Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mama Kitty here..I've picked a winner of the Easter Egg Giveaway!!

Good Morning....the 29th has arrived and mom says she wants me to pick a winner for the Easter Egg GIVEAWAY...
She says there were 23 entries all together...and she wants to Thank Everyone for entering the Giveaway and most of all for supporting her with your kind words of encouragement and prayers!
Did you see what she put in my Bowl...

Oh boy she has the treat bag!!!!!!

I love my treats..let me at ummm!

She's sure making this difficult...she left those silly papers in my bowl...
I smell my treats I know they are in there.
Mom's mumbling something about picking a name...

I've gotta push these papers out of the way so I can get my treat...
Mom's still tellin me to pick a name...

Mom is laughing at me ...She says I'm drowling..see my tounge...I guess this is kinda fun sniffing for my treats in a bowl of paper...

Ok this is serious I got to get these papers out of here so I can get the rest of my treats... Mom says that I'm foolin around and I need to pick a name please... Whatever........ doesn't she know I want that treat !

Alright I think I got one of those papers out of the bowl cause mom is all happy...
Mom says I need to tell her who the winner is.....

I got it!! I know who the winner is!!

Are you ready ...?



now can I have another Treat please!

Thanks for entering the was fun...
Robin I will be creating your Eggs this weekend... Do you have a color choice for the Rag wrapped Eggs...All Prim Colors or would you like Spring colors?
I need you to send along your shipping information and your color choice.

I'm off on a road Trip North this afternoon...need to pay my doctore a visit, pick up my meds and check on my house.. the sun is shinning finally after an all night Rain Storm so it ought to be a wonderful day for a road trip.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day filled with Sunshine and happy moments!!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Only 2 more days to sign up for My Easter Giveway & Other News around here!

Happy Sunny Monday my friends... I do hope that you are all having a Great Monday!
Its a Beautiful day here in Ohio..a little windy but the Sun is Shinning warming the spirits and begging the spring flowers to make there entry!!
I wanted to stop by and remind everyone that you have only 2 more days to sign up for
"MY EASTER GIVEAWAY" if you are already a follower please stop my the orginal blog post and sign up before the 29th.
You can find the orginal blog post here:

Copy it into your Browser to take you to the Orginal post.
The Rules are Simple:
1)Be an existing Follower
2)Comment your wish to enter here on this Blog page
3)Sign your name or Blog Title at the bottom of the post.
Since I have several followers with the same first name.
4) Check in on the 29th to see if you have won & shoot me off an emial with your
Name and Address and let me know if you have a speical color scheme you'd like your rag wrapped eggs to be.

I will write your names on a piece of paper and put them in a bowl, I will put some Kitty Treats in the bowl with the entries and on the 29th I will let Mama Kitty pick a name.

My weekend was pretty good...SIL & I created all kinds of Rag covered Easter Eggs for her tree, my Tree and to list on Ebay. They have been a real hit on Ebay. I'm happy to say almost all of the sets I've created have I figured I may as well make more... Plus I love making them and seeing what they look like displayed in a Bowl.. They especially look cute displayed with a Bunny or Chick..
If your're interested in a set of Rag Wrapped Easter Eggs for yourself please contact me via the
SPECIAL ORDER Email address at the top right of my Blog..
Cost will be $24.95 for 12 Eggs Free shipping.

We created really small one for Pegs Tree...They're a bit more difficult to make cause they are hard to wrap and hold onto all at the same time...we were laughing ourselves silly over how many popped out of our fingers as we would try to wrap them...but we managed to create 28 so far ..she wants about 40 altogether.

We also started making EASTER GARLAND for our trees using Spring's turning out really pretty and will look so cute displayed on the trees with the eggs...
I'll share a picture as soon as we get one of the trees done..

If your're interested in some Spring Garland for your forever Tree, again please contact me via the
SPECIAL ORDER Email address at the top right of my Blog..
Cost will be $14.95 for 12 feet of Spring Rag Garland Free Shipping.

