Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prayer Request to help heal my neck Health Update--Picture Not for weak at heart

Right after Surgery March 29th 2012 Everything seemed to be going so well..

Good Morning my dear friends... In my last post I shared the Sunshine in my life today I come to ask for your prayers in helping to heal my neck. It has been two months since my surgery and I am strugging to get my life back on track with one infection after another. Building the flower bed with Peg

and playing with the new Kittens has been my salvation.
For Those of you who read my last health Update Post you know that I have been dealing with an Infection  in neck which has caused not only my Incision to break open but has sent me on a real tail spin with my recovery.
I've been so down and down right depressed about the latest turn of events. It seems that I breakdown and cry at the drop of hat. At this point I'm not sure which is worse my infection, the way my neck looks or the depression... I guess its all three..
I thought that my life would start to turn around after the surgery and I would start to be my old self and it just isn't happening at all.
Today I have an appointment with the surgeon to decide what they will be doing to try to get things back on track for me. I'm currently on antibiotics so my neck does look better but the problem isn't solved and won't be until the stitches all come out that aren't desolving.
You have all been so wonderful and full of encouragement, I don't know what I would have done with out your prayers and kind words the past months. Thank you from the bottom of my heart you are the best!

I know the power of prayer and today I have come to ask again for your healing prayers once again.

I couldn't share pictures last week when I posted the latest health update because frankly it was just more then gross but after taking the antibiotics it is not so difficult to look at.
But let me warn you if you are faint at heart skip looking cause it still isn't pretty by any means...

I took this last night after a shower & cleaning the wound so it looks great compared to last week.

Everytime I move my neck or lift my head the wound breaks open. You can see where it has rehealed
in some places in the middle. Last week it was open most of the way across & the large area was the size of the red around the open hole so it was like a 1' long x 1/2' open gap.
You can see the Red infection moving up and below my incision on the left in this next picture.
I suspect that there many stitches still in that area. Last night when I cleaned it I was able to pull a picec of stitches out about an inch long with 4 knots on the end of it. They were not disolved at all.
It felt so good to get it out of there. No longer poking that tender skin. Then it drained alot.
The truth is I'm scared to death what this is doing to me and wonder daily if it will ever heal. I know it will
but still as it continues to be infected and drain ickky all day long, so it is hard for me to forget it is so messed up..I couldn't use bandaids because it needed to drain and they fell off anyway.

So I made these cute little bandana's to tie losely around my neck to cover it when I had to be in front of people since it was ickky all the time and to keep it clean. They seemed to help it to get a little better I think since it wasn't exposed to the elements..

So today I pray to find some solutions when I go to see the doctor..
If I offended anyone sharing I do apologize I didn't mean to offend anyone.

Again please send up your healing prayers...

Thank you all for your support, kind words and prayers they mean so much to me..


Beautiful Flowerbed Finally Finished-Take a peek at what two old cripped up ladies can do!

A huge hello to all my Friends out there in Blogland...Nope I haven't forgotten you just much going on in my life ...To much actually and not necessarily all good things! But life goes on.. I've been telling you all about my SIL Peg's huge Flowerbed that Peg and I have been working on for a month...Why a month..well when ya got two old ladies with bad backs and one who just had surgery we are only good for about an hour before we crap out... But we prevailed and it is finally finished.
Now let me give you some back ground..this huge flowerbed was over run with weeds and plants that just took over. For the last couple of summers it was so bad that it looked like a jungle..
So with that said the first thing we had to do was start yanking out what she didn't want in there any more and all of the weeds before we could invision a real flowerbed...
So each of us armed with a spade, a bent fork little hand rake looking thing & our rubber garden pad we went to work one weed at a time... Now picture two cripped up ladies scooting  across a 43 foot flowerbed a foot at a time on our little foam garden pads digging up weeds.. We laughed so hard at our cripped up selves it was rediculous...
We did like an 8 ft section at a time.. Once we got about half of it done we could see taht we wanted to move large plants around so we had to find the shovel I dug while Peg Pulled a little to losen them up and out they came & into pots. We gathered stones from the farm for the pond and the stone edging.
You can't see it to well in the first picture but there is a Clemitis Vine in the left corner. We hung strings down from the top of the porch for it to climb and as of today it has gone 4 feet up the twine and has over 20 Flowers on it... It just needed a place to climb to really bloom..

