Show Casing Gatherings In Forever Homes!

I Wanted to Say Thank you to all of my former Customers by Show Casing there Gatherings in there new homes.
As mentioned in my orginal post it is an Honor when a customer says:
"I love the gathering you created for me and I wanted to show you how beautiful it looks in my Home"

Over the years many customers have shared pictures of there Gatherings displayed in there homes.
I thought it would be nice to share them with all of you.

If you have ever purchased a special order or Ebay item from My Primitive Creations by Tonya please share it with me so that I might display it in my Gallery of Special Past Creations.

This Gathering was a Special order from Linda
Thank You Linda!

This is a gathering Teresa purchased from My Ebay Store.
Visit Teresa at deppenhomestead1862
Thank you Teresa!

This a Gathering Connie purchased from My Ebay Store
Visit Connie at Cabin Fever Primitives
Thank You Connie!

This was one of the Necessary Room Gatherings
I created for my wonderful customers Carol.
Carol has been a customer for the past 2 years.
Thank you Carol!

This Gathering was a Special Order From Tina who found me on my Blog
Requested a Necessary Room Gathering.
Thank You Gina!

Gina loved her first gathering so much she ask me to create a second
Gathering for her medicine Cabinet.

This a Quilt Carol bought from my Ebay store.
She Bought two more Quilts after receiving this one.
Visit Carol at Firecrackerkid Woodcrafts
Thank You Carol!

This a Gathering was a gift request from Carmen.
Visit Carmen at Primcats
Thank You Carmen!


  1. Thank you Tonya! Hercules and the rest of the fur gang love them too:)

  2. I have several gatherings from Tonya and love every one. I have gotten many comments on them. The last one, the necessary room, is gorgeous. I know I will be buying/ordering more. Tonya, you do a fabulous job and I am never disappointed.


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