Friday night I hung a huge 12' x 10" shelf above the girls beds......they were so tickled.. save any arguement of how much space each one had I had to draw a line in the middle of the shelf...Explaining to them that this is your side and this is your side..
You should have seen them as they picked out there treasures to display on the shelf..They did a great job and they were so proud of themselves.
My reward was probably as special as there shelf... Aunt Tonya Thank you I love my room this way...and some hugs... I reminded them that there room could look like this all the time if they remember to keep everything picked up and put away...
I think they are finally getting the grasp of having a nice Bedroom.. Its really hard for Savana with her ADHD but she is doing much better then I had thought she would..Ist actually kinda cute I come in the house and Savana takes one look at me and heads for her room...comes back to tell me it is clean & picked up. I think she is never sure if she did her room chores or not.. the giveaway is how long it takes her to come back upstairs...But praise is always there for her effort...
By the way her teacher told her mom that she was doing better at school keeping her things maybe the learning about organizing in her room has lead to better skills all the way around...maybe it is all coming together for this little girl..
Hailey has caught onto the rules much quicker and she loves earning money so she is earger to get those points...LOL..Guess where she loves spending her money... The Thrift Store!!

I hope to get the new ceiling tiles in this week and we will be done with there room totally and it will then be up to them to keep up there end of the bargin we made with them...

Well I must run time to head tot he post office to ship my Ebay... Deliver Rice Bags tot he Eye Doctor and stop at the grocery...

I hope that you have a great week and until we meet again may your day be filled with Sunshine and Happy moments!!


Friday, February 24, 2012

Real Quick Update on Surgeon's Visit yesterday!

Good Afternoon my Prim Friends... Hope you all are having a good day!
The picture above is a Butterfly in one of my cleaning Clients Wild Flower Garden last summer..She stuck around all day drinking nector..
As promised I wanted to update everyone on my visit with the Surgeon. I really really liked him he was very informative as was his Nurse Practioner and nurses. So that was a very comforting feeling.
He agrees the Thyroid needs to come out and should have been done months ago..but he doesn't have an opening untill March 28th... I guess that is the price one pays for going to a University hospital.. They have 1000's of patients and you have to wait on everything unless it is a life or death situation.
Some of the risk of the surgery kinda scared me..Like if by chance some of the nerves in the voice box are damaged I could come away only being able to whisper...For many that goes away after awhile and there voice comes back..if not they have to preform some other surgery to fix the problem.. So I am hoping this Doctor is as good as everyone says he is ..I like talking and I've already had one surgery on my vocal cords and couldn't talk for 3 months...wasn't fun at all...
A second risk that scared me was that sometimes people go into a Thyroid storm during surgery which can cause a Heart attack.. I already knew about that one read up on it in the net... so of course I'm praying that doesn't happen..He did explain that considering my particular Thyroid problems the chance of a Thyroid storm is a little bit higher then other Thyroid surgeries because my Thyroid keeps going from Hyper to Hypo..of course why would mine be the norm!!
I will be in the hospital for two days unless there are complications and then it would normally be around a week depending on complications..
They will release me once they get my Thyroid level at a norm before releasing me.
So My scheduled surgery is March 28th at 9:45 be there at 8:00  ugg mornings are not my thing at all..
I have to find someone to take me and drop me off and then pick me up the next day after I'm that's on my list of to do's. I was really upset abouthaving to wait another 5 weeks before surgery but I decided that rather then dwell on that I would simply focus on how thankful I am that I can get the surgery.
They did another Bood test...I swear if I have to give them anymore blood I will e drained..hehe
Also had to have a Chest EKG cause I just had one in Nov so they are good for 6 months...I jsut made it...
I was exceptionally lucky tho.. one of the Nurses who was in the Blood draw room had Thyroid surgery back in September and she was so helpful in easing my mind about the surgery. She explained everything she has gone threw. Her surgery went great..but they have had some trouble regulating her homone levels. But she said she knows how I feel and I will feel so much better after the surgery.. Boy was that good to hear from a person who has had the surgery.

I'm so happy to know my surgery date now I can count down the days of feeling so crappy...
the nurse told me that she really felt better within a few days with little pain.. I hope to God I am so lucky.
The late date getting surgery is gona put me behind with hopefully starting back to work cleaning houses until the middle of may and that really sucks but what else can I do...

So there ya have it... I'm gona continue to be miserable for another 5 weeks and then God willing I will recover quickly like I normally do with surgeries and be on my way to being my old self...

I'm off to create more Rag Wrapped Eggs...have sold almost all of the ones I created so time to create more.

Have a great day my dear Friends and again thank you for all your support and prayers..

Hugs and Warm Blessings are sent your way!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My St Patricks Day Tree, Sneek Peek & my visit with the surgeon is today..

