Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What fun Reading eveyones Christmas Memories

Good Afternoon everyone.... I hope this day finds you all winding down from all the Christmas Celebrating. It has been such a joy reading everyones post about surprise visits, weddings, special gifts, baking and you name it...so many fun pictures....shared.... I've truly enjoyed it..Thank you all for sharing!!.

I've finely wound down and gotten my little trailer all cleaned up .. it was a mess from all the creating I was going for all the kids. Its not very big so when I do anything  I manage to make a total mess.. I left my tree up so I can sit back and actually enjoy it... if I had more room I would leave it up all the time it is so cute.

My goal now is to get busy and start creating gatherings and get them listed on Ebay this week... Since Ebay is my sole income when ya take a week off it's not so good on the ole purse...as I'm sure many of you know who create and sell.
I was ready to get back to the shop... I got lots of things for Christmas to use in my creations so I couldn't wait to get busy creating...its so cool to actually love the work you do ..even when I start to draw a blank mind and I'm forced to get out of the shop and go do something else I find myself creating things in my mind..maybe that's a part of getting out of the shop it sets my mind to working again... Anyway my week off made for some great mind creating so when I headed back tot he shop Monday I was ready to to sit down and start putting all those thoughts to work and it paid off too. I managed to create 5 gatherings yesterday and I have 5 more ready to put together so hopefully by tomorrow I will actually have 10 or more new gatherings ready to list on Ebay.... Now all I have to do is pray that all the prim Santa brought all my buyers  money for Christmas and they are totally ready to shop...Smile...
I think everyone will be surprised with all the new gatherings they are really nice...!!
I will be listings pictures on here for all of you to preview before I list them...so you can take a peek...and pass the word or who knows I might have something that sparks your wants and needs...

The shop should be warmed up by now so I will bid you all a wonderful day!!



  1. I wish you much sucess on your ebay site. I like to look on there, but haven't ever purchased. I am a newb! LOL! I don't quite get how it works, but I love to look!
    Have a Happy New Year!

  2. Tonya,
    I just have to say, you gals who have the talent>>to create>>such wonderful items>>is priceless>>seriously>>>I am always so amazed>>you are so very gifted>>to be able to love what you do & make a living at it!
    So>> I wish you Tons of luck in sales on e-bay this coming year!( and some big bucks thrown your way you deserve it!)
    Have a Happy New Year!

  3. My husband is also an ebayer. He's been doing it for about 8 years now. I'd love to see what you've got listed. What's your seller id?

  4. I never have much luck on ebay like I used to,,,maybe I am just not creative enough. I know what you mean about income too..we are on fixed income and I do need to also sell to stay a float..especially with 4 dogs and 3 kitties. Wishing you tons of luck selling and can't wait to see your preview :)

  5. Hi Tonya, can't wait to see all your creations. My mind wants to create while I am supposed to be sleeping, then I'm too tired.8-)


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