gathering.
Wouldn't this be so adorable sittin on a Wash Stand or Comode?

This Beautiful Necessary Room Quilt on Chair Gathering is so pretty.

Here we have a wonderful  Stoneware themed Open faced Pantry Cupboard Gathering.
The last one for today is a dalring little Sink Side Necessary room Gathering!

And there you have it all my newest Creations. I only need to find a moment to well make that a couple hours to write up the listing pages and get them listed on Ebay. I should have them listed within the next 24 hours.
Hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy the sneak peek. If the force is with me tonight I should have 5 or 6 more to share with you tomorrow....
YeeHa I love it when I am on a roll...


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What fun Reading eveyones Christmas Memories

Good Afternoon everyone.... I hope this day finds you all winding down from all the Christmas Celebrating. It has been such a joy reading everyones post about surprise visits, weddings, special gifts, baking and you name many fun pictures....shared.... I've truly enjoyed it..Thank you all for sharing!!.

I've finely wound down and gotten my little trailer all cleaned up .. it was a mess from all the creating I was going for all the kids. Its not very big so when I do anything  I manage to make a total mess.. I left my tree up so I can sit back and actually enjoy it... if I had more room I would leave it up all the time it is so cute.

My goal now is to get busy and start creating gatherings and get them listed on Ebay this week... Since Ebay is my sole income when ya take a week off it's not so good on the ole I'm sure many of you know who create and sell.
I was ready to get back to the shop... I got lots of things for Christmas to use in my creations so I couldn't wait to get busy creating...its so cool to actually love the work you do ..even when I start to draw a blank mind and I'm forced to get out of the shop and go do something else I find myself creating things in my mind..maybe that's a part of getting out of the shop it sets my mind to working again... Anyway my week off made for some great mind creating so when I headed back tot he shop Monday I was ready to to sit down and start putting all those thoughts to work and it paid off too. I managed to create 5 gatherings yesterday and I have 5 more ready to put together so hopefully by tomorrow I will actually have 10 or more new gatherings ready to list on Ebay.... Now all I have to do is pray that all the prim Santa brought all my buyers  money for Christmas and they are totally ready to shop...Smile...
I think everyone will be surprised with all the new gatherings they are really nice...!!
I will be listings pictures on here for all of you to preview before I list you can take a peek...and pass the word or who knows I might have something that sparks your wants and needs...

The shop should be warmed up by now so I will bid you all a wonderful day!!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sharing Christmas Eve at Carmen's AKA Primcats

Merry Christmas to all.... December 25th has come and with it came one of the happiest Christmas celebrations our family has shared together... Chuck full of laughter and many great memories!!
Christmas Eve our whole family got together at Carmen and Shane's. The house was just beautiful with all the Trees lit and all of her other Decorations made the perfect setting for a perfect Christmas Eve together.  Carmen fixed all kinds of yummy dips....and big ham...
There were gifts Gifts everywhere.

Iain my greadson is now 4 and full of energy so Carmen put him to work passing out the gifts... He was so funny..he had proud writtn all over his face as he handed each gift to right person.

For all of you who are wondering Carmen and Tammy both got a big box of year Round Tree ornaments.

 And YES......Carmen got a huge box of Rag Balls she ask Santa for. Oops so much excitement for got to get a pic....Not sure how many I ended up making for her but I'm sure she will share them with you.

I also created Carmen and Shane a New necessary Room Gathering. I hung it up for them and then added all of her things to the shelf..but forgot to take a pic so she will have to share it with you!! It looks great.
I created Laura and John a year round Tree full of Ornaments.
They both were delighted with it.
Doesn't Iain look dorable in his new Dinosor Sleeping Bag!
After we were all done opening gifts everyone just hung out and visited.
Iain was having a ball with all the Grand Kitty's.
Carmen, Shane and I celebrated our Christmas together Christmas morning. I ask Santa for a Bird Feeder. Carmen and Shane got me the coolest Birdfeeder with a sheppards Hook pole plus they got me all kinds of Birdseed. I can't wait to put it out tomorrow.  They also gave me all kinds of suppies to create my gatherings. You know what that means.. I've got new things to create.
And Create I need to do...