Howdy everyone...what a beautiful day we are having here in Ohio... Sun is shinning and its the perfect temp for me..a little breezy but that's cool...Hope you all are enjoying sunny weather too!
The girls and I spent Friday night creating Clovers to decorate my forever tree. Again we had the best time.

Up date on the Girls and keeping ther bedroom clean.. Being little girls who have just learned how important it is to keep your things organized and clean it has been a struggle for them but I am proud to tell you that they have really done a great job. So Great taht there mom bought them new beds for there room on Sunday night and we spent Monday night putting them together for them. They were so proud of themselves and I am proud of them too!!

Yesterday I had a surprise! One of my High School best Girlfriends showed up at my house and surprised me. We spent the afternoon visiting and hanging out...It was really great to see her.. we plan to get together more now that I am down here more then up North...that will be nice...

I was busy in the shop over the week end and created a couple new gatherings...
~Prim Apple Crow Shelf Gathering~

~Prim Green Checkerboard Keeping Rack Angle Pantry Gathering~

~Prim Rake Rack Gathering~

I Sanded and painted several other pieces so will work on thos gahtering this weekend.

Today is my Appointment witht he Thyroid Surgeon.. Nervoue and happy all rolled into one.. I want him to tell me we can get this surgery done and over with ASAP... It was a bad week with my thyroid really swollen and pushing on my windpipe and causing that stabbing pain in my neck.. so the sooner the better. I can feel taht nodule growing by the day and that is scary to say the least... I'm so tired of feeling this way and filled with worry I jsut want it done and over with. So wish me luck at the doctors!

Reminder don't for get to sign up for the Easter Egg Giveaway on that post please... Not long and Mama Kitty will be drawing the lucky winner!!

Gota run and get ready for my Dr. all have a wonderful day today!!

Until we meet again may your day be filled with sunshine and happy moments!!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

An EASTER QUILT..What a great idea for the Grands or your little one! Its sugar Free & Bunny filled!! Check it out.

Happy Sunday my Prims...the sun is shinning here and although it looks like Spring it is cold out there today..Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
My heater quit in my little Office so I'm sitting here with my electric heated Throw wrapped around my legs.
While getting my Throw out I remembered I had these two adorable Easter Quilts...
Got Grand kids or little ones at home? The perfect Easter Gift and totally sugar free & Bunny Filled.
Thought I would offer them here for your consideration.
I have two of these Easter quilts.
They measure 60" long x 52" wide.
$29.95 each or $50 for both..... plus Free Shipping
Buy Both and get a Bonus Easter Gift

If you're interested contact me at the Special Order Email address at the top of my side bar.
Special Bonus offer to anyone who purchases both Easter Quilts!!
 I will include a Dozen of my Rag Wrapped Easter Eggs..... FREE..
Thats a $75 deal for only $50 plus free shipping...
Plus the kids will enjoy them way past Easter!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a wonderful Sunday!!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

A little Sneak Peek and Reminder to sign up for my Giveaway!

Howdy my Prim friends...its 1:00 in the morning & I decided to give you all a sneak Peek at the new gatherings I created this week. My creative mind did a little wondering around in the shop looking for some different Themes this week. The first  gathering turned out to be the Apple Pantry shelf..It turned out pretty cute and Spring like I think...

~Primitive Copper Canister Shelf Gathering~

~Primtive 9 Drawer Spice Cupboard Gathering~

~Primitive Necessary Room Shelf Gathering~

~Primitive Apple Panrty Shelf Gathering~

There you have it My Primitive Creations for the week. 

Today I spent the day doing of my favorite things to do.. I needed to do my laundry so I decided to spend the day doing all the laundry in my Brother & Pegs house too.. So I gathered up all my supplies to make Rag Balls, toted it in the house along with the laundry and went to work.. I made Rag Balls between loads of laundry..and visited with Peg and the kids all day...It was a nice day for hangin out in the house, visiting, creating and takin care of one thing on the chore list...Peg was delighted cause she hates doing laundry..Me I hate doing sometimes she does my dishes for me.. works out great for both of us...

Tomorrow I will be packing this weeks Ebay sales and back out in the shop..I spent one night painting shelves, trays and cupboards so now all I have to do is distress them and create the gatherings.. 

