Sunday, January 29, 2012

Share the giggle of the day with me-Cats & Feathers everywhere! yep Feathers everywhere!

Hi everyone...its me Mama Kitty....Oh let me tell you Tasha kitty got in big time trouble this morning...I laughed so hard and if mom hadn't been so mad at her she would have probably laughed too...well actually she did laugh later but not when she woke up to find the mess Tasha had made everywhere.

You see mom has this really nice down comforter on her sofa bed... I love laying on it....its fluffy and so and Tasha take our naps there every day...

Mom keeps it covered with a spread so we don't stick our toe nails in it.
On a normal day I'm the one who likes to sharpen my claws on her spread...
Yep that's me down there sharpening my nails...
 but not this morning.. I think Tasha was tring to wake mom up at first but then she decided to sharpen her claws on moms spread.. That's not a real good idea cause # 1 it makes mom mad & # 2 it rips the Down comforter.. Well mom heard her yanking her toe nails in and out of her spread this morning and she got Yelled at big time to knock it off.. Tasha ignored her of course and kept it up till mom sat up.
Mom was really getting irritated with her and sat up tellin her,
"No Tasha, stop it & get down right now".. Tasha kept it up so mom swatted her off the bed..
When mom sat up she sorta flipped the spread back and the down comforter was hanging over the edge...she layed back down and went back to sleep...
Now if you knew Tasha she doesn't give up things she likes to do sharpen her nails so she waited till mom went back to sleep.
Tasha is such a sneak .....she sat on the floor and started sharpening right on the comforter.
Well I guess her toe nails were pretty sharp cause she slit a hole in moms comforter with one of her nails...and she kept right on sharpening and you will never guess what happened....
All these fluffy little white feathers started coming out every time she put her nails in the hole...
Pretty soon she was playing with the feathers cause they were flying all over the place... I think they were flying everywhere cause mom has a heater with a blower on it ...
I can't tell a lie I decided to chase the feathers too... Me and Tasha were chasing them all over the trailer..
Tasha kept going back to the hole and pulling more feathers didn't seem like very many when she stuck her toe in and pulled them out...but as soon as they came out tons of them started to fly everywhere and we would chase them....
Pretty soon we were playing real hard and jumping on the table and running down the hall making all kinds of noise.. I think that was when mom woke up again.. it was time for her to get up anyway.. But just as she sat up Tasha was sticking her toe nail in the hole trying to get more feathers out...
HaHa and guess what she got caught...big time... That little hole wasn't little anymore it was big...
Mom kinda yelled at us to settle down just as she sat up and caught Tasha so me being the chicken in the family had run down the hall and pumped in moms desk chair and laid down real quick... Looked like I was being a sweet little Kitty that I am of course....
I was watching from my chair and when mom sat up and caught Tasha she had feathers all over her and all over the bed and all over the floor..There was feathers every place.. little tiny fuzzy white feathers..even on moms head....
Mom was not happy when she seen Tasha's toe in the hole and feathers everywhere... Tasha got yelled at big time and mom swatted her paw away...
Tasha just stepped back and walked in a circle meowing like she has accomplished something really cool.. She just ignores mom when shes upset with her.. She's braver then me....!
Mom got up and picked her up to face mom and Tasha just started purring and trying to rub moms face... Mom was having none of she held her away and said ...NO NO Tasha and put Tasha's face close to the hole and said NO NO again...
I don't think Tasha was listening to mom at all...cause she just swatted her paw at mom..she does that when she doesn't get her way... So mom put her down and said no-no you are being a Bad Kitty young lady...
Tasha just started playing with the feathers on the floor... I think Tasha was proving her point that she wanted mom up so she was gona make sure Mom got up... by being a Brat Kitty!!

Mom had to find some thread and needle and a piece of fabric to sew the hole shut..
then mom had to try to vaccum up all those feathers...
Let me tell you how funny that was...her vaccum is a Kirby which has a powerful motor on it. the air coming out blows perrty hard so she blew more feathers around then she was sweeping me and Tasha started chasing them again... That's when Mom finally laughed real hard....
she had to put a towel over the motor blower hole to stop the feathers from flying everywhere... she finally got them all sucked up and now we don't have any feathers to chase around the house any more...

I know Tasha made a big mess, but it was sure fun chasing all those feathers everywhere...

