Friday, December 31, 2010

6 New Gatherings YeeHa~Happy New Year!!

Happy New Wishes sent to one and all .... May Blessings come your way as you send off 2010 and bring in 2011!! Have a safe and fun new years eve filled with lots of good memories!!

What's everyone doing for New years Eve... My plans were canceled ...I was looking forward to going to hear a friends Band...All seats were sold out...gurrrr stomping feet..
Maybe I should go watch the drunkin Puzzling going on...LOL...

Well I did it... The creative mind was truly in the mood to create this week!! So I created some aswesome new Prim gatherings and last night was even better then the first of the week.
I thought the Laundry Room gathering was great but I think I may have gone a step further and created another gathering that I like even more... Its so much fun when you love your work and you get all tickled and excited when you create something you truly love.... Of course not everyone is of the same mind as I am but that's ok .
Are you ready here are the latest gatherings..
It will be fun to see how many of you agree with me this time around...

                                            Have fun taking a sneak Peek!!

                                                Here it is my new fav!!
                                             ~An Enamelware~Spice Jar~
                                            ~Pantry Cupboard~Gathering~ 
Then we have a beautiful  
~Keeping Rack~Dress~Basket~Candle Lamp Gathering~

Next is an adorable
~Sheep~Shelf~Pips~Rusty Star~Peace Gathering~

Back to the Kitchen with a
~Sink Side Pantry~
~Crate~Apothercary Jars~Dry Beans~
~Dough Board~Wood Bowl~Gathering~

Staying in the Prim Kitchen another
~Sink Side~Tray~Pitcher~Apothecary Spice Jar~
Now we are off to the Necessary Room with an adorable
~Tray~Pitcher~Apothercary Jar~Bath Salts~Soap~Towel~Gathering~

And there you have it 12 gatherings created in the last 3 days... I love them all ..
Now to get these  six listed on Ebay!! 
I'm praying for a good sales week but ya never know with it being the end of year or shall we say the first of the any rate that time when everyones purse strings have already been  stretched and maxed out ....much like mine... 

Who knows I may just go back out to the shop and Bring in the New Year creating six more new gatherings. 

New year Blessings to one and all


  1. oh I love them all and wished I had a bigger house so I could get them have a wonderful eye and I love!!! it all;)

  2. The gatherings look great Tonya!! I hope your sells are outstanding in 2011!!
    I look forward to following in the coming year and see what you come up with. You have a real knack for putting stuff together. So glad to have met you.8-)
    Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

  3. Great gatherings, Tonya. How nice to enjoy your work and be so good at it.

    Have a Blessed New Year!

  4. Love all of your lovlies!
    Happy New Year!



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