Quick Reminder don't forget to sign up for my Rag Wrapped  Easter Egg Giveaway.
Please be sure to sign up on the Giveaway post.

have a great weekend and until we meet again may your days be filled with shunshine and happy moments!!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Wishes From me to you! and A Little Game..Wanna Play? Come on in & join the fun!

A Very Happy Valentine's Day to all my Dear Prim Friends!
May your Heart be filled with Love and Happiness!

A silly Valentine's Word game! Want to play? Make up your own!!
After You fill in the words then make sentence's using your words.

H= Happiness

I= In


Happiness is always a place to find Peace & Patience in Yourself!
Our Visions of Awesomeness we find in Love  Everyday,  Notably is found In the Time of Night when Everyone Sleeps.
Your Dreams are Always a direct path to the inner You!

Valentine's Blessings

Monday, February 13, 2012

Put On your Dancin Shoes Prims, I'll pick ya up @ 7 were gona celebrate the power of Prayer!

A Happy Good Morning...Time to celebrate!! I got the best news in the mail this morning...!!
And I can only say one thing...well make that two things...there is much to be said about a circle of friends & Family joining in prayer for another and there is even more to be said about the power of prayer..

Last night I went into pack my Ebay shipment and found my mail on my packing table. there were 4 envelopes from Ohio State University Hospital... At first I didn't open them because I didn't want to bumm my happy mood. I figured they were just more bills to add to the already mounting bill that was at $14,000 plus as of Friday...I'm sure you can all relate to that..hehe..

But me being the Leo filled with Cat Curiosity I finally gave in and started to open them... One at a time..but I was already jumping up and down yelling at the top of my lungs, Thank You God, Thank you, thank You Thank, you as I read the letter in envelope #1.....
ARE you ready for this.. I'm serious get your dancin shoes on we are going celebrating...

Another of my/ours/your prayers has been answered....Praise God!!
One more stressful burden has been lifted.. The pain isn't gone, the shakes aren't gone, the muscle cramps aren't gone & my eyes are still messed up. & I still have to work threw surgery but I can now focus on getting well rather then focusing on how to pay for some/all these medical bills that are piling up on my desk.

The first letter read:
We have made our determineation regarding your eligibility for Finanical Assistance for services incurred at the Ohio State Medical Center.
You have been approved for Finanicial Assistance and the remaining balance on your above account above referred account is $0.00..

Envelope # 2, 3, and 4 were all the same. One for each account opened so far.
Each one has a $0.00 balance.
Two are for bills I haven't even received yet...

Its my understanding that approval last for 6 months from the date of my first visit to OSU hospital, then I would have to reapply. But God willing within 6 months the thyroid will be removed and all of this or at least anything related to the Thyroid will be resolved and I will be well on my way to recovery.

This doesn't cover Financial Assistance for Doctor bills I'm still waiting to hear from them. Ohio State has two assistance programs one for all medical, surgery, Lab & hospital expenses and one for Doctors. So I had to apply for both..

This may sound really silly but for the first time in my life I'm glad I'm poor...Gezz that sounds awful Ok I'm glad I'm not monetarily Rich... 
I'm a hard worker but I love my work it keeps me young and for the most part healthy but I have never made enough to buy any kind of Insurance and even if I did they would never accept my existing conditions, so there was never any point in trying to obtain Insurance...
5 years ago I lost everything but my house & Van because of Medical bills accumulated when I got really sick when my saliva gland filled with stones and plugged the duct, which caused a severe infection and finally the removal of the Saliva Gland.
Since I got really sick in July all I could think about was what is left to take away from me but my house and van..?
Thank God for hearing my prayers and your prayers, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter...Knowing that the cost of surgery will be covered is such a relief...

I'm on the road to recovery and my vow is not to let anything keep me down..And I have God and all of your to Thank!
So my dear precious friends here in Blogland..put on those dancin shoes and do the two step..Say 7 tonight ...think of me and all of our friends here that we are praying for and celebrate in the power of prayer as we dance and Thank God for all the Blessings he has bestowed on each of us no matter how big or small..

I must leave you and go to the post office and ship out my Ebay sales for the week..and make a stop at the Pharmacy and grocery...sun is shinning so it will be a a good trip...

Until we meet again may God Bless your day with sunshine and happy moments!!

Blessings & Hugs to all

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Light at the end of the Tunnel Easter "GIVEAWAY" to celebrate & say Thank you!!