It was a very Merry Christmas for all of us and I know that everyone will fall alseep tonight with many warm memories of Chrismas 2010!!
I pray that each of you were blessed with a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and you to will fall asleep tonight with many warm memories.

God Bless you all.....Tonya

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cherish your Christmas memories!!

A fine good Morning to all my Prim friends....only four days till Santa comes ...where did this year go?
As I sat reading everyones Bloggs this morning as I woke up to face my day... I felt all of the stress coming out in getting ready for all the celebrating we all do at Christmas...
I must have read "I hope I can find the time to get everything done and ready in time....20 times myself included.
Funny isn't it how much we all put on our plate inorder to celebrate the Birth of Christ. We decorate our homes in the perfect splender to suit us, we create Gifts to share and shop, bake and wrap...all the while rushing to make sure we have everything in order come the big day...
It made me think about all the things we take for granite and all the blessings we forget or simply don't notice. What a wonderful time to take a moment to refect on those things as we make ready for all the Christmas celebrating!!
As many of you know Carmen is my daughter..My only child. My only natural Child.. I was a foster parent for all of Carmen's Childhood. Some 23 years and 121 children came and went. Christmas was especially important because many of those kids had never had a real Christmas so I would always find myself going way overboard for them especially for Carmen. I'm sure I found myself stressing too... but I was blessed with so many warm memories of those Christmas past...I don't remember all the stress and kaos.. Thank God.

I no longer have the space to decorate like I used to so I help Carmen decorate her house and get ready for our family get togethers. It's probably the most special time of year for me....spending time with Carmen and her Hubby helping to set the stage for yet another Christmas filled with memories.

I miss decorating like I used to, I miss hearing the kids running around the house and all of the excitement that Chrismas brings... maybe I even miss the stress of those long ago days.

Last year our family was divided and although we did all get together on Christmas Eve, there was no decorating the house and storing that memory together. There was no laughter, no warm fuzzy moments to store was just a painful moment in time that I wish wasn't in my memory bank...

As Carmen, Shane, Tammy and I decorated Carmen's house this year I was reminded that  it isn't all of the decorations, it isn't all of the baking, it isn't all of the gift giving, or that big Christmas dinner we worked hours to serve when everyone is being together as a family, loving each other, seeing the sparkle in there eyes when they open a gift they really wanted,it's the laughter and the tears and all of the warm fuzzy memories that you think about when you fall asleep after the big day and somehow you find that all that worry about being ready, or buying the right gift, or wrapping a package just right, or baking enough cookies or serving a perfect dinner or decorating your house was useless because in the end it was all about being with those you love and remembering the reason you got together celebrate Christ Birthday. 

So to all of my Prim friends out there I can't wrap a gift and tuck it under your tree but I can remind you to enjoy all the decorating, even leave it up an extra week as gift to your self to sit back and enjoy, enjoy the baking and while your at it make a box up for yourself to enjoy while you sit back after Christmas and admire your beautiful home and all your decorations, enjoy the shopping and especially the crafting of that special gift..knowing that you are spending time thinking of the people you are buying or creating for and how happy they will be when they open that special package, and while you're at it buy yourself something you deserve it, enjoy cooking that Christmas dinner for family and friends knowing that you will soon sit down as a family together.
You never know when your loved ones might not be there to leave memories in your most of all remember to cherish every single moment with those you love this Christmas !!

Christmas Blessings from my house to yours!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gift Wrapping~Applesauce Ornies~gifts~Rice Bags

Good Morning all my Prim what a long but productive weekend.. I pretty much locked myself away all weekend trying to finish up my Special order, creating Christmas gifts, making Rice Bags and wrapping gifts...I set up my table in front of the sofa along with my totes filled with supplies and parked myself ready to tackle the last of my christmas gifts, a special order I needed to get done...and the rice bags I told you about last week...
Friday night I packed up all my gear and supplies for making the Applesauce Ornies and headed over to Carmen's to wrap Christmas gifts..and make Applesauce Ornies...... Yea it is done... This Santa is ready for the big day.
Carmen and I were going to make the Applesauce Ornies together but the Cinnamon was so strong Carmen had a reaction to all the Cinnamon, so I had to make them myself. Her house smelled so yummy to me...

