Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow..Beauty, Reality & New Creations..!

Ohio with its ever changing weather..Last night it was raining here in Good Old Ohio.....but when I woke up this morning we had 4" of snow on the ground with no sign of it stopping anytime soon....I have but one good thing to say about snow... It is Beautiful...all the tree branches are sparkling with snow, the ground is covered in a blanket of white that looks so pure and clean what could be more Beautiful to look at...?
Then I had to go outside to shovel my van out and shovel a path to the shop Within minutes my body was suddenly reminded of how deceiving all that Beauty is...In reading some of your bloggs I see many of you love the snow but I am the first one to tell you I enjoyed those few minutes of wonder and Beauty .... then reality set in and all the reason I hate snow came flooding across my mind as my joints ache from the cold. So much for wrapping Rag Balls for a few hours...hehe!!

The path has been shoveled to the shop, the fire has been lit and here I sit waiting for my shoes and gloves to dry.  Can't find my Boots...or my snowsuit.....LOL... I think I hid them in hopes I didn't have to use them again...

I made it to the Shop last night ...worked a little magic and created two new gahtering..!!
Here's a little Sneak Peek..they should be listed within the next 24 hours...

 Time for me to head to the shop and see what my creative mind can come with today...

Happy shoveling to all who got snow today !!



  1. The displays are so very pretty!

    The snow>>the weather, Oh my!

    Keep warm & safe

  2. Love that Pfaltzgraff Yorktown gathering Mom! Very pretty!

    Carmen and the Primcats


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