Monday, February 27, 2012

Only 2 more days to sign up for My Easter Giveway & Other News around here!

Happy Sunny Monday my friends... I do hope that you are all having a Great Monday!
Its a Beautiful day here in Ohio..a little windy but the Sun is Shinning warming the spirits and begging the spring flowers to make there entry!!
I wanted to stop by and remind everyone that you have only 2 more days to sign up for
"MY EASTER GIVEAWAY" if you are already a follower please stop my the orginal blog post and sign up before the 29th.
You can find the orginal blog post here:

Copy it into your Browser to take you to the Orginal post.
The Rules are Simple:
1)Be an existing Follower
2)Comment your wish to enter here on this Blog page
3)Sign your name or Blog Title at the bottom of the post.
Since I have several followers with the same first name.
4) Check in on the 29th to see if you have won & shoot me off an emial with your
Name and Address and let me know if you have a speical color scheme you'd like your rag wrapped eggs to be.

I will write your names on a piece of paper and put them in a bowl, I will put some Kitty Treats in the bowl with the entries and on the 29th I will let Mama Kitty pick a name.

My weekend was pretty good...SIL & I created all kinds of Rag covered Easter Eggs for her tree, my Tree and to list on Ebay. They have been a real hit on Ebay. I'm happy to say almost all of the sets I've created have I figured I may as well make more... Plus I love making them and seeing what they look like displayed in a Bowl.. They especially look cute displayed with a Bunny or Chick..
If your're interested in a set of Rag Wrapped Easter Eggs for yourself please contact me via the
SPECIAL ORDER Email address at the top right of my Blog..
Cost will be $24.95 for 12 Eggs Free shipping.

We created really small one for Pegs Tree...They're a bit more difficult to make cause they are hard to wrap and hold onto all at the same time...we were laughing ourselves silly over how many popped out of our fingers as we would try to wrap them...but we managed to create 28 so far ..she wants about 40 altogether.

We also started making EASTER GARLAND for our trees using Spring's turning out really pretty and will look so cute displayed on the trees with the eggs...
I'll share a picture as soon as we get one of the trees done..

If your're interested in some Spring Garland for your forever Tree, again please contact me via the
SPECIAL ORDER Email address at the top right of my Blog..
Cost will be $14.95 for 12 feet of Spring Rag Garland Free Shipping.

Friday night I hung a huge 12' x 10" shelf above the girls beds......they were so tickled.. save any arguement of how much space each one had I had to draw a line in the middle of the shelf...Explaining to them that this is your side and this is your side..
You should have seen them as they picked out there treasures to display on the shelf..They did a great job and they were so proud of themselves.
My reward was probably as special as there shelf... Aunt Tonya Thank you I love my room this way...and some hugs... I reminded them that there room could look like this all the time if they remember to keep everything picked up and put away...
I think they are finally getting the grasp of having a nice Bedroom.. Its really hard for Savana with her ADHD but she is doing much better then I had thought she would..Ist actually kinda cute I come in the house and Savana takes one look at me and heads for her room...comes back to tell me it is clean & picked up. I think she is never sure if she did her room chores or not.. the giveaway is how long it takes her to come back upstairs...But praise is always there for her effort...
By the way her teacher told her mom that she was doing better at school keeping her things maybe the learning about organizing in her room has lead to better skills all the way around...maybe it is all coming together for this little girl..
Hailey has caught onto the rules much quicker and she loves earning money so she is earger to get those points...LOL..Guess where she loves spending her money... The Thrift Store!!

I hope to get the new ceiling tiles in this week and we will be done with there room totally and it will then be up to them to keep up there end of the bargin we made with them...

Well I must run time to head tot he post office to ship my Ebay... Deliver Rice Bags tot he Eye Doctor and stop at the grocery...

I hope that you have a great week and until we meet again may your day be filled with Sunshine and Happy moments!!



  1. Happy Monday! Tonya,

    I bet the girls were thrilled! That is soooo sweet! Sounds like you are all having a wonderful time :o)

    We still have tons of snow in this area. You are lucky the Spring flowers are near their entry. Can't wait for that to happen here lol

    All those lovely creations. The trees sound amazing!

    Enjoy! a sunny week.

    Blessings & Hugs,

  2. Good evening Tonya, it has been a nice sunny day here too. Wish I could have gotten to spend some time outside today. Congrats on selling all the nice Easter eggs. Sounds like you have been busy with helping the girls get their room done. It is so much fun decorating for kids.
    Enjoy your evening
    Country at heart

  3. You have been a wrapping fool, woman! I tried my first egg the other night and found it not so easy (also tried to dip candles and that was a joke - you are the MASTER! LOL!) Glad the girls are happy - lucky to have a cool aunt! ~*~Lisa

  4. You'll need to share some photos of the girls' room all done up - and of the egg trees. I don't think I'd have the patience to wrap or dip anything! Glad there are folks like you who share their talents with us less-useful types! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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