Good Morning my dear Prim Friends....Its funny how much stress & not having answers plays a roll in our daily lives and wipes the Smile from our face & the twinkle from our eyes. Last night I had such a fun time with the girls creating there Valentine's Boxes..I must have been smiling because my little buddy Hailey says to me 
"Aunt Tonya you sure are happy you feel better today?"
LOL..Yep actually I do Hailey :>)

I don't think we even realize it until someone points it out in a simple statement like Hailey's.
Physically I didn't feel an ounce better but mentally I felt great ..
My smile and the twinkle in my eyes must have been glowing!

As I was sitting there I said a little Thank You prayer for the joy of spending time with my nieces building Valentine Boxes, for finally having answers and some resolution and for all the people who have prayed for me..
Then I decided that I wanted to Celebrate my Smile that I thought I had lost forever and Thank those who have kept me in there thoughts and prayers for the past few months giving me that little added extra strength we need. You all have no idea how much your friendship, kind words and prayers have meant to me. You may not sit with me to have a cup of tea at my table while we chat but you have all become kindred spirits in my life and for that I am so grateful and want to Say Thank you in a special way!

I've decided to have an Easter GIVEAWAY!
As much as I would love to have new followers I've decided to keep this GIVEAWAY open to Existing followers ONLY as a Thank You for all of your support, kind thoughts and Prayers!
The Giveaway offering is:
One Dozen of my Chocolate and Spice Rolled Wax covered Easter Eggs.

One Dozen of my Rag Wrapped Easter Eggs.

The Rag wrapped Easter egg colors will vary from the picture.
If winner prefers any special color scheme such as all dark colors or all Spring Colors, please let me know when you email me with your Shipping Information. 

Entry Starts today 2-11-12 and Ends 2-29-12

The Rules are Simple:
1)Be an existing Follower
2)Comment your wish to enter here on this Blog page
3)Sign your name or Blog Title at the bottom of the post.
Since I have several followers with the same first name.
4) Check in on the 29th to see if you have won & shoot me off an emial with your
Name and Address and let me know if you have a speical color scheme you'd like your rag wrapped eggs to be.

I will write your names on a piece of paper and put them in a bowl, I will put some Kitty Treats in the bowl with the entries and on the 29th I will let Mama Kitty pick a name.

Did she say treats? Where? Tell me where, I love my Treats...!
LOL..She'll do anything for a treat!!

Good Luck and again Thank You all!

Prim Blessings and Hugs

Friday, February 10, 2012

Won't keep U Waiting~Thyroid Nodule Grew~Thyroid surgery to Remove Thyroid ASAP

Hi to all your wonderful Prims ...Your prayers worked...
I don't know how well you can see the Ultra sound but the Nodule is the circle from X to X (white dots on middle right and left) this is the large nodule that was 1 cm in Nov. It has now grown to 4 cm x 1.35cm.
I knew it had grown I could feel it against my Trachea/windpipe.

Short verison of the Dr visit...She was fantastic today. She spent a little under 2 hours with me.
I went armed with my questions. She answered every Question in detail.
The main question I had.
Is this Thyroiditis that you and the hospital diagnosed me with something that will come and go or will I get it once.
Dr: It will come and go so you could have it over and over or never have it again.
Me: I have it now my Thyroid is swollen I can feel it and I can feel the large nodule on the left pushing on my wind pipe. I'm not getting better & I can't deal with this anymore.
Dr: Ok then we can't do the biopsy today we need to do another Ultra sound & blood test first to see if you are right. .
Me: Look I'm all Blood tested out to the tune of $5000 and either we do this biopsy today or we need to talk about removing my Thyroid ASAP.
The Thyroid is another auto-immune disease one that can be resolved.
You have said this thyroiditis can keep coming & going making me sick over and over.
You have said taht the thyroid is making everything else worse.
You say the thyroid is the cause of the graves disease.
So I want it removed I would rather pop a pill every day for the rest of my life then live like this.
Dr: I was just getting ready to suggest that you consider removing the Thyroid.
but you need to know that removing it may not cure the graves should stop it from getting worse but it probably will not cure it so you will still have some of the side affects of the Graves.
How soon do you want to have the surgery?
Me: Two months
DR: Ok lets get you set up with the surgeon...but first we need to do the ultra sound & the blood test ok.
Me: Awesome lets do it...

