Monday, December 20, 2010

Gift Wrapping~Applesauce Ornies~gifts~Rice Bags

Good Morning all my Prim what a long but productive weekend.. I pretty much locked myself away all weekend trying to finish up my Special order, creating Christmas gifts, making Rice Bags and wrapping gifts...I set up my table in front of the sofa along with my totes filled with supplies and parked myself ready to tackle the last of my christmas gifts, a special order I needed to get done...and the rice bags I told you about last week...
Friday night I packed up all my gear and supplies for making the Applesauce Ornies and headed over to Carmen's to wrap Christmas gifts..and make Applesauce Ornies...... Yea it is done... This Santa is ready for the big day.
Carmen and I were going to make the Applesauce Ornies together but the Cinnamon was so strong Carmen had a reaction to all the Cinnamon, so I had to make them myself. Her house smelled so yummy to me...

Making these Ornaments was a new experience and I like them.... but it took some adjustments during the process to figure out how best to make them. I found out that they are much nicer if you don't bake them rather air dry them they don't crack. If you air dry them it takes about 48 hours to totally dry them.
I also found that it is better to make them a little thicker then called for in the Recipe...
Now I feel I can actually make them to sell on ebay...I made around 100 of them this trip around.. I hope to find time to make more before Christmas we shall see how my time goes...hehe

My Grand Kittys helped me wrap gifts...hehe
 Saturday and Sunday I worked on finishing up my Special order~ She wants to keep her Tree up year round so she ordered Bag ornies with the names of Herbs on them, some darling little dresses, more Brown Paper Box Ornies and more Rag Ball Ornaments...
The little dresses turned out so cute... I stitched each one by hand...
Thinking I might start making these to sell on Ebay Too...

Once I got her order finished I started working on my Christmas gifts..hehe~Sorry I can't show you all of them well cause some were for Carmen and I want them to be a surprise, but here are a few of the others along with some of the Applesauce Ornies. I created some Brown Box ornies, Some Rag balls, some wood lightbulbs, and some Mini wrapped Rolling Pins wrapped with homespun... They all turned out so cute.

By Sunday night I had watched 19 movies and was stir crazy tieing so many ornaments with string for is time for me to get back out in the shop and create some gatherings... you can see I still need to tie strings on many of the Applesauce ornies, make a few more Rag Ball Ornaments and some Rag Garland and I will be done creating my Christmas gifts....

Sunday afternoon I went back over to Carmen's house so her hubby could do a little work on my van. While I was there I tied strings on her Applesauce Ornies and she hung them on her Feather Tree...It looks so adorable!!

Sunday night I worked on creating, stitching and filling my Rice Bags for Dr . Ziender.. they turned out fantastic I think he will be pleased. I will stop by his office today and take in the ones I've gotten finished and see what he thinks... I tried one out and it was great... !!
I still need to sew the ends shut on some of them... I had to give up last night my hands hurt and I was Exhausted.

I think the first thing I'm going to do is clean up my living room it is a tee total mess ..LOL..scraps of fabric, twine and threads everywhere..and I mean everywhere...

Time to get busy much to do today so I will bid you all a wonderful Monday!!

Until next time...... Many Christmas Blessings from my house to yours......Tonya


  1. Very Productive Weekend!
    So many cute things, yes, especially the Grand kitties!
    enjoy your day

  2. man you have been busy..I love all the things you have been making..:)

  3. You remind me of my mom. She is always knee deep in something! I saw the applesauce ornies on Carmen's blog. You did a great job!

    Hope you get a minute to relax or you'll be too wiped out to enjoy Christmas.


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