I know if you close your eyes you can imagine seeing tons of fluffy, fuzzy little feathers all over the house and you can probably imagine us playing with them...I can hear you giggling.....I hope I made your day!!
To bad mom had to go and clean them all up...oh well it was fun while it lasted. I think I will go take a nap I'm tired...

oh yea don't forget to check out all of moms new gatherings, she made some really cool ones this week.

Talk to you again sometime...

Mama Kitty

Friday, January 27, 2012

Do you still have that laundry Room Picture in your Head-How Close was your Picture to the real thing? Here it is!!

Happy Friday Evening my prims.. hope your having a great Friday...
Well here it is the laundry Room Gathering that I ask you all to picture in your mind! Hope you still had the picture in your mind as you look at the pictures.. Would love to know how many of you were able to create the gathering and picture the finished gathering..and how close was your picture?
Look at the bottom of the picture my Barn now shop Kitty Lisa jumped on the table and ended up in the picture...LOL.... She is a real lover kitty that hates everyone but me for some weird reason..So I've been letting her hang out in the shop with me.
She just lays around on the chair or in Puddles bed...Meet Lisa the Shop Kitty
Anyway back to the Laundry room Gathering... It turned out as awesome as I had hoped it would and was so fun to create.. Its huge but I think it will be a huge hit and sell well...
30" wide x 22" tall x 8" deep
$89.95 plus Travel fare

Its Just full of Vintage laundry Goodies, an old vintage iron, a Vintage Soap Whisk, a Vintage Bucket and of course the old Childs Ironing Board.
I had a good week in the shop and was able to use my creative hands to create some really nice gatherings besides just the Laundry room Gathering...

~Primitive Americana Necessary Room Gathering~

9" wide x 5 1/2" deep x 1 1/2" tall
$29.95 free shipping

~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

7 1/2" wide x 4 1/2" deep x 1 1/2" tall
$24.95 free shipping

~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

10" wide x 6" deep x 1 1/2" tall
$29.95 free shipping

~Primitive Pantry Gathering~

30" wide x 6" deep x 12" tall
$69.95 Plus travel fare

~Primitive Stool Gathering~

11 1/2" wide x 6 1/2" deep x 7" tall
$39.95 Free shipping

 The surprise of the week is My Sister n Law decided to make some patchwork Quilt Throws/Spreads. They turned out just beautiful!!

~Primitive Patchwork Quilt Throw or Spread~

94" long x 73" wide
$69.95 plus travel Fare

~Primitive Patchwork Quilt Throw or Spread~
Comes with Two Standard Shams

80" long x 80" wide
$69.95 plus travel Fare

~Primitive Patchwork Quilt Throw or Spread~

75" long x 64" wide
$59.95 plus travel Fare

OPPs almost forgot I created another Bowl full of Rag Rapped Easter Eggs too!

If you are interested in any of the gathering just email me at via the Special order Email address.

It was a good the shop and basically over all.
Now I'm going to take my huge tub of lego's in the house and the Girls and I are going to build a lego City in the middle of the family room in front of the Fire while we watch a movie.. Figure I've worked hard enough this week I deserve some play time.. Peggy is baking Pineapple stuffed Sugar Cookies for a snack later.. Yummmy sounds like a good Friday night to me...Until we meet again.....

I hope your weekend is filled with lots of happy moments!


PS.. I haven't been able to post comments on many of your blogs but I have been reading them all week.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dreaded Snow arrived in Ohio & my Creative Mind has been spinning!

Happy Sunday Everyone..Seems that Mother nature finally decided she had been kind to us Ohioans long enough and she blew threw Friday night and dumped about 5" of snow on us!
Ok for all you snow lovers out there..... I will admit it looked really beautiful when I stepped out of the shop around 3:30 in the morning to head to my trailer and call it a night..
The glittery glow was so pretty and untouched by any kitty prints, dog prints, sled marks and kids I stood there for a few minutes and took it all in... wondering why something so beautiful has to be such a pain to deal with.. especially when it drifts so badly here..
Then I was off tracking to my Trailer..without a snow shovel in hand...its leaning against the trailer door waiting patiently for the dreaded snow to arrive... LOL...I knew my task come day light was to dig my way to and from.....So around noon I prepared my mind & warned my body for the task ahead..Off I went to shovel a path to the Barn, then the shop, back and then to the house.
I can not tell a the third shovel the snow lost every single ounce of its Beauty and my body reminded my brain why I hate snow so much...LOL..two hours later and probably a 1000 or more shovels later my paths were finished...
Every single joint in this here body of mine was punishing me for touching that shovel...
Dear God I am too broken down to shovel its momentary beauty is it really necessary..? I'm sure I heard him say, You know it is if you want to see all the spring flowers you love so much, now buck up and deal with'll live it won't hurt that long... Well Ha..easy for him to say he doesn't live with this body!