Making these Ornaments was a new experience and I like them.... but it took some adjustments during the process to figure out how best to make them. I found out that they are much nicer if you don't bake them rather air dry them they don't crack. If you air dry them it takes about 48 hours to totally dry them.
I also found that it is better to make them a little thicker then called for in the Recipe...
Now I feel I can actually make them to sell on ebay...I made around 100 of them this trip around.. I hope to find time to make more before Christmas we shall see how my time goes...hehe

My Grand Kittys helped me wrap gifts...hehe
 Saturday and Sunday I worked on finishing up my Special order~ She wants to keep her Tree up year round so she ordered Bag ornies with the names of Herbs on them, some darling little dresses, more Brown Paper Box Ornies and more Rag Ball Ornaments...
The little dresses turned out so cute... I stitched each one by hand...
Thinking I might start making these to sell on Ebay Too...

Once I got her order finished I started working on my Christmas gifts..hehe~Sorry I can't show you all of them well cause some were for Carmen and I want them to be a surprise, but here are a few of the others along with some of the Applesauce Ornies. I created some Brown Box ornies, Some Rag balls, some wood lightbulbs, and some Mini wrapped Rolling Pins wrapped with homespun... They all turned out so cute.

By Sunday night I had watched 19 movies and was stir crazy tieing so many ornaments with string for is time for me to get back out in the shop and create some gatherings... you can see I still need to tie strings on many of the Applesauce ornies, make a few more Rag Ball Ornaments and some Rag Garland and I will be done creating my Christmas gifts....

Sunday afternoon I went back over to Carmen's house so her hubby could do a little work on my van. While I was there I tied strings on her Applesauce Ornies and she hung them on her Feather Tree...It looks so adorable!!

Sunday night I worked on creating, stitching and filling my Rice Bags for Dr . Ziender.. they turned out fantastic I think he will be pleased. I will stop by his office today and take in the ones I've gotten finished and see what he thinks... I tried one out and it was great... !!
I still need to sew the ends shut on some of them... I had to give up last night my hands hurt and I was Exhausted.

I think the first thing I'm going to do is clean up my living room it is a tee total mess ..LOL..scraps of fabric, twine and threads everywhere..and I mean everywhere...

Time to get busy much to do today so I will bid you all a wonderful Monday!!

Until next time...... Many Christmas Blessings from my house to yours......Tonya

Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear Santa "I want more hours in a day,Please"

I don't know about the rest of you out there but I just mailed my Dear Santa Letter I sure hope he gets it in time... I didn't ask for much this year..just a new Bird feeder, Bird food, shop supplies and most of all I ask for more hours in a Day... LOL...I've been good so maybe!!
How are all of you doing today? Counting hours too..hehe
Packed the last of my ebay sales last night, shipped them this afternoon so that is doen till after Christmas..Thank Goodness!!

Last night I parked myself on the sofa with all my stitching materials and Rag Ball box and went to work creating gifts while I watched Old Christmas movies... It was great to curl my feet under me and work...really it wasn't work it was cozy and fun.... Almost done creating Christmas gifts..

This morning I finally got my little Christmas Tree Decorated the only Prim Decor in my little Home. It is so cute. I was beginning to think it was going end up sitting there bare but finally took time to dress it all up for the Holidays!!

Tonight I'm off to Primcats house to tease all the Grand Kittys with wrapping paper again...and spend some time with Carmen Finishing up our gift wrapping.

We are going to make a go at making the Applesauce Gingerbreads while we make her house smell yummy with Cinnamon..I'll share them with you sometime this weekend...

