Monday, January 16, 2012

My Valentine's Tree, A Sneek Peek at Two New Gatherings & some grumbling..LOL..

Howdy everyone... Yep I still have my Tree up only it's covered in Love... As I mentioned in my last post I spent an afternoon just playing around in the shop creating hearts and garland for my Valentine Tree... Nothing fancy just a few Red & white stripped Flannel Hearts stitched with bright red floss... I love um they turned out really cute.. I made the garland out of the same Flannel..
I hung them all over the tree along with my collection of Vintage and new Valentine Heart Cookie cutters. My Fav is the Heart cookie cutter on the top with the red handle.. It was my mom's and I've had it in my cookie cutter Jar for years... I found it in my packed boxes at my house and brought it back withme on my last trip to the house... Perfect little tree topper. I'm thinking I might stitch a few Dark Red little hearts to hang on there... I wish you could see all the cookie cutters a little better but they just don't seem to show up in the pictues to well...
See the cute little White Kitty sitting under the tree.. Hehe...another fake Kitty to tease Tasha and Mama Kitty with...It has batteries and it meows and neads bread with its paws... Tasha bats at it when I turn it on...I've had more fun teasing them with the fake kitty's.. I know they like the silly things or they would just ignore them.... I think I'm going to dip this little white one down in the bag of Cat Nip over night and then give it to them to see what they do with it... I'll let ya know maybe even get some cute pictures...

Oh for those of you who are wondering how the Kitty dusting went yesterday... Hummm...Shall we say the Vaccum brush wasn't a big hit... they hated me for the rest of the day but they have less hair to shed this week which saves my allergies... They forgave me this morning with lots of hugs and head butts!!!
Aren't Cats wonderful, they don't stay mad at you to long they need all those hugs and head butts as much as we do!!
Now tomorrow Puddles gets a bath... not that it will help much with all the mud outside... but he's lookin pretty it's time...!

I worked out in the shop the last couple of nights and turned out another beautiful Old Crow Gathering.
The last Crow gathering sold last week and will be making its way to its forever home in the morning..
This new one has lots of Vintage Wares in it ..On old Sifter, an Old Grater & an old Meat Fork.
I'm really pleased with the way this one turned out!!

~Primitive Old Crow Kitchen Shelf Gathering~

28" wide x 13" tall x6" deep

$74.95 Free Travel fare in the US.

~Primitive Wood Scoop Candle Gathering~

10" long x3 1/2" wide x 3 1/2" tall
$24.95 Free Travel fare in the US.

I managed to get everything done to create a third Gathering but the old body said your done for tonight so didn't gt it hung and pictures taken .. that's on the agenda for tonight...

My sales this week were pretty good..nothing like last January when I was turning out 10 to 20 gatherings a week but I figure at least I'm able to create a few things to keep me going and pay the bills...

I was bragging yesterday how good I was feeling...well I should learn not to brag.. I had a horrible night last night..with those danged muscle cramps and jerks again.. It wore me out totally and getting up this morning was delayed till mid afternoon...I was exhausted!
I've just plain & simple had enough of this.
I've also decided I'm not at all happy with the Endocrinologist that I seen. I wasn't really happy with the over all visit and the delay in having the nodule biopsy for 6 weeks. As well as getting the feeling that she didn't want to address the major issues of my being sent to see her such as: the extreme swelling of my whole body, the muscle jerks, spasms & extreme pain in my muscles and the physical exhaustion.
I was especially concerned when she kept telling me to see other doctors, those very doctors who sent me to her in the first place. Then a week after I seen her I had extreme pain in my neck right where the large thyroid nodule is, it was making it hard to swallow. When she called me back to talk about it she told me to see my primary physican for a sore throat. When I told her it wasn't a sore throat it was my neck she said. Oh its probably the Nodule pushing against a nerve. Don't worry about it... Wow lady worry is just one issue here, it hurts & its making swalloing dang near impossible..Her only comment to that was we will figure it out when we do the biopsy. Is this where one says: What the He!!? 
Then I received a letter from her yesterday that she stated she sent to my Primary physican, only the physican she supposedly sent it to is a Doctor I don't even know and certianly not my Primary physican.
Then to top it off she never addressed 4 of the primary issues I was sent to her for in her summary to this doctor. Is there something wrong with this picture?
Do I feel as if this Doctor doesn't know what she is doing or should I feel that because I don't have insurance I'm not worth the best of care. I don't know which is the case or if either are, but I do know I feel as if things aren't right and I'm getting the run around from all of these doctors at my expense both physically & monotarily. Aggervated, frustrated & angry are three very good words to describe my emotional state of mind right now...Ok enough of that depressing is only making me angry...
Thanks for letting me vent... :<$

Now I refuse to let this get me down... I'm going to the shop and finish my creation, watch a good movie or listen to it at least as I work...and find some peace for the rest of the day...

