Monday, December 13, 2010

The Creative mind was Busy last night!!

Happy Monday to one and all out there in Blogland.... I think I have figured out most of this and I'm in big trouble... I like it almost as much as I like Creating...well maybe not that much but I can see why everyone enjoys it so much!!
I love being able to to actually talk to all of you out there .. I work alone in my shop on this here computer day in and day out..... so sometimes as Carmen put it the mind gets all scrambled and ya need to clear the webs and wow what a great place to do it but here.
Plus I get to share the thing I love most creating all My Primitive Creations...

Today has been a long day... First I had to shovel my way to the Van and then shovel the van out... ugg... then it was off to the Post Office to ship all those wonderful packages filled with all My Beautiful Primitive Creations....The poor Postal lady just cringes when I show up with that many huge packages... I managed to create a bottle neck at the post office. I live in a small town so in reality it was ok because it gave all those people to a reason to visit with each other as they waited on me and my pile of packages to disappear.

I've got the fire lit in the shop and waiting for it to warm up out there so thought I would come see what everyone was doing in here today...Hehe ...looks like half of you were out there shoveling snow and sharing the burrrrrr word with all of us...

It was rag balls again last night... I decided to decorate one of my creations with a Christmas Theme ..and of course I needed some Rag Balls. this time I made larger ones and I decided to throw them in a bag of Cinnamon to give them a little holiday spirit.
This is a huge Trencher that can be used to display anything your heart desires, any where one might want to display it.
Carmen at PrimCats House has one that she sits in the center of her dinning room Table.

This what it looked like before I decided to decorate it with a Christmas Theme.

These are the Rag Balls I created to use in it

~And here you have a wonderful Christmas Center Piece~

Then I created a darling Chair Bench Washroom or Bed Chamber gathering. I totally adore this gathering it is so Prim. Perfect for dressing up a washroom or Bed Chamber,

I'll be listing these sometime in the next 24 hours but for now I think I will go see if I can create a few more gahterings ....

Until we meet again may your day be filled with Christmas Spirit!!



  1. Lovely gatherings!! It was 57 here in Texas today. I feel for you gals in that cold and snow.

  2. Very nice displays. I love the table centerpiece.

  3. Tonya, I *love* your header image!! I also love your gatherings, you are really good at what you do!

    Here in Colorado we have no snow, but lots of nasty wind and cold temps.

    Blessings from Jessica

  4. Your gatherings are so prim!Really nice!
    You can just throw them together & they are perfect!

    Cold cold cold>>>oh sorry, but kinda all that is going on in Ohio!Ya know what I mean!
    Oh my I just checked the temp 8:36 it is 10 degrees! Not warming up much!
    Have a nice day!

  5. Your gathering abilities are wonderful!


  6. Love your gatherings! They are certainly prim in spirit. Keep the pictures coming.

  7. Everything looks great! I love the trench box with the greenery and candle.


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