Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear Santa "I want more hours in a day,Please"

I don't know about the rest of you out there but I just mailed my Dear Santa Letter I sure hope he gets it in time... I didn't ask for much this year..just a new Bird feeder, Bird food, shop supplies and most of all I ask for more hours in a Day... LOL...I've been good so maybe!!
How are all of you doing today? Counting hours too..hehe
Packed the last of my ebay sales last night, shipped them this afternoon so that is doen till after Christmas..Thank Goodness!!

Last night I parked myself on the sofa with all my stitching materials and Rag Ball box and went to work creating gifts while I watched Old Christmas movies... It was great to curl my feet under me and work...really it wasn't work it was cozy and fun.... Almost done creating Christmas gifts..

This morning I finally got my little Christmas Tree Decorated the only Prim Decor in my little Home. It is so cute. I was beginning to think it was going end up sitting there bare but finally took time to dress it all up for the Holidays!!

Tonight I'm off to Primcats house to tease all the Grand Kittys with wrapping paper again...and spend some time with Carmen Finishing up our gift wrapping.

We are going to make a go at making the Applesauce Gingerbreads while we make her house smell yummy with Cinnamon..I'll share them with you sometime this weekend...

Yikes it's after 5 already... Yes Santa please bring me more hours in a day for Christmas...Time just seems to keep slipping away...and I must pack it up and move it out much to do tonight...

May you all be blessed with more hours in the day this weekend so you can get all those last minute Christmas things done...Until we meet again have a wonderful Friday evening!!

Christmas Blessings


  1. Tonya, I hope dear old Santa honors your request =)

    Best wishes for a Beautiful Holiday!

  2. Your tree is too cute Tonya! I think we all should ask Santa for more hours lol, my son is coming home from the Army tomorrow and getting married the day after Christmas:D Have fun with those grand-kitties;)

  3. More time - what a wonderful gift that would be! Why didn't I think of!

  4. hope you had a wonderful time at Carmens..and I bet the house smells yummy;)

  5. Tonya,
    So glad I found your blog! Stop by for a visit soon.
    Love your header it's perfect.

  6. Your prim tree is cute. Enjoy your time with Carmen.

    Christmas Blessings,


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