Yikes it's after 5 already... Yes Santa please bring me more hours in a day for Christmas...Time just seems to keep slipping away...and I must pack it up and move it out much to do tonight...

May you all be blessed with more hours in the day this weekend so you can get all those last minute Christmas things done...Until we meet again have a wonderful Friday evening!!

Christmas Blessings

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas gifts & Super Surprise!!

Good Morning~Good Morning everyone... and fine morning it is. My Red Brid showed up this morning oustide my office window letting me know in no uncertian terms the feeder was empty and I best be filling it ASAP.....Red Birds are such talkers and so are my Cats Tasha and Mama. When the Red Bird starts yelling they are glued to the window talking away..Oh how I wish I knew cat language...I know those tails going swish swish 20 mph is one happy kitty language..oh how they love that Red Bird!!

Well I had to force myself from the creation of things to sell on ebay and start to focus on creating all my Christmas gifts last night.... 10 days to go and I have a list a mile long of gifts I want to create for them.
Lets see Carmen and Tammy want Rag Balls, Tammy wants anything with Crows in it and Ornies, Peg wants a corner shelf gathering, Laura wants anything Prim she says, you know what I like and the list goes on and on. I'm creating Laura  & John a Prim Christmas tree with all of my little Ornies on it....I can't wait!!
Actually this is the best part of creating is to create for your friends and family and then watching them open there gifts come Christmas...

It all works out nicely since Ebay sales slow down from now until New years so it gives me time to spend time pouring all my energy into my gifts...and really sets the mood for the Season. 

I had a super surprise yesterday that I'm really excited about. Had and eye doctor's appointment. I have extreme Dry Eyes caused from Sojrene's disease. Aside from meds to releive not cure the problem the only other releif is to apply warm compresses to the eyes.
My first surprise actually wrapped in Red Christmas paper was a years supply of Restatis. My eye doctor applied for assistance for me and it was approved and he wrapped it in Christmas paper and surprised me with it yesterday. Now why do I tell you all of that other then it was really sweet and a wonderful surprise.....well as I am opening the package he says."Tonya you make things right....?...Yes why? Well I have a business proposition for you. lol... I'm listening I say. He says do you think you could design and  make some sort of eye compress for people like you with dry eye, that they can warm and apply to there eyes anytime they need releif.
I giggled and said I sure can... I've already created something for myself. He says awesome bring me a sample and if I like it I will pay you to make them for me.
Now that is what I call two really great Christmas gifts...

You ask what is it that I created...well I made small rice bags 3" tall x 7" wide that can be put in the microwave and heated then applied to the eyes to help releive the swelling and pain caused from the dry eye. They can also be frozen for cold compresses.
So Tonya will be creating his sample this week and who knows by next week I may have a new little side line business...yeppee!

I guess I best get out of here and get busy...sounds like I have my work cut out for me for the next few days above and beyond all the regular things I need to be with that said I will wish you a happy day!!

Christmas Blessings from my house to yours

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Does anyone Have Applesauce Gingerbread Recipe?

Afternoon everyone.... done gone and found myself at a loss... I printed out my recipe for those Gingerbread cut outs made from Applesauce but seems I have misplaced it..hehe knowing me I threw it in the shredding pile and shredded it...for packing material....

SOOOOOOO..... I was wondering if anyone out there has the recipe. I was going to take a break from the shop and create a few for a Christmas gifts this evening. But a little hard without the recipe so if any one can rescue me I sure would appreciate it...

Big thanks in advance....

Christmas Blessings

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Creative mind was Busy last night!!

Happy Monday to one and all out there in Blogland.... I think I have figured out most of this and I'm in big trouble... I like it almost as much as I like Creating...well maybe not that much but I can see why everyone enjoys it so much!!
I love being able to to actually talk to all of you out there .. I work alone in my shop on this here computer day in and day out..... so sometimes as Carmen put it the mind gets all scrambled and ya need to clear the webs and wow what a great place to do it but here.
Plus I get to share the thing I love most creating all My Primitive Creations...

