Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Be My Valentine~Sneak Peek~Update & who knows what else!

Good Morning to my dear Prims...Thought I would start sending Valentine's wishes Early! Last Friday night my Nieces & I created Valentine's together..It was so much fun to spend the evening with the kids creating.. I printed out all kinds of Valentine words to use on there cards. We went to the shop and gathered up buttons, Lace, Fabric Scraps, and Glue.
I had them make a list of all the people they wanted to make Valentines for first. Then we laid all our supplies out on the table.
Savana is ADHD so it takes lots of patience and help to get her focused but I was so proud of her.  At first she got in a big hurry and messed up her first two valentine's which upset her. But we finally got calmed down and focused. Then she did a great job creating 11 Valentine's. Big Valentine's with all her feeling words glued on with lots and lots of little hearts on all of them...She even cleaned up her work space by herself..
Hailey on the other hand is much like Aunt Tonya and everything has to be done just right. She finished 12 of her Valentine's and they were Beautiful. She even Made one like mine all by herself.  Her list was a lot longer then Savana's so she still has several more to make. So we Decided that we would work on there Valentine Boxes and finish making Valentine's this Friday night since we had such a good time last Friday.
I had a list too but I only finished one of my Valentine's.. I was having to much fun helping the Girls..
Yep that's my finished Valentine up above...turned out so cute!

My first update is a little add on to the Lisa the shop kitty and her little battle over the bowl in the shop.
If you read that blog you heard about how she decided she wanted in the Bowl that the Rag Covered Easter Eggs was in.
Well she has decided that her choice was a good one and she feels she fits perfectly in the bowl. so when I went tot he shop the following night she ate her dinner and guess where she decided to sleep while I created?

Is this not the most precious Picture?
She was as happy as a pea in a pod to sleep there all night long!
She is now a Lisa Bowl filler...LOL

So while she slept I worked out in the shop and created another really cool gathering..

~Primitive Americana Shelf Gathering~

 $69.95 Free Shipping in US

Goes Nicely with this Tray gathering don't you think?

~Primitive Americana Gathering~

I didn't get as much done in the shop as I had hopped to... My right hand is giving me terrible fits actually my thumb and first finger. The darned things are all swollen and just hurt like the dickens..Seems Arthur has decided to attack those joints with a vengance... it was one of those do a little --stop--wait till it settled down, do a little --stop wait ..drove me nuts...!! Then my eyes decided to go whacko on me again so that didn't help either..but I didn't give up I just kept plodding along till I got the Americna gahtering done and started another large shelf gathering but finally gave up tonight just couldn't make my thumb and finger work right enough to hold onto anything..
I think I'm headed into another bout of whatever is wrong with me...
Plus I'm getting nervous/stressed I guess...this Friday is the Biopsy on the 3 nodules in my Thyroid. The thought of them sticking needles in my neck while I am awake gives me the creeps..
Wednesday I have an appointment with my family doctor to go over all of the results of all my test and talk about the biopsy. Then Friday I have the biopsy. so busy week with doctors..

There is some good news in my life... I may soon have my boat back in working condition.. The Boat repairman who has had my boat for over a year and done very little of the work that has been paid for is finally finishing her repairs and the hope is he will meet me at my house in Port Clinton on Thursday with my boat. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it...I will be crushed if he doesn't get her done and delivered...but I'm going to keep my hopes up this is the real thing this time and I will see my boat Thursday...

Well folks that's all my updates and latest news.. I do hope you all are having a good week...

Until we meet again may your days be filled with sunshine and happy moments!

Prim Blessings


  1. Good Morning Tonya... love the Lisa Bowl Filler! too cute...

    Wishing you lots of good luck with your upcoming biopsy and hoping the results can shed some much needed light on the problems so they can be helped.

    Oh, great news about your boat... Hugs, Traci

  2. I will be praying that all goes well with the biopsy ((hugs)) I love those gatherings and YES, she makes a great bowl filler, LOL! Thanks for all the sweet comments regarding my Kiah, I am just thrilled that she is feeling better, may have to go back to working to pay for all her meds, but I'm NOT complaining!!!! Have a wonderful day:)

  3. Hi Tonya - I'll be sending prayers your way as you get your biopsy - Love your gatherings so much - you are very talented.

  4. Love your gatherings, sure wish I had some place to put some!....I am trying to sell some of my stuff. I pray for good news at the doctor's for you! Love your kitty in the bowl, aren't they funny about where they want to curl up? Too cute!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  5. Tonya, Hope everything goes well with the biopsy ~ will be thinking about ya.
    Wonderful gatherings and Love the Lisa bowl filler ~ so cute!!!!
    Wonderful Valentines ~ isn't it fun to create with kids???
    Good Luck with the boat.
    Prim Blessings

  6. Love your valentines. sure hope you are not going to have another bout of illness and I surely hope you get your boat back. Have fun creating more valentines.


  7. Loved reading all of your post and pictures but of course my favorite thing is the picture of the kittie in the bowl. I think Cats can curl up and sleep in anything anywhere the want. Soooooo cute

  8. Just love the picture of Lisa Bowl Filler...too cute!! Love your new gatherings.
    Praying all goes well with your biopsy.


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