 I have two shovels so now one is at the Trailer and one at the when it snows I have one at hand to shovel my way back and forth...The bummer is I have to shovel the van out today so I can ship Ebay packages Monday....

I suppose I can find but one good thing about being snowed in and that's working in the shop...there isn't much else to do when you get snowed in...last night was a little tuff sanding things with my hands hurting but I managed to get things finished and ready to create some new gatherings..

I stopped at several Thrift stores on my way home from the Doctor's appointment Thursday and I found some really cool stuff...
The coolest thing I found was a child's Hand made play Ironing Board. It looks like a shelf with an Ironing board top... Oh did my creative mind go nuts when I seen it... What a beautiful and adorable Laundry Room gathering I could make out of that..
So you can guess what I worked on last night. It's probably about 36" wide x 10" deep x 36" tall so it's very large for creating a gathering but my mind has already created it...It took me most of the night to get it done
but Its sanded, painted and distressed.. Its absolutely beautiful!!
I can hardly wait to put the gathering together and share it with you all... If it turns out as I hope it to it will be my best creation ever...with a wash board, vintage wash basin, an Antique Iron, laundry soap & Starch boxes, a bucket, Candle Lamp, Towels, Laundry Soap Bags, Pins & a Towel rack across the bottom...
Now you can sit and imagine what this is going to look like... just like I do when my creative mind goes nuts pulling things together to form a picture in my mind... Hopefully it doesn't drive you to nuts...giggle!!
Sorry you have to wait to see it just like I do but I assure you it will be done by tomorrow morning cause I can't stand not knowing how it turns out... LOL...

Now on to the latest Doctors visit..this one was with the Rheumatology Dr's last Thursday.
I liked the Dr. Linda she was really nice and explained things better then most doctors. She spent about an hour with me going over all of my symptoms etc. But I wasn't real crazy about the Dr. He was the same as the Endocrinologist. ugggg..Cold and less then informative..maybe he figured the Dr Linda did all the explaining I'm not sure. They addressed the Sjogren's Disease more then they did my arthritis. they odered tons more Blood Test... they took 13 viles of blood.. good lord I hope they got enough to finally figure out what is going on with all these diseases.. I was lith headed when they were done taking blood and that never happened before....Plus it bruised my arm really bad... even tho she was great at taking blood..
So here is the upfront diagnoses won't know the over all results till the blood test come back.
I have severe Osteoarthritis in my hands and my upper neck from what she can see, ex-rays will show how extensive. No there is really nothing they can do to stop it possibly different or more meds to help keep it from getting worse. I knew all of this before I went. they are testing for other types of arthritis.
Both Doctors feel that I have Fibermialgia, guess they are testing for more proof of that as well.
Then on to the Sjogren's disease. Dr. Linda states yes I have severe Sjogren's disease is causing other problems because it is an auto-immune disease as is Thyroid, Arthritis and Graves. Each of these diseases are all making my body fight against itself.. Ok...... I pretty much knew that as well. Is there any resolution to this... No not really other then drugs to ease the symptoms and stop them from getting worse but there is no cure. But the real problem is getting you on the drugs. They are expensive & they don't offer a discount or have a free drug program. Secondly the drug causes eye damage so has to be monitored monthly another added expense. Hummmm... not sounding to good here.
then Dr. Linda tells me that in the past few years they have put more effort into studying Sjogren's Disease and have made some new discovery's and one isn't good. So I feel we need to one make you aware of it and two get you tested for it right away... and you will need tested every 6 months if things continue to progress. Early detection will assure a better survival rate. Great what is this thing you are talking about?
Then she proceeds to tell me that they have discovered in the last year that Sjogren's Disease has a high rate of patients developing Lymphoma. Yep that's Cancer.....For some reason that really didn't surprise me but it still shocked me to hear her say it. So some of that blood is being tested for any signs of Lymphoma.
I should hear by mid week what the blood test results are.. I don't think I have Lymphoma so I'm not to worried about that. I do hope that this set of blood test can give us more answers to all of these issues and maybe get me back so some state of normal..