So until we meet again may your day be filled with happy moments!! Have a great evening!!



  1. Yeah, Tonya, I would be waaay beyond "what the..." by now. If there's any way to find a different specialist, I would try! You are frustrated because you are a smart woman. On the bright side, your gatherings are awesome as always and your heart tree is so cool! ~*~Lisa

  2. Tonya, I sometimes wonder if some doctors even know anything. I don't take too much stock in what my primary doctor says, If she doesn't give the answer I want then I have her refer me to someone who can. This really ticks her off. I had a lump come up in the palm of my right hand and she said it was a ganglion cyst and to just whack it with a book and it would burst. What the H...! I asked to see a specialist and it turned out to be a serious problem that required surgery or I would have lost the use of my fingers and hand. I don't know where she got her license from, but I think she is only in it for the money. Hang in there and you'll find the right doctor, just keep at it. But I am glad to see you crafting to get your mind off of all the run around.
    Love your valentine tree, very creative.
    I pray that you find the answer to your health issues.
    Country at heart

  3. Sorry to hear what you are going through. Praying that you will find a good doctor that can help you with the health issues that you are having.

  4. I love all of your work. You are so talented. I'm sorry you are feeling so bad. I didn't have insurance for years. I agree with you do they take advantage of those who don't have insurance. I think so I hope you can find a good primary care physician. A good one will really try to help you and save you money. I hope you have a good night and a good nights sleep.


  5. Tonya: Your tree looks darling with the hearts and I used to have a cookie cutter with the same red handle as your Mom's "Tree-topper!" Fun! Hang in there with all the stupid doctors. I find if I bring a written list of questions they don't "run out the door" in 2 minutes, but rather take me more seriously, also when they see me write down their answers. But sometimes you just have to get a new one. As I say, "Hang in there." and keep busy. You are so talented, I will be back to visit often. {{HUGS}} Joy (redesigngal

  6. Howdy Tonya, I'd tell those doctors to all go jump in the lake and find new ones. Gosh! I can't believe doctors these days. I am sorry that you are having to deal with this.

    When you mentioned how much your kitties hated you for the rest of the day, it reminded me of when my husband decided he was going to cut our little Princess Downy's hair.

    She is a little white Maltese. Very cute. He used electric shaver on her and she came away from it looking just ghastly, poor thing.
    She must have known it too. She didn't speak to him for a week. lol Honest, she ignored him and didn't go near him. It was hilarious.

    Hopefully I can get some good pictures of her and put them on my blog. Thank you for your comment on my blog.

    Prayin' for ya. Take care, Janet W

  7. Hi Tonya,
    Well you can't tell that you feel horrible by looking at all you me you's all one can do, right? I do know that you are hurting and it shows in your posts...but then again you always add a twist of are a dear lady.
    Just a thought...WHAT 'IF' YOU TOOK YOURSELF TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM WITH 'BREATHING AND SWALLOWING' PROBLEMS because of this pressure...I bet 10 to 1 they would start some kind of search and get answers quickly. There's a reason people go to the emergency room. Why not try that?

    Your gatherings are just beautiful and I just know this one will sell, great goodies in it.

    I've never tried a toy like your 'faux kitty' - I wonder what my two kittes would do...knowing them I think they would hiss and run in another

    Love your Valentine tree - such a light touch.


  8. I love everything you make, I LOVE the Valentine hearts that you made. I have a theme tree like you and I only have a few hearts. I better find some to add to my tree.

    You really have a knack for decorating, your homestead is beautiful.
    About the doctors sometimes you have to go to a handful because just because they have the MD at the end of their name doesn't mean anything.
    I am dealing with a lump on my right breast and I am on medication to have it stop growing which it did, it makes me very sick and I lost of , I told my hubby I could make a pillow with this and he said all I care is that I have you, hair grows back. I go once a week to make sure it is not growing and it HASN'T PRAISE the Lord and my husband takes me into the city to have that test and Feb. 29th in gets removed. This is a new way they are doing things, the medical field has come so far, everyday they are coming up with new medical cures.
    Then this passed Saturday morning I woke up in very bad pain and I was bleeding , this was at 5:00 am and my husband got up, ( I am 43 yrs old, soon 44 in April) (I had a hystomerty, I spelled it wrong but you know what I mean) so I knew I wasn't having a miscarriage or my period. My hubby drove me to the hospital and it was I was and I am still am passing kidney stone.
    I know your daughter Carmen had gall bladder surgery and I prayed for her. Boy did we all ring in the new year "GREAT", LOL!!! It really isn't funny but you have to laugh or you will cry and I will not do that.
    I am praying for you, you sure have been through alot in the past couple of years and I remember the very sad post when you lost your dear friend in the boating accident, that broke my heart.
    Stay strong and keep your faith and KEEP CRAFTING!. You are in my prayers Tonya!!!
    Prim Blessings,


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