So she did the new ultra sound and the large nodule has grown and is nearly as big as my left lobe. Not Good, the other two have grown but not that much. One is in right lobe and second one in the left Lobe.
Yes the ultra sound showed the Thyroid was swollen again /Thyroiditis again.

So we made the appointment for the consult with surgeon for Feb. 23rd and I will find out how soon they  can do the surgery.

I'm doing the happy dance cause everyone I have talked to who has had the surgery said there lives returned to near normal...just had to pop that pill every day...
God willing removing the Thyroid will hopefully help the other diseases be less severe and my life might even seem somewhat normal.
the sooner they get this Thyroid out of me the happier I will be... In the mean time the DR. says to expect to continue to feel as badly as I do now...uggg... But as we all talked about knowing is such a releif and looking forward to some kind of resolution is a blessing I can wait a few weeks for.

God Bless you all for your kind thoughts and prayers...they worked...

Now I'm going to go play make Valentines and Valentine boxes with the kids and get my mind off all this mess...

Huge hugs to all

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Its Offical this body is Broken~Doc finally handed down all the Diagnoses.

Good Evening My Prims...Hope you all had a Great Day!
All things considered In a round about way I had a good Day.. I went to the doctors armed with note cards covered with questions. I decided last night that not having answers was as bad as being sick. Actually in affect I think the worry & wondering was making it harder for me to even think positive about any of this Health mess.

I love my new well not so new now, Family bad I have to drive 128 miles one way to see him but its worth it in the long run. It only cost $25 a visit to see him each visit and he is a good listener and he tries his best to answer all my questions to the best of his ability and in a way that I can understand. I was in the office for over an hour getting all those questions answered.
He got all the reports back from Ohio State Specialist and it seems that they are all three in agreement as to 99% of my diagnoses. The only thing that isn't diagnosed is the Nodules in my thyroid which will be done Friday.
One answer I got today was to the question.
Why did she wait so long to do the Biospy on the nodules, leaving me hanging to stress and worry about them for 2 months.
Answer: Your thyroid was so out of whack she wanted to let it settle down, wait for the swelling to go down so that she could better preform the biopsy and get the results with out problems, side affects or taking a chance she might have to repeat it.
Ok I can accept that to bad she didn't tell me that. Sur would ahve made my life easier.

Another questions was With everything wrong with the thyroid and the diseases it causes wouldn't it just be better for me to get it removed?
Answer: Personally as your physican I feel that it would benifit you to have it removed, but Tonya and this is a huge but, I am not the one who will be able to make that decesion, the Endocrinologist has to make that call. I will pass along my opinion on the matter to her and you can tell her how you feel about it but she will make the final decession as to leave it or remove it.
Ok that's a fair answer... so I'm going in Friday armed with all the reason I feel it would be better for me to have it removed.
One It has three nodules in it that have grown so whether they are cancer or not they could continue to grow and still have to be removed so take it out now.
Two it plays a huge roll in the Graves disease and can make it worse if and when It doesn't function properly.
Three it is one of 4 auto-immunine diseases you have diagnosed me with & when a person has one or more auto-immunine disease the body is in constant battle with its self making me sicker and sicker. the thyroid can be removed, I can take a pill every day and it will be one less auto- immunine disease to rage on my body making me sick. Plus there is every chance it would make the Graves Disease better or possibly go into full remission if thyroid is removed since it is caused from the Thyroid not working properly.
So we shall see how that goes with her..

Now the offical diagnoses:
Sjogren's Disease-- No Cure
Ostoarthritis in my hands, neck  & back--No cure but meds can help
Rheumatoid Arthritis over all --No cure but meds can help
Graves Disease--No cure basically but can get better with removal of Thyroid
Fibromyalgia-No cure meds can help-is made worse from Sleep Apnea, Sjogren's, Thyroid & Arthritis
Sleep Apnea-Caused basically from my Sjogren's.
My Mouth is so dry my tounge sticks to the roof of my mouth at night & cuts off my oxogen supply.
Which is why I wake up all the time..Guess there is no cure for that since I will never not have Sjogren's.
Thyroid Disease-She feels that I have Thyroidittis (swelling of the thyroid)
Will know more after visit & biopsy,
Thyroid Nodules-Will know more after visit & biopsy,
Sinus problems-made worse due to Sjogren's causes me to get Sinus Infections all the time & chest Infections.

So at least now I have diagnoses confirmed. Knowing helps tremendiously..
Most I knew about, I guess I had hoped there was some possibility of better relief. 
The thyroid issues are still up in the air.