Today has been a long day... First I had to shovel my way to the Van and then shovel the van out... ugg... then it was off to the Post Office to ship all those wonderful packages filled with all My Beautiful Primitive Creations....The poor Postal lady just cringes when I show up with that many huge packages... I managed to create a bottle neck at the post office. I live in a small town so in reality it was ok because it gave all those people to a reason to visit with each other as they waited on me and my pile of packages to disappear.

I've got the fire lit in the shop and waiting for it to warm up out there so thought I would come see what everyone was doing in here today...Hehe ...looks like half of you were out there shoveling snow and sharing the burrrrrr word with all of us...

It was rag balls again last night... I decided to decorate one of my creations with a Christmas Theme ..and of course I needed some Rag Balls. this time I made larger ones and I decided to throw them in a bag of Cinnamon to give them a little holiday spirit.
This is a huge Trencher that can be used to display anything your heart desires, any where one might want to display it.
Carmen at PrimCats House has one that she sits in the center of her dinning room Table.

This what it looked like before I decided to decorate it with a Christmas Theme.

These are the Rag Balls I created to use in it

~And here you have a wonderful Christmas Center Piece~

Then I created a darling Chair Bench Washroom or Bed Chamber gathering. I totally adore this gathering it is so Prim. Perfect for dressing up a washroom or Bed Chamber,

I'll be listing these sometime in the next 24 hours but for now I think I will go see if I can create a few more gahterings ....

Until we meet again may your day be filled with Christmas Spirit!!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow..Beauty, Reality & New Creations..!

Ohio with its ever changing weather..Last night it was raining here in Good Old Ohio.....but when I woke up this morning we had 4" of snow on the ground with no sign of it stopping anytime soon....I have but one good thing to say about snow... It is Beautiful...all the tree branches are sparkling with snow, the ground is covered in a blanket of white that looks so pure and clean what could be more Beautiful to look at...?
Then I had to go outside to shovel my van out and shovel a path to the shop Within minutes my body was suddenly reminded of how deceiving all that Beauty is...In reading some of your bloggs I see many of you love the snow but I am the first one to tell you I enjoyed those few minutes of wonder and Beauty .... then reality set in and all the reason I hate snow came flooding across my mind as my joints ache from the cold. So much for wrapping Rag Balls for a few hours...hehe!!

The path has been shoveled to the shop, the fire has been lit and here I sit waiting for my shoes and gloves to dry.  Can't find my Boots...or my snowsuit.....LOL... I think I hid them in hopes I didn't have to use them again...

I made it to the Shop last night ...worked a little magic and created two new gahtering..!!
Here's a little Sneak Peek..they should be listed within the next 24 hours...

 Time for me to head to the shop and see what my creative mind can come with today...

Happy shoveling to all who got snow today !!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rag Balls-Rag Balls-Rag Balls

I woke up laughing this morning which after the week I've had was a pretty good way to wake up.. I have a special order to fill and one of the last things to finish is her Rag Ball Tree Ornaments. I must have dreamed that I worked all night making her Rag Balls but I got carried away and when I finished the last Ornament I was trying to find a place to lay it but there wasn't anymore room. As I looked around me there were Rag Balls every where and I was trying to get out of the pile which woke me up.. LOL... I sat straight up...looked around and busted out laughing... Guess I need to get those Rag Ball Ornaments finished.

Speaking of Rag Balls do any of you make your own Rag Balls?

If you don't have a special order to fill they are fun to make and I think the time you spend making them is good therapy for the old hands and the it puts old slices of fabric and scraps to good use. Best part is when you get done you have some new Ornies to put out or great gifts to share with your friends!!

If you think you might like to start creating them but not sure you want to spend the money on Fabric or how to get started... let me share a few secrets I've found to make it fun and easy.