We started on this corner first...and worked our way to the pond.

Once we got it all cleaned out and dug out the plants we wanted to move we transplanted the ones we wanted in this section. You can't see them very well but I gave Peg a few of my Hens & Chicks that my mom gave me before she passed and she planed them in the old Shoe.
Angel got her the pretty stepping stones once it was all done.

Angel also got her the pretiest shepards hook with Humming bird feeders on it. We put it behind the pond.
The pond has been here for 6 or 7 years but needed some TLC.
I donated my Water spout filter from my old pond. Peg Loves Frogs so I found all kinds of cute Stuffed Frogs at the Good Will for 33 cents each.. She loved all of them so they are here there and everywhere in the Flower Garden...All the stones we gathered around the farm to rebuild the Pond.
You will Notice that the pond is really green but we couldn't treate it till all those little black dots you see turned into Frogs. Yep 100's upon 100's of Tadpols hatched and were just waiting to grow legs and become 100's of Frogs. They will be the cute little Green Tree Frogs once they get there legs and hop away. They hang around and you can hear them singing all day & all night long...It takes awhile to get used to there singing...cause some times when they all get to singing they get really loud.
Some make there way to the swimming pool to make the kids jump when they hop around...hehehe!
They have almost all gottent here legs and started to make there way around the yard and soon we can treat the pond..
I don't know how I missed taking a picture of all the Panies we planted in front of the pond but if ya look real close you can see one on the corner there.

Once we finished the pond we started the second section.
Angel got her mom more Stepping Stones as we progressed...

Working our way down...Lots of Transplanting took place down this side.

This is the area that we actually tansplanted the majority of the plants we dug up...
Another 8 feet an Old Wagon Wheel and a beautiful Bird Bath.

Closer look at the Bird Bath....
Yep another 8 feet and were getting closer to the end...See the peeking Froggie

Only 8 feet or so left and we will finally be done...Check out the Old Spinning Wheel!
It now has flowing Petunia's growing out of it..
And there you have it 43 foot of jungle turned into a beautiful flowerbed by two old cripped up ladies..and it only took us a month to do it...
Peek a Boo another Froggie ....

I hope you all enjoyed visiting our Flowerbed journey. I can't wait till everything is in bloom it should be really beautiful..

I will bid you all a Good day filled with Sunshine and happy moments!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Awe Beautiful Sunshine to lift the Spirits! My funk has an explanation-Infection

A Beautiful Sunny Day to all...We have had the most beautiful weather the last couple of weeks and I have so been loving it.the Farmers are now in desperate neeed of some rain..
you remember me mentioning I was in a really bad Funk in one of my post..Well I finally have some answers to my funk..I thought it was just post op depression..& i guess it is to some degree but tht is only a piece of it..
The picture above is the day after surgery and my incession looks great. I was feeling pretty great too all things considered..No pain pretty much just tired after surgery...
But as luck would have it ... seems I haven't any luck.. every day I seem to feel worse rather then better. thus the funk I talked about.
Over the past couple of weeks my incession started to really hurt, then it started to swell in a couple of places, turned really red, and was wam to the the doctore put me on antibiotics to ward off infection..after a few days it felt better and I finished the antibiotic. things seemed better other then I felt a little depressed and fell into a funk.
Seems the infection didn't go away, it only got worse....and once again about 5 days ago my neck started to swell up again, turn red & feel really hot o the touch.
I've had over 10 major surgeries and seveal tooth extractions over my life time so this baffled me that this incession wasn't healing properly. About 5 days ago my incesion decided to break open in several places due to infection. It appears that my body is not desolving the stitches rather it is battling them and casusing the incession to brake open from the infection being caused from the stitches trying to pop out.. some have already popped out but there are over 100 stitches in there according to the doctor.
they put me back on antibiotics till my next appointment next Thursday to ward off the infections across my incesion but that doesn't resolve the body not disolving the stitches.
Sorry no pictures of my neck this round it is pretty gross looking with open holes in the incesion...