The doctor ordered some new meds and some kind of Heat water therapy. Guess I need to fill one of my dreams and get a hot tub..I so want one...
Sister n law had one and it made such a difference for me but it broke so they pitched it...

I want to Thank Everyone for your kind words, kind thoughts and above all your prayers.

I don't think there is much chance that I will ever be my old self again but maybe there is hope that I will find some relief .
Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

I'm off to rip rags for Rag Balls... so until we meet again may your days be filled with sunshine in your heart and happy moments!!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Be My Valentine~Sneak Peek~Update & who knows what else!

Good Morning to my dear Prims...Thought I would start sending Valentine's wishes Early! Last Friday night my Nieces & I created Valentine's together..It was so much fun to spend the evening with the kids creating.. I printed out all kinds of Valentine words to use on there cards. We went to the shop and gathered up buttons, Lace, Fabric Scraps, and Glue.
I had them make a list of all the people they wanted to make Valentines for first. Then we laid all our supplies out on the table.
Savana is ADHD so it takes lots of patience and help to get her focused but I was so proud of her.  At first she got in a big hurry and messed up her first two valentine's which upset her. But we finally got calmed down and focused. Then she did a great job creating 11 Valentine's. Big Valentine's with all her feeling words glued on with lots and lots of little hearts on all of them...She even cleaned up her work space by herself..
Hailey on the other hand is much like Aunt Tonya and everything has to be done just right. She finished 12 of her Valentine's and they were Beautiful. She even Made one like mine all by herself.  Her list was a lot longer then Savana's so she still has several more to make. So we Decided that we would work on there Valentine Boxes and finish making Valentine's this Friday night since we had such a good time last Friday.
I had a list too but I only finished one of my Valentine's.. I was having to much fun helping the Girls..
Yep that's my finished Valentine up above...turned out so cute!

My first update is a little add on to the Lisa the shop kitty and her little battle over the bowl in the shop.
If you read that blog you heard about how she decided she wanted in the Bowl that the Rag Covered Easter Eggs was in.
Well she has decided that her choice was a good one and she feels she fits perfectly in the bowl. so when I went tot he shop the following night she ate her dinner and guess where she decided to sleep while I created?

Is this not the most precious Picture?
She was as happy as a pea in a pod to sleep there all night long!
She is now a Lisa Bowl filler...LOL

So while she slept I worked out in the shop and created another really cool gathering..

~Primitive Americana Shelf Gathering~

 $69.95 Free Shipping in US

Goes Nicely with this Tray gathering don't you think?

~Primitive Americana Gathering~

I didn't get as much done in the shop as I had hopped to... My right hand is giving me terrible fits actually my thumb and first finger. The darned things are all swollen and just hurt like the dickens..Seems Arthur has decided to attack those joints with a vengance... it was one of those do a little --stop--wait till it settled down, do a little --stop wait ..drove me nuts...!! Then my eyes decided to go whacko on me again so that didn't help either..but I didn't give up I just kept plodding along till I got the Americna gahtering done and started another large shelf gathering but finally gave up tonight just couldn't make my thumb and finger work right enough to hold onto anything..
I think I'm headed into another bout of whatever is wrong with me...
Plus I'm getting nervous/stressed I guess...this Friday is the Biopsy on the 3 nodules in my Thyroid. The thought of them sticking needles in my neck while I am awake gives me the creeps..
Wednesday I have an appointment with my family doctor to go over all of the results of all my test and talk about the biopsy. Then Friday I have the biopsy. so busy week with doctors..

There is some good news in my life... I may soon have my boat back in working condition.. The Boat repairman who has had my boat for over a year and done very little of the work that has been paid for is finally finishing her repairs and the hope is he will meet me at my house in Port Clinton on Thursday with my boat. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it...I will be crushed if he doesn't get her done and delivered...but I'm going to keep my hopes up this is the real thing this time and I will see my boat Thursday...

Well folks that's all my updates and latest news.. I do hope you all are having a good week...

Until we meet again may your days be filled with sunshine and happy moments!

Prim Blessings

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rag Easter Eggs Everywhere & 1 Fur Baby who wanted to Join the fun..To cute!

