Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rag Balls-Rag Balls-Rag Balls

I woke up laughing this morning which after the week I've had was a pretty good way to wake up.. I have a special order to fill and one of the last things to finish is her Rag Ball Tree Ornaments. I must have dreamed that I worked all night making her Rag Balls but I got carried away and when I finished the last Ornament I was trying to find a place to lay it but there wasn't anymore room. As I looked around me there were Rag Balls every where and I was trying to get out of the pile which woke me up.. LOL... I sat straight up...looked around and busted out laughing... Guess I need to get those Rag Ball Ornaments finished.

Speaking of Rag Balls do any of you make your own Rag Balls?

If you don't have a special order to fill they are fun to make and I think the time you spend making them is good therapy for the old hands and the it puts old slices of fabric and scraps to good use. Best part is when you get done you have some new Ornies to put out or great gifts to share with your friends!!

If you think you might like to start creating them but not sure you want to spend the money on Fabric or how to get started... let me share a few secrets I've found to make it fun and easy.

Buy yourself a clear tote mark it rag slices.... Say you, the kids or hubby wears out an old plaid shirt. Cut off the buttons & save them in a mason jar, then cut away the larger slices of fabric, rip them in 1/2" strips, wrap the strips around your fingers a few times saving a little to wrap around the bundle twice, and then put your bundles in your tote. You can do this with any old worn fabric. This way you never have to buy fabric for Rag Balls, Rag Garland or for wrapping Pins or brooms and etc.

Be sure to save all that excess thread that comes with ripping strips you can use them later.. I keep them in a Zip Lock. You can also cut 4" slices from the short pieces of fabric for Rag Garland and save it in Zip Locks too.

Buy yourself a small bag of stuffing and put it in your tote.

WaLa are ready to create Rag Balls whenever you feel the need to sit a spell and take a nice break from life. Just drag out your tote and start creating them.

Its really easy. It takes a while to get your fingers to work the roll as you go but once you get it nothing to it.
Speaking of those threads you saved they make a great starter for rag balls. Just ball an inch of it up in a ball and start wrapping your fabric strips around it making sure to roll and turn your ball as you go so as to cover all the thread scraps and to change the direction of your strips pulling it snuggly...not to tight but snug.
This keeps them round and firm. You can shape it more when you finish it.
You can also use stuffing for a starter for your rag balls when you don't have thread scraps.
You can make them small or large. When one slice of fabric runs out simply pick up another and repeat. Make sure you tuck the end of the last strip in under a tight place on the ball so it stays rolled.

It takes a while to create a bowl of rag balls so that is why I create them when I need to sit and take a break. Well other then when someone orders 72 rag ball Tree Ornaments... LOL

                                               These are my Rag Ball Tree Ornaments
                                                  You can find them in my Ebay store
                                                if your not in a mind to create your own!!

Hope you enjoyed the giggle... now it is time for me to go finish packing the rest of my shipment and then you guessed it I need to get self out to the shop and get busy creating.... My shelves are empty in the store.

I hope you have a wonderrful Saturday...

Christmas Blessings


  1. Tonya~

    Thanks for sharingthe tips, especially the thread. I use to do this, DH really thought I was loosing my mine. This is the first time I've ever notice rag ball ornaments....what an awesome idea. Great post....I really love your groupings too by the way.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Marlene :)

  2. Great tutorial Mom!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  3. Hi Tonya! I am another Carmen who is friends with *your* Carmen, LOL, she is such a sweet one too:D I love your ragballs and what a great tutorial on them, thank you for sharing it and welcome to blogland!!!

  4. Great rag ball tips and funny story. I just became a follower and invite you to visit my blog:



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