Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sharing Christmas Eve at Carmen's AKA Primcats

Merry Christmas to all.... December 25th has come and with it came one of the happiest Christmas celebrations our family has shared together... Chuck full of laughter and many great memories!!
Christmas Eve our whole family got together at Carmen and Shane's. The house was just beautiful with all the Trees lit and all of her other Decorations made the perfect setting for a perfect Christmas Eve together.  Carmen fixed all kinds of yummy dips....and big ham...
There were gifts Gifts everywhere.

Iain my greadson is now 4 and full of energy so Carmen put him to work passing out the gifts... He was so funny..he had proud writtn all over his face as he handed each gift to right person.

For all of you who are wondering Carmen and Tammy both got a big box of year Round Tree ornaments.

 And YES......Carmen got a huge box of Rag Balls she ask Santa for. Oops so much excitement for got to get a pic....Not sure how many I ended up making for her but I'm sure she will share them with you.

I also created Carmen and Shane a New necessary Room Gathering. I hung it up for them and then added all of her things to the shelf..but forgot to take a pic so she will have to share it with you!! It looks great.
I created Laura and John a year round Tree full of Ornaments.
They both were delighted with it.
Doesn't Iain look dorable in his new Dinosor Sleeping Bag!
After we were all done opening gifts everyone just hung out and visited.
Iain was having a ball with all the Grand Kitty's.
Carmen, Shane and I celebrated our Christmas together Christmas morning. I ask Santa for a Bird Feeder. Carmen and Shane got me the coolest Birdfeeder with a sheppards Hook pole plus they got me all kinds of Birdseed. I can't wait to put it out tomorrow.  They also gave me all kinds of suppies to create my gatherings. You know what that means.. I've got new things to create.
And Create I need to do...

It was a very Merry Christmas for all of us and I know that everyone will fall alseep tonight with many warm memories of Chrismas 2010!!
I pray that each of you were blessed with a wonderful Christmas with family and friends and you to will fall asleep tonight with many warm memories.

God Bless you all.....Tonya


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas and the pictures were great...Can't wait to see what you will make for your next gatherings..Love the kitty lounges..Come and visit me when you can...Happy Holidays to you and your family :)

  2. Oh my gosh, what a lot of fun that looks like. I'm so happy you all had a lovely Christmas Eve together. I hope you have yourself a wonderful Christmas Day as well.


  3. Sounds like a good time was had by all. I just read your previous post and agree with you 100%. We never know from year to year, enjoy the now.
    betty Through My Back Door

  4. Love all the pics!Looks like a very Merry Christmas you all had!
    Lain in the dino sleeping bag is a classic, too adorable!


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