So there it is another day in the life and times of me... Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
Keep me in your prayers if you could please. 

Have a great Sunday ...and until we meet again may your day be filled with happy moments and warm memory's!!


Monday, January 16, 2012

My Valentine's Tree, A Sneek Peek at Two New Gatherings & some grumbling..LOL..

Howdy everyone... Yep I still have my Tree up only it's covered in Love... As I mentioned in my last post I spent an afternoon just playing around in the shop creating hearts and garland for my Valentine Tree... Nothing fancy just a few Red & white stripped Flannel Hearts stitched with bright red floss... I love um they turned out really cute.. I made the garland out of the same Flannel..
I hung them all over the tree along with my collection of Vintage and new Valentine Heart Cookie cutters. My Fav is the Heart cookie cutter on the top with the red handle.. It was my mom's and I've had it in my cookie cutter Jar for years... I found it in my packed boxes at my house and brought it back withme on my last trip to the house... Perfect little tree topper. I'm thinking I might stitch a few Dark Red little hearts to hang on there... I wish you could see all the cookie cutters a little better but they just don't seem to show up in the pictues to well...
See the cute little White Kitty sitting under the tree.. Hehe...another fake Kitty to tease Tasha and Mama Kitty with...It has batteries and it meows and neads bread with its paws... Tasha bats at it when I turn it on...I've had more fun teasing them with the fake kitty's.. I know they like the silly things or they would just ignore them.... I think I'm going to dip this little white one down in the bag of Cat Nip over night and then give it to them to see what they do with it... I'll let ya know maybe even get some cute pictures...

Oh for those of you who are wondering how the Kitty dusting went yesterday... Hummm...Shall we say the Vaccum brush wasn't a big hit... they hated me for the rest of the day but they have less hair to shed this week which saves my allergies... They forgave me this morning with lots of hugs and head butts!!!
Aren't Cats wonderful, they don't stay mad at you to long they need all those hugs and head butts as much as we do!!
Now tomorrow Puddles gets a bath... not that it will help much with all the mud outside... but he's lookin pretty it's time...!

I worked out in the shop the last couple of nights and turned out another beautiful Old Crow Gathering.
The last Crow gathering sold last week and will be making its way to its forever home in the morning..
This new one has lots of Vintage Wares in it ..On old Sifter, an Old Grater & an old Meat Fork.
I'm really pleased with the way this one turned out!!

~Primitive Old Crow Kitchen Shelf Gathering~

28" wide x 13" tall x6" deep

$74.95 Free Travel fare in the US.

~Primitive Wood Scoop Candle Gathering~

10" long x3 1/2" wide x 3 1/2" tall
$24.95 Free Travel fare in the US.

I managed to get everything done to create a third Gathering but the old body said your done for tonight so didn't gt it hung and pictures taken .. that's on the agenda for tonight...

My sales this week were pretty good..nothing like last January when I was turning out 10 to 20 gatherings a week but I figure at least I'm able to create a few things to keep me going and pay the bills...

I was bragging yesterday how good I was feeling...well I should learn not to brag.. I had a horrible night last night..with those danged muscle cramps and jerks again.. It wore me out totally and getting up this morning was delayed till mid afternoon...I was exhausted!
I've just plain & simple had enough of this.
I've also decided I'm not at all happy with the Endocrinologist that I seen. I wasn't really happy with the over all visit and the delay in having the nodule biopsy for 6 weeks. As well as getting the feeling that she didn't want to address the major issues of my being sent to see her such as: the extreme swelling of my whole body, the muscle jerks, spasms & extreme pain in my muscles and the physical exhaustion.
I was especially concerned when she kept telling me to see other doctors, those very doctors who sent me to her in the first place. Then a week after I seen her I had extreme pain in my neck right where the large thyroid nodule is, it was making it hard to swallow. When she called me back to talk about it she told me to see my primary physican for a sore throat. When I told her it wasn't a sore throat it was my neck she said. Oh its probably the Nodule pushing against a nerve. Don't worry about it... Wow lady worry is just one issue here, it hurts & its making swalloing dang near impossible..Her only comment to that was we will figure it out when we do the biopsy. Is this where one says: What the He!!? 
Then I received a letter from her yesterday that she stated she sent to my Primary physican, only the physican she supposedly sent it to is a Doctor I don't even know and certianly not my Primary physican.
Then to top it off she never addressed 4 of the primary issues I was sent to her for in her summary to this doctor. Is there something wrong with this picture?
Do I feel as if this Doctor doesn't know what she is doing or should I feel that because I don't have insurance I'm not worth the best of care. I don't know which is the case or if either are, but I do know I feel as if things aren't right and I'm getting the run around from all of these doctors at my expense both physically & monotarily. Aggervated, frustrated & angry are three very good words to describe my emotional state of mind right now...Ok enough of that depressing is only making me angry...
Thanks for letting me vent... :<$

Now I refuse to let this get me down... I'm going to the shop and finish my creation, watch a good movie or listen to it at least as I work...and find some peace for the rest of the day...

So until we meet again may your day be filled with happy moments!! Have a great evening!!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Sunday..A Little Sneak Peek & Sunshine brightening my Day!

A wonderful Sunday Afternoon to everyone! I just want to say thank you to all of you who have prayed for my health... There's something very good to be said about all the prayers sent our way when things aren't going well be it health or life in general... "THANK YOU" from the bottom of my heart.. All those prayers have certainly helped...Although I'm not 100% I can say I am better emotionally and physically. The pain in my muscles has finally gotten to a workable level..& more muscle spasams... Happy Dance Here!!
So you know what that means.. I'm back in the shop daily.. not able to work like last year but still being productive... That in itself heals the mental state of ones being at least it does mine..
Then I woke up this morning to the Sun shinning in the window warming my face... The kitty's were sitting on the window ledge enjoying it too...It was really emotionally lifting to wake up with out uncontrollable pain and sunshine on my face...I do believe I was Smiling ear to ear!!!
Much to do today.. I sold several of the Gatherings I shared with you in my last post... Another Smile on my today is packing day...!
I think my Kitty's can make as much mess in the house as two kids make.. they are shedding everywhere so today I must put the dusting attachment on vaccum and do some major hair removal around here...I'm probably gona make the Kitty's mad at me but they are going to get brushed which they love but then they are gona get the dusting tool run over them to catch some of the shedding hair before it goes all over the place.. Sometimes they are cool with it and others they get spit fire ticked off at me... we'll see how it goes today...Then I think I will cut there nails..if they are gona be mad at me may as well make it worth it ..get it all done at once.....then of course I need to clean the kitty box.
Once I get finished with the kids its off to the shop.. I started another Crow gathering last night and I can't wait to finish it... It looks so pretty already & I'm only half done with it...

I decided to take one night this week and work on my Valentine Decorations.. I finished them up and have decorated my little tree for Valentine's day!! OOps the camera is in the shop so I'll have to share the tree with you in my next post... it was fun to work on something for myself.. I don't find the time to do that very often... the tree is adorable.. Now all I need to do is create a few things to sit on my shelves for Valentine's Day!

Now what did I create this week..

~Primitive Angel "Bless this Home & all Who Enter" Key Rack~

 $14.95 Free shipping in the US

~Primitive Keeping Rack Necessary Room Gathering~

$29.95 Free Shipping in the US

~Primitive Keeping Shelf Gathering~

$34.95 Fress Shipping in the US

~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

$29.95 Free Shipping in the US
~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

$29.95 Free Shipping in the US

Don't Forget Easter is April 8th, just around the corner.

~Primitive Chocolate Scented Wax Dipped Spice Rolled Easter Eggs~
10 large~ 2-2 1/2" Eggs

$21.95 Free shipping in the US

~Primitive Chocolate Scented Wax Dipped Spice Rolled Easter Eggs~
10 Small~ 1-11/2" Eggs

$19.95 Free shipping in the US
~Primitive Rag Wrapped & Cinnamon Rubbed Scented EGGS~
14- 2-2 1/2"
$21.95 Free shipping in the US
If you're interested in ordering a set of the Eggs email me using the Special order Email found at the top of my Blog page.
Everything is listed on Ebay so go on over and check out My Ebay Store...!
Untill we meet again may your days be filled with wonderful moments and warm memories no matter how small!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

An Easter Sneak Peek-If ya like what ya see & want to to place an order email me!

Hello everyone out there in Blogland... Ms. Tonya has been playing in the Wax the past few days...I needed to make candles so out came the crock pot filled with wax.. the container of Spices, the cookie sheet, wax paper and Candles...I hand dipped & spice rolled about 150 Candle Nubbys & 50 tapers. My shop smells so good right now... 

