Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ever go Camera/Picture Crazy? Aww Those Precious Kittens..

A huge Hello to all of you out there in Blogland! I sure have missed you all. I've been missing, kind of in a state of Funk! Funny how the good lord seems to always send one tiny little thing into your life that brightens your day beyond words....The kittens are now a month old and they have grown like weeds!  They are beyond adorable...they have started to play and romp around. Lisa now leaves them to go about the yard following me around. But she is still the most wonderfully perfect mama kitty there ever for all of you who need a Kitten fix..... Have I ever got one for you today! I took 50 pics so it was hard to choose the best ones but here goes... Gina I know you are gona love this....
As you know she had them in the shop so this week I had to make some major modifications to there living arrangements so they aren't in any danger of hurting themselves. I brought the Dog kennel modified into a a baby chic keeper last spring now a new Kitten house this spring, into the shop. I cut up big boxes to create a wall from the kennel to the door on one side and laid down my folding wall on its side to create a wall on the other side from the kennel to the door. I figure in a week Mama Lisa will start to take the kitten outside for there first adventures so I wanted to make it easy for her and the babes to start there adventures safely.
Hey Mom look at this we can go play.. is this way to cool... Of course Lisa is supervising the first steps into the big world outside the laundry basket.

Hey mom what you doing out there...?

What is that behind that brown thing I think I will check it out!
Hey you guys come look at this its a sand box!
Pee-a-Boo! I know what you do in here you go potty...
Yea they all tired it out and they all went potty in there new Sand Box..

What is that thing?
I don't know ..Hey you guys look at this!
Its water baby try it...Baby's first Drink...

I'm gona go out there and see mom..come on you guys!

Play Time... I don't know about you kids but I'm tired... I think its time for you to settle down now..

Come get your dinner...

Finally nap time! Sweet dreams my precious baby's....

I repeat I have fallen hook line and sinker for these kittens..They are so spoiled rotten...

As I said I've been in a funk... kinda depressed wishing that my body would hurry up and get itself back to normal..Its not happening as quickly as I had then I'm not a really patient person when it comes to things like that...hehe!

Otherwise not much else going on in my world...I apologize that I haven't been around and have missed many bogs... working on catching up...

I hope you all enjoyed your visit with the Lisa and her kittens today... Time to get going much to accomplish today...

Have a wonderful day and until we meet again may your day be filled with sunshine and smiles!

Hugs and blessings


  1. What little stinkers, lol! Getting so big already and I can just imagine the entertainment they are providing:D

  2. Beautiful fur babies! They are so cute, makes me want to adopt them all! Thanks for sharing pictures with us, I know you are having a great time with them.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Hi Tonya,

    Ohhhhh, they are soooooo cute. :)

    You chose great pics to share.

    I love kitties.

    I hope you will start feeling better soon too.

    Have a great evening and a wonderful tomorrow.

    Take care, Janet W ((hugs))

  4. oh my goodness those baby's are toooo cute!!!

  5. What a lovely way to take your mind off other things Tonya :) They are such little sweeties. Do so hope your recovery speeds up! Take care and bye for now Jane

  6. Oh Tonya the kitties are so cute!!! They are growing fast!! I love the wa you tell the story from their point of view!! Too cute!!! I pray you get better soon! Tonya I have been going to bed by 9:00 pm working in the yard has kicked my butt! LOL I need more energy too! But I do sleep good! I'll keep you in my prayers!! It's suppose to be a great weekend with lot's of sun! Have a good one!! XOXO Love, Frannie

  7. Absolutely ADORABLE that's what Mama and kittens are. Please don't be discouraged Tonya. I finally realized it will take me a while to recover from my illness and hospital stay so I try not to do too much. Just take it one day at a time and limit yourself so you don't overdo it. Please take care of yourself, after all them kittens need you.


  8. oh Tonya, I melted into a puddle at my chair just now looking at these sweet little baby faces..the one where you are scratching the chin put me over the edge..and then nursing and then nap time...I would probably maul these sweet things..they are just soooo precious..thank you for sharing these sweet baby kittehs and mama with us..and thank you as always for your kind words that you leave me on my are a sweetheart and I love you for it..I wish you were back to feeling super sassy again..I will have to say more prayers..can't hurt right? have a wonderful weekend..and give those baby faces a love from Aunt Neenie;)

  9. The kitties are so adorable!! Nothing like some baby kitty lovin'!!
    Hope you feel like yourself again real soon.
    Have a great weekend.

  10. Aw, the kitties are growing up. They are so cute when they are little. My first set of chicks are now out in general population with the other hens. My second set is still growing and soon they will be out with the others too. I hope to get them out of the shed before hot weather.
    It has kept be pretty busy tending to them. Not much time for blogging with outside work lately.
    Have a nice weekend
    Country at heart

  11. Wow Tonya, the babies are getting so big and I love their little tails. Thanks for sharing the pics-so sweet! Sorry you are in a funk, I hope that changes for you real soon. Have a good weekend ~*~Lisa

  12. Hi, Tonya~
    they are precious~ just little butter balls~

  13. Hi! Tonya,

    Awwwww! Omg! Mama's little kitties are sooooo adorable! They sure have grown and just too cute :o) The little one having a chin rub is precious. I love them all! lol

    I'm soooo happy to be back. Still recovering from the surgery and feeling better each day. Hope you are too. Keeping you in my prayers, mon amis.

    Have a sunny week & enjoy! Take care ok.

    Blessings & Hugs,

  14. I don't believe I have ever met a kitten I didn't love - but Mama Lisa's brood are too stinkin' adorable!! No doubt they're spoiled! I especially love that little one with the white cheeks and just a hint of white going up the nose. SWEET!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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