What a mess ..all I wanted was to feel better and every day I feel worse and now my neck looks worse..
And once again all I want to do is Sleep...

the doctor isn't sure what he will have to do if none of the stitches disolve. He mentioned having to go in the remove them if they continue to abcess and break open. did I mentionif it weren't for bad luck I would have no luck at all..well it true..this thyroid adventure has been the worst thing to ever happen to me health wise and its not going away any time soon. I feel like I am going crazy... I just want to be better!

So I could sure use some prayers if ya have any extra's....

I pray you all have a great Hoiday weekend...!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ever go Camera/Picture Crazy? Aww Those Precious Kittens..

A huge Hello to all of you out there in Blogland! I sure have missed you all. I've been missing, kind of in a state of Funk! Funny how the good lord seems to always send one tiny little thing into your life that brightens your day beyond words....The kittens are now a month old and they have grown like weeds!  They are beyond adorable...they have started to play and romp around. Lisa now leaves them to go about the yard following me around. But she is still the most wonderfully perfect mama kitty there ever for all of you who need a Kitten fix..... Have I ever got one for you today! I took 50 pics so it was hard to choose the best ones but here goes... Gina I know you are gona love this....
As you know she had them in the shop so this week I had to make some major modifications to there living arrangements so they aren't in any danger of hurting themselves. I brought the Dog kennel modified into a a baby chic keeper last spring now a new Kitten house this spring, into the shop. I cut up big boxes to create a wall from the kennel to the door on one side and laid down my folding wall on its side to create a wall on the other side from the kennel to the door. I figure in a week Mama Lisa will start to take the kitten outside for there first adventures so I wanted to make it easy for her and the babes to start there adventures safely.
Hey Mom look at this we can go play.. is this way to cool... Of course Lisa is supervising the first steps into the big world outside the laundry basket.

Hey mom what you doing out there...?

What is that behind that brown thing I think I will check it out!
Hey you guys come look at this its a sand box!
Pee-a-Boo! I know what you do in here you go potty...
Yea they all tired it out and they all went potty in there new Sand Box..

What is that thing?
I don't know ..Hey you guys look at this!
Its water baby try it...Baby's first Drink...

I'm gona go out there and see mom..come on you guys!

Play Time... I don't know about you kids but I'm tired... I think its time for you to settle down now..

Come get your dinner...

Finally nap time! Sweet dreams my precious baby's....

I repeat I have fallen hook line and sinker for these kittens..They are so spoiled rotten...

As I said I've been in a funk... kinda depressed wishing that my body would hurry up and get itself back to normal..Its not happening as quickly as I had then I'm not a really patient person when it comes to things like that...hehe!

Otherwise not much else going on in my world...I apologize that I haven't been around and have missed many bogs... working on catching up...

I hope you all enjoyed your visit with the Lisa and her kittens today... Time to get going much to accomplish today...

Have a wonderful day and until we meet again may your day be filled with sunshine and smiles!

Hugs and blessings

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Blessings to All

Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting on this bench lost in the memories of all those special moments you had with your children, Let them bring a smile to your lips as each memory brings joy to your heart! Threw the years you have unselfishly given so much of yourself to your children, unselfishly given of your time and Love.
Today is your day, it's time to give to unselfishly to yourself! You deserve it!
Enjoy your Special day, may it be filled with happy moments and warm memories that you can recall when you come to sit quietly on this bench again sometime!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oh how My Kittens have Grown come in.. take a peek!

Happy Sunday morning Lisa Kitty here! I thought I would stop in, say Hi & show off my little family.
Wow how quickly time passes. Seems like yesterday when mom introduced you to my new family..Tomorrow my baby's will be three weeks old ..Can you believe it 3 weeks....where does the time go?
Seems like yesterday mom decided to let me hang out in the shop with her. I'm sure glad she did because she spoils me...