Buy yourself a clear tote mark it rag slices.... Say you, the kids or hubby wears out an old plaid shirt. Cut off the buttons & save them in a mason jar, then cut away the larger slices of fabric, rip them in 1/2" strips, wrap the strips around your fingers a few times saving a little to wrap around the bundle twice, and then put your bundles in your tote. You can do this with any old worn fabric. This way you never have to buy fabric for Rag Balls, Rag Garland or for wrapping Pins or brooms and etc.

Be sure to save all that excess thread that comes with ripping strips you can use them later.. I keep them in a Zip Lock. You can also cut 4" slices from the short pieces of fabric for Rag Garland and save it in Zip Locks too.

Buy yourself a small bag of stuffing and put it in your tote.

WaLa are ready to create Rag Balls whenever you feel the need to sit a spell and take a nice break from life. Just drag out your tote and start creating them.

Its really easy. It takes a while to get your fingers to work the roll as you go but once you get it nothing to it.
Speaking of those threads you saved they make a great starter for rag balls. Just ball an inch of it up in a ball and start wrapping your fabric strips around it making sure to roll and turn your ball as you go so as to cover all the thread scraps and to change the direction of your strips pulling it snuggly...not to tight but snug.
This keeps them round and firm. You can shape it more when you finish it.
You can also use stuffing for a starter for your rag balls when you don't have thread scraps.
You can make them small or large. When one slice of fabric runs out simply pick up another and repeat. Make sure you tuck the end of the last strip in under a tight place on the ball so it stays rolled.

It takes a while to create a bowl of rag balls so that is why I create them when I need to sit and take a break. Well other then when someone orders 72 rag ball Tree Ornaments... LOL

                                               These are my Rag Ball Tree Ornaments
                                                  You can find them in my Ebay store
                                                if your not in a mind to create your own!!

Hope you enjoyed the giggle... now it is time for me to go finish packing the rest of my shipment and then you guessed it I need to get self out to the shop and get busy creating.... My shelves are empty in the store.

I hope you have a wonderrful Saturday...

Christmas Blessings

Friday, December 10, 2010

Still Figuring all of this out...

A fine Good Morning to everyone out there in Blogland. I was so excited about finally figuring out how to set up my blog and my wonderful Daughter Carmen,  from Primcats House , was excited too so she jumped on the band wagon to lend me a hand as she knows I'm fabulous at creating things but figuring out the workings of online anything is a bit past my creative abilities...Thank God for the helping hand...

Seems nature had other plans for my excitement as I came down with the flue...ugg...first time in like 5 years and it knocked me flat for 48 hours and I'm still feeling the affects of it 4 days later... So all my plans for sharing on my blogg were only in my dreams as I slept off the ill affects of the flue...

A big Thanks to Tammy at A Primitive Place  for sending out such a nice Welcome. I am amazed to see all the followers I have. That is awesome. I hope to get to know all of you and share a little bit of my world with you.

I had to giggle as I recovered I was thinking don't fret about getting out to the shop to create you have your Ebay shelves full to the brim so you are covered for a few days. Then yesterday the good lord blessed me with nearly 100% sales... It was a good week despite the flue... but the side affect of all my wonderful followers and buyers is the shelves are empty and it is time to think about going full blast creating this weekend to try to fill my shelves one more time before Christmas rush hits us all and the last thing on our minds will be creating or buying but on time with Family and Friends celebrating Christmas....

I've still got Christmas gifts to wrap, my little Tree to decorate and a special order to fill before Santa arrives...Yikes I better get busy.

Yesterday my daughters best friend Tammy and I got together and made 17 pounds of my famous Chex mix. Her house smelled so yummy all day long. It took us about 6 hours to get it all mixed in her 15 gallon crock, baked, remixed and bagged. Just look at that crock full!!!!

It was funny... Tammy said, ever so seriously..."By the way you don't have to give the kids and I any Chex mix this year..." We had a good Laugh!!

When we were done I helped her daughter create a "French Class Scrap Book"... of course I loved helping her with it and she had a blast doing homework she had put off for a month.
Funny how teens will try there best to sluff off projects but when they get someone involved that makes it fun and creative for them they actually find homework fun.  She should get an A+, her scrapbook turned out Awesome.

