Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas gifts & Super Surprise!!

Good Morning~Good Morning everyone... and fine morning it is. My Red Brid showed up this morning oustide my office window letting me know in no uncertian terms the feeder was empty and I best be filling it ASAP.....Red Birds are such talkers and so are my Cats Tasha and Mama. When the Red Bird starts yelling they are glued to the window talking away..Oh how I wish I knew cat language...I know those tails going swish swish 20 mph is one happy kitty language..oh how they love that Red Bird!!

Well I had to force myself from the creation of things to sell on ebay and start to focus on creating all my Christmas gifts last night.... 10 days to go and I have a list a mile long of gifts I want to create for them.
Lets see Carmen and Tammy want Rag Balls, Tammy wants anything with Crows in it and Ornies, Peg wants a corner shelf gathering, Laura wants anything Prim she says, you know what I like and the list goes on and on. I'm creating Laura  & John a Prim Christmas tree with all of my little Ornies on it....I can't wait!!
Actually this is the best part of creating is to create for your friends and family and then watching them open there gifts come Christmas...

It all works out nicely since Ebay sales slow down from now until New years so it gives me time to spend time pouring all my energy into my gifts...and really sets the mood for the Season. 

I had a super surprise yesterday that I'm really excited about. Had and eye doctor's appointment. I have extreme Dry Eyes caused from Sojrene's disease. Aside from meds to releive not cure the problem the only other releif is to apply warm compresses to the eyes.
My first surprise actually wrapped in Red Christmas paper was a years supply of Restatis. My eye doctor applied for assistance for me and it was approved and he wrapped it in Christmas paper and surprised me with it yesterday. Now why do I tell you all of that other then it was really sweet and a wonderful surprise.....well as I am opening the package he says."Tonya you make things right....?...Yes why? Well I have a business proposition for you. lol... I'm listening I say. He says do you think you could design and  make some sort of eye compress for people like you with dry eye, that they can warm and apply to there eyes anytime they need releif.
I giggled and said I sure can... I've already created something for myself. He says awesome bring me a sample and if I like it I will pay you to make them for me.
Now that is what I call two really great Christmas gifts...

You ask what is it that I created...well I made small rice bags 3" tall x 7" wide that can be put in the microwave and heated then applied to the eyes to help releive the swelling and pain caused from the dry eye. They can also be frozen for cold compresses.
So Tonya will be creating his sample this week and who knows by next week I may have a new little side line business...yeppee!

I guess I best get out of here and get busy...sounds like I have my work cut out for me for the next few days above and beyond all the regular things I need to be with that said I will wish you a happy day!!

Christmas Blessings from my house to yours


  1. wow you are as busy as Iam..amazing how we just keep adding to that long list..wonderful surprises too and a business order to boot..gotta love that.:)

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  4. oh, yes, if we could speak kitty!

    Wonderful gift from the Dr!

    Have fun creating for the family & friends!

  5. Tonya, so glad I found this. Thanks for sending the address. Now I can learn your secrets for your fantastic primitive displays. Be checking in daily.

  6. Great gifts from you doctor. Have fun creating!!

  7. What a great gift and business opportunity from your doctor. Enjoy creating your gifts.

    Christmas Blessings,

  8. Hello! Nice to meet you. I'm Cheryl. I love the idea of the rice bags for the eyes! I don't have your serious issue but I do have dry eyes. What a great opportunity for you. Happy Christmas and New Year.



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