I'm not sure which one of us is the luckiest, me or mom... I love it in her shop & mom love haiving me there.... I get to hang out with mom and sometimes Hailey comes out to hang with mom & me.
I mean is this the life or what?  Here I am all snuggled in with Hailey...Mom didn't know it when she took this picture but I would  deliver my new kittens less then a week later... it was really nice to be all snuggly, warm and safe while I rested up for delivery...
Then the big day came and I gave birth to the most beautiful Silver White and Black kittens you've ever seen..there Colors are really starting to show. two of them are really silver with a tiny bit of white around the edge of there ears and dark gray on there paws & ears.
Now I know mom already showed you the new born pictures but I wanted to show them to you again before I showed you how much they have grown.

Its a lot of work being a new mommy but I don't mind at all...Mom spoils me with canned food and comes out to love on me every day...sometimes I need to rest. Just look at how tiny my kittens were.
Now look at how much they have grown...
Goodness aren't they just beautiful...They have there eyes open now so mom had to find me a new bed to take care of them so they didn't start to crawl out of the doggy bed and get lost in the shop..She decided that a laundry basket would be perfect for now at least.. Soon they will be climbing everything!
Then it will be a big adventure... I think mom will have to move us out of the shop when they are old enough to climb... to many dangerous things in the shop for the little ones to get hurt on.. I can just see it now broken glass everywhere...
They all have there eyes open it won't be long and they will figure out they can climb right out of there basket..

Just look at that little fat belly!

Just look at how much this little darlin has grown.. 

This precious little darlin is the adventurous one! Already he puts his little paws threw the holes in the basket... I bet he is gona be the first one to get in trouble for crawling out..
This is my shy baby.. doesn't like being held at all..when mom picked him up to take his picture he wiggled and wiggled.. I was afraid he was going to wiggle right out of Mom's hand.

I think this one is the most like me...Loves to be held and loved on. He just curls up in moms hand and falls asleep!

It's time for me to get back out to the shop and feed the kittens... Mom said she's going to take new pictures this week to share with then the kids will surely be ready to start going on adventures and mom will probably have to move us out of the shop. ok gotta run I hear my little darlings calling me.

Miss Lisa Kitty is just the best you can see her Kittens are all plump little ones. She hardly ever leaves them alone for long.. I was working in the shop on Thursday night and she finally left her kittens for a few minutes to come get some loving...She was so happy to have me working in the shop... so I showered her with lots of lovin..
I'm in love with her little ones they are such a pretty color of Silver.. I don't know how I'm gona feel about giving them away...LOL.. My sister n law said so don't give them away...I'm sure they won't mind being barn kitty's..Hummm... I think she fell in love with them when she took care of them last weekend... She never says lets keep the new kittens... guess time will tell... I did show them to my neighbor Tina...she wants a kitten for her elderly Mom and Dad... I know they will love one so if they decide to take one I'll be happy knowing it will make two elders very very happy!!

Not much else going on .. I had a pretty good week this week. Peg and I worked in the Flowerbeds in the evenings. You would laugh at the two of us both with bad backs scooting around in the dirt one using the spade to lift up the dirt the other pulling weeds out of it...We last about an hour or so and then pat ourselves on the back for getting another 8 foot of flowerbed weeded, covered with weed paper and mulch...Thank God for my niece who has the muscle to pick up the mulch bags and dump them for us to spread...LOL... I figure we should get this huge flowerbed done by the end of the May at the rate we're going...but hey at least we can say we did it even if it took us a month...

I had a doctors appointment with an SSI doctor...and a dentist appointment. Another tooth crumbled. He's going to try to fix it but I just don't know this one has very little left to work with..its so disheartening to brush your teeth 5 times a day use special toothpaste and mouth wash. floss constantly and still your teeth just crumble away daily. It happens because my mouth is so dry the teeth dry out too and then just crumble away.

Its a beautiful day so I think I will find something to do outside..

Time to run... I sure hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, fillled with Sunshine and Happy moments..