Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Sunday..A Little Sneak Peek & Sunshine brightening my Day!

A wonderful Sunday Afternoon to everyone! I just want to say thank you to all of you who have prayed for my health... There's something very good to be said about all the prayers sent our way when things aren't going well be it health or life in general... "THANK YOU" from the bottom of my heart.. All those prayers have certainly helped...Although I'm not 100% I can say I am better emotionally and physically. The pain in my muscles has finally gotten to a workable level..& more muscle spasams... Happy Dance Here!!
So you know what that means.. I'm back in the shop daily.. not able to work like last year but still being productive... That in itself heals the mental state of ones being at least it does mine..
Then I woke up this morning to the Sun shinning in the window warming my face... The kitty's were sitting on the window ledge enjoying it too...It was really emotionally lifting to wake up with out uncontrollable pain and sunshine on my face...I do believe I was Smiling ear to ear!!!
Much to do today.. I sold several of the Gatherings I shared with you in my last post... Another Smile on my today is packing day...!
I think my Kitty's can make as much mess in the house as two kids make.. they are shedding everywhere so today I must put the dusting attachment on vaccum and do some major hair removal around here...I'm probably gona make the Kitty's mad at me but they are going to get brushed which they love but then they are gona get the dusting tool run over them to catch some of the shedding hair before it goes all over the place.. Sometimes they are cool with it and others they get spit fire ticked off at me... we'll see how it goes today...Then I think I will cut there nails..if they are gona be mad at me may as well make it worth it ..get it all done at once.....then of course I need to clean the kitty box.
Once I get finished with the kids its off to the shop.. I started another Crow gathering last night and I can't wait to finish it... It looks so pretty already & I'm only half done with it...

I decided to take one night this week and work on my Valentine Decorations.. I finished them up and have decorated my little tree for Valentine's day!! OOps the camera is in the shop so I'll have to share the tree with you in my next post... it was fun to work on something for myself.. I don't find the time to do that very often... the tree is adorable.. Now all I need to do is create a few things to sit on my shelves for Valentine's Day!

Now what did I create this week..

~Primitive Angel "Bless this Home & all Who Enter" Key Rack~

 $14.95 Free shipping in the US

~Primitive Keeping Rack Necessary Room Gathering~

$29.95 Free Shipping in the US

~Primitive Keeping Shelf Gathering~

$34.95 Fress Shipping in the US

~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

$29.95 Free Shipping in the US
~Primitive Necessary Room Gathering~

$29.95 Free Shipping in the US

Don't Forget Easter is April 8th, just around the corner.

~Primitive Chocolate Scented Wax Dipped Spice Rolled Easter Eggs~
10 large~ 2-2 1/2" Eggs

$21.95 Free shipping in the US

~Primitive Chocolate Scented Wax Dipped Spice Rolled Easter Eggs~
10 Small~ 1-11/2" Eggs

$19.95 Free shipping in the US
~Primitive Rag Wrapped & Cinnamon Rubbed Scented EGGS~
14- 2-2 1/2"
$21.95 Free shipping in the US
If you're interested in ordering a set of the Eggs email me using the Special order Email found at the top of my Blog page.
Everything is listed on Ebay so go on over and check out My Ebay Store...!
Untill we meet again may your days be filled with wonderful moments and warm memories no matter how small!!


  1. Oh Tonya, I am so happy to hear that you are feeling so sucks when we don't..makes it hard to function period..I am happy that you are out creating again and I love your eye for the gatherings etc.;) the dusting of snow is starting to melt..but we are in for more this whole staying put..Thank you for the wonderful compliments you have left me on my blog about my lifestyle change journey..the most recent comments just really made my day..and you are so intuative..and I love you for it.;) I am Carmens Cheerleader now to help her and anyone else I can...Thank you for your friendship and your beautiful words.;) I am off to take hubby and tucky for a walk..its not its a great day to do it..just gotta get dressed up warm..:) have a wonderful sunday..and I hope you don't pisth off the kittehs too bad..I have that hair problem here.:)its everywhere..and its a daily chore between them and the dog.;) they make sure I am gainfully employed..gotta love em;)

  2. Glad to hear that you are feeling much better. I
    am happy to see more of your nice gatherings. I love all of them, especially the key peg rack, just my style. Here's to hoping you stay well.
    Don't over do on the cleaning after the pets.
    I know when I feel good and clean I tend to do too much and the next day I'm feeling it for sure. I have been doing some cleaning myself today. Of course it's the oven, self cleaning, LOL.
    Country at heart

  3. Hi lady, It is good to hear that you are feeling better. I did a Happy Dance too.

    Wow, big job to take care of those kitties..I hope they were good for you and that you were able to get the things done that you planned. We have had cats to, love 'em. :)

    Your creations are wonderful. I like the last Room Gathering the best.

    Still prayin' for you. Take care, Janet W

  4. Yay Tonya! Glad you are feeling better - sun does help physically & mentally. Clipping toenails...can't do it! Have 2 guinea pigs in dire need of clipping, too. Have a healthy happy week! ~*~Lisa

  5. So glad to hear you are feeling better.
    Great gatherings.
    Hope the kitties let you groom them without too much trouble.

  6. Oh Tonya, I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better! Keep the creative juices flowing and keep that smile on your face!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  7. Morning Sunshine (oh wait, that was yesterday, LOL) Glad to hear you are feeling better, great news.
    As for the vac and my cat...well, if you get within 10 ft of him with is on he's gone like a shot...tearing up the floor the whole way (and your feet if you get in the way)!

    Love your new gatherings, you've been a busy gal...hope they all sell quickly..

    Hugs, Traci


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