Time for me to go pack 13 very large packages to ship out. Now if I were to make a confession it would be packing is the one thing I don't like but we must do what we muct do.

Have a Wonderful Day and again Thank you for the wonderful Welcome.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Grab a cup of tea, pull up a chair and sit a spell with me, won't you?

My Name is Tonya and I've been designing and creating unique home decor for as long as I can remember. I enjoy crafting, floral arrangements, painting and woodworking and have enjoyed these hobbies all my life. Nothing thrills me more than to take something someone wants to throw away and make it a family treasure that will last for generations to come.

As I said in my profile I'm a country girl, born and raised to use your God given talents and you will find happiness in your heart. I've found many years of happiness creating.

My mother was an extremely creative, crafty woman. She could turn anything into a work of art, from creating all our clothing and toys to designing things to give our home a warm welcome inviting feel. I found that I too was blessed with my mothers creative talents and I found myself following in her footsteps, creating my own designs working both with the new and the old. Thus came the name "My Creations by Tonya" followed by "My Primitive Creations by Tonya.

As a kid I remember I couldn't wait to get my chores and my homework done so I could create something. Many of the beginning thoughts for creations you'll find in my store came from something I'd created for myself or my family. Such as Holiday decor, Wall and door decor and now Primitive gatherings.

I think my favorite is creating all my christmas gifts and creating things for friends and family to enjoy. There is nothing more heart warming than when someone says "That is so beautiful! Can you create one for me?" and then watching them open there special creation as a gift.

About 10 years ago I branched out beyond family and friends, and started creating and selling My Creations to the public through craft shows, local home decor specialty shops and eBay.

Today, I design and create a variety of unique creations for my customer homes and offices. But my true creating love right now is Primitive Inspired Decor.

How did I get started creating prim decor you ask?

Let me tell you the tale.

A few years ago now, my daughter Carmen decided to redecorate her home in a Primitive country theme. She was purchasing items at Antique Malls, Auctions and Flea Markets and turning the items into the most beautiful home decor accessories you have ever laid eyes on. (Fortunately for my daughter, she got my crafting genes just as I got my mothers. LOL!)

She started sharing all her new creations with me and I caught her primitive bug. She taught me how to distress and prim, and I taught her how to stain and grubby. We were a great team! Before we knew it we had her whole house decorated beautifully and I was hooked! There was no stopping me!

So I decided to share my primitive creations with everyone through eBay.

Today, my ebay store is a wonderful little primitive nook filled with a plethora of primitive goodies. From keeping shelves, Gatherings, Early Lighting and Yummy Hand Dipped spice rolled candles to ornies, bowl fillers and ragballs.

You will find everything you need to decorate your Primitive, Colonial, Farmhouse or County farmhouse home in my store.

So enjoy your tea and go take a strole threw my store.
 Who knows maybe you will find something you just have to have. And don't forget to add me to your favorite sellers and sign up for my newsletters so you don't miss out on my newest creations!

~ Many prim blessings from my home to yours. ~

Wow I think I finally figured it out!!

I'm new to the world of Blogging and as much as I hate to admit this it has taken me a couple of years to tackle the task of setting up my Blogg.
I can create just about anything but when it comes to setting up things on the computer like this Blogg I'm like a baby taking there first steps.  
I finally decided that If I wanted to share more about My Primitive Creations I was going to have to take the leap......A couple of years and 8 hours later I'm finally writting this post.
I've still got a lot to learn but in the mean time I will learn as I go.
So with that said Welcome ....I hope to share a little about Myself and My Primitive Creations by Tonya while meeting New people who are interested in Primitive Decor.

I own an Ebay Store called My Primitive Creations by Tonya. It's filled with a bounty of hand crafted Primitive Decor I'm proud to say I have personally created.
As soon as I learn how to put a picture link on the bottom of my Blogg I will so that you can go check out all the great Primitive Gatherings I have listed in y store but for now you will simply have to click on the link below: