Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dreaded Snow arrived in Ohio & my Creative Mind has been spinning!

Happy Sunday Everyone..Seems that Mother nature finally decided she had been kind to us Ohioans long enough and she blew threw Friday night and dumped about 5" of snow on us!
Ok for all you snow lovers out there..... I will admit it looked really beautiful when I stepped out of the shop around 3:30 in the morning to head to my trailer and call it a night..
The glittery glow was so pretty and untouched by any kitty prints, dog prints, sled marks and kids I stood there for a few minutes and took it all in... wondering why something so beautiful has to be such a pain to deal with.. especially when it drifts so badly here..
Then I was off tracking to my Trailer..without a snow shovel in hand...its leaning against the trailer door waiting patiently for the dreaded snow to arrive... LOL...I knew my task come day light was to dig my way to and from.....So around noon I prepared my mind & warned my body for the task ahead..Off I went to shovel a path to the Barn, then the shop, back and then to the house.
I can not tell a the third shovel the snow lost every single ounce of its Beauty and my body reminded my brain why I hate snow so much...LOL..two hours later and probably a 1000 or more shovels later my paths were finished...
Every single joint in this here body of mine was punishing me for touching that shovel...
Dear God I am too broken down to shovel its momentary beauty is it really necessary..? I'm sure I heard him say, You know it is if you want to see all the spring flowers you love so much, now buck up and deal with'll live it won't hurt that long... Well Ha..easy for him to say he doesn't live with this body!

 I have two shovels so now one is at the Trailer and one at the when it snows I have one at hand to shovel my way back and forth...The bummer is I have to shovel the van out today so I can ship Ebay packages Monday....

I suppose I can find but one good thing about being snowed in and that's working in the shop...there isn't much else to do when you get snowed in...last night was a little tuff sanding things with my hands hurting but I managed to get things finished and ready to create some new gatherings..

I stopped at several Thrift stores on my way home from the Doctor's appointment Thursday and I found some really cool stuff...
The coolest thing I found was a child's Hand made play Ironing Board. It looks like a shelf with an Ironing board top... Oh did my creative mind go nuts when I seen it... What a beautiful and adorable Laundry Room gathering I could make out of that..
So you can guess what I worked on last night. It's probably about 36" wide x 10" deep x 36" tall so it's very large for creating a gathering but my mind has already created it...It took me most of the night to get it done
but Its sanded, painted and distressed.. Its absolutely beautiful!!
I can hardly wait to put the gathering together and share it with you all... If it turns out as I hope it to it will be my best creation ever...with a wash board, vintage wash basin, an Antique Iron, laundry soap & Starch boxes, a bucket, Candle Lamp, Towels, Laundry Soap Bags, Pins & a Towel rack across the bottom...
Now you can sit and imagine what this is going to look like... just like I do when my creative mind goes nuts pulling things together to form a picture in my mind... Hopefully it doesn't drive you to nuts...giggle!!
Sorry you have to wait to see it just like I do but I assure you it will be done by tomorrow morning cause I can't stand not knowing how it turns out... LOL...

Now on to the latest Doctors visit..this one was with the Rheumatology Dr's last Thursday.
I liked the Dr. Linda she was really nice and explained things better then most doctors. She spent about an hour with me going over all of my symptoms etc. But I wasn't real crazy about the Dr. He was the same as the Endocrinologist. ugggg..Cold and less then informative..maybe he figured the Dr Linda did all the explaining I'm not sure. They addressed the Sjogren's Disease more then they did my arthritis. they odered tons more Blood Test... they took 13 viles of blood.. good lord I hope they got enough to finally figure out what is going on with all these diseases.. I was lith headed when they were done taking blood and that never happened before....Plus it bruised my arm really bad... even tho she was great at taking blood..
So here is the upfront diagnoses won't know the over all results till the blood test come back.
I have severe Osteoarthritis in my hands and my upper neck from what she can see, ex-rays will show how extensive. No there is really nothing they can do to stop it possibly different or more meds to help keep it from getting worse. I knew all of this before I went. they are testing for other types of arthritis.
Both Doctors feel that I have Fibermialgia, guess they are testing for more proof of that as well.
Then on to the Sjogren's disease. Dr. Linda states yes I have severe Sjogren's disease is causing other problems because it is an auto-immune disease as is Thyroid, Arthritis and Graves. Each of these diseases are all making my body fight against itself.. Ok...... I pretty much knew that as well. Is there any resolution to this... No not really other then drugs to ease the symptoms and stop them from getting worse but there is no cure. But the real problem is getting you on the drugs. They are expensive & they don't offer a discount or have a free drug program. Secondly the drug causes eye damage so has to be monitored monthly another added expense. Hummmm... not sounding to good here.
then Dr. Linda tells me that in the past few years they have put more effort into studying Sjogren's Disease and have made some new discovery's and one isn't good. So I feel we need to one make you aware of it and two get you tested for it right away... and you will need tested every 6 months if things continue to progress. Early detection will assure a better survival rate. Great what is this thing you are talking about?
Then she proceeds to tell me that they have discovered in the last year that Sjogren's Disease has a high rate of patients developing Lymphoma. Yep that's Cancer.....For some reason that really didn't surprise me but it still shocked me to hear her say it. So some of that blood is being tested for any signs of Lymphoma.
I should hear by mid week what the blood test results are.. I don't think I have Lymphoma so I'm not to worried about that. I do hope that this set of blood test can give us more answers to all of these issues and maybe get me back so some state of normal..

So there it is another day in the life and times of me... Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
Keep me in your prayers if you could please. 

Have a great Sunday ...and until we meet again may your day be filled with happy moments and warm memory's!!



  1. hi, Tonya~ I of course welcomed the snowfall as a Beautiful Winter Wonderland~ but the roads were dangerous~ sounds like some nasty weather headed our way again~ keep safe!!
    Thanks for stopping by always love you visiting~
    my prayers for you my friend~

  2. Tonya,

    Wow they have put you through the ringer. I hope they find some answers this time. I will be thinking about you and sending you hugs and prayers. I know your tired of being sick.

    Can't wait to see the new display!


  3. wow are you ever going to get good news anytime soon. I'm sorry you are having to go through all of this. keep encouraged. Can't wait to see the new gathering.


  4. Sending many prayers your way Tonya, I hope they get something figured out to give you some relief:(

  5. oh Tonya, i hope they can help you to be pain free and get you on the right path to feeling will be in my prayers that they can find a cure..and I can't wait to see this gathering you are working on..I love laundry type goodies..but I have no more room in my laundry room..I know it will be awesome..hope you are enjoying a nice relaxing sunday;)

  6. Tonya, you got snow and we got ice. I don't know which is worse. But at least you were able to get some crafting in. Can't wait to see the ironing board gathering, sounds neat. The Dr visit sounds a little more promising than the last. At least they are trying to find out all they can for you.
    But I hate when they speculate that it could be cancer, why make us worry after we go home?
    I pray that you get some answers soon and in the meantime, keep on crafting.
    Country at heart

  7. Your snow sounds beautiful, but a lot of work. I hope your drs get some answers for you soon and some meds that will help you. I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Cyndy

  8. Can't wait to see the ironing board gathering and I have washer and dryer in my kitchen so no room but still anxious to see it. The tests they are giving you remind me when our Annie (DOGGIE) had tests it was to rule everything else out so they would know if it was epilepsy. I have fibro and have yet to find any meds (other than aleve) to help the pain and then all meds come with side affects so I will be praying they can find something to actually help you and slow things down or stop them all together. Does any of these things run in your family back ground. I honestly don't know how you keep going. Every day I say I am going in the garage to bring some things in to the basement to make some gatherings and every day it is freezing cold outside and basement stays wet. I sure hope we can go back by Nellie and boys this summer.
    Have a nice week Tonya if that is possible

  9. Tonya,
    I'm so sorry for all that you are going through. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Can't wait to see you new gathering.

  10. Tonya, I hope and pray that they will find out what they need to do, to get you to feeling good! You are such a trooper, with all your health issues and pain, you can still keep at
    it! Stay strong, my friend. I am looking forward to seeing your next creation!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  11. Your new gathering is going to be a wonderful. As you described in detail I could envision it. My brain works in high gear to. That's about all that works in full gear. I have fibromyalgia Thorastic outlet syndrome with good old arthritis all. I developed problems with the kidneys. Have tests due to this to regulate the change. Still thankful to be around. I hate the snow & shoveling. Prayer lifted for you & answers from the tests. Blessings!


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