Good Saturday After noon my prims... God Bless the fur Baby's who make us smile every day!
This post was going to be a sneak peek at all the New Rag Wrapped Easter Eggs I worked n all week but Lisa the shop kitty siad ...wait a minute I want in on all the fun too...and so she did!!
I had finshed all my Rag wrapped eggs and was setting them up in bowls to take the pictures for sharing my Sneak Peek post and Ebay listings..
 Lisa was fast asleep on her chair... so I figured I was good to go.
I filled the bowl with paper grass, put the first eggs in and started taking pictures.. Lisa either heard the click of the Camera or the flash but she was up in an instant bounding across my work station and jumping on the display table where the bowl of Eggs was sitting... As soon as I started to take the eggs out of the bowl she decided to help me taking her paw and trying to roll the eggs out of the bowl...
Of course I don't want her to snag them so I put her on the floor... Ha...she says, I am faster then you and she bounds back up on the table...just as I'm putting the last egg from the bowl in th bag...

I think you can easily guess what she did next....LOL... yep she jumped in the Bowl of paper grass, sits down and just looks up at me if to say, 
"Well here I am take my Picture" so I did..isn't it just the cutest picture...

Now do we call her a Kitty Bowl Filler Ornie or do we call her an Easter Kitty Ornie???

Out of the Bowl Lisa and stay on your chair or its out the door you go till I'm done...of course I'm giggling at the whole thing...
On to bowl 2 filled with Rag wrapped eggs...

This time she repeats the same actions of tryng to remove the eggs so I put her down again...
Now don't laugh to hard as you look at this picture but do you get the idea that she is getting just a little miffed at me for tossing her off the table to take pictures or do you get the idea she really wants to be layig in this bowl?? Either way she is giving me the Evil eye!

Ok finished bowl 2 of eggs... on to bowl 3 ..... its gets better folks...

This time she is going to be very frim about the whole egg in the bowl thing.. I'm taking the eggs out and she is once agan helping me so I put her on the chair and tell her NO stay out of the bowl...
Ha.. I no more put her down she jumps back up across the work station, onto the table and into the bowl...
No time to get those stupid eggs out of the bowl before she makes me get down again...

By now I am laughing so hard I feel like I'm gona bust ....Especially when she looks up at me with this look...
I venture to say ...she looks as if she is saying.
"Look B@@#%  you let me start hanging out in here with you ,so I'm laying in this bowl whether you like it or don't touch me"

I'm surprised this picture turned out as good as it did as I was dieng with laughter...She had made her statement and she was sticking to it....Period!

So of course mom had to make a choice let her stay and keep me in stitches or put her outside till I was done...I decided to put her out...but not before Blessing her ever living pea picking Kitty heart for making my day and filling it with laughter...

Now that you're rolling with laughter would you care to see that Sneak Peek of all the Rag Wrapped Easter Eggs I created this week?

~Primitive Gathering~
~12 Rag Wrapped Large Easter Egg Bowl Fillers~

2 1/2 to 3" Eggs
$24.95 Free shipping

~Primitive Gathering ~
~12 Rag Wrapped Medium Easter Egg Bowl Fillers~

2 1/2 to 3" Eggs
$21.95 Free shipping

~Primitive Gathering ~
~12 Rag Wrapped Medium Easter Egg Bowl Fillers~

1 1/2 to 2" Eggs
$21.95 Free shipping

~Primitive Gathering ~
~12 Rag Wrapped Medium Easter Egg Bowl Fillers~

1 1/2 to 2" Eggs
$21.95 Free shipping

~Primitive Gathering ~
~12 Rag Wrapped Medium Easter Egg Bowl Fillers~
1 1/2 to 2" Eggs
$21.95 Free shipping

~Primitive Gathering ~
~12 Rag Wrapped Medium Easter Egg Bowl Fillers~

1 1/2 to 2" Eggs
$21.95 Free shipping

I've been working on some new gatherings this week too..

I'm very happy to let everyone know that The Ironing board Gathering Sold.
I was right, it was a big hit!
I'll never get to create another one like that again but it was really fun and worth all the effort it took to put it together...Its new home will be in the Laundry room of one of our wondereful Army Service peoples laundry room in Japan.

Last night was Friday night so the girls and I decided to make it Valentine's Craft night and we created Valentine's. We had a total blast.. I'll share the pictures in my next post!

Time for me to go to the shop... lots of gathering to finish up this weekend...

Until we meet again may your day be filled with happy moments and warm memories!!

Prim Hugs