6 Hand Dipped Spice Rolled Candle Nubby's
$16.95 Free shipping in the US
6 Hand Dipped Spice Rolled Candle Tapers
$18.95 Free shipping in the US

When I got done making candles I decided it would be fun to make some hand dipped spice rolled Chocolate Easter Eggs...It takes a while to make the eggs because I had to put a string in each one before I dipped & rolled them. EAch egg is dipped and spice rolled three times. They have to hang & dry between each dipping...when they are done they look & Smell good enough to eat...Yes Chocolate Scented!!

3 sets of 10 Eggs  Available for Sale
10-Large 2-2 1/2" Chocolate Scented Wax Dipped Spice Rolled  EGGS
$21.95 Free shipping in the US 

3 sets of 10 Eggs  Available for Sale
10-Small 1-1 1/2" Chocolate Scented Wax Dipped Spice Rolled  EGGS
$19.95 Free shipping in the US

When I finished making the Wax dipped Eggs I decided to make some Homespun covered Eggs.
These too take time to make since I glue them as I wrap them so they stay nicely wrapped.
Once they were wrapped I rubbed them with age them and give them a fresh Cinnamon scent...They turned out so pretty...

3 sets of 14 available done in these colors.
14- 2-2 1/2" Homespun Wrapped & Cinnamon rubbed Scented EGGS
$21.95 Free shipping in the US

If you're interested in ordering any of the Egg Bowl fillers email me at the Order Email address on tio right corner of my blog.

Thanks for stopping by...I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!

have a Great Week!


An Afternoon with Taco the Fainting Goat, the Barn Kitty.& two kids.To Cute!

A fine day to all my prim Friends... Yesterday it was near 65 degrees here in central Ohio. Perfect day for the kids & I to be outside playing in the barn with th critters. My neice Savana is an animal lover like me and if she had her way she would move into the I was working in the shop & decided to take a break & enjoy the wonderful sunshine yesterday.. When I walked out and looked over in the barn Savana was paying with Tippy her barn kitty.. this kitty followers her everywhere..Best of buds they are...I missed the really cute picture where she was holding up a piece of straw & Tippy was batting it...then in a split second Tippy took off running, turned around came back and jumped on Savana's head then flopped down on the straw to play with her again...and I caught this picture..
When she got done playing with Tippy she decided she wanted to show me how Taco the fainting Goat and her play.
She starts out rubbing Taco's ears...That's Coco the 10 yr old Sheep that we thought we were going to have to put down due to arthritis in his knees.. Much to everyone's surprise Taco coming here to live gave Coco a new lease on life & he is doing much better gettingup & down.. Why you ask? Taco has gotten old Coco to getup and play daily...
Savana is now asking Taco he wants to the play butting game...
 By now I am laughing at these two preparing for there game..Savana moves to the other side of the pen & Taco follows her..she stops and puts down her hand..Taco touches her hand for starters. Then the fun begins.. I haven never figured out my video part of my new camera so I had to go for stills.. but I'm sure you can imagine how this game goes from the pics.
After Taco touches her hand he turns around runs across the pin turns back towards Savana and comes running straigh to her and head buts her...Just look at the Smile on Savana's face she is having the time of her life playing with Taco...

As soon as Taco makes contact Savana grabs his horns and pushes him backwards...and he turns around and repeats the whole thing over and over again...Even Coco got in on the game but I wasn't fast enough to catch the picture..but he head butts Savana in the leg...

Savana is now telling Taco she has had enough head butting and she pushes Taco away with her knee.
Savana is giggling the whole time she is playing with was one of those special moments you just kinda store for future reference...Then I decided to share some of the good old fashioned wholesome kids play...
About this time Hailey showed up in the barn and started playing with Tippy...

Tippy see's a bird in the can jsut see him wishing he could get up there and get it...
Thanks for stopping by the barn while we played ... Hope you shared in the giggles!!
It all reminded me of when I was a kid and would take my escape to the barn to play with all of our farm critters...I was a little luckier then parents let me sleep in the barn if I wanted too in the summer...We had a Hay loft in our old barn and I had myself a little hide-a-way built out of hay bales up there, so whenever I wanted to hid away I'd go hang out with the barn kitty's in my little hide-a-way.....

Have a Great Day!!